Test Honor 20: a complete smartphone... at the wrong time


ATTENTION : This test was written before the Android / Huawei case. The technical appreciations of the mobile remain quite valid, but the software future of the phone being pending, it is delicate to advise without reserve this model for the moment.

After having delivered the excellent copies that were the Honor 10 and the Honor View 20, the Chinese manufacturer is back with this Honor 20. A smartphone that is more inspired by the View than its predecessor, which will not displease fans of the brand.

Ce Honor 20 is more expensive to sell than the Honor 10 was in its time. A small upgrade for the company, which brings its mid-range to a price close to that of the Honor View 20 when it is released. Its price of 499 € puts it in direct competition with the Asus ZenFone 6, theGoogle Pixel 3a XL, theXiaomi Mi 9 but also one of its compatriots, the Honor View 20.


La display diagonal measures 6.26 inches.

Ergonomics and design

Loin to present an original design, the Honor 20 is rather in the continuity of the previous models. Somewhat resembling the Honor View 20 released earlier this year, it stands out especially by its 4 sensors visible at the back, which we will come back to in detail in the section devoted to the photo.

Sur On the front, there is a large 6.26-inch screen in 19.5:9 format. As on its elder, the View 20, the panel is punched here, in order to offer as much space as possible (it occupies 85% of the front face). The borders are very thin and the bottom border has the luxury of being narrower than the Honor View 20. However, the phone is not really usable with one hand.


AnFHD+ presqueborderless slab.

À At the back, apart from the 4 vertically positioned sensors, there is not much else. As is now the tradition at Honor, the back is adorned with a gradation of blue that turns to purple depending on the inclination and brightness. Pleasure for the eyes, but also fingerprints. Otherwise, the mobile is well constructed and pleasant to hold. A great success for the price.


An very shiny back that retains fingerprints - and is a pain to take a picture of.

Ce are the slices that are interesting. The one on the right especially, since it houses the fingerprint reader. In the manner of the Samsung Galaxy S10e. This reader is also clickable, in fact, it also serves as a start button. Just above it are the volume controls. On the opposite side, the double-SIM drawer is installed. On this model, it is impossible to add a microSD card to increase storage. Finally, on the bottom slice, we have a USB-C port and a speaker. The Honor 20 does not have a 3.5 mm mini-jack input, but the box contains an adapter.


Fingerprint reader ideally placed on the side.


Honor 20 features a 6.26-inch IPS panel with a resolution of 2,340 x 1,080 dpi (411 dpi). To enjoy good colorimetry, it is necessary to take a look at the color settings and select the "Vivid" display mode - for once. You will then have a Delta E with small onions(1,5). No hue exceeds 3, the ceiling below which the human eye cannot perceive colorimetric drift. Nothing to declare on this side therefore.

For the color temperature, the change of display mode allows to go from a value higher than 8,000 Kelvins to 6,429 Kelvins, a figure much closer to the video standard (6,500 K).

Avec with a maximum brightness pointing to 498 cd/m², the screen remains perfectly readable, even under the sun, especially since it manages reflections rather well thanks to 55% saréflectance. The minimum brightness of 1 cd/m² will also make this phone the best ally for reading at night.

For Finally, its 1,053:1 contrast ratio is standard for an IPS panel, and its tactile delay (75 ms) and afterglow time (14 ms) offer a fluid experience. In the end, the only thing you can really blame the Honor 20 screen for is that it is not an Oled panel.


Famille Huawei obliges, the Honor 20 embeds the Kirin 980 home processor. SoC appeared on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro in October 2018, it still offers excellent performance and a more than pleasant fluidity, especially coupled with its 6 GB of RAM.

La heat released by the phone is not excessive during prolonged use (32.5°C maximum).


Températures readings after recording video in FHD 1 080p.

In game, it's a Mali-G76 GPU that takes over, powered by the company's Turbode GPU technology. What a good comfort to enjoy on any title, whether it isFortnite or evenAsphalt 9.


Honor's new cell phone has no 3.5 mm mini-jack plug, but comes with USB-C to 3.5 mm mini-jack adapter. The output power is excellent and will do honor to your most greedy headsets. Distortion is almost zero and the dynamic range is wide. Only the stereo reproduction doesn't measure up to the rest.

Avec its only speaker located on the lower edge, the Honor 20 allows you to watch videos on YouTube or Netflix, but no more. Pushed to the limit, the sound delivered is not very powerful, with little bass and a little saturation.


Ce Honor 20 is rather well equipped for photography. Its main sensor is a Sony IMX586 of 48 Mpx with a lens that opens at f/1.8. Its second one is a 16 Mpx super-wide-angle (117°). The third one of 2 Mpx is only used in portrait mode. Finally, the fourth is also a 2MP and is used to take macro shots. But the latter is more of a gadget as its quality is fair.

Comme As usual, we compare the photo performance of the Honor 20 to the best photophones in its price range. Here we are talking about the Pixel 3a XL for the main module and the MI 9 from Xiaomi for the super-wide-angle.


4 photo sensors.

Module "main": 48 Mpx, f/1.8, eq. 26 mm

Avant all things considered, you have to keep in mind that this module is equipped with a Sony IMX586 lens, which by default shoots images in 12 Mpx. Increasing its definition to 48 Mpx does not bring any real improvement on the quality of the images. So we made our tests in 12 Mpx, since this is the default configuration.

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By day, the phone doesn't stand up to Google Pixel 3a XLde. Even if most of the details are well rendered, the software processing applied smoothes the scene too much and this is notably visible on the book in the center. We also notice that the colors are dull and tend somewhat towards red tones.

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By night, it is the same observation. LeGoogle Pixel 3a XL offers a more interesting result, even if there is a lot of noise on the picture. However, the Honor 20 is not too far behind. However, it pulls towards the red tones and smoothes the scene once again. In fact, the stitching is less pronounced and the details less well rendered than with Google, but it is still quite decent.

À Note that Honor's phone has a rather good night mode, but it tends to smooth the image. There is also a delens flarel effect when a slightly strong light is on the image.

Ultra-wide-angle: 16 Mpx, f/2.2, eq. 17 mm

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ultra-wide-angle of Honor 20 suffers a bit next to celuidu Xiaomi Mi 9. Strangely, a blurred veil covers the picture, which is fundamentally lacking in sharpness. Again, a strong smoothing is applied and the scene lacks detail. We can however note that the white balance is well measured and the rendering is only slightly distorted. The colors are also well restored. In short, it's usable, but not great.

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image processing at nightfall is more than aggressive. The final result lacks sharpness and the noise erases most of the details of the photo. The color rendering is less dull than Xiaomi's, but the latter gains our favor thanks to its better noise management.

Capteur forehead, portrait mode and vidéo


Honor abandons the water drop notch in favor of the punch.

A the front is a 32MP front sensor with an f/2 aperture lens is proposed. The quality of the shots is good without swarming with details that one could expect, which is particularly visible on beards and hair. The skin is quite smooth - it is even possible to increase this effect via the "quality level" button which will turn you into a wax statue.

third 2MP sensor is exclusively dedicated to depth of field. The debokehh effect is more than correct and the cutout of the subject is rather clean most of the time. You can even modify the blur you want to apply to your photograph, among a list of 8 effects.

For the video, you will be able to shoot up to 4K at 30 fps. By default, the quality is 1080p at 30 fps. It can be modified to film at 60 fps. The integrated stabilization can help you if you have shaky hands.


Livré with a 3,500 mAh battery, the Honor 20 withstood 18 h 07 min on our SmartViser test. That's enough to provide about 2 days of use in normal use.


For recharge it, it takes less than 2 hours to get a full battery, using the 22.5 W block capable of fast charging (called SuperCharge by Honor).