My phone is no longer making sizzling sound

Have you noticed that your smartphone has become dumb or hoarse? If no sound comes out of your phone or if the sound crackles when you listen to music, play a game or make a call in hands-free mode, then the problem logically comes from the bottom speaker.

How to tell if it is the bottom speaker:

The ringer can’t be heard

Cannot listen to music (via iTunes, Deezer, YouTube, etc.)

Games are silent

Hands-free speakerphone mode no longer works

Possible causes 

When sound quality deteriorates to the point of being unpleasant and inaudible, there are several possible causes. We will give you some indications about this problem to identify if you are concerned by one of these assumptions.

Here are the main possible causes:

The bottom of the phone has come into contact with a liquid.

Bad contact between the loudspeaker and the motherboard connection cable.

The presence of a foreign body on the high-pitched grid, preventing sound from passing through.

Defective bottom speaker

Software conflict

Mute button on or volume set to minimum

Finding sound again: the solutions

Make sure that the mute/vibrate mode is not activated or the volume is not set to the minimum. You can look carefully at the speaker grille to check that there are no obstructing residues, you can use a small lamp if necessary. Remove it with a small brush if possible.

If the problem is software, then you need to restore it. But before that, it is better to make a full backup of your files on your phone, on iTunes for iPhone for example, or on the various Cloud of the manufacturers. Then do a factory reset to eventually fix all the problems.

Are you sure that the bottom speaker is the cause of all your troubles? It’s time to take action! To do so, you will have to dismantle your cell phone to access this famous speaker. If you don’t feel able to operate yourself, you can always call a Captain Repair who will do the repair for you!

Otherwise, just follow the steps in our tutorials to access the beast. You can then perform the replacement of the external speaker, which is sometimes associated with the charging connector, depending on the phone models. All that’s left to do is to follow the guide you used, in the opposite direction to reassemble your smartphone. So you can hear your ringtone again, listen to your playlists and chat in speakerphone mode when your hands are busy!