The social network has launched a test that limits the possibility of sharing classic publications in stories, in particular to prevent some creators from over-sharing their content.

Many content creators on Instagram tend to repost a new publication in their stories, ensuring that it is seen by a wider audience. This practice also bypasses social network algorithms, which tend to favor certain contributors.


However, many users began to criticize this practice, leading Instagram to take the bull by the horns. As a result, the platform has just launched a test in which it limits in certain markets the possibility of sharing a publication of the thread as a story.

Some users have seen a banner informing them of the new limitations. Not only is it no longer possible to promote one’s own content, but it also seems impossible to share a classic publication as a story, thus separating the two methods of sharing. On the other hand, it is still possible, at least for now, to share IGTV content and tweets in your stories.

This test remains for the moment limited to certain regions, Instagram preferring to take the time to make sure that this limitation corresponds to the requests of its users. It may therefore never be extended more widely, the goal also being to continue to push creators to post content and promote it, if possible without duplicating it.