iPhone 12: the smartphone is harder and more expensive to repair than the iPhone 11

As for each iPhone release, repairers give indices of repairability. The new iPhone 12 would be more complicated to repair outside Apple authorized centers and changing the screen would cost 100 euros more than the iPhone 11.

The brand new Apple phones are starting to reveal themselves a little more. One of the main issues with every iPhone release is their repairability rate at specialized establishments. According to the iFixit website, the iPhone 12 scores 6/10 in terms of repairability but with a software block if the phone does not pass through an Apple-approved establishment. In addition, the firm also unveiled the price list for iPhone screen repairs.

iPhone 12s repaired on non-approved sites have a software problem

iPhone 12s repaired on non-approved sites have a software problem

According to the results of the tests carried out by the specialized site, the iPhone 12 facilitates the change of its OLED screen as well as the internal battery. The firm of Cupertino has also unveiled the price list to replace the touch screens outside the warranty. According to the visual presented by Apple, changing the touch interface of the new phone costs 311 euros against 221 euros for the iPhone 11. On the other hand, for the Pro versions, no increase is implemented. This allows the firm to encourage people to subscribe to the Apple Care + program at 169 euros for the standard and Mini version while the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max is at the rate of 229 euros.

Despite this, it is difficult to completely replace all the elements of the iPhone 12. Moreover, The Verge also highlights a problem concerning the replacement of the photo sensor. A problem that only concerns the phone in its standard version. The 12 Pro is not concerned. This could be a software problem from Apple. The Cupertino firm once again prefers repairers repairers who have shown their white paw.