Nevertheless, MediaTek is not the only equipment manufacturer from which Honor can once again source, as indicated by the Reuters agency in an article published this Friday. In a press release, the manufacturer indicates indeed that it is again working with several partners: “Depending on the needs of consumers, Honor has the flexibility and independence to choose the best solutions for its global supply chain. Honor has already confirmed partnerships with major suppliers such as AMD, Intel, MediaTek, Micron Technology, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Samsung, SK hynix and Sony.

Specifically, in addition to MediaTek chips, Honor will be able to use Qualcomm chips for its smartphones, or AMD and Intel chips for its computers. Its photo sensors can be supplied by Sony or Samsung, and the brand’s laptops will still be able to enjoy Windows 10.

There is still one point on which Honor has not expressed an opinion: Google mobile services. Logically, the lifting of the embargo on the now independent Chinese manufacturer should also allow it to work again with Google to take advantage of the Play Store on its smartphones. However, Honor has not yet expressed an opinion on this subject. In fact, the manufacturer did not say a word about it at the launch of the Honor View 40 in China. One can understand this approach, since Chinese models do not take advantage of Google’s services, but we would have liked to know if the smartphone had already been certified.