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157 Reviews

Micha Sunarjadi

The Honor 6x was an inexpensive emergency solution, because I switched from WP 10 to Android. The main reason was that there were almost no apps for Windows Phone that I needed abroad.

The 6x is a pretty big part! Just for comparison, the P20 fits the screen area of the 6x (!!) and still has a longer usable screen than the 6x. Only the width is slightly narrower, but thanks to a better resolution, more icons fit on the screen.

Actually, the 6x is a super smartphone, and if you don’t care about the quality of the photos and videos, you don’t really need to switch, at least as long as the battery of the 6x plays along and you’re not subject to the toy mania (I don’t use the latter). Even the 6x in professional mode takes quite decent pictures, thanks to Huawei’s Phone Clone app. The data on the main memory as well as on the SD card was transferred without any problems. Depending on the volume, you were able to transfer your old system to the new smartphone within a very short time. However, some designs are no longer available with the new EMUI 8 version and the menu has also changed. Why they did this, I have no idea, but it didn’t get better, it was more complicated. But you can find your way around very quickly.

In terms of size, the P20 is roughly comparable to the Lumia 950, although the screen of the P20 is much larger. Here you can see the progress. The finish is typical Huawei. There is nothing to criticize. That the fingerprint sensor is now on the front has a disadvantage for me, but also advantages. With the daily use I find him behind more practical. The advantage in the front is, if the device is used in the car as a navigation system, or stands there in a holder. But on the other hand, and much more interesting, it can also be used to operate the P20, which makes the screen area even bigger. The whole technical aspect has already been dealt with in several recessions. Just so much:

The screen is very good and sharp, and if you turn off the automatic brightness control, there are no problems with different brightness levels. The camera, both back and front, takes really good pictures for a smartphone and if you don’t shoot videos in 4k, but stay with HD, you have a picture stabilizer at the same time. The speaker is much better than the 6x. But it would have been nice to have two of them against. Opinions differ about the notch area, but Huawei solved that quite well. Also nice, – but probably not necessary for many – is the possibility to use the P20 as a desktop replacement. Similar to the Lumia 950’s Continuum concept, you can use it to display documents, presentations, etc. on large screens using an HDMI cable. The size is still reasonably pocket-sized and since I always use Spigen’s rugged armor cases for my smartphones, the rear camera is no longer above the case. In the black version, this doesn’t make too much of a difference optically either.

Leider doesn’t have a separate jack plug for the headphones, but they could have easily placed it instead of the fake left speaker slot. On the other hand, it might only be a matter of time until there are also high-quality systems with USB-C socket.
It’s also a little bit incomprehensible why you don’t use the dual sim to take an SD card. Some will say that 128 GB internal memory is enough for the masses, but considering the price range, and just for the backups of the system it would have been worth it. Not to mention 4K video or RAW photo files. The battery lasts a long time, especially if you’re not a gaming nerd like me. And since the price is gradually scratching at the 500 Euro mark, the price/performance ratio is quite decent. However, one must ask oneself whether with today’s middle class to entry level cell phones this price range is still necessary at all. Except for the camera quality, not much comes to mind.

And how does the conclusion turn out? If you are willing to spend money for a good photo quality (especially with the manual settings), the P20 is certainly a very good device. The same probably applies in the business world, if you want to travel without a lot of equipment and still have all the important data for a presentation on a small device. In addition, there is excellent worldwide connectivity in terms of LTE, Wlan and the like. It’s still handy, the Android version is up to date and Huawei is also expected to deliver the updates for the near future.

For all the others who are still at peace with their current smartphone, I’m not sure – although this is true for almost all new smartphones in the price range. The next drop in prices is likely to come in the fall. And if the P20 then tends towards 400 euros, it would really be a bargain.

Update Sep 27, 2018:

Huawei has now also given the P20 the night mode for photos. I’m still very satisfied with the smartphone.

Answer report comment December 16, 2020, 05:04
Summers Family

In search of a current smartphone, I finally decided on the P20. For just under 400 € you can get a cell phone here that belonged to the upper class a year ago and plays in a league with the S9 etc.

The following aspects were decisive for me before I bought it:
– camera: In everyday life you only take pictures with your cell phone, very rarely I still take my camera with me. Since the photos are supposed to become photo books and lasting memories, a very good camera was important to me. Leica speaks for quality and also the test results are consistently positive. But a Pro would have been too much for me, because it is suitable for subsequent image editing. But I’m not a pro, I want to get a good result quickly without big settings instead.
– The size (!): It’s not easy to get a smartphone in this category under 6 inches. But above that it’s getting tight with the trouser pocket. If I want a big display, I take the pad in my hand. But a smartphone should be easy to take along on the road and be operable with one hand.

To the P20 itself:
The camera is certainly the highlight of this smartphone. The photos with AI are very good and you always have the possibility to make your own settings. I am very satisfied with it and it is as I hoped it would be. So I think for the normal cell phone user it is not necessary to spend 150 € more for the Pro.

The performance is very good. Everything is very smooth and never at the load limit, even if several apps are open at the same time. Internal memory with 128 GB is sufficient, even if the missing possibility to insert an SD card is a small drawback. I also like the user interface, it can be customized with the themes. Display is excellent, size of the smartphone is perfect in my opinion. Nice and slim, so it fits well in the hand and small enough to fit in your pocket. In addition, the display is fully utilized. The Notch, which made me skeptical at the beginning, is not noticed at all in use.

Let’s get to the points of criticism: WHY is the headphone jack not used? Well, it is heard with an adapter: no way, then there is a transmission error (everything in the middle of the panorama is hardly audible). The cell phone also indicates that you should connect the digital headphones from Huawei. They are included in the package and can also be connected directly to the cell phone, but they are really not of high quality. Well, I am really disappointed. I don’t know if it’s me or the analog headphones, but I just expect it to work smoothly.

Disappointing for me is also the battery consumption. In normal mode the battery runs down faster than I thought and is not a further development to my old phone. So it is recommended to use the power save mode if you want to get through the day without problems. Positive is, however, how fast the cell phone charges, you are within 40 min. on 75-80%.

All in all the P20 is recommendable, because it scores in the important disciplines performance + camera + usability in my eyes outstanding. So despite the small points of criticism 5 stars from me.

+++UPDATE 29.04.19+++
Battery consumption has improved significantly after several charging cycles. So another plus point.

Answer report comment December 15, 2020, 19:49
Miguel Nunez

&nbsp,After testing the cell phone for a few days now, I can report the following: The P20 looks very noble and high-quality. The size is also super and can be operated well with one hand. I was also pleased about the included protective cover and the foil, which was already glued on it. This is not usual and speaks for Huawei and their customer friendliness. The removed star has to do with the camera sticking out! Since I like to use my cell phones without the protective cover, I am bothered by the fact that the phone always wobbles a little bit when I take it off. It does not lie on the whole surface, but exactly on 2 points – lower long side of the phone and on the camera. When I turn it on, the wow effect comes immediately. The display is damn sharp and the 5.8-inch near-to-edge screen is therefore fantastic. Setup went without a hitch and thanks to Phone Clone I was able to transfer my data from my old phone to the P20 in no time – a breeze. All I can say about the processor is that it’s an absolute workhorse, the good part. An Octa-Core Kirin-970 processor + 4GB of memory provide a very good performance. Applications run smoothly and without any jerking. The built-in memory of 128 GB is huge and is easily sufficient. You really don’t need even more memory. I have all my photos and music in the cloud, but even if I had a lot of them on my phone…. 128 GB is a hell of a lot. 2 sim card slots are another advantage of the P20. In terms of security, the usual suspects such as pattern, face scan and fingerprint for unlocking are also on board and work perfectly. But the absolute hammer is the camera. Somehow it cannot be described. It simply takes amazing pictures – whether in daylight or at night. I took a photo in the evening and it was already after 9 pm and it was really dark. When I looked at the photo afterwards, I couldn’t believe it and had to laugh. It looked as if I had taken it in the late afternoon! The last point to mention is the strong battery – I use the phone a lot and often and have about 20-30% juice left in the evening. In my eyes a very good value. Huawei has brought out a smartphone in a class of its own with the P20 – a smartphone that convinces!

Answer report comment December 24, 2020, 01:52

Moin, I (female, 28 years) would like to share my personal experiences (2 months in use) with this smartphone and hope to help you with your decision.

Handling Hardware:
I have quite small hands and before I always had a rather small smartphone (IPhone 4s and iPhone SE) and I resisted against something bigger for a long time because I’m a fan of the one-handed operation.
With the Huawei it’s possible even if you concentrate! It is very easy to handle, especially since you have the possibility to reduce the screen size by a short wipe. Conclusion: Due to the slim design of the Huawei, which is offered by the competitors, it lies well in the hand and is really not heavy.

Because I always had an iPhone and only once in the meantime a Samsung and I knew the difference between ios and anroid, I really had doubts. In my opinion the handling of an iPhone is suitable for seniors. Nevertheless I dared to do this experiment..and it was worth it. Sure, it takes some getting used to but it is really self-explanatory and easy. In addition you have a lot of possibilities to adapt the operation to your needs. Conclusion: Easier than I thought.

I don’t need to say much about this because the camera is just the absolute top hit!!!

Good good good… It was delivered with a quick charger which also charges really fast! br>In addition, the smartphone was directly covered with a transparent protective cover and a protective foil. Where else can you get something like that? I find it really great. And there were also the headphones, which I haven’t tried yet. br>>br>>So if you want to get a lot for your money, this smartphone is really good for you. This is a personal evaluation and I have listed the points that interest me 🙂

Answer report comment December 16, 2020, 05:07

I got the phone as a present and had a Nokia 7 Plus before, which had too many software bugs.

The Huawei P20 is much more stable and has hardly any software bugs. I have already received Android 9 and everything runs super fast. Nothing jerks or loads long. The difference to the middle class (Snapdragon 660, 710) is gigantic. I notice it immediately. The battery holds really well. At night (8 hours) only 2% consumption in flight mode. Display On Time is 6-7 hours. So for many people the battery lasts 2 days. You can hide the notch in the display (Notch). The device itself looks really nice. I also like the size and feel. The camera takes amazingly good pictures. Of course it cannot compete with a DSLR. But I am amazed what this little thing can do. Especially the night shot is terrific. These AI-cameras are only filters, which mMn are often too strong. You can switch them off. The videos are a weak point of the device. Videos have slight judder and mostly only 28.9 fps. So camera pans jerk. This should not be noticed by most users. The quality of the videos is usually on Galaxy S7 or iPhone 6s level. The speaker is only mono and not very special. They were much better on the P10. Reception and call quality are very good.

Conclusion: For under 400 the device is really great. If you want to produce good videos with it, you should keep your hands off Huawei. The fruit producer is ahead of the game.

Answer report comment December 16, 2020, 04:13
Jazmin Chew

My following warning is probably gone by now. There are again unlimited updates.


>br>In itself good and recommendable. But due to the conflict between USA and China, Huawei (and Honor) must be aware:

-&gt, Android updates are only available for about 90 days, i.e. until August 2019. After that, Android version 8 will remain in its delivery state. On my P20 (from Media Markt) Android 9 was offered and is installed.

-&gt, security updates are still available unlimitedly

-&gt, For newly purchased devices the Google Play Store should not work anymore, i.e. no more apps via the biggest Google marketplace, i.e. i.e. also no Maps, Gmail, Youtube App

I had to delete the source reference because it violates the Amazon rating guidelines.

So if you buy a Huawei or Honor device, don’t leave it lying around, but put it into operation immediately and test it.
(Hint: Insert SIM card, because otherwise it could be without SIM that no Android updates are offered, then of course download via WLAN)

The prices for Huawei and Honor devices should drop from now on.

Answer report comment December 16, 2020, 06:35

Am for years Huawei Pad and Handybesitzer.
Zum P20 Handy
Optics and processing: ++ Neutral Design, lies pleasantly in the hand and has somehow exactly the correct weight. Seems high-quality processed.
Sound: + for two such small speakers the cell phone has a very good quality. The deep tones are rather weak
Screen: + very good screen in this price range
Battery life: + more would work here, but if you consider the battery size it becomes clear that such a screen sucks a lot of power, especially when the brightness is set high. But with a full battery you can get through a day.
To camera: Very high quality camera with limitations. 1: in automatic mode the pictures often become very kitschy 2: in low light conditions the quality suffers considerably.
Camera in summary : With good light and the right settings the camera is very good. See my pictures.

Miscellaneous to the cell phone. I miss two things. 1: Jack plug is not available. 2: no possibility of an SD card
other the cell phone does what it should.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 04:29
Joel Harper

The most important aspect to buy the P20 was the dual camera, because I want to have a camera with me everywhere and at every place as a hobby photographer. So far I have had Sony Xperia in various compact versions. But their disadvantage is the short life time and flaws. I was immediately satisfied with the P20. I especially liked the good work with WLAN, much better than with Sony. Also the battery lasts much better, the autofocus works very fast and also the image sequence works well. The results can be seen in the macro range as well as in landscapes and other images. The manual settings also work quite well. A little annoying is the face recognition when unlocking the screen lock but then you can use the finger sensor which is conveniently located in the front. All in all I am very satisfied.

Answer report comment December 16, 2020, 17:55

The phone looks very nice. The most important thing for me was – the camera! This is also very good, at least with sufficient exposure. Night shots are rather blurred. Pictures in the apartment are drawn totally soft, which often doesn’t look that good. But as I said before with a lot of light the pictures are top! 2nd problem, in the darkness or in low light you can see small white dots flickering in the video. We have seen it with 4 models, so it seems to be normal. What still bothers me is the battery! 10% go down to 3% within a minute and then the phone goes off. The screen gets brighter and darker despite the automatic switch-off. In general the brightness of this cell phone is not like other models. Even my Honor 8 can be made brighter. br>>br>> It is nevertheless a really good cell phone only justifies itself the price not so completely!

Answer report comment December 16, 2020, 16:17

Hello, after a long series of smartphone purchases I finally found the right one. My focus here was more on the system and the camera, which did not disappoint me so far. Here are my first pros and cons:
Pro: very good general workmanship, stable software, all functions work without restrictions, great pictures/camera, fingerprint sensor works fine, clear display, long battery life (at the end of the day still 45%)
Contra: If you turn on the sound for the notifications (SMS, email etc.), the smartphone also makes a sound when you press the home button – very annoying… I haven’t found a solution for this yet, except to switch off the notifications in general.
other very satisfied-Top 🙂

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 21:38

The more photos I took with the P20, the more often I got annoyed about partly very unnatural pictures. Pictures were completely oversharpened, unnaturally colored or with much too high contrast, even though Master AI was switched off. Unfortunately, even in portrait mode you can’t turn off the ‘beautification automatic’ completely, you can only turn it down. This makes it almost impossible to use the quite good cropping effect. All faces are smoothed and look artificial. Meanwhile I only use the Pro mode of the camera app.
Leider is not supported for 4K videos. Also duoble tap 2 wake doesn’t support the device.
Furthermore this is my first cell phone, which you can’t root. Unfortunately I found out too late, otherwise it would have been a no-go.
Good are the fingerprint reader on the front in combination with the button and the display.

Answer report comment December 16, 2020, 00:58
Jasmine Cole

unfortunately I had to say goodbye to my WinPhone. Thought Android I will probably make friends with. This is also possible in the meantime… The cell phone can do what it is advertised with. Pictures are good, speed is good and battery life is also good. Therefore three stars. But! No data can be transferred. Since it does not accept an SD card, it is not possible to download music from the computer to the phone. It’s good that I have such a large memory. It is also not possible to connect it to my navigation system (Citroën) because of the defined settings concerning data transfer &gt, no traffic jam warning. I have already activated the developer mode and unlocked certain things myself, but I haven’t found a solution yet. For the present time an Unding.

Microsoft, please make a cell phone again!

Answer report comment December 15, 2020, 22:11

I have been using the P20 for 6 weeks. I am very pleased. It is fast, not too big, everything runs stable, it has Dual Sim, the camera takes great pictures, even in low light conditions. The pictures are almost too perfect. The battery easily lasts 2 days and is recharged very quickly. In the scope of supply a transparent cover is included, for me completely sufficient. I have no comparison to a S9. I had a OnePlus 2 and an iPhone 6 before, so the P20 is much better in comparison. I have not found anything on the P20 that I do not like. I just don’t want it to fall into the water.

Answer report comment December 15, 2020, 21:07
Erika Pastori

Ok. Simple might be a bit exaggerated, but I am more than satisfied and enthusiastic. After 10 years of Apple (in which I tried to switch to Samsung every now and then – and didn’t make it), I was fed up with Apple’s pricing policy.
After days of searching the internet and exchanging ideas with colleagues, I got stuck with the P 20 again and again.

What can I say? Simply TOP. Camera, battery life, speed and much more at a very acceptable price.

I can only recommend the device to anyone looking for a solid, good smartphone that can still be operated with one hand.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 12:15

This is my first time using a Huawei Smartphone and I am still quite taken with it. I don’t think much of the current debates about Android sanctions against Huawei. I still get updates.
The only thing that bothers me about Huawei updates is the software of the manufacturer, for example an Amazon integration, as soon as you touch the screen with two fingers. This can’t be activated so far and is very annoying.
The cell phone takes very good pictures and it has different camera modes (portrait, cat, scanner etc.)
What I notice after about a year: The cell phone gets slower and the USB port doesn’t recognize everything anymore (USB sticks are not read anymore)
In addition, the glass in front of the two cameras is already scratched

Answer report comment December 15, 2020, 23:34
Gus Ash

The device is really great. The GPS reacts quite fast and GPS and WLAN can be on for hours without dragging too much battery. On my earlier Smartphone, the battery was drained quite fast.
The only disadvantage: the letters are really difficult to read on this smaller display. I would take a bigger display next time. The memory space is almost infinite with 128GB. You really don’t need more. So you can make longer videos without having to worry about running out of space. Photo quality is also very good. It leaves nothing to be desired.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 23:45
Russell Hansen

I have the cell phone as contract cell phone from the provider. Compared to the old one, of course, a huge progress in battery, display, speed, etc. But what I have to point out here: a transparent rubber cover for the back was included, and a display protection foil was already on the front, so perfect that I didn’t even notice it. This is how I imagine it! The only disadvantage (besides the bloatware, especially from the provider): no headphone plug (USB adapter included). You don’t have to copy every Apple weakness!

Answer report comment December 15, 2020, 21:52

Everything is great! Fast delivery and very well packed. The cell phone makes world class photos! It was a gift and was very well received. Of course the price was the decisive factor in contrast to other ‘suppliers’. I would buy it again and again and can only recommend it. Not to doubt why it is so and so much cheaper than where else.
Reacts fast, monstrous photos, battery lasts at least 2-3 days, internet opens up very fast, design is great (slim and handy), simple and understandable menu.

Always again!

Answer report comment December 15, 2020, 23:25
jasmine Croskey

I switched from the Huawei p9 lite to this one. I’ve only had the phone for 2 days but I can already say that the battery will last maybe a day under normal use. I am very disappointed with the battery performance so far. Also from the camera. Normal photos are taken very nice and sharp. But as soon as you want to take close-ups the pictures get blurred. The p9 Lite takes much better close-ups. What I also noticed is that as soon as you use something in connection with the internet (e.g. YouTube) the cell phone takes a long time to load. The P9 Lite is also better at this. So far I found this phone a bit disappointing. Maybe this will change after some more days of use.

Answer report comment December 22, 2020, 12:19
Megan Lynch

This is my second Huawei Smartphone after the P10 and I am very satisfied with it. The battery (both the predecessor and this one) lasts very long and there are – also on both – no signs of wear and tear. On my previous Samsung Smartphones, it unfortunately became noticeably weaker after two years.
The camera is, thanks to the Leica lens, hard to beat in this price segment anyway.
Hope the Google playstore will remain huawei, then there is no reason to change…

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 16:09
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Huawei P20
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Huawei P20
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Huawei P20
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Huawei P20
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