Test Huawei Y5 2019: a basic mobile for moderate use


Longtemps remains a specialist in cell phones at contained prices, Huawei has expanded its range over the years and now offers handsets in all price ranges. It does not forget to offer mobiles on the French market for less than €150, as is the case with this Huawei Y5 (2019) which allows the brand to make volume. But what do you get at that price at Huawei? Answers in this complete test...


Ergonomics and design

Avec the Huawei Y5 (2019), the watchword is simplicity. The Chinese manufacturer is not adding any frills to its entry-level mobile, which has established itself as a classic terminal. Even the format is very contained, since its dimensions of 147.1 x 70.8 x 8.5 mm make it hardly more bulky than an iPhone 8, for example. But Huawei has integrated a 5.71-inch screen here, which still takes up 78.1% of the front panel, which is quite welcome. In keeping with the times, the Y5 even has a drop-shaped notch on the front, where the front photo lens is integrated.


Difficile otherwise to identify particularities on this mobile. The back shell is made of polycarbonate, and a 13-megapixel photo sensor is housed in its left corner. The power and volume keys are located on the right side, the SIM and SD card cart is on the left, and a mini-jack socket is located on the top edge. For connectivity, you will need to rely on a micro-USB only, which is becoming increasingly rare on the mobile market. Note that there is no fingerprint reader.


Puisqu 'it is equipped with a mini-jack socket, so this smartphone has passed our audio tests. This shows that its output level is quite low, the user is not at risk of damaging his hearing with these 63 mVrms.

La positive consequence of this very moderate power is that the other measurements are frankly good. Distortion is negligible (0.006%), while the dynamic range is very correct (99.5 dB), and crosstalk (-71.4 dB) is also within the average.


Huawei Y5 (2019) is therefore equipped with a 5.71-inch IPS LCD screen in 720 x 1520 pixel definition (for a resolution of 295 dpi). And for a screen belonging to a low-cost smartphone, this screen can boast a few qualities. For example, it measures a maximum brightness of 586 cd/m², which allows comfortable use in bright sunlight. However, a high reflectance of 61.6% is required. This is partly due to the screen protector supplied as standard - and we do not recommend removing it.


For the rest, the minimum brightness of the screen is 2.6 cd/m², which is very correct and allows a comfortable use also in the dark. The measured contrast ratio is 1499:1, which is good for an IPS panel. Since our first measurements were performed with the default display, the mobile had a color temperature that was far too cold and a Delta E that was too high. Setting the display to "warm" - which we recommend you do - makes the Y5 display a little more attractive: 6885 K and a Delta E of 4.1, which is better than the default display, but not perfect.


Que can we expect a smartphone sold at just over €100? In any case, not top-notch performance, to say the least when reading our test results. First of all, let's remember that this terminal is based on a Helio A22 Mediatek SoC with 8 cores and only 2 GB of RAM. The graphic part is provided by a PowerVR GE8320, which can also be found on the SoC Helio P22.


À To date, the Y5 is one of the least performing smartphones passed by our labs, playing elbows with the Y6 (2019) equipped with the same configuration. The Y5 therefore obtained a gaming index of only 15.79, while its multitasking index of 40.19 does not help to raise the average. This gives an overall index of 27.99 for this phone, making it the worst mobile in terms of performance.


Nos performance tests are carried out with viSer, the application developed by the SmartViser company.


Main camera

In as a simple and inexpensive smartphone, the Huawei Y5 (2019) doesn't play the big shot in photography either, settling for a 13 megapixel main sensor. Without providing particularly good shots, this sensor offers a very correct daytime rendering, similar to that of a Realme 5 Pro, for example. So far, so good.

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C 'is in night conditions, under a luminosity of 3 lux, that the Y5 shows very clearly its limits. It even ranks among the worst smartphones in this exercise, where even the central area of our stage is struggling to be rendered. The colors are washed out, the textures are blurred, and it even becomes complicated to read the slightest inscription.

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Capteur frontal and vidéo

Y5 (2019) is capable of shooting in Full HD at 30 frames per second from the rear sensor, with a fairly good autofocus and face detection. On the front module side, the camera displays 5 megapixels with an aperture of f/2.2. Enough for someone who needs a daytime camera, not much more.



Puisque the Huawei Y5 is equipped with a modest display and a low-power SoC, one can logically expect a decent autonomy, even with a 3020 mAh battery. Submitted to our intensive test, the smartphone shows an endurance of 16 h 45 min, which gives it a flattering rating. It will be possible to last more than a day and a half on one charge, provided that usage remains moderate.


Au At the charge level, the micro-USB did not promise any miracles. And as expected, it takes 2 hrs 17 min to return 100% power to this terminal.

Nos battery tests are automated by viSer, the application developed by SmartViser. The results obtained with viSer come from measurements taken in real conditions of use (calls, SMS, videos, application launches, web browsing, etc.).