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43 Reviews

Kyle R.


I was looking for a good, affordable alternative to Samsung, IPhone and Huawei for a long time. With 399€ on Prime-Day the offer came just in time. Of course I immediately compared this smartphone with others of its size and class (I can only recommend to compare mobile phones before buying them on the internet). The only problem I had before I bought it, it has no official certification for water and dust resistance, but it should still be protected against splashing water (no guarantee).

First thing you notice is that the phone scores very well in the tests, even in comparison to the Samsung S8(+) and the Huawei P20, the device is very impressive. The battery is very powerful and lasts up to 4 days in the first period (under normal use without games). Of course, you can’t ignore the fact that the battery gets weaker over time, but no smartphone has ever managed to get this line in my hands. The phone runs very smoothly, has the latest Android operating system installed and the colors of the (Samsung) display are very appealing. I like the button on the side best, with which you can switch the phone to loud, vibration and mute. The fingerprint sensor on the back is faster and more accurate than the one on the S8+, in my opinion. The phone is unlocked IMMEDIATELY if the finger lands on the sensor.

Before I bought the phone I didn’t know the OnePlus brand. After some time of use, I can say that the developers have really thought about it. While Samsung and IPhone have had the same bugs and flaws since several versions, OnePlus can shine with innovative and surprising features (only small things, but still noticeable). If you buy a new brand of mobile phone, you’ll of course have to get used to the new icons and operation. But the whole thing doesn’t take 2 days, so don’t worry about it. br>>br>The camera takes very good pictures in super resolution. Also at night the quality of the camera convinces me. The mobile phone lies very well in the hand and feels very high-quality. So why should you pay so much money for Samsung, IPhone and meanwhile unfortunately also Huawei when other, less known brands deliver much more? For my part, I will always keep up to date, always compare the devices before the next purchase and then decide on the best price-performance ratio.

For the price, the OnePlus completely convinced me and put me under its spell. I will highly recommend friends to take a look at this brand when they next buy a mobile phone.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 04:17

After all the hype and a lot of thought, I pre-ordered the OnePlus 5T directly from the in-house shop about three months ago, I don’t want to withhold my experiences about this from you…

Directly after the order (Paypal not possible) my credit card data was stolen and abused. 4000€ were spent somewhere abroad. A colleague used the company card two weeks after my order, here too, data was phished and afterwards 3000€ were charged, which of course was only noticed after about one month. After a lot of back and forth, the damage was compensated by Mastercard. More than 70000 customers were affected by this action! The support of OP just played dead! I never got an answer to any inquiries. Until today the security gap has not been sufficiently clarified and is now called an inside-job. Please have a look at the OP-Forum, there are thousands of injured people, many of them were stuck on the costs. It is still unclear which data was stolen from me. I had to lock all corresponding parameters, as well as of course the KK. The handling of OPPO/OnePlus with the customer was not to be outdone in unprofessionalism and ignorance. To put oneself on the same level as Samsung or other companies is bordering on insanity! At any time you have the feeling that you are dealing with a Chinese garage company.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Yes, even with newly delivered phones only 480p runs. For the improvement the device has to be sent to Czech Republic or Poland for weeks! An OTA update is not coming.

– Oxygen OS is a construction site. For example, notifications are not always displayed reliably, crashes and hangups were commonplace for me under Oreo.

– Even with incoming calls or WA messages my phone often just stayed completely silent.

– Apps don’t show numbers above the app icons when there are new messages. The whole thing is sold as a feature and annoys without equal!

– The cam is below average. At Low Light the images are extremely coarse grained. When zooming, a wax figure effect falsifies human faces, which makes it almost impossible to use it.

– The device is very fast when it’s running.

– The processing fits so far.

– In the community forums there is a lot of participation. Why this may be the reason…

– Another warning: DO NOT buy the expensive tempered glass cover from OP. Two copies of it were completely scratched after a very short time and very careful handling. Underground quality.

Thanks for reading.

Answer report comment December 24, 2020, 05:09
Kevin Ritchey

After various flagships from Samsung (S6), Google (Pixel), Xiaomi (Mi3) and Co. I have now landed on the OnePlus 5T and have to say that it offers by far the best user experience I have experienced on Android so far.

You don’t really have to say much about the hardware equipment, with the Snapdragon 835 and 6/8 GByte RAM the device does all tasks quickly and without lag. The camera might not quite keep up with the current top class, but for the normal user the picture quality is absolutely sufficient and in good lighting conditions the differences to an iPhone X or P20 Pro are only minimal.

The absolute highlight is the installed software. OxygenOS is a slim Android variant that has been enhanced with useful additional features like faceunlock, control gestures or double-tap-to-wake. Also great are parallel apps, the feature allows the simultaneous use of several accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Co. Important files can be stored in an encrypted and PIN-protected area via the file manager. All in all, the OS makes a tidy and well thought-out impression, you will look for useless gimmicks in vain.

Pre-installed software can hardly be found on the device, except for various Google services, which can be disabled in the settings. Thanks to the slim software, the battery also lasts quite long. If you’re not constantly connected to your smartphone, you should easily manage two days with one charge.

That’s why I’d like to give a clear recommendation for Android enthusiasts.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 20:59

I bought the Oneplus 5t when it came out directly from Oneplus, so I have had it for about a year and am still as satisfied as on the first day.
– the display, brightness, colours, contrast and viewing angle stability are on a high level and don’t have to hide behind a Huawei Oled, at most Samsung and Apple are better here.
– Battery life: I always get through the day well and never have to recharge, I say this as a heavy user
– Quick charge function: this is really great, the smartphone doesn’t get warm and it’s very fast. more about this at Contra
– Operating System: this is blazing fast, due to the closeness to Stockandroid, there are no jerks or delays even after one year of use and full memory, a Galaxy S9 or Huawei P20 is not so fast.
– camera: this one is really not so good, it often lacks sharpness and the pictures start to rustle very fast, many manufacturers can do this much better, if there are good light conditions you can also get good results
– For processing, I am a person who never drops his smartphone and is very careful with it, but my device is very easily bent, I don’t know why and especially I don’t know how it could happen, also I have color chipping, despite the case, not big, but still annoying.

In summary I can say that I would like to buy a Oneplus again and again, the device is almost unbeatable regarding the speed and it is still a very good value for money.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 04:30

I bought the phone as a present for my girlfriend. Compared to her old smartphone every other one is an upgrade.
Acceptable condition is not described in detail. In my eyes it would be with cracked screen and ramen and general signs of use. The condition was in my case lower middle class with dents on the sides scratches, BUT a crack on the lower corner of the screen is also present and is described with the words acceptable. Furthermore ports and cables were clogged with dust and dirt. A small quality check would be advisable before sending if more expensive products are involved. Well, it has a good side as well. I was able to clean the ports from dust myself, the battery condition is 85% and in a conversation with the seller I got 20€ back because of all the negative points, so I can get a screenprotector. Maybe also something about the One Plus 5t in general who can’t decide. Camera quite good, sufficient processor for everyday things, 128gb memory is sufficient if you don’t have several hours of video material stored, battery should last for a whole day (about 5h screentime), the Oled display is tasty, speakers loud and clear and what many people forget software moderately also neat and is still being updated by Android with the new OxygenOS 10.0. It is solid and will not bend. It’s important to get a case because of the slippery backside (wasn’t available in the OVP)
Last but not least I mention this mechanical switch to set the phone to silent or vibration. Should have simply each mobile phone simply baba uff. Click on Helpful if you want to thank for this half hour of review writing 😉

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 01:48

Everybody has heard of the top phones from Oneplus, but their webshop has often discouraged buyers. Br> Br> Br> That it is now these great phones (unless you really need the very best camera on the market, because then it will be a Samsung S8 or 9 or a Huawei Mate 10 Pro). But Oneplus brings an almost unbuilt Android ( called Oxygen OS ) with many good features that all make sense and provide for extremely high speed. > Even the jack socket, which is loved by other flagships today, was preserved in the current top model 5T.

For whom is the 5T suitable ? Not for ambitious photographers but for power users who want a lot of performance especially for things like gaming. Also for buyers who want longer updates than e.g. Samsung and want to experience a pure Android.

That you can now officially buy these phones at Amazon and not at moon prices, but at exactly the price you would have to pay at the manufacturer, is the best news of the day for me.


Answer report comment December 22, 2020, 20:44
Tina B

I came to this great phone after my Nexus 5x (soldering bug) broke down and Amazon refunded me the purchase price. Many thanks to Amazon at this point. Normally my pain threshold for a new phone is 300€, but I don’t regret having put some money on top of that. br>>br>The battery life is terrific: at least twice as long as with the N5X. I haven’t managed to get it empty in one day. The performance is also incredible. Finally, the apps stay in memory and I don’t have to wait forever for Spotify and co.

The display is also great and the more diagonal display does not take up as much as I feared.

This week there were even Oreo 8.1 and April 2018 security patches. According to XDA, Treble should also work unofficially, but with lineage tinkering it will hopefully have a few more years until the update support of OnePlus fails.
The Oxygen OS itself is at least pretty close to Stockoreo and as a Novalauncher user I hardly notice any difference.

I don’t care about the camera, but it should be top-notch.

So access it quickly or wait at least another month for the One plus 6. That is then even still waterproof, but should also be 50-100€ more expensive.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 21:25

Actually I wanted to wait for the OnePlus 6…but since I had destroyed my previous smartphone to the point of total loss, I didn’t want to wait any longer and had to struggle with my older existing replacement devices Nexus (1.) and/or Samsung Galaxy S (1.) and then spontaneously decided to buy the 5T…but then only in the weaker version, in case I still get weak at the 6…however, I am now after approx. after about one week of use I am still overwhelmed by the price-performance ratio, that I can be happy with it for a long time – since then I had to reload only 2 times.

The camera is the weakest part of the device, but even this one is not a total failure, it is just not as good as a Huawai P20 Pro e.g.

Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is now in the same price range, the device is a real monster. Personally, I have already taken distance from Samsung devices since the S4.

Who can make slight concessions with the camera, gets the best overall package delivered here. And the camera is already more than very good for normal users.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 00:03
agnes mellon

I’ve had the phone as my daily driver for 2 months and am completely satisfied. In addition, the price was reduced to 399 € on Amazon Prime Day, which made the price/performance ratio even better.

*User interface: The user interface is very similar to the Stock Android from Google Pixel 2 and reacts very quickly to all commands.
*Face recognition and fingerprint: The fingerprint sensor unlocks the phone in a few fractions. Face recognition, on the other hand, is not quite as fast.
*Display: An 18:9 display ratio is a great advantage when browsing the web and social media. Also the playback of videos in 16:9 does not disturb the YouTube videos.
*Processing: The aluminium back makes the phone look very valuable. All buttons are easily accessible and easy to use.

*Camera: The pictures are usefully included but not sharp enough like the competitors.

Conclusion: Very good reliable smartphone with a lot of cool new features compared to its predecessors. Clear recommendation to buy!

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 03:04

Fast shipping and TOP device. I had been looking for a new mobile/smartphone for a long time and had tested a few others but no comparison to the OnePlus 5T. If you are looking for a future-proof device and you don’t want to change your phone every year, and you can afford to spend a few more Euros, you are not wrong here. It runs stable and above all really fast…in addition the faceunlock, where even the IPhone has problems to keep up, convinced me. In addition, the simple Stokeandroid (minimalistic pure Android) without much frills. I also added a smartcover. Simply just almost perfect!

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 01:31
Heather A

I’m completely satisfied with the OnePlus 5T (64GB version).
As my OnePlus One is now slowly getting on in years, I ended up with the same manufacturer again. OK, the 6er stht in the starting blocks, but the targeted price made me buy the old one.

– fast
– good camera
– good haptics

There’s nothing to complain about.
Of course a few small deductions, as it’s of course a bit worse than the current models on the market, but that’s not critical.

Little problems with the volume after switching from silent to loud mode. So far only a restart has helped. I hope OP will get this under control. Conclusion: Buy while it still works…

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 12:24

In itself a good smartphone, visually beautiful and also fast. Face recognition and fingerprint sensor usually don’t work at first go, but that’s okay. After two months the charger cable is already broken. It’s not torn, it just doesn’t charge the Smartphone anymore… with my old cable the device is charging. There were no extras like headphones, protective foil or any kind of cover…
In addition it is very big in the hand – especially for women – but you get used to it. After two weeks I dropped the device and since then it has cracks in the lower corner of the display, despite the cover and the foil… but that’s probably not the fault of the device. Storage space is also sufficient.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 00:14
Morgan 6

I’m a transfer from Sony to the company one plus. I don’t know what to say. I’m still very excited. It’s going great. It loads up really fast. It’s great to hold. I can only say that with this device and for this price you have done everything right. Only the vibration alarm is a bit lax. But otherwise a great product which is inferior to other brands in nothing.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 09:38
lupe meraz

Would buy the phone again anytime. Even after several months of daily use, I have not noticed anything negative about the phone. Withstands all requirements effortlessly, lies well in the hand and can score points with me through frequent software updates from Oneplus

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 23:08
Oliver Ortiz

I am so happy with this thing. The smartphone is super fast, great display, the battery lasts forever, no annoying advertising apps, everything is kept slim and understandable and last but not least the great workmanship. Price performance absolutely unbeaten.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 11:16
Ted, from Denver, CO

Buy a OnePlus people.
Price performance is in my opinion nothing better on the market.
The 5T convinces me in all aspects. Battery, size, display, camera and performance.
I can recommend every mobile phone from One Plus without reservation.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 23:18
Gerard M. St-cyr

Super Smartphone, lies great in the hand and absolutely fast. Nothing jerks. Great display, great camera. I wanted to switch to iPhone 8 first, but I haven’t done it yet. I am very satisfied, it runs stable, no crashes or similar

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 10:40
Jorge Benois

An ingenious device. Value, processing, speed, software clearly above the other devices in this price range. Absolute recommendation for everyone who does not want to spend more money, but wants a top class device.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 08:48

Memory, speed, processing = Top

I really have nothing to complain about at all. Unrestricted purchase recommendation. In direct comparison faster in multi-tasking and apploading than the Samsung Galaxy S9+.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 22:09

After 8 months of use, the display of the mobile phone gave up the ghost for unexplainable reasons. The dealer fulfillment-service has exchanged the phone for a new one without any problems, big THANK YOU

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 18:06
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