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Iphone 7
REVIEWS (1528)

There is not much to say about the iPhone! I just think it’s top! If you are looking for easy handling and great quality, this is the right place!…

Iphone XR
REVIEWS (1087)

Hello, the iPhone XR has been on the market a little longer and I think everything has been said about this iPhone. I personally can’t quite understand all the …

Iphone 7 Plus
REVIEWS (1016)

This article is very practical and you can profit a lot from it, but it is still a bit expensive.

Iphone XS

The mobile phone was delivered directly the next day of the order. Had an iPhone 8 before, but the XS is just amazing. The installation was super easy. Just put…

Iphone 11

Have made the right choice after iPhone 8 Plus now this just great and came earlier than expected &#x1f44d,…

Iphone 8

The delivery of the article was quite fast. The delivery time was 5-8 working days and the whole 8 days it didn’t even take. I’ve been Team iPhone for a long ti…

Iphone 8 Plus

My new IPhone 8 Plus is by far the best IPhone I’ve had so far! Before I had the SE and after that the 7 Series. Even if the 8 Plus is not the very latest model…

Iphone 11 Pro Max

Since I still had the old IPhone 6s Plus, the upgrade to the 11 pro Max is more than top. Great battery, great camera, great display and of course a great perfo…

Iphone 11 Pro

Is this the second iPhone 11 Pro I’ve bought that says it all.

Iphone X

Test Apple iPhone X: a successful new start Presentation Apple is a special company in the smartphone market. For 4 years, the iPhone has been wearing the same…