How do I repair a phone that has fallen overboard?

Not everyone has an iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 that can withstand water. Most phones are not waterproof and once dropped in the bathtub or toilet bowl, it’s a bit of a panic. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure your device survives the bath.

Turn off, disassemble and wipe your phone

Once your phone is out of the water, the first thing to do is to turn it off or take it apart. Of course, this advice is adopted if your device is removable. Remove your battery, SIM card, any micro SD and start wiping it with a dry cloth.  

If possible, avoid shaking and pressing the buttons on your smartphone because water may seep in more. Also, do not try to turn your machine on again as this may cause a short circuit.  

For iPhone owners, the task seems more delicate. Avoid disassembling your device, otherwise the warranty will be void. Wipe it normally and use a cotton swab to wipe open areas such as the speakers, jack and charger socket.

Absorb moisture from your phone

Absorb moisture from your phone

Once your phone has dried, you must absorb any remaining moisture. There are several possibilities: the first trick is to lock your phone in a tupperware or an airtight bag filled with raw rice that will dehumidify the components. 

If you don’t have any rice available, you can use small absorbent bags found in shoe boxes.  

If there is a garden center near you, buy sphagnum moss, a dried plant considered to be the most absorbent plant moss in the world. Sphagnum moss can retain up to 20 times its weight in water. This raw material can also be found on the internet.  

Once one of these three methods has been applied, let your phone rest for 24 to 72 hours. All you have to do is pray. 

Tips not to reproduce

Of course, a wet phone needs to dry quickly, however, don’t think that hair dryer or radiator will speed up the process. On the contrary, the hair dryer will heat up the components and the air will spread the water over all areas of the phone. The same goes for the radiator, which will also burn out the smartphone’s electronics.  

Is it possible to enforce the warranty?

Apple have sensors inside the device that change color once they come into contact with water

Manufacturers are getting smarter and if you don’t have comprehensive insurance, you may have to buy a new phone. If, despite our instructions, your phone dies, it is impossible to lie to the after-sales service. Why is it impossible to lie to the customer service department? Because many brands like Apple have sensors inside the device that change color once they come into contact with water. 

The only way to avoid this misadventure is to get either a waterproof phone like an iPhone 7 or a Samsung Galaxy S7, or a waterproof shell.