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Samsung Galaxy S10+

That I had very strong LTE connection problems which never happened with my S7 edge. So unfortunately back….

Samsung Galaxy A20e

Since my old Samsung has finally said goodbye to me after a few years, after a fall, a new one had to be found quickly. I am thrilled &#34,in no time &#34, ever…

Samsung Galaxy S10

I switched from the Galaxy S6 to the S10 and am completely satisfied. Design is a matter of taste, but I think the phone looks very nice. Especially the arrange…

Samsung Galaxy A40

I was looking for a new Samsung Smartphone for my mother, her Galaxy J3 2017 is now almost 2 years old and not up to date anymore! I was thinking between the A2…

Samsung Galaxy Note10

The workmanship and design of the device is accordingly outstanding in this price class. Very high quality. No edges, burrs, large gaps are noticeable. I like t…

Samsung Galaxy S10e

I can only continue to feel this phone&#x1f44d,Makes great pictures when you listen to Youtube has a nice sound also does not sound tinny or so&#x1f44d,What als…

Samsung Galaxy A51


Samsung Galaxy A71

The Smartphone A71 is top. Battery life super, memory is super, camera is better than my old phone. Photos have a great quality. Only the choice of colors is no…

Samsung Galaxy S20+

The new Samsung S20&#43, is currently equipped with everything a very good photo smartphone needs. With the wide angle function you can take pictures of objects…

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Performance is simply tremendous. Display of all first class. When I pre-ordered it, I was concerned about size and weight, but that was unfounded. Despite the …