What to do if you forget your pin code, password or android unlocking scheme?


In case you forget your password, PIN code or schema, it is possible to :

Perform a hard reset, via the recovery mode.

Use ADB and USB debugging to delete the password file.

For Android 4.4 and earlier versions, it is possible to :

Use the forgotten password function.

Use the forgotten schema function.

It is not uncommon for Android smartphone users to set up an access code that can take the form of a lock PIN, schema or password to protect their device. These three security methods are excellent complements to more modern tools such as fingerprint detection. On the other hand, some consumers use one of these three tools to avoid submitting confidential information to Google, such as their fingerprints, facial modeling or iris.

However, it can happen that the owner of the smartphone forgets his access code. In this case, several techniques exist to recover access to the smartphone. However, not all of these solutions ensure the recovery of the device’s data.

The universal solution for resetting your Android access code: hard reset

The universal solution for resetting your Android access code: hard reset

There is a method to reset your Android access code: you have to completely erase the data from the device. To do this, it is necessary to perform what is called a hard reset. By performing this operation, all the data contained in the smartphone’s internal memory is lost. However, the data stored on the microSD card is retained.

How do I restart my Android smartphone in recovery mode?

To restart your smartphone in recovery mode, you must follow the following steps:

Switch off the smartphone completely;

switch on the smartphone in recovery mode as follows.

For a Samsung, turn on the smartphone by pressing the “Volume up”, “Home” and “Power” buttons, and release the Power button when the Samsung logo appears.

On a Huawei smartphone, turn on the smartphone using the “Volume up” and “Power” buttons only.

For HTC device owners, you must first disable the Fast boot function and then start the device using the “Volume up” and “Volume down” keys. Then navigate through the menus and select “Boot to recovery mode”.

At Sony, it will be necessary to press the volume up or volume down button several times when the LED lights up when the smartphone starts up. Sometimes, it will be necessary to unlock the bootloader. The procedure is explained on the Sony website.

The combination to make for Xiaomi smartphones is to hold down the “Power” and “Volume Up” buttons, smartphone off, until the Mi logo appears.

How to navigate in recovery mode ?

android recovery mode

Once the recovery mode is activated, it is possible to navigate through the menus using the volume keys, the selection being made with the Power button.

How do I perform a hard reset from the recovery mode on Android ?

Once the smartphone is restarted in Recovery mode, the operation is almost complete:

you just have to choose the “Wipe data/factory reset” menu and confirm this choice with the Power button ;

when the reset is complete, you need to select the “Reboot System Now” option to reboot the device.

With this operation, the code, password or screen unlocking scheme is permanently deleted. This is also the case for all data contained in the internal memory of the phone.

How can I change my Android lock code, scheme or password without deleting the smartphone data?

Android-based smartphones generally offer three ways to lock them, in addition to fingerprint and facial recognition. These are the scheme, the PIN code or the password. This PIN code is not to be confused with the SIM card PIN code.

In all three cases, it is possible to forget them, or to make a mistake when first entering them. The smartphone is then blocked. Solutions that do not require resetting the device then exist. However, there are some prerequisites to succeed in this manipulation.

What are the ways to lock the screen of an Android smartphone?

lock the screen of an Android smartphone

On the Android operating system, there are three ways to lock the screen of your smartphone: the PIN code, the password and the schematic.

Use ADB and USB debugging to delete the password file.

There is a method to remove the PIN, password or screen lock scheme in Android. It is slightly more complex to perform. To do this, you must use ADB, for Android Debug Bridge. It is a tool to communicate directly with the smartphone through command lines. To take advantage of it, you first need to activate USB debugging.

How to enable USB debugging on Android?

To activate USB debugging, the protocol to follow is simple:

in the smartphone settings, go to the “About Phone” menu ;

then find the version number of the Android software, which can usually be found in the “Software Info” sub-menu;

by clicking 7 times in a row on the version number, sometimes called build version, the developer mode is activated;

a new sub-menu then appears in the parameters: “Development options” ;

in this menu, all that remains to be done is to activate USB debugging.

What is the purpose of USB debugging?

 Android USB debugging

USB Debugging allows you to send commands to an Android device directly from a computer.

How do I use the ADB tool to reset my Android access code?

Once USB Debugging is enabled, this is the end of the first big step. Then you need to go to your computer and download Android Studio. The ADB tool is available in this software, downloadable at this address: developer.android.com/studio/. It is also possible to download the Command Line tool only in the “Command Line tool only” section of this same web page.

It only takes a few steps to finally succeed in removing the password, PIN code or scheme preventing access to the smartphone.

connect the smartphone to the computer with a USB cable ;

launch the ADB command window from the installation directory ;

type “adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key” ;

press enter to confirm the command line ;

restart the Android device;

the smartphone is accessible for a limited time, during which it is necessary to define a new PIN code, password or scheme.

This method is extremely efficient, but is reserved for users with sufficient knowledge. It requires the installation of software, activation of the developer mode and USB debugging. Unfortunately, it often happens that these solutions, which do not delete user data, are not applicable. In this case, there is only one solution left: resetting the smartphone under Android.

Are there other solutions that allow resetting Android schema without erasing the smartphone data?

First of all, you should know that this solution is only available for Android 4.4 or earlier. Unfortunately, this possibility no longer exists for newer versions of Google’s mobile operating system. For the lucky ones still using Android KitKat or previous versions, there is a particularly simple method to reset its locking scheme :

try to unlock the screen several times using random patterns ;

press the “I forgot the scheme” message that should appear after several unsuccessful attempts ;

Enter the Google account name and the password associated with the smartphone;

it is then possible to reset the screen lock scheme.

Solutions valid for all versions of Android?

Be careful, this solution, like the one presented in the following paragraph, only works for Android 4.4 and earlier versions, which are old versions of the operating system. For those who have a more recent one, it is still possible to apply the hard reset solution, or the ADB method presented previously.

What to do if I forget the screen lock PIN code of my Android 4.4 and earlier smartphone?

A solution exists to reset the screen lock PIN code. However, as with the locking scheme, this technique is only available to smartphones equipped with Android 4.4 and earlier. The procedure is the same as for the screen lock scheme :

enter a wrong code several times to display the message “Forgotten password” ;

click on the “Forgotten password” message;

Enter the Google account and password information that is associated with the device on Android ;

the screen can then be unlocked by entering a new lock PIN.

These two methods are therefore effective and simple to set up, but they will not suit all users. Not everyone with recent smartphones, mostly running Android Nougat or Oreo, will be able to perform this operation. However, another solution exists for owners of Samsung devices. It allows you to reset your Android lock code from another device. To reset a password, the procedure is exactly the same.

Reset the access code to your Samsung smartphone using the “Mobile Tracking” tool

Samsung has developed an extremely practical tool in case of theft of his smartphone, but also if he forgets his PIN code, scheme or password to lock the screen. This feature is called “Mobile Tracking”, and can be performed from a computer, a smartphone or a tablet.

To be able to take advantage of this feature, you must be connected to your Samsung account on your smartphone. Then you just have to go to Samsung – Mobile Tracking and enter your login and password. It is then possible to deactivate the screen lock, even if the password, PIN code or scheme has been forgotten.

When activating this function, you should be aware that the biometric data will be erased. The biometric data are the fingerprints stored in the device, as well as any iris data of the user. It is therefore a very simple method to unlock a locked Samsung smartphone screen because of a forgotten PIN, password or schema.