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44 Reviews

wanting to help

I bought the Huawei Y3 (Y360) as a pure gaming phone, because there is no Ingress for my Windowsphone. Therefore I have a perhaps somewhat unusual use of this device. Bought at MM and there personally compared it with other cheap devices.

Buying reasons:
– 4-inch, because it shouldn’t be too big
– Android, because it should be Ingress capable
– Inexpensive, because it should be a pure gaming phone
– 1GB Ram, because it should run smoothly (are probably only 512MB, was wrongly signposted. But in this price range there was hardly any other choice anymore)

Until now I was always very averse to androids in the entry-level segment, because Android is a very resource-hungry OS and therefore ran very unstable there. Hanging and freezing was the order of the day. Samsung was not a choice for me because of bad experiences with fast inflating batteries. The Huawei Y360 runs surprisingly stable, although I don’t make it easy for the phone thanks to Ingress, because display, GPS, data module are running in continuous mode. Sometimes it jerks a little bit while playing games, but with 512MB Ram this is not surprising in my eyes and in this price range unfortunately normal.

– only 4 GB memory. Sounds a lot, but is too little. 8 GB should probably be standard nowadays (statement of a MM-consultant). Furthermore the memory display is badly displayed, because although 4 GB are indicated there, only about 2 GB of which are shown as available and of which hardly any memory is left to use, because the rest is occupied by the system.
I assume that the missing 2 GB are also occupied by the system, but the device should display this, because otherwise you feel cheated and wonder where the not available 2 GB are. On my wife’s tablet, 3.4 GB are also occupied by the system, but are shown as such. After FB, Ingress and a few small apps I already got the error message: Memory full. I was able to increase the memory to 600MB by clearing the cache. But the cache is quickly filled by apps like FB and every automatic update of an app brings the memory back to its limits.

Now you could argue that you can expand the memory and move apps to the SD card. This is only partly true, because apps always occupy a few MB in the phone, not all apps can be moved to SD and if, these apps need the memory on the phone for the installation first and only then are moved to the SD card. This means that with 280MB free memory, a 300MB app cannot be installed or updated, even if there are still 4GB free on the SD card. And even a standard app like Facebook currently takes up about 400 MB and updates are still coming.

A subsequent conversation with an MM consultant revealed that 4GB smartphones are more suited for pure telephone/text messaging use. You can surf and send emails, but saving apps is only possible to a very limited extent. Especially apps like FB and WhatsApp are live applications that are always stored in the phone memory and cannot be moved to the SD card, because they always need full access to the phone.
Seltsamically I could find out that other 4GB devices sometimes have more free memory than the Y3. Apparently Huawei has built in too much of his own software, so there is not much left for personal individualization.

– Missing notification LED
– Straight beginners use the phone as a phone rather than a gaming phone. Therefore they take the cell phone also less in the cell phone. A notification about received calls, SMS, WhatsApp should be standard especially here, because a black display is very uninformative. Would be a reason for exclusion for me if I wanted to use the device as a real cell phone.

– Missing brightness sensor
– The change between day and night actually always requires an adjustment of the display brightness. A manual change from a dark display in sunshine can be very tedious, especially if you have to unlock your phone before. A cell phone in this price range should be able to do this automatically, because in my eyes it is a software issue and does not require any additional hardware. My WP also uses only the camera sensor and has no separate brightness sensor.

– Missing app overview
– There is no large central folder with all apps that could be sorted alphabetically. All apps are distributed on the home pages. But you can create a few folders for your personal overview. But I find it confusing and I don’t want to get used to it, especially since the folders only contain a limited number of apps and you can’t create your own folder.

– Text input via the display Qwertz button, and I already knew that from other androids, text input on the small display via the Qwertz button is very error-prone, especially since the software doesn’t recognize and correct errors very well. Unfortunately, there are no alternatives like Swipe (text input by wiping) or number keys with T9, like on a normal cell phone. Even in landscape format the text input did not run smoothly. But there I am very spoiled by my Windowsphone.

Positively I would like to note that the cell phone cuts a good figure with 3-4 hours of play time, since other players with more expensive devices must often reload after 2 hours. However, I could only estimate how long the phone would last under normal use, but I think that you can easily manage at least one day. Just to point out that the Ingress Display, Mobile Internet and GPS-Positioning are running in continuous mode, which means that the three biggest enemies of the battery life meet each other

I also like the simple user interface with big buttons, which can be adjusted and customized to a limited extent. Especially since the system has a built-in flashlight function, which can be accessed via the notification display (wipe from top) and no separate app has to be loaded.
The notification display, on the other hand, I find a bit confusing, since you always have to wipe from top to bottom first (standard) and then to the side again, because it differentiates between shortcuts and notifications.

Positively, I also like the simple interface, which can be adjusted, since I’m not a fan of the Android or IOs interfaces. I find it more clearly arranged. However, other manufacturers also offer such interfaces, where I would probably rather go for Sony.

My conclusion:
A stable running cell phone, which unfortunately was saved at the wrong corners, but which generally delivers a good performance and for this price easily keeps the competition at a distance. If you expect more from your cell phone, you have to accept that you have to pay more.
I personally returned the Y3 and now use another Androidphone with 8GB-Rom and 1 GB-Ram.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 07:20
Em C.

After my Samsung Galaxy S4 Active had finally given up after two years of intensive use, and I finally decided to order a smartphone from China, I needed a temporary cell phone at short notice,
It should be as cheap as possible, it should have a micro-SD slot, and you should be able to text on WhatsApp with it.
All these criteria were met by the Huawei Y3, and it only cost about 70€ on Amazon Marketplace. A bargain, I thought, and ordered the device.

A few general things about the hardware:
The processor has 4 cores that clock with 1.3 GHz and let the device run, let’s say, a little viscously, and according to many datasheets it has 1GB RAM, but judging by the built-in RAM-Cleaner it is rather 512MB.
The small 4GB memory is just enough for a few apps, but you get a message that the memory is full, even if there are still some MBs free.

Music I played on an external 32GB (micro-)SD-card, it was recognized immediately and worked perfectly.
One small problem I had despite of that: The device did not want to play WAV or FLAC files. Sure, that’s not really necessary in class, and converting an audio file is done in a few minutes, but it’s annoying, because half of my music collection consists of FLACs.

It’s also worth mentioning the fact that it’s a smartphone with dual-SIM function. It doesn’t use a hybrid slot, as is so often the case today, where you have to choose between a second SIM card and a micro-SD card, you can actually use everything at once, There is one slot for a mini-SIM and another for a micro-SIM, both of which worked well.

The Y3’s display has a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels at 4 inch size, which corresponds to a pixel density of about 245 ppi. Not necessarily the yellow of the egg, but somehow still acceptable, you just have to keep the price in mind.
The real problem I have with the display is that it often reacts very sluggish and slow to input. Since I haven’t had any experience with cell phones in this price range, I can’t say if this is normal (which I assume it is) or a peculiarity of the smartphone.

There is of course the battery.
At 1730 mAh you should think that it’s sufficient, considering the size and resolution of the display and the performance of the hardware. However, I had a lot of problems to get through the day with the device.
I use the device, as any of my smartphones before it, mainly for surfing, writing on WhatsApp and listening to music on the road. And as long as the display is turned off, the battery seems to last quite long, overnight (8h) it doesn’t lose 12%, that’s 1.5%/h and it’s fine. With more intensive use of the cell phone, however, you can really watch the percentages fall slowly. All in all this is not satisfying, if I didn’t have a powerbank, I would often have had to stand there in the early afternoon with an empty battery.

In principle you can’t say more to the camera than: It is a camera, and it takes pictures. They don’t look as bad as you might think, at least as long as the lighting is good.
The Dual-LED shines relatively bright, so the Y3 can at least be used as a flashlight.

What about the UI?
You have to like the Huawei-own EMUI. The main point of criticism of many people is the missing app drawer, which means that all downloaded apps end up on the start screen.
I didn’t really mind, at least in this case, because I couldn’t download many apps anyway for the technical reasons mentioned above and you can put the few apps into folders if you have to. The device runs on Android 4.4, an update to 5.0 or higher is very unlikely.

Conclusion: If you never had a more expensive device in your hand and don’t have high demands on your smartphone in terms of working speed and memory, you could be satisfied with this device. Everyone else should definitely think twice whether the device is really suitable for them.

My tip: Better invest more money and have a decent smartphone for it.
For well under 200 Euro there are already devices like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2, if you invest 250 Euro you get the LG G Flex 2, which was LG’s flagship at the beginning of last year.
At least I didn’t buy the device for free, little brother is still using it now.


Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 23:59
sophie stephens

Actually I didn’t want to get a Smartphone anymore, a cheap normal cell phone like the Alcatel 2007D is enough for phoning/listening to music. br> But what changed was what led me to get a Smartphone again. br>Google Maps offline available, now you can use the cell phone as a navigation system without additional costs. There are also some that run without a certified Android – some Google applications don’t run. Use 1 hour as navigation,screen on,1/3 of the energy consumed.
That are good values for me.screen from low consumption.
The connection in the network works without problems ,Amazon Prime Music is good to use.
Google Maps as navigation. GPS works perfectly, changes are quickly displayed and you won’t be lobbied.
The cell phone serves as a music server via headphones on line in my stereo system.
The picture quality is sufficient, I can read everything well.
I have taken a few pictures, nothing blurred and sufficient quality. Who has the screen permanently on needs more battery power.
Who wants to read a lot needs a bigger screen and a better resolution.
I find the size optimal, the phone does not disturb on the way. It fits in every pocket.
As the technology of smartphones is improving and every few weeks a new generation is introduced.
So a cheap smartphone is the better investment for me.
You get technology that maybe 2 years ago was only in devices that cost over 500 €. Although I have a 32 GB memory card in the device I got warnings No memory space
I loaded CCleaner on it, let it lurch. Since then no more error messages.
Obviously a lot of data garbage is stored in the background until the small internal memory is full.
Battery. 50 % and gone.It’s probably the device.
The battery lasts longer now – why ?
because it wasn’t calibrated
I used the Apps Battery Calibration


Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 16:04

I bought this smartphone in November 2015, because my previous one had given up the ghost (I seem to have a talent for this…) and needed a new device at short notice. As a student you have a longing for a high quality and durable product, but the end of this song was sorting by: price ascending.
And there it was… I let myself be seduced by the unbeatable 77€ and the prime shipping, I only thought about the final farewell to my nerve-wracking junk phone. br>The next day I held the gem in my hands, still dizzy from the bargain rush and the prime magic. I was happy! I was able to use all my usual apps, view my pictures on wonderfully cute 4 and let off steam on the cheerful, colorful preset designs.
It all seemed perfect – until I wanted more…
I wanted to add to the useful, as well as vital (as I said: student…) applications like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, as well as such knick-knacks as the BahnApp or a city app. And that’s where it started! br>A small red icon appeared at the top left of the screen. And then these two little words with a lot of meaning that shocked me:
Insufficient memory
What? Insufficient? I put this microSD card in just to have unlimited fun with my new buddy! br>I was kind of resigned to it, as long as I could keep on looking at Instagram’s nice pictures, I’ll be satisfied. But it went on. Even updates were impossible in the meantime. Unless I removed apps. It was difficult to decide which one I could live without, a terrible decision that I couldn’t wish to anyone! br>So I went back to college with my now proud 7 month old Huawei. During a very soporific lecture I distracted myself by scrolling around on Facebook (I had to delete Instagram in the meantime to update WhatsApp) as my gaze swept to the top right corner of the screen. And my heart stopped a sentence: 17% battery and 4 more hours in college! How was I going to survive that?
Slowly I became aware of something else. Not from the shock my hand became hot and sweaty: it was the smartphone! It totally overheated! I quickly switched it off before anyone else was hurt. It had one advantage: I never wrote so much in lectures before.
Ca. Two months later I finally managed to contact Amazon customer service and got a replacement. And thanks to Prime Magic I was relieved of a heavy burden the next day.
That was two weeks ago. Now it’s back again, like a scornful grin on the top left of the screen. Un-to-right-the-spit-your-place. Insufficient memory space. I’ve been trying to restart the sweetheart for an hour now… And all I hear is the starting melody, almost as disturbing as the ringtone in ‘One Missed Call’… I’m going to part with him for good. Thanks Huawei for this experience and the lesson: Never sort by price ascending….

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 18:37

Actually I never wanted a SmartPhone but the old cell phone broke down and I wanted to buy a GPS device for a long time. But now every SmartPhone has that. Of course there were also other reasons to change, but that is not important here, but the experiences I made with this device in the last months.
Idiotic comparisons between this Huawai and other SmartPhones, which either belong to the high price segment or don’t even exist for the indicated 40 Euro, cause me to write my own review. That’s why I also think the criticism because of a weak camera is unnecessary. It has the camera built in, which corresponds to the price. You don’t need to say more about it.

Maybe it is because of technical ignorance, but every app which shows me the storage capacity tells me that the device has only 2 GB and not 4 !! I think with 4 GB I would have much less problems with the storage capacities. I’ve moved a lot of stuff to the SD card in the meantime and I avoid updates, but the message ‘The internal memory is full’ still comes up regularly and it takes a lot of effort to get memory free again. A reviewer wrote that therefore at some point access to the SmartPhone was no longer possible at all. So you have to be very careful here. I can’t imagine that Huawei couldn’t keep the price if it uses 8 GB instead of 2 or 4 GB. What does such storage cost today? Anyway, I would have added 5 Euro more to the price.
But you can put in much bigger SD cards than indicated. My 64 GB card works perfectly.

What is also to criticize is that you don’t notice missed calls when the display is turned off. This is the second most annoying thing about this product. An additional LED that would light up when a call was missed would have been very useful.

I also had an interesting experience with the battery. It happened more and more often that the display still showed around 30% battery power and in the next moment the device switched off. Somehow the measurement of the battery capacity and the corresponding algorithms for its calculation might not be well thought out. If you take the battery out after such an incident and put it back in again, the battery status will be displayed correctly for a while (then 100% is really 100% and 5% is really 5% before it turns off).

Positive in any case, it should be noted that the touchpad works very well and also the possibility of dual sim is great. Videos can be played without problems and the sound is also very good.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 17:30

bought the Y3 today. For 79,- EUR (not at amazon!). The setup goes fast, but the first system start takes some time. After that I set up WLAN and the Googlemail account and the apps and settings of my old Y300 were taken over almost 1:1. Even the launcher I used so far was installed. Compared to the Y300, the Y3 is even slightly smaller, even though the display is the same size.
The battery cover can be removed easily thanks to the notch on the side. Battery, SIM card (I only have 1 so far) and memory card can be easily inserted. When starting the system, it asks if the SIM card should also be used for data usage – I deactivated this, because I ordered a second SIM card for this purpose.
Installed is Android 4.4.2. The handling is fast (much better than with my old Y300). And also the display is nice. How long the battery lasts, I can’t tell yet (was about 60% full when I bought it).

The main reason for the Y3 was that it is practically as big as the Y300. Since I use my cell phone as a bicycle speedometer, I mounted a holder there, which I don’t have to change now.

Until now – and especially for the price – I am very satisfied!

I was on my bike today about 3:30h. On the Y3 (charge level before: 99%) my SportsTracker app was running during this time, which recorded the route via GPS. In addition, a heart rate monitor belt is connected via Bluetooth. I usually have the display off. I usually turn it on only for a short time to check my watch or pulse. After the lap the battery was at 79%.

What I haven’t figured out yet (maybe someone knows) is how to activate the Android quick start mode. My Y300 could do that. With the Y3 (Android 4.4.2) I have not found this setting yet… Maybe it doesn’t exist…?

Now I also ordered a display foil – I can’t do without it because of the fingerprints.

A little bit I miss the blinking LED (e.g. on new messages). This is no longer available at the Y3. And the 3 buttons at the bottom are no longer illuminated. But after 2,5 years with the Y300 I find them in the dark.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 14:20
J. Hunter

I am a classic smartphone layman. Once I used to live with a Windows-Phone and was in harmony with me and my mobile life. When my old Nokia 530 suddenly and unexpectedly left me and moved into the eternal smartphone grounds, I had to buy something different. As I said, I have a minimal claim. A bit of WhatsApp, if necessary to the Internet. I have no claim to design or brand image and for photography, beyond the shot, the Nikon is in the closet.
By chance I got this, let’s say ‘smartphone’. An acquaintance got the part as a second cell phone for a cell phone contract and sold it for 60 Euros. You can’t go wrong for the money, you think and give this part a honest chance to make your digital life easier. But now that I have been using this cell phone for two months, I will: dispose of it, smash it or in the best case sell it for little money. Alternatively, I’m thinking about putting it under my leg on a shaky table, no matter how low you set your standards, even under the premise of price and equipment, this cell phone is not usable in normal use in 2017 with usual approaches and standards. Mini-memory, extremely slow, camera a better toy and the battery life is so sparse that one should overlay, similar to pulling an electric mower with long cables through the world. Beyond that, the display is so funny in the condition that you have to constantly dive into the abyss of the outdated Android. Suddenly calling people when you’re in whatsup, the camera jumps on when you want to make a phone call. The automatic voice prompting, which is supposed to be German in the language, leads to many laughs etc.
Ok, it was a giveaway, an acquaintance gave it to me. Ashes on my head that I was so naive and took this phone. But people honestly: whatever you plan to do with it, think it over carefully. As emergency time cell phone: conceivable! As a cell phone: for the dog maybe, when you are tired of the stick. This part is an absolute low-budget part, from my point of view absolutely not recommendable. Better have a look around if there is something decent in the price range or just spend more money. Absolutely no buy recommendation!

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 22:10
Gabriela Lêdo

Because I have a talent for dropping my smartphones despite the case so that the display glass is still intact but the display underneath is destroyed and the replacement is almost the value as new and therefore uneconomical, and because I wanted to get a second phone as a backup anyway, I tried to choose a very cheap product until the next change to a new company phone. I was used to grade 3/4, S5/6.

There is already enough said here about the equipment and you have to consider that this is a device in the 80 Euro class. This time I didn’t buy it here but at Mediamarkt for 79 Euro. In addition, there was a cover and a small powerbank.

What do I usually do with my phone in the old day:

+ phone calls! – works >br>+ provided. Messenger – works
+ listen to music – works
+ watch YouTube clips from time to time – can also >br>+ Whats App / SMS – is a bit of a hassle if you are used to 5 inch+ devices. but that’s ok.
+ some info apps – newsletter, windfinder, dropbox – works!
+ serve as a flashlight from time to time and ring me out of bed in the morning – light is great, sound can be a bit louder.

The battery life is ok – for occasional refueling gas the 2200 mah powerbank is added – that smells for a complete additional charge

I basically have nothing to complain about.

Yeah, there are several sensors missing and yes, the camera is a bit creepy – but you ( I ) can do it with life.

For the paid money and as a potential second device I am very satisfied.

It is understandable that high end gamers and movie fans might not be so happy, but with this price you shouldn’t expect a speed grenade…

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 02:54
Jodie B

i was looking for a simple cell phone which does not have to be able to do too much. In a few messages possibly for WhatsApp, a small simple but still acceptable camera for simple little photographs should not be missing. It doesn’t need to have an extremely large memory, it is only used for simple normal things. I didn’t want a noname product yet.
This phone fulfills its purpose, it has more than enough space, is light in the hand but not too light. The sound and voice quality is great, the display reacts quickly and precisely. The camera takes very nice pictures and also a flash light is built in which makes the pictures even more beautiful.
The battery has a good performance, if you can or may evaluate it at all when using it, a lot is not spent in the internet except WhatsApp, otherwise only sms or calls are made. So you notice, the cell phone is used rather meagerly, considering today’s use as it is common with many, this one has vacation with me.
The menu navigation is noticeably simple thanks to well-known Android and cell phone experience ? quite stable impression made it from the beginning and was allowed to prove this already, full score passed.
My conclusion, whoever wants to have a simple but still a branded product does not do anything wrong with this phone, I would say it is also good for beginners in matters of modern cell phones.

Answer report comment December 22, 2020, 04:32

For all who want to save some money the price of 78€ is very tempting, but you save at the wrong place. The battery of the cell phone is a nightmare. It shows 65% and then it simply fails without a warning signal. Very nice if you are just making a call and need to charge for at least 10 minutes to be able to switch on the phone again. Besides, the battery charging time is extremely long. For 10% it needs about 15 minutes. The keyboard is also a real annoyance. One could think that cell phone wants to write its own messages. And last but not least the cell phone is very fast overstrained, has little memory capacity and does not come very fast with the data processing. The camera is also rather bad than right, but this is also stated in the product description. If you think it’s important to be heard during conversations, you should replace the phone quickly. The microphone has a complete life of its own. Despite best reception it goes out or it distorts the voice. All in all a catastrophe.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 19:54

I didn’t stroke it, but I had a blue protective cover around it and a foil glued on the glass, or rather I treated it like a gorilla in the rutting season, fighting for survival. And it really stood up to what no other cell phone could do, especially not at this price and with these features. The only disadvantage is maybe the greenlabel, which means the health aspect and compatibility.
But I was looking for something like that, I had the Samsung Xcover3 for comparison and other phones, but without internet.
For me personally the best, when I consider my comparisons and choices, I sometimes wonder if you really have to treat your phone like that ?

Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 20:13
Kathryn S. Ableson

In itself a nice solution for all those who don’t want to have a cutting board of 5 inch or more in their pocket.
With a 32GB memory expansion (Transcend) the SD card will be included as SD0, i.e. as primary memory, when booting up.
That’s a fine thing, since the internal memory is otherwise quite poor. With SD card there is plenty of space on the device. App2SD also works, which is probably the exception with KitKat.
The CPU is quite fast and the display is bright and easy to read.

I’m sorry I couldn’t get my two Mac emulators to work.
MiniVMacII starts, but gets stuck with a graphic error.
BasiliskII doesn’t start at all.
Because both emulations run on my other androids, I guess a problem with the SD card’s mount points.
Too bad for an otherwise successful 4 incher, therefore return and only 3 points.

Answer report comment December 23, 2020, 15:34

Fast shipping, OVP, everything OK. The device itself is already quite weak on the chest, here and there a few funny translation mistakes by Huawei. Despite music streaming via Soundcloud, the battery lasts the whole day, I wouldn’t have thought so but the browsers display certain CSS commands very strangely. So a boxed-shadow looks more like a bad gray to white gradient under chrome. Firefox on the other hand is terribly slow. Most of the mobile games run rather bad than good and the touch display is everything but accurate.
Microphone and speaker quality are much better than expected and so you can take it seriously as a full-fledged smartphone. for about 60€ that’s already OK.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 23:50
rick clark

Well I have had the Huawei Y3(60) for about 2 months and I can say for the money this device is completely ok. You can’t buy a cell phone for 80 Euro and then have expectations that are far more than 200 Euro. All negative reviews are very doubtful and it seems to me that the device has not been tested any longer. In everyday use the device runs very smoothly including Facebook, WhatsApp, Email etc … The battery also lasts almost 2 days of normal use. The only thing that is really not good and therefore also for me – 1 star means the camera. You could have expected something better. But in this price range also ok …

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 20:08

The device was delivered quickly and well packed. For those who already know Android, the setup and operation is very easy. The ideal smartphone for beginners/users, who don’t need additional gadgets, games and lots of additional apps. The compact format with 4 inches is ideal for every trouser pocket or handbag. For making phone calls, SMS, whatsapp, local apps, occasional internet searches and snapshots sir it is always enough. Price/performance is also fine.

Answer report comment December 23, 2020, 10:33
Richard Burgess

This cell phone is not only from China, it is also clearly designed for the Chinese market, because:
the default menu setting is in Mandarin – at least I think so… After all, I don’t know Chinese and I don’t plan to learn it soon. With a little luck and a feeling for the language, you could have found the right settings for any Romance language, but that’s simply impossible.
Well, at least now I know why I had to wait more than 12 weeks for this thing… Rarely laughed so much! Nevertheless, considering the fact that you expect a product designed for the European market, it is a real joke.

P.S. It may be that this does not apply to every delivery. Mine, however, was due to it a smooth false purchase. Good that I bought it on account.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 05:23

I can only agree with the previous speaker. There are people who buy a small car and expect performance like in the upper class, that’s just not possible. Then the man/woman has to spend a lot more money. I bought the part today as a second device and I am very satisfied. It costs only 77 Euro and not 777 Euro. Under this aspect very much to recommend.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 08:44
Peggy weaver

That this smartphone does not break any records is quite understandable at this price. But: If you are looking for a smartphone to make calls, communicate with Whatsapp, receive emails, use the tank app and occasionally take a snapshot to send, this is the place to be. It’s not a smartphone for games or a camera replacement, but a reliable part that is suitable for everyday use. Moreover, it is of a size that fits in every ladies handbag.

Answer report comment December 22, 2020, 21:56

Bought a Huawei Y3 in September 2016, and since then, the unit has been repaired for the third time within the warranty period. Always the same error. Repair time each time about 4 weeks. If you are not able to produce sustainable quality, you should give the money back to the buyer and take the device off the>Complaints directly to Huawei’s service department were also>This is not the quality and service behavior I expect from such a large>So I can only advise you to keep your hands off this device and if you want to buy Huawei device, check the warranty with your supplier first.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 20:09
Travis Dommert

In the search for a relatively simple, but nevertheless with all important features equipped cell phone, I found the Huawei Y360. Everything works as it should, whether it is phoning, texting or surfing the web from time to time. I like the elegant, albeit fine font on the clear display. The price is great, because of the camera you won’t necessarily buy the device, but it’s enough for many a snapshot.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 02:25
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