Motorola also goes wireless remote recharging

Almost parallel to Xiaomi’s announcement of wireless remote charging technology, Motorola is also introducing a similar charging device. This device is capable of recharging several smartphones simultaneously and at a distance of up to one meter.

After the battle of fast charging speeds, the battle of remote charging devices? Alongside Xiaomi’s promising announcement for a system capable of remotely charging several devices simultaneously with a maximum power of 5W, Motorola unveils through a short video published on Weibo a similar device… but which seems a little less accomplished.

In its technical demonstration, the manufacturer, a subsidiary of Lenovo, nevertheless proves that it is able to charge several smartphones simultaneously: the first at a distance of 80 cm, the second at 1 meter. However, there is one prerequisite: there must be nothing between the power source, in this case a charger called Motorola One Hyper, and the smartphones – which could prove to be a constraint.


For its test, the manufacturer seems to be using modified versions of the Motorola Edge, which marked the brand’s return to the premium segment last June. Both devices start receiving power as soon as they are positioned in the charger’s field.

Motorola explains that its One Hyper charger is based on Qi induction charging technology. The method used here is therefore different from the one used by Xiaomi, which uses millimeter waves converted into energy by the target phone thanks to an integrated beacon. Motorola tackles its competitor by ensuring that this is “the right way to do wireless charging.

According to the brand, its device is capable of charging up to seven smartphones at a time. However, it is not known how much charging power is available, how long it will take, or whether all connected smartphones will be able to enjoy the same charging speed.