Test Apple iPhone XR: the most interesting iOS smartphone of 2018


Lancé at €859, the iPhone XR would almost pass for entry-level after the release of several models at over €1000. Replaced on the smartphone market, however, the XR is not cheaper than most of its competitors on Android. The most affordable iPhone of 2018 must stand up to the jewels of Huawei, Samsung, Honor or Xiaomi, not forgetting the OnePlus 6T.  /wp-content/uploads/2020/fullr_pictures/17-1.jpeg wider screen borders than on an iPhone XS.

Ergonomics and design

Si the iPhone XR takes up in broad outline the design introduced by the iPhone Xen 2017, it makes a few small concessions. The first and most striking at first glance is due to the use of an LCD panel and not Oled. Indeed, the first of the two display technologies does not allow such a thin border at the bottom of the screen because of the necessary backlighting. A thicker border than that of iPhone XSen at the bottom of the screen, but which is found all around the screen, probably for a question of design. As a result, the iPhone XR looks like it has a shell and is a little less elegant than its illustrious big brother.  /wp-content/uploads/2020/fullr_pictures/17-2.jpeg An glass back and 6 colors available. Ces Thicker borders along with a larger screen than the XS (6.1 inches vs. 5.8 inches diagonal) make the smartphone less easy to handle with one hand. In many cases, you will have to arm yourself with both hands to use the iPhone XR, as with iPhone XS Max.  /wp-content/uploads/2020/fullr_pictures/17-3.jpeg port Lightning, last survivor. Sans surprise, the finishes remain flawless. We are talking about a high-end smartphone, worthy of Apple standards. Beyond the history of the borders mentioned above, the iPhone XR uses the same materials used on the XS, namely glass and metal. It is also the return of color in the range of the American manufacturer. The iPhone XR comes in 6 colors, as proposed in its time the iPhone 5c.  /wp-content/uploads/2020/fullr_pictures/17-4.jpeg notch integrates components for Face ID. Avec With its screen occupying 80% of the front panel, the iPhone XR also eliminates the physical button and fingerprint reader on the front panel. The latter is replaced by the Face ID facial recognition technology, introduced a year earlier by the iPhone X. No problem on this side, the unlocking is just as fast and efficient as on the other models of the brand.  /wp-content/uploads/2020/fullr_pictures/17-5.jpeg iPhone XR has an LCD screen and not Oled. iPhone XR does not forget its waterproof and dustproof with an IP67 certification. No miracle, however, Apple does not offer a microSD card reader or a 3.5 mm mini-jack port.


Quand Apple presented its iPhone XR, the brand tried to make people forget the absence of Oled screen by the fact that its newest one had the best LCD screen on the market. It is indeed excellent, but this is not a surprise since the LCD screens of the iPhone have always been. Here, the 6.1-inch diagonal (15.5 cm) slab displays an uncommon resolution of 1792 x 828 px, for a resolution of 326 dpi. This is enough to provide a fine display suitable for all common uses.

Labo - Apple iPhone XR: an LCD display that is indeed very bon

We started our tests on the iPhone XR and chose to sift through its LCD screen. Apple presents it as "the most advanced... Qui says LCD - here of IPS type - says lower contrast ratio than the Oled. While the iPhone XS and XS Max enjoy an almost infinite contrast, the iPhone XR is content with 1450:1. An average value for this technology. The XR benefits from a maximum brightness of 630 cd/m² and a very low light reflection rate, guaranteeing perfect readability in direct sunlight. Apple has renewed the good results obtained by its previous LCD models in terms of colorimetry. The iPhone XR displays an excellent delta E (measured at 2). The average color temperature reaches for its part 6441 K. A result very close to the standard (6500 K). Enfin, side reactivity, the screen of the iPhone XR is in the category of good students. We found a remanence time of 16 ms and a touch delay of 60 ms.


Les performance of the iPhone XR has nothing to envy to that of the iPhone XS. The former benefits from the same A12 Bionic chip as the latter. A 6-core chip that delivers excellent performance for all uses, even the most demanding. In addition, the XR has 3GB of RAM - 1GB less than the XS - and seamlessly handles switching between different tasks.  /wp-content/uploads/2020/fullr_pictures/17-6.jpeg Températures recorded after 10 min of Full HD video recording. La Apple's homemade graphics chip is a solid ally for video gaming. Nothing frightens the iPhone XR, even 3D titles that are particularly demanding. Especially since the lower definition of its screen is less demanding than that of an iPhone XS.


For its 2018 iPhone range, Apple has chosen to take a new step. The disappearance of the 3.5 mm mini-jack plug was already sad, but the disappearance of the Lightning to mini-jack adapter is almost a pity. With no analog output, it is impossible to perform our usual battery of tests. The audio results of the iPhone XR will only depend on the device we connect to it via Bluetooth. As for the HTC U12+ and iPhone XS/XS Max, the rating of this part is limited to 2 stars. Du Next to the speakers on the front, things are looking better. The sound produced holds up well to about 80% of the maximum volume. Beyond that, distortion begins to be heard, especially in the upper part of the spectrum.


In photo, the iPhone XR also makes some concessions compared to the XS. Thus the XR has only one photo module, compared to two for the XS. Nevertheless, it uses the main wide-angle module of Apple's flagship and gets excellent results. In broad daylight, it stands out for its good amount of detail and good white balance management. The shots have a warm and rather pleasant rendering.  /wp-content/uploads/2020/fullr_pictures/17-7.jpeg  /wp-content/uploads/2020/fullr_pictures/17-8.jpeg In low brightness, the iPhone XR fails to match the best students. However, the rendering is correct, with a preserved level of detail and good management of electronic noise, without too much use of smoothing. The Google Pixel 3 performs better than the iPhone XR in these difficult conditions.  /wp-content/uploads/2020/fullr_pictures/17-9.jpeg  /wp-content/uploads/2020/fullr_pictures/17-10.jpeg iPhone XR is capable of filming in UHD at 60 fps. Like the XS, the XR offers excellent rendering and remains perfectly fluid during recording. Focus tracking is particularly efficient, and exposure measurements are accurate.

Labo - The iPhone XR's portrait mode is not as good as the XS's ?

Comme the XS, the iPhone XR offers a portrait photo mode, but with only one module. Is this sacrifice so detrimental to the "affordable" terminal? A At the front, the iPhone XR uses the same photo module as the XS. There is a 7MP sensor that delivers satisfactory shots, correctly detailed. Backlighting is fairly well managed.


iPhone XR has a larger battery capacity than the iPhone XS, while enjoying a less defined screen. Logically enough, the XR's endurance is greater than that of the XS and is on par with the giant of the family, the iPhone XS Max. In the case of a standard use, the iPhone XR will be able to reach the two days of autonomy without any problem. For the more avid users, it will be able to last a full day and even push through to the end of the morning of the second day. Note that we can't perform our usual iOS battery life test, so we'll have to make do with our good old Netflix video playback test.  /wp-content/uploads/2020/fullr_pictures/17-11.jpeg