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18 Reviews

the d fighters

Abstract: don’t buy the device, it is way too expensive !

Unless you are like me found the old nexus series and could wait until now, April 2020.

Many, even die-hard fans, claim the pixel series has nothing to do with the old nexus devices. In my opinion this is simply not true, because and this is the main problem of pixel 1-4: they are still Nexus devices, but they cost 2-3 times as much.

Googles Pixel 4 is like all previous pixels not designed to bring good hardware. If you are looking for good hardware I recommend without thinking about it the iphone 11, galaxy s20, huawei p40 or xiaomi mi10. The pixel 4 will never make you happy. Sure it comes with a Snapdragon 855, but even in 2019 it was no longer up to date, but was replaced by the 855+. The RAM, ridiculously small with 6GB. State of the art are 8-12GB RAM. The device has hardly any memory either. Even mid-range smartphones no longer have 64GB (see Xiaomi mi note 10). Battery? With 2800mAh really a tragedy, other devices have 5000mAh and more. The display has 90hz, which is nothing compared to a 120hz or 144hz display from other manufacturers. The camera, worth an own review, is according to many tests far superior to the camera of the iPhone 11, but only comes with me 2 lenses, 2x zoom, only 12.2 or 16mp and no wide angle or macro. Almost pathetic compared to the p40 and s20 series.

All the hardware deficiencies listed above are made up for by Google with software. At least Google tries.

Google doesn’t care about benchmarks. A small processor with small RAM works just perfectly on a tuned system (software from google, hardware from google). Everything runs smoothly and without dropouts.
The memory doesn’t matter to Google either, because they want to sell you an abo for your own software, where you can use 100GB in the cloud.
The battery life is kept artificially high by software, rarely used apps are closed more often than others. The mini radar and the 90hz display are throttled down in unnecessary situations to save battery power.
The 90hz use much less power than 130/144hz, and make a big difference optically, so why compete?
The camera will still be taking pictures like yours in 2020. After all, Google’s software manages to produce extremely good images from the small 12.2 and 16 mp cameras. The main cameras of some of the competitors do not achieve this, despite the 48mp camera. Note: 48mp are still reduced to 12mp! The pentacam from Samsung has 108mp and is reduced to about 21mp! br>The competition offers similar results to Google with almost all hardware, only that Google uses software to achieve this. br>br>br>Design
Not Google’s strength. The pixel4 in white strongly reminds of the nexus 5 in white and offers the same pandalook. You may like it or not. I like that it looks different but familiar. Highlight is as always the highlighted sleep/wake button.

Mini Radar
It has to be mentioned that the pixel 4 has a huge forehead, because it has a mini radar. This makes face unlocking work great, but the gesture control provided is superfluous. It will never be further developed 100% and will never be used in pixel 5 (my guess).

The main problem of pixel 4. it costs more than all the competition. And unfortunately it does not offer the same experience as the competition. Google gets its software development and its Mini Radar paid. It is not worth it! The Pixel 4 is worth a maximum of 500€ and is therefore 300€ too expensive to go to market. br>>br>Bottom line >br> As much as Google tries hard to optimize its own software, they will never get to a s20 or iphone 11 that has the same software and instead set ostentatious numerical values. Whoever takes main photos will quickly and easily create very good pictures, for videos pixel 4 is not made! If you play PUBG or Fortnite you will be happy about the 90hz display, but the battery will quickly ruin your gaming session. The stereo speakers are missing on many more expensive devices, they are good but not outstanding.

Can I recommend the Pixel4? NO! At least not for a price over 500€. At the moment it is available for less than 500€, now you should, if at all, take it. This money is worth it, even if the device looks more like a Google experiment, it is still THE DEVICE for Android. If you like Android you will not be able to get past pixel4. It is Android as the manufacturer imagines it and on which he can test technology.

Answer report comment December 22, 2020, 22:50

After losing my pixel 3 I was doubting on buying the 3a or pixel 4 However, thanks to the very attractive price for the pixel 4 here on amazon I thought it was better to invest in the newer model. And I don’t regret it.

It gives me the same experience as the pixel 3, but in many ways even faster and smoother.
As battery life is not the most important thing for me personally (I always have a charger at hand), I immediately forced the 90Hz refresh rate in the developer options. The display really outshines the pixel 3’s display.

As for storage, I had a 128GB pixel 3 but unfortunately only the 64GB pixel 4 was on sale here on amazon. So I went for the 64GB version. I regretted it a little bit at first, but I do already have a Google One storage subscription. So in the case my pixel’s storage does run out, I always have the cloud. I do agree that for this price (and in this modern age!) 64GB of storage in a high-end smartphone should simply not be an option anymore.

As expected, the camera is even more magnificent and still surprises me every time.
As far as face unlock goes, it’s been pretty quick and simple to use so far. And I am surprised every single time that nothing’s there 🙁

So, is it worth the price?
Only if you buy it at a reduced price like I did here on amazon.
My advice, never buy a pixel phone in the first few months after launch. Just wait for a nice sale to come up somewhere and buy it for a reasonable price.
Then, it’s really worth it.

Never wanna go back to iPhone or any other Android phone.


Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 04:32
Andrew Links

I could buy the Pixel 4 on another platform relatively cheap used.
Of course I would have spent a lot of time with the mobile phone before buying it. The battery life scared me off for a long time. When I was offered it for a good course I finally bought it.

I have no regrets. Here are my advantages and disadvantages:

+ great camera (the photos will be really super)
+ nice and handy
+ very good workmanship
+ 90 Hz display (once you have that, you don’t want anything else)
+ Usebility is very good (comparable to the iPhone
+ Google Support Top
+ Phone is as fast as an arrow
+ Face recognition works perfectly
+ Nice stereo sound
+ 3 years of support

+/o battery
o fingerprint- Sensor missing
o 64gb a bit poor

– jack connector missing
– black device magically attracts fingerprints

Honestly, I can’t understand the grumbling about the battery. As long as you’re not an absolute hardcore user, you’ll get through the day well. From 6 o’clock in the morning until 21 o’clock I still have 30% battery capacity left. That’s not earth-shattering, but okay.
Little tip: If you don’t really value the Always On Display, you can increase the runtime immensely with the energy saving mode. WhatsApp messages are still updated regularly, as the AI probably learns which apps are important over time.
What bothers me a bit is the 64gb memory. I would have been a bit happier with 128gb (although I still have 35GB free to date).

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 03:42
C. McChesney

The google pixel 4 is fast and has a nice display. Lies easily in the hand. Nice features like Face ID, which works perfectly in the dark. The camera is almost as good as iphone X or 11. I would like to emphasize the possibility for astrophotography. Of course, for this you need a tripod and a mount. The other day I photographed Venus passing by the Pleiades with 3 minutes exposure time. Now I want to take a picture of the milky way – but that doesn’t make much sense in the city with a lot of background light. When I am in the south of France (after Corona) in a small village I will try it. I am looking forward to that. And: especially at pixel: 3 years of big system updates secure and super fast security patches. Today (8.4.) I already have the April security update. Where else can you get it in the android area? Good: my iphones get at least 5 years of system updates. Google could be a bit more than that. Maybe it will. But already these times do not reach other manufacturers in the android area. And security is one of my top priorities besides good technology and performance. A really all around good smartphone.

Answer report comment December 24, 2020, 07:57

Włączyłem phone, skonfigurowałem i takie coś się stało. Zaczął wypalać she od góry (żółty pasek pod górną krawędzią) i wylał się. Kpina. Drugi pixel 4 który zakupiłem i kolejny którego muszę odsyłać. Czekam na telefon 9 dni, żeby ostatecznie takie coś otrzymać. NIE POLECAM mimo że jestem wielkim fanem telefonów z serii PIXEL i to miał być kolejny z nich.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 03:17

Phone otrzymałeś nowy, czy używany w dobrym stanie? Aktualnie nowych brak. W moim egzemplarzu padł głośnik na górze. 

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 04:06
Melba C

Phone otrzymałeś nowy, czy używany w dobrym stanie? Aktualnie nowych brak. W moim egzemplarzu padł głośnik na górze. 

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 04:06
Luz A Rosario Canales

As these Pixel 4 series phones are not available in India, so need to buy from Germany.
Google use to create magic by single camera, loving the images from duel camera setup.
Amazing product by Google, sleek &amp, gorgeous.
Little low on a battery part, but that can be managed with power bank on a regular use I get near 24 hrs battery on 60hz display.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 04:20
Juan P. Chang

The pixel4 is great! No question. But unfortunately made for the generation of people who want to see this thing non stop. The battery is only enough for one day. Depending on the use probably not even that. Otherwise the device is missing, despite a large bar at the top, in which the radar is located, a very simple notification LED. I don’t want to have AOD on all the time, and it would also save power.

The first imprint is hui… unfortunately the phone is no fun if you have to hold it in your hand all the time to see if someone has written to you and then you see how the battery gets empty from time to time 😀

Answer report comment December 23, 2020, 16:47

So far i don’t have anything negative about this phone. It is the perfect size and is comfortable to hold.
I changed to this phone from my old Huawei Honor 7 and everything is an upgrade. The camera is amazing and works very good in darkness.
If you want a good phone for a cheap price then this is it.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 00:25

After transferring my accounts and files from my old Google Nexus 6, I was immediately thrilled. The new Pixel 4 runs extremely smooth and delivers what it promises: cool new features, very user-friendly menu controls and a top camera.

Answer report comment December 24, 2020, 01:24

I expected the screen 5.7 to be even to my old phone 5.5 but the aspect ratio is strange
The phone is amazing
I like it very much
If I had option to see it live maybe will take the XL but I don’t regret
Recomend it

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 02:34

I’m really happy with the device. Small, only 2800mah.
The tweaking by Google fits really well with this smartphone. Very fluid, battery life almost 5 hours. And the processor is a dream.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 01:40
Joes Page

Had the pixel in use for a few weeks recently.
Super fast mobile phone with an excellent 90 Hz display and camera.
Battery life of the small model a disaster.
Otherwise the user interface didn’t feel like for an end user, but more like for a developer.

If it should be another pixel 4, then an xl or the hopefully upcoming 4a with better battery life.

Answer report comment December 22, 2020, 10:40
A. Salisbury

Great phone. Execelent performance. 90 Hz diplay
is superb. Powerful speakers. Battery is fine. Storage capacity could be higher.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 14:52

Only drawback: black border you can see every little bump. It wears out very fast.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 04:33

iPhone user since 2014 but really liked this Pixel phone.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 00:23
Windows User

Wonderful phone!

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 23:19
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