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55 Reviews

A.J. Mitchell

After about 4 months of use, I would like to let my practical experience influence this review.

When I bought the device in February, it was still called g8, which was later changed by Huawei to g8x (only the name was changed, the product features hardware and software remained the same.)

undoubtedly very impressive and noble. A black storage box that every customer will be proud to keep. This alone clearly proves that Huawei wants to appear as a noble brand on the world market. The box contains good in ears headphones, a short USB data and charging cable as well as a user manual (also in German language.)
The huawei g8 itself is beautifully embedded in one half of the packaging and when opened it reveals itself in full splendor to its new owner.

First impression: big and noble !
Today, even after 4 months, I am still happy every time I take the device in my hand. It is comparable to the feeling of getting into a noble limousine! ( Yes I know, the comparison is not correct but nevertheless ! The haptics felt when doing so can hardly be described in words. Especially the perceived value when you go from the rounded glass at the edges to the aluminum frame (which you do with every screen wiping gesture) is truly indescribable. I have never had such a feeling with any other device before…
So what the g8 made of airplane aluminum milled from one piece as a first impression is absolute top class.
The finger pressure sensor on the back of the device reinforces this impression even more: just swipe your finger over it once and the g8 is immediately unlocked. It works very reliably in practice. Just great! br> br>First time use:br>First insert one or two Nano Sim cards with the help of the included metal pin (or like in my case a Sim card+ a micro SD card) and you are ready to go. Then the usual installation procedure which is almost automatic thanks to the Google saved data and customer apps. br>>Performance: Processor and other hardware >br>If you are honest when you download and update all your apps during the first startup you have the feeling at that moment that the processor is not the fastest. Built in is a Snapdragon 615 octacore which gets a bit warmer in this moment of initial setup and is brought to the edge of its performance. But only then!
You can be reassured after that in normal daily use this is never the case again. The device is fast to very fast and absolutely jerk-free! This octacore works very energy-saving which is reflected in the long battery life.

Advantage 1:
3 GB RAM and 32 GB main memory are generously dimensioned for the low price. The fast RAM also contributes significantly to the good response time during use: the device always rearranges quickly.

Advantage 2:
NFC is on board so the gx8 is easy to connect to any Bluetooth device, e.g. Bluetooth speakers.

Advantage 3
Optical interface EMUI 3: the graphical interface is already beautifully designed on delivery. Moreover, thanks to the many templates easy to customize yourself. The Huawei graphics are really very nice to look at and use.
In combination with the finger pressure sensor on the back to always unlock the device in a flash, the result is a very pleasant handling in practice.

Advantage 4
2 to 3 days battery life, depending on how many apps work in the background and how often and how long the screen is on and how long the phone calls are made is an above average very good value. In practice, this battery life contributes a lot to a relaxed use of the G8: you don’t have to think about having a power outlet nearby very often.

Advantage 5
Excellent cameras both front and back.
These are really good for a cell phone and have been praised by the trade press.
During the day, the main camera takes almost perfect pictures that don’t blur either. Thanks to the high-quality built-in stabilizer, even top cell phones can do this very well, even at a higher price. But what these rarely can do is take good pictures in low light evenings/nights: the g8 can do this! Simply klasse.

In summary, the g8 is recommended to anyone who wants to have a chic and high-quality aluminum phone with a large screen and very good camera and long battery life for about 320’€. The device is so surprisingly good that even dyed-in-the-wool Samsung or Apple iPhone users become thoughtful. Especially when these people experience the low price of the gx8.

Update November 2016
With the update to Marshmallow Android 6 the phone has improved in many details and settings.
This is especially true for the battery life which is now almost always sufficient for 2 days.
In the meantime I have also learned to appreciate the very good audio features with headphones. Although I have my own music room at home and run a very good sounding Yamaha/Canton system, I still listen to FLAC quality music files on my Huawei g8 in the living room or on the terrace or in the garden or on the road. Flexibility has no limits. With suitable headphones, e.g. the Sennheiser momentum 2, it is just as much fun as with a beyerdynamic dt 770. I am now looking forward to enjoying a high-quality musical relaxation in the evening. This listening pleasure in this quality would have been unthinkable 2-3 years ago.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 00:53
Soo Choi

I bought the G8 yesterday at Media Markt. Actually I wanted the Samsung Galaxy S6 but I decided to go for the Huawei. And that for many reasons.

My previous smartphone was the S3 but after a virus has eaten away my operating system it was hardly usable anymore. In addition, the battery was broken, so I had to get a new one.

The following aspects were especially important for me:

display resolution
battery life
functionality of the fingerprint sensor

The display resolution of the S6 is higher than that of the G8, but that is hardly noticeable. Pictures, videos and everything else are displayed in razor sharpness. In my opinion, they are pretty much on a par with each other in terms of the display.

Also with the camera I can only say: top! The S6 has 3MP more and takes really beautiful pictures. Actually, I liked the Honor 7 because of the camera, but even though it has 20MP the camera was much blurred, at least in good light conditions (yes, that sounds contradictory, but that’s how it is). The camera of the G8 takes really great pictures, sometimes even too sharp. With selfies, impurities suddenly appear which the view in the mirror did not show before. Some people claim that the color reproduction of the G8 is not true to life. I haven’t noticed any of this in good or bad lighting conditions, and I’m actually very critical of cameras.

In terms of speed, I can only say that there’s no difference to the S6. Everything runs smoothly and even demanding games that really require speed and accuracy, like Tempel Run, Piano Tiles and the like run completely error-free. With Amazns Video App I was shocked how fast everything went, because all the other devices in the household take forever to play the video. At half charge the battery lasted almost the whole day when used continuously. Only tests can prove that the battery is better than the S6’s. Again, the sensor for fingerprints is really ingenious. It lies super so that you can sometimes even get it unintentionally. And it works great! I can’t say anything about the s6 here, because the function was blocked in the market.

The cell phone is big in any case. I find it really perfect for using. But unfortunately it is too big for the trouser pocket. The S6 is also not exactly small but tiny compared to the G8. You can already tell I’m really a fan of the Huawei. It is really unbeatable! The S6 would have cost 499 at Mediamarkt. The G8 349. Since for me the Huawei really fulfilled all my wishes, I chose this one, although I always said Huawei does not come into my house… Opinions can be changed.

Summarized once again:

-Extendable with SD card


-no Qi

You see, there is hardly any contrast.

>A clear recommendation to buy. This thing is madness!

Answer report comment December 24, 2020, 03:10
Jannika Moss

Unfortunately not bought via Amazon! br>>br>>Delivery:
Hermes Messenger: On time / Ordered: 22.11.2015 / Delivered: 24.11.2015 / Condition of the goods: No damage

A very large rounded Full-HD display (5,5 inch), fits very well in the hand, a very good camera, a fast LTE Cat. 4 (150 Mbit/s – download), fast processor 1,5 GHz (Octa-Core), powerful battery (3.000 mAh), large internal memory (32GB / Available: approx. 23 GB), large internal memory (3 GB)

Built-in battery, Sim card ejector tool pen tool

The Huawei G8 fits very well in the phone as it is very thin (7.5 mm) and I am very satisfied with it. Also surfing the internet is very fast thanks to the LTE Cat.4 (150 Mbit/s) and also the battery power with 3.000 mAh is really very good, lasts up to 5 days (normal use / frequent use by games, videos etc. the battery lasts up to 3 days. You can see SMS or emails very well and are very readable through the 5.5 inch full HD display. The Kamara makes very good pictures or photos even in low light conditions because of the good colored LED picture light even selfis are good. Listening to music and radio is a lot of fun because it has a very good sound whether through headset or through the stereo speakers on the smartphone below where the USB port is for charging etc. The processor runs very fast with 1,5 GHz (Octa-Core) the pages are loaded very fast. You can do nothing wrong. What is very unfortunate is that the battery is built in, that means if something happens to the battery you have to send it in or return it to the place where you bought it. Even if you want to set the smartphone to silent, you cannot use the volume buttons on the upper right side. It only works Manuel in the notification bar when you drag the down notification / shortcuts appears and in the shortcuts under sounds you can set it to silent. The memory is very nice big with 32 GB davob are about 23 GB available, you can store a lot of things like pictures, photos, music, APP’s etc. The Simcard Eject Remover Tool Pen is not so good because it can bend very fast and even break off, so we recommend to buy the Simcard Eject Remover Tool Pen of the Huawei Ascend P6 additionally. Also when you are called, the called party is very easy to understand and there is an answer and hang up button separately (next to each other). You don’t have to wipe from left to right to answer a call or wipe in the opposite direction to reject the call. Battery recharging takes about 2.5 hrs. Volume when a call or SMS or other gets is very loud through the stereo speakers is not over audible whether in your pocket or so, you hear it in any case that a call etc.

Otherwise, the Huawei G8 is highly recommended.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 13:07
Julie Petersen

Although I thought about giving 5 stars, because only the second try worked, but then I decided to do so.

The reason for this was as follows:

The trigger was the search for a second smartphone, which should be used primarily for geocaching. I attached great importance to the following points:
– Android operating system
– large display
– long battery life
– memory card slot

I found it after a long research on the Huawei G8, my opinion is of course primarily for the above mentioned purpose.
When unpacking the device, the pen to open the card slot was missing, basically no problem, but annoying nevertheless.
The start of the device still worked well, everything set up, app’s installed, everything chic.
Then an app had obviously hung up overnight, the next morning the battery was empty. After charging, the device required a screen PIN, which I had never assigned and could not be dissuaded.
With the help of Huawei customer service (hotline worked perfectly) the device was reset to factory settings and then worked, at least for a few days. Then the difficulties started, that when leaving a WLan area, the mobile data transfer took longer and longer until data flowed, finally it was only possible in acceptable time by switching off the device and re-activating the SIM card with the PIN.
Since the return period was not over yet, I sent the device back, problem-free backward processing, for this a praise to the Amazon customer service.

Now it went again on the search for a suitable device and after different considerations I landed again with the G8.

This time however as a new device and everything worked perfectly. After the first weeks of use I am still enthusiastic. The following points should be emphasized:
– GPS acquisition works fast, even in offline mode
– the fingerprint sensor works extremely reliable
– camera delivers good image quality
– total impressive battery performance. After four hours of geocaching with active GPS, the battery is still at about 60%, the most used IPhone5 was at 20% after three hours and then further on in energy saving mode after four hours at zero.
– GPS navigation works pretty much exactly and is not behind my GPS device (Garmin Dakota20 – our ways will probably part now))

Conclusion: After the flop with the first device I’m glad to have chosen a G8 again and I haven’t regretted this yet.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 01:41

Not bought here, because I could take it with me at the market around the corner.
I am a very satisfied owner of the Mate7 since about 1 year. Unfortunately – and I could still get into the … kick – I scrapped it while flashing. Hopefully the repair specialists will get it back. So I had to get a new phone, and Huawei was at the top of my list. The criteria for me were: at least 5.5 inch display, dual sim, decent battery, 3 GByte Ram and at least 32GByte memory and of course the price. In all points the G8 is convincing and therefore I decided to buy the gold version.
After 10 days of continuous use I can only congratulate myself. The phone looks very good, the workmanship is impeccable and you hardly want to put it out of your hand. The whole appearance of the aluminum body is very valuable, and the 2.5D glass is really nice and even improves the usability.
EMUI 3.1 is as usual with Huawei, a newbie might have to get used to it, but I found the Huawei attachment for Android very successful from the beginning – especially some useful settings are available here, which you have to make accessible in other androids.
The performance is sufficient in every respect, I usually use the intelligent mode and even with it you can play Asphalt 8 without jerking. The device hardly gets lukewarm. The durability of the battery is also very satisfying, I already had 5,5h SOT at about 2h call-time – ok, the battery of the Mate7 can do more 😉 – The audio quality is great for phone calls, and the mono speaker has enough volume to clearly reproduce conversations. So far I had no problems with network connections, I have 2 Sims in it (Vodafone and T-Mobile) – unfortunately both without LTE, so I can’t report anything about that.
The readability, brightness and color temperature of the display is without criticism for this price range. If you remove the automatic and turn the slider all the way up, it’s still easy to read even in the sun.
The Fingerprint Reader is ingeniously fast, there are swpe gestures to open the message bar. Unfortunately these are the only gestures, the function is still expandable.
The camera(s) do their job properly, who needs more has to pay more.
Bottom line I can recommend the G8 to everyone who doesn’t want to spend more than 400EUR, but still doesn’t want to do without anything. Of course it is not a flagship, but it costs only half as much.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 21:11
Jordan Katz

I didn’t buy this smartphone here, but since I read the reviews here, I wanted to say something about it. But the G 8 gives me everything I need.
I have only had Samsung (most recently Galaxy Alpha) so far and had actually expected more problems with the changeover. But everything was totally easy. The fact that the G8 doesn’t have an app-drawer (I think that’s what they call this menu item under which the apps are hidden), I personally don’t find tragic. It doesn’t matter to me whether I tap this point or scroll further. A good camera was important to me and I definitely got one. In daily use I have not had any problems yet. Sometimes when I receive a Whats App message the phone does not answer although the app is named as a protected app. But for me this is whining on a very high level.
The battery is great! It lasts 2 to 2.5 days with moderate use.
The display is very sharp and easy to read even in direct sunlight.
The finger sensor works very precisely. If it doesn’t work at first go, it’s my own fault because I didn’t put my finger on it properly.
I’ve had the G8 for 4 weeks now and I can’t think of anything I miss or anything that could be better. As I said, from the technical side I don’t have that much idea. I’m sure there are users who know more about it. The more I deal with the cell phone, the more I discover.
My husband ( Samsung S4 owner ) was now so jealous of my great smartphone that he has one since last week.
I can say for myself that I have found the right smartphone.

23.04.2016 Note to the above review :
About 3 weeks ago an update to a new version was done. Both my and my husband’s Smartphone now have the following error: Phone does not log in automatically into the home wLan. it must always be done manually. often there are also network interruptions, which you unfortunately do not notice immediately and therefore your data volume is burdened. Very annoying. We have followed various advices from internet forums, except for resetting to factory settings, because I did not expect too much from that. The Huawei support was not helpful, they said they didn’t know about the error. Very strange, because from what I read, several users had already contacted them. I’m a bit touched at the moment.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 21:24
Molon Labe 5.56

Not bought here, because not available yet. It’s a pity, I had to look elsewhere.
Prehistory: Samsung S5 and Samsung S5 neo, surely not bad devices, especially the camera of the neo (same as S6 only with less settings) was just great, (aperture 1.9) much better photos than with the S5 were possible. Both devices separated a period of use of about 7 days with annoyance about hangs during operation, arbitrary restart and not recognizing the memory card (from Samsung). After annoying discussions with the seller and return, I decided to go for the Huawei G8.
Right new and no customer opinions available, that makes it not easy to make a decision.
I had it in my hand for five minutes and knew that this is it because I liked it immediately.
– Camera is great but a bit slower due to the optical stabilizer when switched on compared to the S5 neo (has no Stabi)
– Reception in the D2 u. eplus/o2-network much better than S5/neo, at least according to the display
– Dual-SIM possible or expansion with SD-card, you have the choice (both slots 3/4G possible)
– metal housing, it’s quite something in the price range, display could be brighter, but it’s still perfect
– system absolutely smooth, apps start faster than with S5 or S5 neo

>Update 12.10. 2015
I am still completely satisfied with the device.
Preinstalled apps which I don’t need (MS Office and games) I was able to uninstall without any problems, so about 1 GB more memory.
The battery easily lasts the whole day (Google Fit is always active) and is also quickly recharged.
Unlocking with the finger sensor works perfectly and fast, no comparison to S5. The cell phone can also be activated by double tapping on the display as with the Lumias from MS/Nokia.
Leider there is an extremely limited selection of protective sleeves, without them the device is simply too slippery in my hand.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 15:20
eris sulce

Moin Moin,

I wanted to share my experiences with the G8 here for a short time.

I own it since 3 months and my experience with it is very mixed.

1. optically the smartphone is made very nice, no creaks, no crevices, or anything else. The materials are very well made and it feels very valuable.
Picture display is great, everything is pin sharp and the Huawei’s own emui looks very chic. The camera works well and the picture quality is more than ok, even snapshots at night still look good, comes very close to the quality of my company iPhone 6s. Even if I don’t play games on my cell phone, it is possible that I experience jerking when several windows, even several tabs are open in the browser and input is delayed. But I could still live with this deficit, if there hadn’t been some quirks that get on your nerves bit by bit.
^1. WLAN breaks down. For one thing it doesn’t connect to the WLAN at home by itself, for another thing even if you do it manually it breaks off after a while, which is quite annoying because it sucks up the mobile data volume especially with Spotify.
^2. Topic Spotify, it’s not shown in the start screen, so you always have to unlock the phone to change songs. I don’t see a launcher change, which could solve the problem, away from emui. That worked always with my samsungs and iPhones until now.
^3. What is really annoying is that whatsapp messages are not displayed as received, the same applies to telegram, although it is still possible sometimes. (And I tried all possible solutions described online for hours) you always have to go into the app first to see messages even though all permissions are granted.

All in all it’s a decent phone. But I would not get it a second time.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 07:49
BillieJo Hartjes


did not buy the cell phone here. Special at a local electronics>> First time for the positive, so the cell phone is really a great device. Optics, operation, battery power, speed, etc. nothing to complain about.
I thought about which smartphone I should get, but then I stayed with the Huawei G8 for the price performance.
The dual-sim option and the memory expansion via SD card are not given with every smartphone, but the Huawei fulfills these wishes.
The only thing that really bothered me about this device from Huawei, which it works with some apps not quite without objections.
z. B. with Whatsapp, which currently has several million users and is therefore almost one of the must-have apps.
In standby mode, the device was not able to signal the Whatsapp messages, there was no sound, there was nothing to see on the display. Only when I open the Whatsapp I get the messages. I restarted the machine and it worked, but unfortunately only for the next 2-3 hours. Afterwards the problem was back again.
I searched through the internet and tried everything but really everything, unfortunately without success.
As a last hope I contacted the support of Huawei, there the nice lady explained me what I can do to fix this problem. It was meant to be nice, but the whole procedure I had already done the day before. As there were no counter-arguments from the lady, she told me that this problem was already known and that they would work on it. When and if she could not tell me how and if she could tell me.
The phone then went back.
Actually it was a great pity, because otherwise it was really a very good smartphone.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 06:12
Rodney W. Coulter

The Huawei G8 is unofficially unlabeled as Huawei GX 8, but this hasn’t arrived with some sellers yet. br>>br>The phone is simply great. br>br>I change my phones very often and I think I can say: Huawei is in this price range, for which you have to add a few hundred € more.

I had from Lg G4 up to the Galaxy S6 and Lumia 950 and I have to say that the G8 is not inferior to them in anything.
Who needs it with such a display size more than Full HD?

I was very worried that it might not have an LTE 800 frequency.
But it has all LTE frequencies!

It runs very fast and very fluid and the battery is the absolute hit.
I am a truck driver and have therefore the whole day bluetooth, mobile data and phone calls really a lot.
And when I say a lot then it is also really a lot 🙂

To that comes that I am so about 5 hours in the net on the way and the battery holds out easily 2 days with me.

What really annoys me is that the phone is sold as a 5.5 inch!
the navigation button takes something away from the display and you can’t take it away like a Lumia 950
which I had before.
Br> Br> By what the bar takes wg has my a 5.2 inch in reality. Br> So it really only remains to hope that soon a software comes out Br> in which you can adjust the bar itself and you have a real 5.5 inch display. Br> Br> Br> There is a star deduction on the way display, because this is in my eyes an eye wash !!!!!! Br> I would buy it again and again

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 19:19
Professor Nishanth

Bought in the emergency and according to Amazon reviews when the old one broke down. I thought I’d get a cheap device (even if the upper class of it) which I thought was too big. EMUI didn’t look serious at first sight. Far from it:
+ It’s high quality with a metal housing
+ Installation by Google Kto was extremely fast
+ After a short time I found EMUI much better/ more manageable (no App-drawer!!) and more stable than Sony and Samsung Android (5s), already noticed some apps running better.
+ Extraordinary good battery life
+ Mobile phone- WLAN- and GPS- reception are fast and robust
+ Micro, speakers and music playback can get very loud and reproduce the sound very nicely
+ Camera with extremely close focus and otherwise nice pictures
+ The parts where it was saved don’t have to hide (only HD display, Gorilla glass only 3, only 13 MPixel)
+ Large memory capacities (RAM can be memorized)
… and, yes….
+ flashlight has dimming qualities
The only disadvantage
– had already expected the 8-core to be more lively. And yet with my normal apps (no graphic intensive games) it performs more fluently than my old one with Snapdragon 801.
In short: VERY MUCH Smartphone for little money.
Thanks to all the reviewers here, you can rely on you!

Answer report comment December 22, 2020, 01:08
Amber G.

I bought the smartphone in January 2016 and I have to say Huawei surprised me positively
what of course is that the battery wears out with time but with occasional use I still get by well over the day. But when I play games or something in between it’s not enough anymore.
The camera of the smartphone was not the best from the beginning. You can’t expect really good pictures from the front camera.
The main camera is also rather mediocre. Some pictures are good but others not so good.
The glass of the main camera is broken but this could also be caused by external influences.
What happens after two years is that my cell phone hangs up and I have to close apps.
A big weak point is the screen, because it fell down 1-2 months after I bought it and there were some cracks in the screen and still are. The cell phone only limited it sometimes when typing with the keyboard.
One thing I would have liked from Huawei and that would have been more software updates.
And the music player from Huawei I unfortunately didn’t always find the best for everything.
What works very well is the fingerprint scanner.
br>Dust is collecting in my charger socket from time to time which makes charging more difficult. With a thin needle I make it a little bit free. But all in all a 4 star rating especially because of the long lifetime.

Answer report comment December 22, 2020, 09:48
Darlene Dillon

Huawei is no longer a manufacturer of cheap smartphones, which is noticeable by the devices through the bank away and especially the G8 (Gx8) stands out with an incredible price/performance ratio. I have been able to test some smartphones over the last few months because I am employed by one of the usual electronics suspects and I have to say that this model has convinced me completely. Important to me are a camera that is at least usable in good light, a battery that does not wear out in the late evening hours when used intensively and a solid performance, i.e. fluid usability of the UI. And I have to say that all three points are completely fulfilled. In addition, there is a fast and reliable reacting fingerprint sensor and the extremely noble and solid looking aluminum housing. The fact that it is actually only a model of the upper middle class is only noticeable at most with the one or other game since it can come here now and then to mini jerking. Fortunately, the display only resolves with Full HD and thus saves the battery. Honestly, on such a small display every higher resolution is eyewash and absolutely out of practice. Apart from that I can only say that I have found my personal Smartphone favorite for a long time.

Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 14:56
Whitney D.

I’ve had the Huawei g8 for a week>My conclusion: I’m thrilled :-).br>Before I had a Nexus 4 for 2>I wanted to get a new Nexus again,br>but from my point of view they don’t even ask for a comparable price-performance ratio.
Br>+ attractive design Br>+ super camera, like in the Honor 7 Br>+ strong high resolution IPS display Br>+ 32GB memory Br>+ very good reception despite aluminum housing Br>+ dual Sim Br>+ battery lasts 2 days in normal use Br>+ high quality, stylish all aluminum housing Br>+ very fast multifunction fingerprint sensor Br> Br> Br>o to EMUI 3. 1 you can get used to it quickly, generally chic GUI

– I really can’t think of anything at the moment, missing Qi charging function maybe, but that’s a luxury problem

The ‘problem’ with the notifications can be solved very easily, I guess the same with Honor 7. Activate Whatsapp, Threema etc. in the notification manager and check the box ‘Protected Apps’ for the corresponding apps – I wouldn’t worry about the power consumption. I haven’t noticed any negative effects.

In general Samsung &amp, Co. should dress warmly, Huawei rocks 🙂

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 04:20

I can leave out the technical data.
I think you get a great device for the money.
Camera is great, it’s the same as in the Mate S, only a few software features are missing.
The processor is not a monster, but with the 3GB it’s enough. The workmanship is clean and I haven’t found anything>The rounded display is great in the hand and is nice to read. Nano SIM and Micro Sd or Dual SIM usage, just top it off. br>Add 32Gb of memory!

For those who have the problem with the push messages zb Whatsapp:
Download the theme from the P8 or Mate S (Magazine) and move it to the folder hwthemes, then select the theme.
After that you have your peace and quiet, and you can change the theme again.
For 400€ I got:
The G8
A 64Gb Micro SD from Samsung
A Case


Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 20:35
Matthew Wheeler

Hello, first of all I didn’t buy the G8 here, but directly through my mobile operator.

Well, for this price it is really well made and makes a very good impression.

For all those who want a big smartphone just the right thing. Operation by EMUI (for me as an Apple newcomer) ingenious.
The notifications at Whatsapp etc. don’t work very well, as already described in other reports. Although you can solve everything with new themes or with third party apps, but that’s not the point.
This is a clear minus point for me, there is room for improvement here.
Battery is perfect, I made ends meet for about 2 days.
Camera is also ok. br> br> br> For me this cell phone is unfortunately a little bit too bulky so I sold it again, but if Huawei should bring out a new model in a 4.5 inch version I will strike> br> br> The point deduction is due to the notification problem. As already mentioned above, a cell phone must work to 100%, here lies the only shortcoming. br>br> Otherwise, for all those who are looking for a solid 5.5 inch cell phone a clear recommendation to buy.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 07:38
Vincent Steel

after the eighth HTC smartphone with and without root, I decided to go for this Huawei G8 😉 😉 And it’s one of the best I’ve had for years 😉 😉 It’s as fast as an arrow, has no crashes, detects energy hungry apps and suggests to terminate them 😉 or you give the app the permanent activity (e.g. you can use it to start a new app, or you can use it to start a new one. Whatsapp)
You have to deal with it a little bit, because you don’t know it, but it’s easy !
The highlight is the battery life, if used moderately it has to be plugged in on the 3rd day ! ! !
I haven’t had a Smartphone with a battery that lasts that long yet.
Yes, there is no App-Drawer, all Apps are on the screens, that’s annoying !
But only because it’s unusual ! In 5min everything you don’t want is stored in one folder
and you can install a launcher (e.g. Buzz-Launcher), then the App-Drawer is back !
Conclusion: The price-performance ratio is unbeatable ! CLEAR PURCHASE RECOMMENDATION ! !

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 01:36
Miriam Tucker

After a visit to MM, I got hold of the G8 and thought, ‘Wow, I’ve been a Samsung fan from the beginning and I’ve always been satisfied with it. Logically, after the S4 should now follow the S5
But what man 😉 here for his money is fantastic and I do not regret the purchase not a second and put the phone away reluctantly, everything runs like clockwork and the workmanship and the finger scanner is simply the best, as well as the ingenious large display. All this has nothing to do with middle class, I mean to hold an upper class cell phone in the hand, I would like to emphasize the reception outside, as well as wlan is much better as my old S4.
praise to Huawei with this phone exactly my taste have met and that at a price that is almost unbeatable and of which I believe that it is the new superstar at Amazon.
praise also to Amazon, ordered in the evening, next day delivered, TOP!

Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 16:55
Haechan An

I thought about buying a new phone because mine is not the best anymore. (For all interesting I have the
mobistel cynus f5)
After some searches of different brands this cell phone with a very good rating and a good price is of course immediately in my
eye favor.

I have looked at many questions &amp, answers and reviews so that I do not buy a bad cell phone which is understandable for most people. it arrived after a few days (exactly in 3 days) which was very fast for me because my other orders come after a few weeks. But that’s not important now.

After the cell phone came, I decided to write a review and it also forced me to write a conclusion!!!!!!!!!!!!

To the conclusion! The cell phone is very nice and very practical and from now on I recommend the cell phone to you. Have fun in the morning, at noon or whenever you read this here.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 08:45
Lynnette Casillas

Previous devices: HTC-Legend, HTC-Sensation, HTC-ONE (m7)

My last top high-end smartphone unfortunately couldn’t be repaired anymore. So once again I had to choose a new one. But again I didn’t want to spend so much money and so I became more open in terms of performance and brand.
After a long search I decided to buy the Huawei GX8: Enough power for my few things and large display, LTE, dual sim.

+ Quality of workmanship is TOP! All gap dimensions and the look of the materials used are really great.
+ Very fast responding Android system
+ root possible
+ price is fair for the performance and quality

– no big custom rom community.

—&gt, I would definitely buy it again or a newer one from Huawei in the price range

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 04:22
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