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141 Reviews


I have been using the Honor Play for a good week now and am still impressed what such a (relatively) cheap smartphone can do. It has replaced my good old ZTE Blade V8, for which I found a satisfied buyer myself, which further reduced the purchase price of the Honor device.

In the following, I’ll try a small list of my experiences with the Honor Play:


The display is high-contrast and high-resolution (FHD+ = 1080 x 2340 pixels), single pixels are of course not visible. The brightness is fine, although I could imagine that in summer it might be more difficult to recognize in very bright surroundings.

Specifically with the viewing angle you can feel that Honor has saved a bit here (surely also to be able to give his and Huaweis top devices a certain argumentative advantage). If you tilt the play, i.e. don’t look at it vertically anymore, the display gets visibly darker. But in my opinion it doesn’t get really annoying.

In the notch there is a front camera, a notification LED and the speaker for making phone calls (and only for that). After a short time I got used to the little bump and even find it quite chic, even though it could have been a bit more discreet (see e.g. Honor 8X or even OnePlus 6T). Using the touchscreen is absolutely direct and without any noticeable jerking. The margins are quite tight, which is why there is no space left on the front side for the fingerprint sensor.


The fingerprint sensor works very fast and has some control functions (e.g. for opening and closing the notifications). It can store up to five fingers (I used to leave it on my two index fingers). Of course, the fingerprints can also be connected to security-relevant apps like 1Password, PayPal or Google Pay.

I haven’t tried facial recognition yet, because I don’t trust it to be secure. In contrast to the current iPhones, the face is not measured, but only a picture comparison is done.

No matter which recognition method you use, you still have to enter a password or a password. The Honor Play comes with a USB-C-Port, which means that you can dispose of all your beloved Micro USB cables from your desk. However, the new port should not hide the fact that Honor has only implemented USB 2.0 capabilities for it. So the data transfer speed is acceptable, but not intoxicating. It’s a far cry from USB 3.0 or 3.1 or even Thunderbolt 3.0.

Included is a Quick Charge power supply with a matching USB C cable, but I don’t know what Quick is about. A complete charge from completely empty to 100% takes about three hours. I imagined this to be much faster. The power values of the Quick Charge power supply and a normal Honor/Huawei power supply are identical at first sight (9V, 2A – so maximum 18 watts).

Unlike many other USB-C smartphones (also from Huawei/Honor) the Play still has a real jack plug connection for earplugs and headphones/headsets. The sound is – as far as I could test it so far – very balanced. This is also true for the mono speaker (no stereo output), which sits on the bottom side and can reach impressive volumes – without any big creaking or rattling. Unfortunately, Honors Play-Logic makes sure that the volume is raised significantly during games and then has to be turned down to avoid annoying the environment.

The volume control is done by the usual rocker on the right side. In the settings you can define whether this will adjust the volume of the media playback or the ringtone. Unfortunately, there is no pop-up menu for the spontaneous adjustment of all volume types, as other devices offer.

A small slide on the left side of the device holds either two SIM cards or one SIM and one SD card (up to 256 GB). Handling without problems. By default, the SD card is recognized as an independent, unattached memory. But this also means that apps like ES Explorer first have to get to know the root directory of the card to be able to use copy, move, cut and delete functions. System tools use this memory without further setup.


Until now I only took a few snapshots. The quality of the images is quite acceptable, but is in the mid-range of smartphones (where the device is also priced). Pictures taken under artificial lighting tend to be a bit too bright and sometimes too contrasty, but this can be adjusted in the app for each individual picture (unfortunately not globally). Images in the semi-darkness and night photos are quickly noisy – within a tolerable range. Videos appear slightly blurred when moving fast.

Honor’s camera app offers countless adjustment possibilities, which you have to fox into and the above mentioned effects can surely compensate a little bit. The automatic functions of smartphone cameras are usually optimized for Quick and Dirty for quick snapshots. The camera app also offers some AI options where it might be worth turning them off because they tend to produce very colorful results. The so-called AR effects are also quite entertaining, but they are probably only used for testing purposes at the beginning and are eventually dismissed as game stuff. Interesting here is that you can’t save movies created with them on an inserted SD card.

Main and front camera offer the same resolution, whereas the front camera in my eyes even makes the better automatic pictures. The main camera is supplemented by a 2MP depth sensor, which is mainly responsible for the bokeh effects in portrait and aperture mode. The zoom is digital and unfortunately also jerky when shooting video.


My Honor Play already updated to Android 9 Pie during the system setup. Honor managed to give Emui 9 Android a certain, in my opinion, successful iOS look with its own interface Emui 9 Android. Since iOS devices don’t have an App Drawer, you won’t find one in the standard configuration of Emui 9. However, it can easily be restored in the settings.

BUT ATTENTION: Emui 9 does not currently allow the installation of other launchers, such as the Nova launcher. So if you don’t get warm with the look &amp, feel of Huaweis/Honor’s surface (which is customizable to a limited extent), you shouldn’t buy this device.

I find it very pleasant that Emui 9 has added the possibility to not only hide the navigation elements but to replace their function with gesture control. Unfortunately, there is currently no gesture for the one-handed mode (the display of the start page is reduced in size so that the user can reach the icons even if he only has his hand free to hold the device) which I did not use and therefore I do not really miss. Nevertheless Huawei/Honor should adjust a little bit here.

All in all the performance of the system is beyond all doubt. Everything simply runs smoothly. Antutu confirmed my suspicion: Compared to my previous smartphone (ZTE Blade V8), which I rarely found too slow for my needs, the performance has more than quadrupled. Especially with the graphics performance, the Honor Play plays at the top of the list.

The battery easily lasts throughout the day, and with normal use, it can easily last two days. This reconciles somewhat with the long charging time (see above). If you play really graphics-intensive games or computationally intensive simulations (which works fine on the Play), then the charging percentages will drop quickly… But seriously: Even if Honor advertises the device as a gaming smartphone, it’s not really that (see mono speakers and midrange display). It’s just a powerful mid-range phone, which allows you to play in high resolution and detail in between…

The play is NFC-capable, which also works without any problems. Since my bank does not yet offer this option in conjunction with Google Pay, I simply connected my Paypal account with Google Pay and now use this service in various stores for (free of charge!) cashless payments.

As usual with Android, the possibilities for personalizing the device are manifold and you have to take some time with the configuration. In this context I discovered some things in the system for which I still needed separate apps under Android 7.x. You can save the disk space now. You can free even more if you remove all the bloatware from your device. Especially the pre-installed games (in-app rip-offs of the worst kind) take up quite a lot of space, but can be swept from the device without any problems.

One feature that should be emphasized is the native backup function, which regularly backs up the contents of the device memory including all apps, data and settings (!) to an inserted SD card or an external USB storage device. If you stay in the Honor/Huawei universe with your successor, the backups will help you to set it up quickly. In addition, there is also a sync option between devices of the group. In my eyes, a backup is never wrong in principle.


Great device. Currently for the price called absolutely unbeatable. I am satisfied.

ACH YES (outside of the rating):

The free Screen Protective film included in the Amazon bundle is – although apparently original accessories from Honor – total junk. On the one hand, it’s a film, not a so-called bullet-proof glass, which makes it quite difficult to apply it bubble-free (I had several spots on the edge of the film at the end that just wouldn’t hold). On the other hand, the matte film enormously enhances the above mentioned, rather moderate viewing angle stability of the display and visibly reduces its brightness. You should save the few Euro surcharge for this impudence.

The Honor Play also comes with a silicone cover for the backside. Unfortunately this is a bit cheap and clumsy and doesn’t match the elegant style of the device. Fortunately there are enough alternatives and also quite elegant flip-covers from other manufacturers for little money.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 03:47
Wootae Yang

The Honor Play is a new middle class smartphone for 329 Euro, which should be especially interesting for gamers. We have tested the Honor Play. In the first moment one is inclined to compare the Honor Play with the likewise still quite new Honor 10. However, there are some differences between the two smartphones from Honor. But less in price, both phones currently cost about 330 Euro.

aluminum housing instead of glass design in the Honor Play

The Honor Play has an aluminum housing, the fingerprint sensor on the back, the much larger screen, a micro-SD slot and the larger battery. The Honor 10 has the better camera and the more compact dimensions. Both smartphones have the same fast processor with the Kirin 970 and are about the same price.

What we noticed about the Honor Play
The Honor Play has a very well processed aluminum housing and is therefore not susceptible to fingerprints. The case is beautifully rounded and fits well in the hand despite its dimensions of 158 / 74 / 7.8 mm (h/w/d). Unfortunately, the 176 gram cell phone is not protected against water and dust.

The scope of delivery of the Honor Play
In the scope of delivery of the Honor Play is beside the usual things also a soft and transparent cell phone cover made of silicone. The battery has an ample capacity of 3.750 mAh and can be charged quickly, but not inductively. Thanks to the size of the battery, we have managed to achieve runtimes of over 10 hours – a good value. By the way, there are no headphones in the sales box of the Honor Play – too bad.

You should know
Honor advertises the Honor Play with the slogan crazy fast, crazy smart. Fast is really fast thanks to the Kirin 970, smart is at least with the camera thanks to the AI mode, but this applies to many cell phones from Huawei/Honor. Even faster is the Honor Play during gaming thanks to the integrated GPU-Turbo mode, which is said to speed up the graphical playback by up to 60 percent. When playing games, this also manifests itself in higher frame rates, i.e. more frames per second. This makes games more fluid and easier to play.

Honor Play is also said to be particularly suitable for gamers because it has two functions that are intended to further improve the gaming experience: Smart Shock is the name of the function that makes the cell phone vibrate while playing, similar to a PS4 or XBox controller, and the 3D gaming sound effect is said to make the sound come from all sides while playing.

3D sound and 4D gaming experience thanks to vibrations – but only if the game is playing along with it
At least the vibration effect, however, only works if the game is programmed for it. Also the 3D sound effect we couldn’t really imitate. It would also have been nice if the Honor Play had been equipped with a stereo speaker. AUs the earcup on top but nothing comes, so the mono loudspeaker below has to do the work alone. It does this loud and clear, but the speaker starts to distort at full volume. Anyway, the Honor Play is of course due to its speed and its large 6.3 inch display very well suited for daddling. By the way, the internal memory is 64 GB and can be expanded with a micro-SD card as already mentioned.

We won’t forget that

Bold display with FHD+ resolution and 89% screen to body ratio
The display of the Honor Play is really big with a diagonal of 6.3 inches. The IPS panel has a resolution of 2,340 x 1,080 pixels and extremely thin display edges. The screen-to-body-ratio is thus a very good 89 percent. This is a better value than e.g. on the iPhone X. The brightness of the display is not record-breaking at 500 cd/m2, but it’s also not too dark to give cause for criticism.

Fast unlocking via fingerprint sensor and face recognition
The fingerprint sensor on the back is super-fast and in our opinion belongs right there. Really good is also the face recognition of the Honor Play, which works fast and reliable. Especially cool is also the AI function of the main camera. This function splits a photo into several layers and always highlights the subject beautifully. The AI mode also recognizes 500 (!) scenes and automatically sets the correct exposure.

Honor Play camera with strengths and weaknesses
Overall, the 16 + 2 MP main camera cuts a good figure in terms of photography, but does not quite come close to the quality of an Honor 10 or Huawei P20 Pro, especially in low light conditions – at this price and an aperture of f/2. 2 this is no wonder, though: The video quality of the Honor Play is also okay, but skin tones are sometimes a bit chalky. The maximum video resolution is 4K with 30 bps, the image stabilizer (EIS, no OIS) unfortunately only works with resolutions of FHD@30bps and below.

Camera of the Honor Play
We also really liked the selfie camera with the resolution of 16 MP. Already with normal photos this selfiecam provides nice photos, but additionally there are also lighting effects like a stage lighting. There is also a bokeh function on the front camera, so every Selfie fan can really play around.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 01:13
Andrew Panda

As part of a product, the device was made available to me. This does not influence my evaluation. I switched from a Nexus 6 to the P smart Z and am generally satisfied with the device. At first I noticed the size. It is already quite big, which offers its advantages and disadvantages. But for me personally, the size is still okay, since I can still operate the phone with one hand most of the time. For women or people with smaller hands, however, operating the phone with one hand could become a problem. Here it is a matter of taste if you accept this or if you prefer to look for a smaller phone. You should be aware of the size when buying a mobile phone. The mobile phone is nice and narrow, but is a little heavy in the hand. After a short time I got used to the difference in weight and it does not bother me. The screen has a good resolution and is always easy to read, even in sunlight. I like the fact that the phone does not need Notch. I do not need a notification LED or similar. The extendable front camera is a nice gimmick. It takes a little moment until it is extended and then you can start. On the back is the fingerprint sensor. I find the position pleasant, as I have set the phone to activate when I pick it up and then unlock it when I take it in my hand. The recognition is very fast and reliable. The quality of the photos is rather only okay and can’t keep up with high-end devices. Sometimes the photos look a bit overexposed and artificial. But for me it’s enough and for the price the quality is reasonable. But if you set a high value on the photo quality and don’t want to look at the photos only on your mobile phone, you might be a bit disappointed here and be better off with another mobile phone. The battery lasts for one or two days. From 5 % to 100 % the battery charges in about 2h. For the size of the display I am positively surprised by the battery life. I find the performance of the phone to be good. Everything works fast and smoothly. I could not detect any wobbles or hangers and the operation is generally very pleasant. All in all, the phone meets my needs and I am satisfied with it. The only slight minus point is the camera. But this does not change the fact that I would buy the phone again and give a purchase recommendation for it, as long as one does not make excessive demands on the camera.

Answer report comment April 28, 2020, 18:49
Davida Kilgore

I am very satisfied with the Huawei P smart Z: Especially the large battery, the (almost) borderless display and the performance could convince me. The mobile phone is a bit bigger, but still lies comfortably in the hand. Only the back is a bit slippery, but here you can help with a protective cover. Basically, the device looks very valuable and by no means cheap, the workmanship is impeccable. The biggest speciality of this mobile phone is surely the extending front camera. It extends automatically when changing to the front camera and is a real eye-catcher. Both built-in cameras deliver consistently good pictures. However, they cannot be compared with mobile phone models of the upper class, which cannot be expected considering the price. Nevertheless, I would have wished for a better quality – especially with the front camera. As a further advantage of the mobile phone I would describe the battery respectively the battery capacity/battery life. On the positive side I would also like to mention that you can use an external memory card or (!) a second SIM card (even with LTE network). So you can easily expand the internal memory (64 GB) if necessary or use another SIM card in parallel. Furthermore, I am always impressed with Huawei’s smartphones, how fast and reliable the fingerprint sensor works, other manufacturers have much longer reaction times, for example when you want to unlock the phone. I find the display of the mobile phone very appealing. Due to the extending front camera, there is no so-called notch or similar and the display is (almost) borderless, which I like very much. I also like the brightness and the sharpness of the display. I would have liked the mobile phone to be wirelessly chargeable and waterproof. Furthermore, I miss a protective cover that Huawei has included with the phone in the past. Fortunately, NFC has been included to enable contactless payments, which are becoming more and more widespread. Personally, I can only say that I can definitely recommend the phone, especially in view of the good price-performance ratio, it is a very successful smartphone of the middle class. Of course, everyone has to decide for themselves how to deal with the current media reports about Huawei and whether this might be a reason against buying a mobile phone from this manufacturer.

Answer report comment April 30, 2020, 21:08

The first look at my brand new Huawei p smart z convinces me immediately. An innovative display without notch. Almost borderless it offers an incredible user experience. But when you take a closer look, you notice something. The border under the display is wider. It doesn’t interfere and is only noticeable when turned on, but it remains asymmetrical. But where is the front camera? If you look at the upper edge, you’ll only find the fine dust cover of the loudspeaker. The secret is revealed as soon as you open the Selfie camera. Immediately, within a second, the camera you’re looking for will come out of the upper rim with a gentle buzz. Somehow stylish! The back is smooth except for the indentation of the fingerprint and the minimal protruding dual camera. Unfortunately, the silicone protective cover Huawei mentioned was not included. Using it without is not recommended, because the back is very susceptible to micro-scratches. Positive to mention is however the exactly attached display protection foil. A few more words about the size and feel of the smartphone. I think the haptic is still a bit in need of improvement due to the width, because even with me, who has quite large hands, the phone is in danger of slipping out of my hand quite quickly when operated with one hand. With smaller hands, two-handed operation is probably unavoidable. But when watching pictures, videos and films, as well as when gambling, the size is of course extremely advantageous. As expected, the screen resolution is brilliant. The operating system works smoothly, reliably and quickly. What I noticed most in everyday use was the battery. 4000mhA, but what does that mean in practice? I would call myself a power user. Checking and writing emails, making phone calls and sending pictures/snaps. By the way, there is also the destination guidance with maps and a bluethoot connection to listen to music. And still I only had to witness once how my huawei gave up the ghost because of the empty battery. This is a very strong performance and saves me from carrying a powerbank. In this price segment there is definitely no comparable smartphone available at the moment. As long as there is no further sanction in the trade war between China and the United States, I think a clear buy recommendation can be given.

Answer report comment May 1, 2020, 00:11
Alex Brensel

I switched from Google Pixel 1 (fell into a pond and is not waterproof) to this phone.
But I won’t make a comparison with the pixel.

I’m not a gamer, so I don’t play on this device.
I wanted to buy Honor 8X, but after some research and my own evaluation I decided to buy Honor Play.

LED notification is important to me personally and I want to recognize this. there should be some problems with the 8X. then the faster processor, an aluminum case and the immediate availability made me buy this part.

Loudspeakers are loud enough for me. Display is good. Could not see any halos so far. Night mode for eye protection is successful because I can adjust the intensity myself. Fingerprint sensor works fine. Battery performance is ok. So there are some plus points and I haven’t mentioned everything yet.
Accessories were all there, as indicated.

Software / setup I personally don’t like very much.
Many nesting.
Luckily there is still the App-Drawer and was not rationed away. I wanted to kick out the apps I didn’t need or group them together for a better overview, but I couldn’t find a way to do that.
For the setup / settings I needed more time than with some other phones.
Then there are some apps that can’t be uninstalled. With Google Apps I could understand it, but not with Apps like Facebook or They can only be deactivated. After deactivation they at least don’t appear in the Drawer anymore.

My own conclusion :
The performance and features of the smartphone are top, if you compare this with the price.
I’m satisfied with this performance and therefore it was not a bad buy.
Software is, in my opinion, something to get used to.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 04:34
Tiffany Crosson

I am a passionate Smartphone user and I know a lot about technology. I have been using the Huawei P smart Z for about a week now and would like to go into some points in the following. I use the Dual-SIM function, because I use private and business Sim. The design is successful, the smartphone looks high-quality. Due to the retractable Selfie camera the display size is galactic. The initial installation and transfer of files, images and applications to the new device worked cleanly and without problems within a few minutes. There was no big change because it is very user friendly. The P smart Z is used intensively for several hours a day (online services, telephony), the rest of the time it is in standby. The battery lasts the whole day. The loudspeakers produce a good sound. The apps start immediately, I could not notice any delays. The fingerprint sensor works perfectly. I could test the main camera directly at the Egypt vacation. I had taken a lot of pictures of active movements. Not one picture is blurred. Of course it is not as good as the new flak ship, but it is sufficient for the price. Also the videos are well done. With the front camera I was sceptical at first. If it really works that well I thought. Basically it does what it should. Only with some apps which access the camera there were some problems with the extension and retraction, but I think it will be fixed. Apart from that I like to do selfies in many situations, and or with my friends. The internal memory with 64 GB is sufficient, but you can easily expand it to a gigantic 512 GB (microSD). Pro: – Battery performance is excellent – Display size is great – Photo function is good even in bad light Contra: – Selfie camera spins with some apps – No Face Unlock Conclusion: The advantages clearly outweigh and therefore I will definitely keep it and recommend it. Otherwise there is not much to say. The P smart Z definitely plays in the same league as the devices of other major manufacturers. The phones probably only differ in nuances.

Answer report comment April 28, 2020, 14:43
miss kittybooboo

In order not to go beyond the scope of this review, I will limit myself to those things that clearly distinguish the P Smart Z from other phones, whether negative or positive. Furthermore, I won’t explicitly go into technical data, since for most people these are just a few numbers on a piece of paper anyway. Let’s first talk about the size of the phone. Almost too big for a woman’s hand or pocket, it doesn’t even fit very well in the hand with its slippery back. A cover is mandatory here. One-handed operation is only possible in a complicated way. The whole phone feels very much like plastic, which is further amplified by the hollow noise the screen makes when typing. It should be emphasized that the screen is not crossed by any cameras, notches or other things. Since it is an LCD screen, you should refrain from seeing a reasonable amount of black. Black is just: dark grey. No comparison to an OLED screen. The resolution is sufficient to display everything without dots and edges and I couldn’t find anything negative about the color reproduction. The performance of the device is completely sufficient to ensure smooth operation in everyday life. At the same time it is pleasing that a very long runtime is guaranteed by the huge battery. Two days without charging, with intensive use is no problem. Let’s now come to the unique Selfie camera. This is motor-driven and is driven out of the housing above. Thus, it is not in the way of the screen and disappears back into the device after use. Its high resolution and quality is a big plus. The dual camera on the back allows photos with a nice and clean bokeh effect and should satisfy every hobby photographer. Annoying is the fingerprint sensor on the back. Although it works reliably, it forces the user to pick up the phone when he wants to unlock it. The biggest plus point, which consoles over all the little quirks of the device, is an RRP of only 269€.

Answer report comment April 30, 2020, 23:58
Tracy Good

It’s big, rimless and lies heavy and massive in the hand: the Huawei P smart Z. I chose the blue version and it makes a wonderful and not boring impression on me. It’s not a lightweight, because you have to hold it tight, which has the advantage that it won’t fall down in the slightest gust of wind. What I noticed positively is that an armored foil sticks directly to the display from the factory and thus protects it from scratches and of course without bubbles. Concerning the performance, even if it’s the smart version, everything runs very smoothly, no jerking when playing videos or mobile racing games, all top performance. That the internal memory doesn’t last forever is clear, so there is no need to insert an SD card and the data collection mania is almost limitless. I’m really enthusiastic about the borderless display, it’s just so much space, it’s a completely different feeling, and the colors are really great, it’s a lot of fun to work with. With all these actions it is of course also important to have a battery with a lot of power and this one doesn’t weaken in any way, the smartphone lies around for a few days without anything being done with it, in my case only 7% were gone, which just screams for a great power management, a big praise for that. What else I did with it, of course I tried the different photo modes. I have to say, the camera with the two lenses on the back makes really nice photos, which I could print out without any problems and the quality of the picture is still super. With the photo motives it plays almost no role, whether these are far away or very after, everything is pin sharp and full of color splendor, as I see it also with my eye. Funny I find the pop up camera, the little something that drives out of the smartphone at the top of Selfies and also here the camera delivers a very good quality. It just makes fun to go on a photo safari with your Smartphone!

Answer report comment April 29, 2020, 13:53

Large and innovative selfie camera. These are probably the most important features of the Huawei P Smart Z. The large 6.59 inch display fills almost the entire front of the phone and the fingerprint sensor on the back is really practical. The retractable camera pops out of the top of the phone within a second and is immediately ready for great selfies. It works really well and reliably. There are no cut-outs in the display, which really emphasizes the design. When you start the phone for the first time, you are greeted by the very bright and sharp display. The colours and contrasts, as well as the viewing angle, are fun right from the start. Design: 5 stars The battery life is relatively high with 8-10 hours of normal use. Unfortunately, you can’t charge the battery inductively and also not ‘fast’. The memory space of 64GB can be expanded from an SD card. But with it one destroys the dual function of the mobile phone. Features: 4 stars I didn’t expect brilliant pictures, but the dual camera on the back takes pin-sharp photos, the colors are nice for me and the sharpness is really good for a mobile phone. Also practical are the various other features the camera offers, such as the various automatic modes. Camera: 4 stars No wobbling, no jerking, fast switching between different apps and games. The P Smart Z performs super. The touchscreen reacts quickly. The split screen function is especially practical for me. WLAN, the Dual-Sim function, the reception of this and the integration into my smart home network at home everything works easily and without problems. Handling: 5 stars From me a full purchase recommendation for the Huawei P Smart Z! I am completely satisfied. The innovative selfie camera and the easy handling outshine the weak points like the missing possibility to expand the memory with dual sim function or to charge the mobile phone inductively.

Answer report comment May 1, 2020, 00:54

I have owned the Huawei Mate10 lite for several years now and I am very happy with it. I use my smartphone mainly for taking pictures and reading, so the size is an important buying argument for me. Since 1 week I am testing the new Huawei PSmart Z. I would like to tell you about my experiences with the HUAWEI P smart. Mainly I use a smartphone for communication via WhatsApp as well as social media platforms and to take spontaneous photos. The Huawei P smart lies comfortably in the hand thanks to its smart size and low weight. The current Android operating system can access a RAM of 4 GB. The Huawei P smart Z runs with Android 9, the current version of the Google operating system. On the Huawei P Smart Z, the manufacturer puts its own surface called Emui 9. Unfortunately, the security patch is no longer up to date from March 01, 2019. The case is not made of glass, but of acrylic glass. So it is not quite as high quality but glass is also not as shatterproof. I am especially enthusiastic about the pictures of the front and rear camera, which are much clearer and more detailed in quality and have a better image sharpness compared to my current smartphone Huawei Mate 10 lite. The colors of the pictures appear strong and natural. In short – conclusion: The Huawei P smart is a great smartphone from the middle price segment and a small all-rounder with many extras. The workmanship of Huawei is well done and the simple and high-quality processed smartphone lies comfortably in the hand. The on-screen buttons on the screen can be switched on and off super to make the best use of the entire size of the screen. Pro: Flawless workmanship Long battery life Good photo quality Rimless display Price performance ratio Contra: Plastic case None Quick charging function

Answer report comment April 28, 2020, 22:42
Michael Mitchell

With the Smart Z, Huawei has, in my opinion, created a rock solid entry-level device for small selfie junkies. The material is made of plastic, just like a beginner’s mobile phone. Nevertheless, it looks very attractive due to its round corners… In terms of performance, the device surprised me positively… That is so fluently works even with quite demanding games was not necessarily to be expected now and also no condition to buy this device. What is to be addressed here normally extremely positive is the very large display which makes e.g. examples or similar fun to use. For what you have to be extremely blomus is the ingenious battery management. So whoever is looking for a device that rarely needs to be charged, as a small user, is in the right place with this device, but in this respect Huawei seems to have a good hand. The charging time I feel as 4 users perhaps a little long but the durability is almost undisputed on the market. Conclusion: Wee looking for a device with little basic but still good performance that is very well served with this Huawei P Smart Z. Idially entry-level device for the teenagers who like to do selfies What I recommend here is a good cell phone case or good cell phone bag because it is a relatively inferior material is what you logically use for a beginner mobile phone … it is of course not very robust. Pro: -Top battery management -Large display -Very good computing power -Intuitive extendable selfie camera (cool physical feature) Contra: -Relatively long charging time (subjective) Conclusion: With the Smart Z Huawei has succeeded in creating a good phone for users with focus for self-portraits. A real young people’s phone for those who are not hardcore gamers. Large display – good performance.

Answer report comment April 29, 2020, 16:43

Huawei P Smart Z Blue First impression: It has become a very large smartphone and not so good for small hands. The large display is also very fast and there is no front camera in the display, which is great. The design is very well done and the camera in the back doesn’t stick out as much anymore. Unfortunately, the glossy back also makes fingerprints visible again very quickly. Battery: 4000 mAh battery with full charge approx. 2 – 3 days depending on use. USB – C connection without Quick Charge function (charging time approx. 3 hours) Camera: The camera takes good pictures but does not come close to the Huawei P30 Lite. The quality of the pictures is comparable to the Huawei P20 Lite. Extendable front camera: I like the pop-up front camera best because you don’t have fingerprints on it like the front cameras in the display. The front camera needs about 2 -3 seconds to be extended and makes a quiet noise. The quality is fine but there are also better front cameras. Speed: The Kirin 710F with 4GB Ram and Android 9.0 works fast and smoothly. Opening apps is fast and even internet browsers open quickly and build pages quickly. Fingerprint sensor: The fingerprint sensor is built into the back and reacts quickly. I tried it even when I had wet or dirty fingers and the sensor still reacts very well. Loudspeaker: The phone has a mono speaker and the sound is good but a bit too quiet so you have to make it loud. Conclusion: It is a nice but very large smartphone with a strong battery and good cameras. USB-C connection is available but unfortunately the Quick Charge function is missing. If you are looking for a big middle class smartphone without a front camera in the display and can do without quick charging, I can recommend this phone.

Answer report comment May 1, 2020, 00:54
Raven Lee

I think everything has already been said about the advantages of the smartphone. I can confirm that it is a top smartphone! Nevertheless, here are all the shortcomings and bugs I have discovered so far.

– The LED light is much too small and weak. I think it’s very handy to be alerted to notifications by a clear blinking.
– with an active Bluetooth connection the WLAN
– slows down if you watch videos via the pre-installed Chrome-Browser and close the app during this time, it can’t be opened anymore (cell phone restart necessary). Whether it’s the app or the smartphone that is to blame, I can’t judge.
– as I mentioned before, this is not really a gaming smartphone. There are better parts for that. But use it only for the normal things and for that it is top.
– The display of the notch uses too many useless icons on too little space. For example you get a message that eyes are on and you don’t see the Whatsapp-symbol, which indicates new messages. So you always have to pull down the notification bar to see all the icons.
– The quick charger might load faster and squeaks as well. I used the charger of my old cell phone and it charges much faster.
– …list will be added if I notice anything else.

But again: I am, except for the few bugs, very satisfied with this part. Therefore I recommend it clearly.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 02:38
Kat H.

So there it is, my new smartphone, the new HUAWEI P smart Z. Bigger than my old one, a great bright blue color and good to the touch. I like to have it in my hand, it is smooth and flattering, it has to be like that, because my left index finger will identify me in the future and unlock the HUAWEI P smart Z. A little groping until the print is completely scanned, but then the fingerprint scanner will only need a small piece of my fingertip and the HUAWEI P smart Z will recognize me. The first advantage is certainly the really great lens and therefore the camera. To the chagrin of my really good system camera it stays more and more at home and only the HUAWEI P smart Z is allowed to travel with me. The photos with up to 12 MB are even enough for printing magazines. As a long-time iPhone freak, the architecture of the apps and handling cost me some thought. Intuitively learned grips and actions are different now, but the good photos convince me again and again. I always find the frequent warning and notification tones annoying, behind whose meaning I still haven’t risen even after three weeks. Pragmatist as I am, I simply turn the volume down to zero, which has the effect that I can’t hear the phone unless it’s shaking in my pocket. So far my attempts to pair the HUAWEI P smart Z with my high-tech lifestyle wristwatch S60 from Garmin have been unsuccessful. Mutual recognition attempts via Bluetooth got stuck in the beginning. Visits to relevant internet forums only revealed that other users also had the same problems and could not solve them. And one final note: Unfortunately, the Huawei Psmart Z doesn’t have even minimal moisture protection. Hopefully I will not get into the rain…

Answer report comment April 30, 2020, 17:10
Mom of the M&Ms

I have now tested the Huawei P Smart Z in detail and I have to say it is simply brilliant ! Visually it is an absolute eye-catcher, the blue is simply brilliant and looks very noble. It can be opened very fast with finger touch or also with pen. Very nice is also the full screen effect thanks to the notch-free display. The Huawei P Smart Z impresses with a great look, as you are used to from Huawei and a great feel. The unusual function of the Pop Up front camera is a wonderful gimmick, which you get used to quickly. First test pictures were stunning. The pictures of the Frontcam will be much better compared to any of my previous smartphones. The handling of the Android software is as easy as usual. I give a clear recommendation to buy. Everyone who can do without high-priced smartphones is well served with the Smart Z. The updated EMUI system, there were many additions to the settings. The camera also has updates. The HUAWEI P Smart Z is equipped with the latest technology for high performance and maximum energy efficiency. Compared to the chipset of the previous generation, the Smartphone offers 30 percent more performance with 30 percent less energy consumption. What I was very pleased about is the stabilization during video recording. There are no blurred images now. That’s great. Maximum approximate image of reality. I didn’t even expect this to excite me that much! This smartphone is very easy to use, the display and battery life are fantastic. The update to Android Q has already been announced for this model by Huawei, and apps such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapschat, Telegram, Facebook, etc. work smoothly without any problems.

Answer report comment April 29, 2020, 18:58
jason conner

So my dear ones I have tested some features for you. Display size, popup camera, battery life, fingerprint sensor for security and the small price for the phone are great. But I have also tested some other things for you! Let’s get started. 1. the screenshot: There are 3 ways to do this 1.1.setting – Intelligent Support-Movement Control-Three-Fingers – Screenhot 1.2. pull down the notification bar and on the right side of the screen you see screenshot 1.3. press the POWER and SILENT button at the same time then comes a PICTURE IN PICTURE, pull it down and it makes a screenshot of the TOTAL PAGE 2. setting: digitalBalance- screen management child or my mobile. So you can set how long your child can visit YOUTUBE or other portals or when it is time for bed. 3rd APP Clon: Settings- APPS-App-Twin- Good for people who have e.g. 2 accounts from Facebook and want to manage them simultaneously. 4. you have your start screen in front of you, pull your finger down once and your recommendations will appear. You will see a search bar and a kind of camera to the right. Press on it and see what other functions your phone can do like QRCode, translator, shopping and identification. Super awesome, but I have no idea what to call this function.4 5. open your camera: You have a lot of functions to test and you can see the different effects, filters and time lapse. MEGA on the mobile phone. What I especially like is a function for taking pictures. Imagine you take a selfie, but you can’t press the record button, because otherwise the picture is blurred, then just wrap with the other hand and the picture is taken automatically. Mega genious I find.

Answer report comment April 29, 2020, 18:23

I’ve been looking for a Smartphone for a long time, that costs less than 300€ and offers maximum performance.
With this Smartphone I’ve found the best in the price segment from my point of view.

– 4G LTE without any problems and with good detection
– Battery can last much more than a day under normal use
– Good display – responds well and reliable
– Performance is sufficient to run even demanding apps without jerking.
– Nano SIM + Micro SD (I use 64GB)
– Transparent protective cover is included
– Charging and data transfer via USB C
– Fast connection establishment and good network recognition
– Sound quality very good
– Camera is ok and takes decent pictures (night weakness as with most smartphones… )

For my everyday life a very reliable Smartphone that delivers what it promises.
Whoever doesn’t have high quality requirements will be very satisfied with the handy.
I think the whole package fits very well here.

Use the Smartphone for 4 months now and I am more than satisfied. I would buy it again immediately. More Smartphone I do not need.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 22:09
D Smith

After unpacking and looking at the mobile phone you think, okay, like all the others from Huawei. But after switching on the phone, the special feature of the Huawei P smart Z becomes apparent. Almost the entire frame is now the display and no notch is visible on top. Notch is not disturbing and the display is, as usual with Huawei, very sharp and impresses with bright and clear colors. The setup also works very quickly and without problems. When opening apps, it always remains fluid and doesn’t jerk. In my opinion, the highlight is the extendable front camera. It’s impressive when it slowly starts up when you switch to Selfie in the camera app. The adjustable sound is certainly a nice gimmick. But also this camera, as well as the rear camera delivers very good pictures. And with the additional functions in the app many of them can be adjusted or optimized. Interesting is the use of the artificial intelligence, which recognizes the objects and adjusts the snap mode or that you can search for products on the internet with it. And it also works. The smartphone itself lies well in the hand, despite its size, and is also easy to use with one hand. All in all, it looks very well made for the price and the materials are okay. As I said, you always have to think about how much the device costs. The other functions like Wlan, Bluetooth etc. are all included and all work at once. Especially the Huawei-Share function is very good for exchanging data. My conclusion: A very good, well equipped smartphone at a good price. Especially the display without Notch is very impressive.

Answer report comment April 28, 2020, 22:06

I like the Huawei P smart Z very much. The quality of the smartphone is very high. I have it in black and I like the surface smooth and shiny. It slips out of my hand very quickly, but I always use a cover anyway and I bought one with grip, so the smartphone is very safe in my hand. The only thing that bothers me a bit is that the Smartphone is already quite heavy, compared to other Smartphones you notice that after a few minutes. But you get used to it quickly and I use it all the time now. The camera is also very good and takes high quality pictures. The selfie camera is especially appealing to my kids, I don’t do selfies myself, so I wouldn’t have to have such a camera that extends, but for the kids it’s a great feature. They were really enthusiastic about it. The display of the phone is very high quality and the resolution is great, everything is very clear and also gorgeous colours, so it’s fun to take pictures and to use the smartphone. The battery life is really good, it lasts surprisingly long and I only have to charge it for 1 hour until it is fully charged again. The smartphone doesn’t have face recognition, but if I don’t care about it, I don’t use it anyway. The WLan reception of the smartphone is reliable and it connected immediately without any problems. The display is so far the biggest one I had and I like it very much also from the size. The Huawei p Smart Z has a fingerprint sensor and I always use it. So I am really super satisfied with the quality and features of the Huawei p Smart Z. For this price range it really makes something.

Answer report comment April 29, 2020, 09:52
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