How to free up storage space on your Android phone

Is the storage space on your Android device reaching the limits of its capacity? Here are some tips to free up memory on your smartphone.

Identify which items are using storage space

Before starting the spring cleaning, it’s best to identify the items that take up the most space in the unit.

Go to your Settings, then to Storage on your phone. There, you should have a complete overview of the state of your memory, as well as a list of the items taking up the most storage space.

Uninstall applications or clear the application cache

Often, the most consuming elements in a phone are the applications that are downloaded. Still in the settings, go to the menu dedicated to application management. Select the largest ones or those you no longer use and uninstall them. If you purchased an application, you will be able to download it again from the Play Store without having to pay for it again.

For other applications, you can also choose to clear the cache to free up space. Some smartphones have an application to automate the process, such as LG and its Smart Doctor service. You can also use the Files by Google application to free up space.

To free up storage space in a :

Open your device settings.

Open the Applications and Notifications menu

Select the desired application, then press Store.

Select the Clear Data option or Clear Cache (if the Clear Data option is not displayed, press Manage Space).

Delete photos and videos

Delete photos and videos

If you have the easy scramble with your smartphone’s camera, it is recommended that you regularly clean your photo and video albums to free up space. Pictures and footage in high-definition quality take up storage memory very quickly. If you find it difficult to sort through and want to keep them, you can choose to store your photos and videos in a cloud service or make regular backups.

With Google Photos, you can activate the backup of your photos in high quality (2048px), it’s more than enough to watch them on your phone! Just go to your Google Photos application, display the menu and click on Free Space. All the saved photos will be deleted from your phone: you will still be able to access them (thanks to an internet connection or cache); but they will no longer be physically on your phone, this saves a lot of space!

Google Photos also allows you to save your photos in very high definition, but in this case, the necessary storage is deducted from your authorized space.

Delete downloaded movies, music and media

Delete downloaded movies, music and media

By going to your Google Play Store space, you can find all the movies, music and books you’ve bought on the platform. To do this

Open the Play Store application

Open the Google application Play Movies and TV, Play Books or Play Music.

Tap Menu > Settings > Manage downloads.

Check the items you want to delete and click Delete.

To get the most out of your media without worrying about storage space, you can also switch to streaming services. These applications use a lot of cache, but you can empty it from time to time.

Delete files and documents

Files and documents downloaded from your mobile internet browser can also weigh heavily in memory if they are not deleted regularly. To delete downloaded items :

Open your File Manager on your phone.

Go to the “Downloads” or “Downloads” folder

Select the files to be deleted and click on delete

Another path is also possible: Phone settings > Storage > Files > Select a folder > Select and delete a file or delete an entire folder.

Delete temporary files

You can also delete temporary files from your phone. To do this, you can follow a path similar to the one above: Phone Settings > Storage > Free Space > Delete Items.

To go faster, we strongly advise you to use a dedicated application, such as Files by Google: you will save time and space quickly!