Here are the best smartphones to buy in June 2020

Best smartphones to buy in summer 2020

As of Monday, June 15, 2020. Faced with a plethoric offer, buying a smartphone is not easy. Regardless of price, performance, battery life or photo capabilities, you’ll first need to determine what you want to use it for and what your priorities are. The best smartphone at the best price does not exist in the absolute, we have selected for you the best mobile phones of the moment. Here are our choices for this month of June 2020.

Comparison of the best smartphones updated on June 15, 2020. Here is our selection of the best smartphones of the moment, those that offer the best performance and/or the best value for money. For a complete review click on the thumbnail to read the test or user reviews.

1. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: the best Android smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: best smartphones to buy in summer 2020

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra ticks many boxes with its excellent 120 Hz screen, titanic performance, well thought-out interface and competitive photo arsenal, but to enjoy all of its features, you have to pay a price. Despite its 5000 mAh battery, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has a battery life too short compared to the competition and its form factor is not very pleasant to handle. However, it’s hard to miss out on this virtually flawless technical specifications and the immersive experience that comes with it.

2. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max: the best iOS smartphone

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max: best smartphones to buy in summer 2020

This vintage 2019 iPhone offers more new features than it seems. First of all, the autonomy, simply impressive for a smarpthone scratched by an apple with more than two and a half days away from a plug. Quite simply one of the most autonomous smartphones on the market. The photo/video capabilities then that box or even exceed the best photophones under Android. With the iPhone 11 Pro Max, Apple is back on the podium of the best premium smartphones at the end of 2019. The most advanced iPhone that has been tested for a long time.

3. Huawei P30 Pro: the best smartphone for under €600

Huawei P30 Pro: best smartphones to buy in summer 2020

Like its predecessors in the “P” series, the P30 Pro focuses primarily on photography. This year, Huawei’s major innovation is the integration of a photo sensor with a 5x optical zoom that offers truly impressive results. To complete the picture, this makes it possible to obtain a 10x hybrid magnification of unequalled quality. The photo part is THE great success of this smartphone. On the other hand, it is not without counterpart in terms of product weight and design, which is not exceptional. Still, it benefits from a beautiful 6.4-inch curved OLED display, a significantly longer than average battery life and a fingerprint sensor under the screen.

4. Apple iPhone XR: the best “accessible” iPhone.

Apple iPhone XR: best smartphones to buy in summer 2020

If you’re looking for a quality iPhone, positioned below 700€, this is the device for you. With the iPhone XR Apple has created a smartphone that offers 95% of the iPhone XS experience for 75% of the price. Not everything is perfect, there are compromises: the screen and camera take small steps backwards compared to the XS models, but overall it does very well, even making a few improvements over its more expensive siblings. Its screen is larger than the XS (6.1 vs. 5.8 inches), it comes in a wider variety of colours, and the battery life is also better.

5. Xiaomi Mi Note 10: the best value for money at less than 500 €.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10: best smartphones to buy in summer 2020

This new foray by the Chinese manufacturer into the high-end sector is on the whole successful. The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 has many assets such as its screen, its performance, its interface and its photo section. The latter is not perfect for all that, Xiaomi has to refine its software so that the wow effect is even more intense. If its interface remains fluid in all circumstances, the Snapdragon 730G has some limits at stake and for 550 euros, we would have liked to enjoy the power of a Snapdragon 855. Moreover, this processor would undoubtedly have reduced the duration of photo processing. One can also criticize its design. The Mi Note 10 is massive, too massive and if it has a huge battery, its autonomy is correct, without more. In the end, we have a good smartphone that could have been excellent.

6. Apple iPhone SE: the best iPhone for less than €500

Apple iPhone SE: best smartphones to buy in summer 2020

The iPhone SE (2020) is not only a very good iPhone, it is also one of the best low cost smartphones available today. If its design is very close to that of the iPhone 8, inside we find the latest A13 Bionic which equips the iPhone 11. The change goes well beyond a simple change in specifications with big progress on the photo part and autonomy.

7. Xiaomi Mi 9T: the best quality/price ratio at less than 300 €.

Xiaomi Mi 9T: best smartphones to buy in summer 2020

Once again, Xiaomi (Redmi) is launching a smartphone gravedigger that is none other than the European version of the Redmi K20. For less than 350 euros, the Xiaomi Mi 9T boasts an excellent technical specification and guarantees a top-of-the-range experience. Its large AMOLED full borderless screen allows you to enjoy a great immersion experience. Immersion that could have been improved if Xiaomi had worked a little more on the sound part. Its technical configuration led by the Snapdragon 730 holds its own and allows you to navigate smoothly on a clear and dynamic interface. Thanks to its 4000 mAh battery, it is one of the most enduring smartphones in its category. On the photo side, the Xiaomi Mi 9T can do better. Victim of digital noise in low light, it struggles to compete with the excellent Google Pixel 3a.

8. Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T: the reference smartphone for less than €200

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T: best smartphones to buy in summer 2020

If it doesn’t really take risks, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T allows the Chinese firm to propose one more reference in its catalogue. A worthy replacement for the Redmi Note 7, it ticks all the boxes and shows great versatility. However, it is criticized for its lack of visible originality, especially in terms of its design, almost unchanged compared to the previous generation. Its interface is also far from being pleasant to navigate since it’s too busy.

The key points to buy well

y mixing many uses, the smartphone has definitively imposed itself in our daily lives. It remains to be determined which is the best smartphone for your budget or your needs. Because in addition to criteria that can make a difference, such as photo capture, the size of the phone or the size of the screen, the price of the smartphone is often the element that determines the purchase. And when it comes to price, the lines have shifted a lot in recent years.

Thus in 2020, it is possible to acquire an entry-level / mid-range Smartphone at 200 / 300€ that will do the job perfectly. Understand that it will be able to capture beautiful photos/videos, will offer a reassuring finish and will be powerful enough to deliver a user experience without slowing down.

So what’s left for higher-end smartphones at over €500 or even in the premium segment that flirts with €1,000? Aesthetic refinements and a much more rewarding perceived quality, photo/video capabilities that hunt on the land of cameras, but also very high definition screens and remarkable performance and even autonomy. Because our smartphones are rarely marathon runners and if you intend to exceed the day of use, you will have to choose well before you draw the CB.

Which operating system for your smartphone?

Smartphones now all run on Android or iOS, and simply put, only Apple’s iPhone runs on iOS. The other phones run on Android, Google’s OS. While the latter offers more customization options, iOS relies on an intuitive interface and on the ecosystem concept. It will therefore speak in particular to consumers who own other Apple products. Finally, you should know that it is easy to switch from one OS to another.

How much does a good smartphone cost?

It is now possible to buy a smartphone that can do the job for a fraction of the price of a premium model. There are significant discounts during the summer/winter sales and Black Friday/Cyber Monday. You can also play it smart by opting for a model from last year, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone XR remain great options to consider.

Which phone brand to choose?

Since the arrival in France of many Chinese companies such as OnePlus, Huawei or Xiaomi, it has become even more complicated to make a choice. If you have been with the same brand for several years, we advise you to test what is being done next door because the market has evolved considerably.

Which format and design to choose for your smartphone?

Gone are the compact smartphones, 2020 is still the year of phantoms. Manufacturers are launching ever larger phones with screens easily exceeding 6 inches. Luckily, the edges have become thinner. We’ve selected the best of them and if you’re looking for a compact smartphone, we recommend the iPhone SE and the Google Pixel 3, which still do the trick in 2020.

Which technical configuration for which type of use?

It all depends on what you’re going to do with your smartphone. Messages, a bit of YouTube/Netflix and 2D games? An entry-level configuration with 2 or even 3 GB of RAM will do the trick. For more productive use and for gamers, consider a smartphone with the latest processor from Qualcomm, HiSilicon or Apple and at least 4GB of RAM. Our selection includes the best smartphones in each category.

Which is the best smartphone to take pictures?

Most manufacturers are in the megapixel race, but the number of pixels alone does not define the quality of a photo sensor. Also consider the lens aperture and the type of stabilization. For a greater variety of shots, you can turn to smartphones that incorporate several types of lenses such as ultra-wide-angle, telephoto and/or macro.

Which smartphone has the best battery life?

Avoid phones with a battery of less than 3000 mAh especially when they have a large display to power. This will save you from recharging it every 5 minutes. You will find in our selection the most autonomous smartphones on the market.