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305 Reviews

Jim & Diane’s Account

If you don’t want to read the whole review you can just read the conclusion.
I was an iPhone user until now but since iOS was bothering me a lot i wanted to switch to Android.
I was looking for a smartphone that has enough processing power and speed in general to play some mobile games and it definitely has. It will also have enough computing power for a few years without getting slow. At least that’s what I expect. The price/performance ratio is not to be neglected compared to the competition, I think.
The exterior: I think it looks very stylish especially with the Midnight Black design. I don’t like it when you see fingerprints everywhere. Even if it’s a glass back you can hardly see any fingerprints, which I think is very nice, but I personally will only use the phone with a cover anyway. The whole phone looks very well made and there is already a screen protector applied. The scope of delivery: A OnePlus charging cable and Dash Power Adapter is included. These feel really valuable and robust (much better than what I knew from Apple before) and charge the phone really fast thanks to Dash Charging! Just a dream if you need a little power in between. A simple silicone cover is also included. This is not the most beautiful one, but until my other case is delivered, it will serve its purpose.
The performance: 6GB/8GB memory (depending on which one chooses the 64/128/256 GB memory) and a Snapdragon 845 processor speak for themselves. But to whom this does not mean anything: performance, power and even more power. Face recognition and the fingerprint sensor to unlock the device work reliably and practically without any delay. A short tap on the fingerprint sensor is enough. (A tip from me: The finger that is mostly used to unlock the device is simply stored twice in the settings. Each time in a slightly different position. Thereby the finger is recognized clearly better again). PUBG Mobile and other mobile games run smoothly on highest settings and internet pages load in a split second with a good internet connection.
The operating system: As a former iOS user I got used to the operating system very fast and I was able to set everything as I wanted it. The only thing that bothered me were the default settings of the operating system. For example, it was set up so that the vibration motor came on every time the button was pressed, which just bothered me, and the face unlock is set by default to automatically unlock the phone when the display is on and the face is recognized, so you couldn’t even look at the lock screen. But after I went through all the settings once, that was the problem.
Other: The camera takes nice pictures. They are not the very best now, but they are easily enough for Instagram, Facebook and co. The display is only Full HD+, but the battery life benefits from that, too. I can’t see any single pixels in normal viewing. Colors are displayed either vividly or naturally, depending on your preference, and the viewing angles are also good, although not the best. The battery lasts for 1.5 to 2 days of moderate use and, as I mentioned earlier, it is quickly recharged. One of my few points of criticism is the speaker on the underside, which unfortunately doesn’t have the best sound. It’s enough for a YouTube video, but I wouldn’t want to listen to music with it. It also gets covered quite quickly so the sound becomes very quiet when you hold the phone in your hand. Also, the phone has no wireless charging despite the glass back, which would make this possible. However, this is manageable, as it can be charged so quickly with the cable. Also, the memory is not expandable, so you should be sure how much memory you need before you buy. To be sure, I chose the 128GB version.

Conclusion: Except for a few minor things like the sound of the lower speaker, the lack of wireless charging, the strange defaults of the operating system and the fact that you can’t expand the memory, I am absolutely thrilled with this phone. Clearly, I would recommend buying it if the points just mentioned can be tolerated.

Answer report comment December 11, 2020, 03:21
Jackie and Taylor

The OnePlus 6 hasn’t been in production for some time now and is therefore available from time to time at extraordinary conditions. Extraordinary, because OnePlus offers its smartphones at fixed prices, unlike other manufacturers, a price drop as usual is almost impossible.

So I was able to buy the OP 6 for fabulous 418 Euro here at Amazon. Delivery as always fast and flawless. For this very manageable amount you get a very fine smartphone with an almost unassisted stock Android, which promises very fast security and system updates. Moreover, OnePlus guarantees updates over a long period of time (for Android).

The OnePlus 6 doesn’t appear too big with a display diagonal of almost 6.3 inches, it lies very well in the hand, also thanks to the matt black back. One advantage of the matt glass is its non-slip surface. On other smartphones with a high-gloss back, you sometimes have the feeling of having a piece of wet soap in your hand. Not at all here, nothing slips or is somehow fitful. Another plus point that cannot be overestimated is the almost non-existent susceptibility to fingerprints. Of course there is always some finger grease left behind, but it is not noticeable. Every glossy phone looks like shit after being touched two or three times, so you always want to have a cleaning cloth with you. And last but not least, the back of the phone looks almost like metal – very pleasant to the touch. I also found the service of attaching a protective foil to the display and a very good silicone cover very pleasant. The inner values are quickly told: The part is super fast, even with several open apps, the crisp display can be from bright to very bright, thanks to Stock Android everything is there, OnePlus has made a few small changes, better refinements to it, that’s it. The connectivity is excellent, phone, W-LAN, everything is fine. The speakers are completely ok, a smartphone is not a hifi system. Eight GB RAM and 128 GB memory are probably sufficient for most people, the complaining about non-expandable memory space and the lack of IP certification is stupid. The part is splash water resistant, so a downpour does not make it electronic waste. So, are you taking your smartphone to the shower or the bathtub? You see, neither do I.
>br>Look, there’s a but… The camera is not bad, with an update it even corresponds to OP 6T. The adjustment possibilities are completely sufficient for normal requirements, the pictures are really very neat. In my opinion it makes every compact camera up to 300 – 400 Euro dispensable.
Unfortunately, it is not enough for me as a former semi-professional photographer and today quite demanding amateur. A comparison with a top – photo – smartphone made quite some differences clear. Mind you: Such a top-of-the-range part can easily cost twice as much. A pity, but still understandable. Since I don’t want to use two Smarties at the same time, I decided to return the OnePlus 6 with a heavy heart. If you don’t have such crazy demands on the camera as I do, you will be very happy with the OP6. High tech and partially high end at a very small price. Highest recommendation. I miss this thing already, somehow…

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 11:38
Donna M. Dixon

OnePlus 6 (64GB, Mirror Black)
After more than a month of owning the OnePlus 6, I would like to share my experiences so far in this review:
The design as well as the workmanship are on a high level. Due to the display notch on the upper side and the narrow edges, the display covers almost the entire front side. The slightly rounded display edges on the right as well as on the left side support the overall impression of the design, but are a slight challenge when looking for suitable display foils. The black mirror back made of bullet-proof glass is scratch-resistant and looks modern.
An essential purchase criterion was the expected performance. Short and sweet – it exceeds every expectation and is simply top class. Android literally runs on the device. Security patches are quickly provided by OnePlus. The installed Oxygen OS also enhances the familiar Android environment with numerous useful features that you quickly get used to. For example, the gesture control that replaces the usual buttons ‘back’, ‘home’ and ‘tasks’ considerably increases the workflow. Bloatware apps are looked for in vain. WLAN connections are stable and fast. The face recognition is fast and reliable.
The version I bought has a 64GB internal memory, which cannot be expanded with an SD card. Initial doubts that the memory could become short are unfounded. Music for a playing time of more than 24h, important and interesting, but memory intensive apps, like Microsoft Office or Asphalt 9, as well as ordinary photography occupy about 25% of my memory. In today’s age of cloud solutions, most data is stored in the digital cloud anyway, which is easy and reliable to access due to its outstanding performance and connectivity.
The built-in dual camera on the back is a prominent point of criticism in many reviews. Admittedly, it cannot compete with a Leica dual camera of a current Huawei P20 Pro or Mate 10 Pro. But overall, the camera quality for everyday photography is more than okay. Especially videos are the strength of the camera. It should also be noted that the photo quality has improved significantly after the Oxygen OS update to version 5.1.11.
The battery lasts for one working day under normal use, sometimes even two, depending on the usage. ‘Fast Charging’ via the USB Type C port on the bottom of the OnePlus 6 deserves its name. Concerning the point that the socket ‘only’ supports USB 2.0, I personally have to say that after more than a month of intensive use, I haven’t even connected the device to a computer for data transfer and so this point has not come to my attention until now.
The OnePlus 6 is absolutely a high-end device. It convinces with an extraordinary performance and a modern minimalistic design. The operation is smooth and the numerous Oxygen OS features make it easy to use. Everybody has to know for himself how important the camera is. It is completely sufficient for normal standard photography of a normal standard user. Personally, I would go back to this top device after a month together with the OnePlus 6!

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 04:29
Tom Madden

A little more than 8 weeks ago I bought the OP6 in the 64 GB version new here at Amazon.
In competition were a Pixel 2 XL, Mate 10 Pro and the LG Thinq G7.
The OP6 then prevailed in the sale because of the price.
After endless years with HTC and Nexus devices, I was happy to get a device with a stock-like Android and fast software and especially an OLED display.
Because the HTC devices are also packed with very little bloatware except for the Sense surface.
After the first power on, the first disillusionment came, this is supposed to be an OLED? Weak and for an OLED very colorless the display seemed to me, I remembered the OLED of the Nexus 6P, which literally screamed at me with the colors. My HTC U Ultra with super LCD suddenly didn’t look so old-fashioned next to the OP6.
Well, then turn it brighter, you’ll get used to it. (no, I didn’t get used to it)
Surprising was the speed and handling of the OP6, the device is really outrageously fast and very easy to use, I especially liked the slider extremely well.
The speaker is a disaster and has to agree with all the tests. But since I only use it for ringing, it was ok for me. So far the device worked perfectly except for 1-2 involuntary restarts.
Also the battery life impressed me, with normal use I got about 1 1/2 days.
Charging with the dashcharge is extremely fast and well solved.
With the update to 9.0.4. which I got via OTA one week before the official announcement the disaster took its course. Already days before that OP6 seemed to slow down and especially the Playstore did what it wanted.
After the update to 9.0.4 suddenly no installation of apps via Playstore was possible. The apps ran up to 99-100% and then stopped, most of the time after 1-2 restarts you could get the phone to install this one app (or even update it).
Google and OP Forum brought thousands of results with the same problem from mid 2018 with update to Android 9. I tried ALL found solutions 100 times, wiped, stopped, deleted, reset, cleared caches and and and… However, the problem was back after a few hours at the latest.
A chat with the OP support brought the result that after an update up to 72 hours Google Apps can not work properly, but my OP6 had the 9.04. already over a week.
That would be normal I would have to wait. (Until what happens? Until Google updates the Playstore or OP brings a bugfix? You don’t know)
Also the clock stopped working, neither timer nor alarm clock made a sound. (Workaround in various forums: Install Google Clock, very funny, how?)
That was enough for me and a very understanding phone call with the Amazon customer service, to whom I explained everything again, gave me the possibility to send the device back after 8 weeks of use, which will happen today. It’s a pity, because I already bought several cases and bullet-proof glasses….
Conclusion from this I can hardly draw a conclusion, it is definitely not an isolated case, but the OP6 of my colleagues are currently working normally. But I have the impression that the devices are good, but maybe the updates even overdo it.
What good is an update if Google itself is not even behind.
Maybe OP has to mature here. Maybe it wasn’t my last one, but currently I’m glad that it’s going to go.
The Pixel2 XL is already ordered…

Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 01:56
Madame so

After my first order of the 64GB version got lost, and it was sold out, I paid 50€ more for the 128GB version in matt black. This arrived within two days with the free premium shipping which was given to me by Amazon as a gesture of goodwill.

After unpacking and setting up I noticed that the mobile phone attracts a lot of dust which is a bit annoying… But I am very convinced of the performance of the mobile phone. From the handling to the installation of apps I have never owned such a fast mobile phone. But also the design and the software (OxygenOS) is in my opinion the best I have seen from an Android device. The camera is also good, although I am not someone who cares about the camera anyway. As long as it can take good pictures I am happy. Another point is the charging, this phone has changed my charging habits completely. Instead of always charging overnight, I now charge the OnePlus only as needed and never overnight. When fully charged, the mobile phone is easily enough for one day (max. approx. 8h). The fact that there is always a headphone jack has helped me a lot sometimes. For unlocking I use the combination of fingerprint or face recognition (even if it is not as secure as the one from Apple for example). During the day you never see the lock screen because when you switch on the phone it is immediately unlocked by the face recognition. The OLED display is very nice to look at even if it does not have the highest resolution. At the lower edge there are no navigation keys anymore because I can use the OnePlus gesture control very well

At first I didn’t use any or sometimes only the included cover, which I regretted later. On a beautiful summer day I was sitting on our terrace and there the mobile phone slipped out of my pocket and suffered over the terrace. I didn’t think anything bad but when I picked up the phone I saw a crack in the lower right corner, this crack connects the left edge with the lower one… Then I bought a very expensive cover and foil (the foil covers the crack). So I am a little disappointed about the durability, but I think that I just had a lot of bad luck with this fall. 🙂

I am totally convinced of the OnePlus brand. Especially because they try to offer the best mobile phone for a reasonable price. My OnePlus is one of the fastest mobile phones, at a comparatively cheap price. In tests it beats the competition from Samsung, Apple, Huawei and co., sometimes even by worlds.

I should perhaps mention that a few days ago the update to Android 9 was received and thus OnePlus is one of the first manufacturers to ship the Android 9 itself customized.

So I am very satisfied with this phone but think that anyone who wants to buy a OnePlus should wait until the end of October the OnePlus 6t is released. For my part I hope that I can use the phone for several more years and that it will not be damaged even more.

LG Manuel

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 17:29
logan elder

One thing in advance… I intentionally took two months to evaluate the phone, in order to take into account possible problems that might occur later. So for 569€ I couldn’t have imagined a better phone. I was an Apple user until two months ago. After six years of Apple I can only say one thing: I’m really enthusiastic about it.

Here are the positive points:
– The mobile phone feels very high quality in my hands
– The display is huge and the resolution is very good (especially when playing games or watching videos)
– The performance (cpu) is incredibly fast… I never realized how slow my old mobile phone actually is
– The camera is very good except for a few small things. In good light conditions you can take very nice
pictures and in the dark not so good, but that’s the case with most mobile phones. You definitely can’t expect a reflex camera quality, but the mobile phone is not built for taking pictures and for a mobile phone camera it is MORE than sufficient. The operating system took some getting used to in the beginning, but after a short time I really liked it. . there are no unnecessary frills, you can design everything the way you want to have it 😉 What I personally liked very much was the fact that the mobile phone has a display protection foil and that the delivery includes a mobile phone cover. It’s a cheap silicone cover but at least there is a cover included. The manufacturers probably thought that they would send a Basic cover with the phone, so that the phone is protected until the owner buys a nice cover. There you can see that they really thought about it.

– The sound quality is actually quite good, but every now and then the quality gets worse… it always depends on what music I listen to and what volume is in it… I sometimes find it very annoying that I always have to change the setting >br>- The automatic camera focus sometimes doesn’t work properly >br>- What annoys me the most personally is the fact that when I set an alarm clock, before my alarm clock rings, there are always loud notifications an hour before and then every 20 min. I really wonder what the manufacturer had in mind. There is a way to disable this notification, but as soon as you do that you can’t turn off the alarm clock (when it rings) with the (pull your finger up). You then have to go directly into the clock app and turn off the alarm manually, which can be really annoying. Also you don’t have the possibility to use the snooze function anymore.

I am very satisfied with the mobile phone. Nevertheless, I could not decide to give 5 stars. For the simple reason that the last negative point for me is so big that I give one star less. Nevertheless I would not have expected for this money that I would get such a fast and good mobile phone. Except for the few small things I give a clear recommendation to buy!

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 02:30
Eduardo A.

The OnePlus 6 is my first Android smartphone. I have only used Apple devices since 2009, but I have always followed Android development and watched it curiously. Then on Sunday my iPhone 6 gave up the ghost after 3.5 years, so this time I chose an Android device because of the huge curiosity and then the new OnePlus 6 (my friends have been using the OnePlus 1 for years and are still enthusiastic about it, so I chose this manufacturer with a bit of prejudice and did not make 100 cross comparisons, because I also needed a new smartphone quickly)

The jump from the iPhone 6 with iOS 11.4 to the OnePlus 6 with Android 8.1 is gigantic. I notice the direct difference in really all areas. In the processor, the screen, the camera and also in the operating system. I get along well with both operating systems, but Android offers me a bit more depth – so it seems to me – and so far doesn’t make me regret buying it at all. On the contrary – I’m glad to have made the switch this time and even more happy about using a really great smartphone, which at first hardly leaves anything to be desired.

My requirements for the new device were only 08/15 basics like:
– Shortly check social media (Reddit/Twitter/Instagram)
– Read news, browse and stay in touch with friends via WhatsApp
– More battery capacity than the former iPhone 6 to last for two days
– Take good/satisfactory pictures
– Be halfway supplied with updates compared to other manufacturers
– Nearly Stock-Android
– 3, 5mm jack connector – I still like to use the analogue solution

The OnePlus 6 fulfils all the points for me easily, it even surpasses them and I am always delighted how quickly it reacts.
For my part I am very satisfied and can only recommend it, especially to those who want to switch to Android or are looking for a device that has similar requirements to mine and are willing to pay this price.

Update after more than two weeks of use:
The 19:9 display still seems a bit big, but I now find it really pleasant to have so much space in all my apps and to look at a well illuminated display, which can also be calibrated in the settings.
This display, the speed and this long-lasting battery in combination make the smartphone a perfect everyday companion for me, which makes my iPhone completely forgotten. (This was my constant fear that I’m mistrusting my iPhone and that I might regret the switch to an Android device. Which fortunately turned out to be absolutely wrong! ) I am very fond of this Smartphone, because it confirms me every day again and again how well hardware and software make my everyday life a little bit better 😉

Answer report comment December 11, 2020, 02:21
Me Oh My!

After a long time of thinking back and forth about which smartphone should be the next one, I got this device through the Black friday.

The smartphone comes in a very simple packaging, which makes a very high-quality impression.

All the way down in the box the really nice charging cable and the power supply for Dash or Quickcharge.

Now to the device itself. The workmanship is really first class. All buttons have a super pressure point, it lies well in the hand and also the used materials make a valuable impression. You log in at Google and can download the backup from your old phone to your mobile. Sorich all apps are installed etc. Alternatively or additionally you can also use the Oneplus software and transfer old photos, messages etc. from your old phone via WiFi to the new one.

As soon as you have your smartphone in operation you will notice what’s under the hood, everything runs smoothly, apps open immediately, Googlemaps can be used without even a jerk.

The user interface is wonderful. Everything is very clean and tidy and can be configured very finely. In addition, you can update directly to Android 9, which enhances the experience with the os again. br>br>Positive is to mention that you are not, as with other manufacturers with annoying Bloatware littered. br>>br>The camera is in my eyes very successful, especially the image stabilization of the main camera is really impressive. However, the software is sometimes a little over-motivated and does a bit of a lot of stalking.

What I also noticed: I used to have a Huawei P20 Lite and only in very rare cases I had a LTE connection. With the Oneplus 6 I have 4G almost everywhere and always the best reception.

Well to my points of criticism:
The speaker could be better, but for normal everyday life it is sufficient in my eyes. It is loud enough all the time.
The battery could be a bit bigger. You won’t have any problems getting through a normal day, but if you use it intensively, it can get a bit short. br>The quality of voice messages at WhatsApp is really bad. However, this seems to be a software problem. Normal memos and calls are great in terms of quality. -Super processor and lots of RAM -&gt,good performance
-Clean and clearOS
-3,5mm jack
-Good camera
-Dual Sim
-Relafiv cheap price

Only one speaker
-Memory not expandable
-(bad WhatsApp audio quality)


Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 04:56

First of all, all negative things I noticed so far are:

– The front cam doesn’t take the best pictures, the right camera on the back is more convincing, even if it is a bit worse than the current top models of Samsung, Pixel and iPhone, but not much.
– no wireless charging

So that’s it with the things that have made me feel the difference to a 1000€ smartphone in my daily life.
But this doesn’t cost even half of the price, especially in the sale.
Can you feel this in the quality of the screen, workmanship, operating system, general handling? Not at all.
Oxygen OS is mMn the only addition to stock android that doesn’t slow down or worsen the handling and speed of handling an Android phone, but complements and improves the handling of Android 9. The rest of the smartphone is top.
Recommendation goes out to anyone who wants a high-end smartphone, but doesn’t want to spend 600-1000€ for less or peripherally more performance/features.


Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 05:02
Chris Burklund

As with many stands, after 3 years a new mobile phone is being offered. But the market has become so opaque. A few thoughts have helped me personally. br> br> br> At the beginning, for what do you use the mobile phone, what should it have. For me it was a good camera, reasonable battery life, a headphone jack and my dream, a Notch, as well as a large display. My previous S7 Edge is also not a small mobile phone, so that size only played a minor role. Much more important was the price question, must it be 800, 900, 1000 or even more € for a pocket phone?
The new Samsung devices were quickly out s9 and s9+ are said to have very poor battery life, a camera comparison test showed – only pictures with max. medium quality, no Notch.
Nokia, well, display edges to Athens, no Notch, a design like a brick and simply already damaged from earlier – also out.
Iphone – too expensive and also only 4 GB Ram, a Notch, but not a nice one.
Google Pixel 2 or now 3 are optically not my cup of tea, photo quality good, but for me not impressive enough, but all this about data octopus Google is running, but it’s already very annoying.
We still have the Huawei / Honor devices. Of course there are plenty of mid-range phones, like the Honor 10 and P20 Honor Play …. but for the lower prices you have to cut back on display, features or camera / battery.
Xiaomi with the Pocophone – as good as the tests are, as satisfied users are, I don’t like a direct copy from the iPhone. The notch size has to be to your liking.

OnePlus was left – the positive reactions have confirmed me once again. A camera that takes decent pictures, stabilized video in 4k 60fps, slow-motion function, a battery that lasts for a day and a half, a nice clean Android, 8GB Ram (at 128 GB), a great display and a wonderful haptic. I don’t regret the change and can only recommend it.

2 minor deficiencies, USB C only data rate 2.0, and only one mono speaker. But I had no other choice with the S7, so it’s no problem for me. I would buy it again anytime. if this review has helped in any way, I would be happy to use the helpful function.

Answer report comment December 11, 2020, 04:44

I was looking for a Smartphone, which can keep up with the top devices and is nevertheless to be got at a still bearable price. After many test reports with top ratings for the OnePlus 6 I decided to buy it.
Very good camera (2 main cameras, optical image stabilizer, 4k video recording, slow-motion function), high-quality workmanship (all-around gorilla glass), OLED display, excellent equipment (state-of-the-art processor, 256 GB memory, 8 GB RAM, all modern connectivity), 3.5 mm jack, and no bloatware (= advertising apps, often not removable) pre-installed and an (almost) original, clean Android 9 surface with 2 years of updates: Smartphone heart, what more do you really want?
The device fulfills all its purposes with flying colors, is 60% charged in less than 30 minutes and fully charged in a little more than 70 minutes (although unfortunately only with a proprietary charging standard called OnePlus Fast Charge or Dash, not compatible with Qualcomm’s QuickCharge technology), is superbly crafted and offers pure performance. In addition, there are some nice enhancements to OnePlus that can certainly make smartphone life easier: Music player operation via gestures on the switched-off display, further gestures on the switched-off display for direct access to functions (start camera, switch flashlight on/off, start apps …), a direct 3-position switch on the device for volume on/only vibrate/mute, hiding the notch (which folds invisibly thanks to the OLED display and still shows the time/notification/battery etc. on the right/left of the notch), a new function for the music player that can be used to control the music player.
All in all, OnePlus has launched a completely successful, fantastically processed and perfectly usable smartphone with practically unchanged Android 9 – enriched with a few but useful additions of its own.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 11:01

I came across Oneplus rather by chance while searching for a new smartphone. For me the risk to buy a mobile phone from a manufacturer I never heard of before was worth it. I have been using the OP6 with 8/256 GB memory for a good month now and am still enthusiastic about it.

The device fits well in the hand, is fast and has not shown any weaknesses so far. The battery is charged from 0 to 100% in just under 70 minutes and lasts 1 to 1.5 days with my usage pattern. AccuBatery Pro shows after one month of use that the battery lasts 11 hours 20 min with the display on and 172 hours with the display off. These values are in line with my experience, so they could be correct. It takes really good pictures. For me this is rather secondary, I don’t expect my mobile phone to compete with my DSLR. But under normal lighting conditions the quality is really good.

I also noticed the fingerprint sensor to unlock it. It reacts almost without delay.

My conclusion:
The OP6 is a really cool part that I like optically and despite the 6,2 inch it fits quite good in my hand.
I’m used to the (also for me new) Notch by now, but you can also switch it off if you don’t want to have it.
Oneplus also does without unnecessary software stuff.
All in all I can recommend the OP6. Just a great part.

Answer report comment December 10, 2020, 23:34
Lowell M.

A Samsung Galaxy A50 was returned to me after a few days (problems with touch sensitivity of the display), and I ordered this one. It’s more than 100 € more expensive than the Samsung, but it’s worth it.
I’m very satisfied with this phone. My impression in a nutshell:
+Battery lasts for an average of 1.5 days
+Good to very good display
+Touch sensitivity of the display sher reliable, but not over-sensitive
+Large memory
+Large RAM
+ Works fast and reliable
+Fingerprint sensor on the back reacts very well
+Little (no? ) unnecessary apps pre-installed by the manufacturer
+display protection foil is included, already attached
+silicone protection cover is included (light grey transparent, fits very well, protects very well)

no opinion
>I can’t say much about the camera yet, but I’m sure it will take decent photos

-no space for memory card (but with 128GB internal memory and cloud-use not necessary at all)

Better than a mid-range mobile phone, but with about 400 Euro not too expensive. Since the camera is not the deciding factor for me (I can’t judge quality yet), I think there is a great price-performance ratio here. I can absolutely recommend a purchase.

Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 17:40

The Oneplus advertising slogan promises too much. I have been the happy owner of a Oneplus Two with modified software for over 4 years now to be provided with the latest security updates. But with current games even under minimal graphics there was not much fun to play. But with the Oneplus 6 this has changed completely. Everything runs smoothly even under maximum graphics. The change from the old to the new device ran smoothly and quickly.
The technical specifications already betray that a super device is offered at a top price.

The service life is only one day for me, but I am very satisfied with the device as a whole.

A special plus point for the Oneplus is its software policy. Even if the manufacturer himself would no longer offer an update, everyone is free to install any other Android-based software. For this purpose there are also good instructions from the official side, which make the installation easy and understandable. If something should go wrong, the support team hopes that it will continue and reset the device to the factory settings. This is one of the unique selling points of Oneplus.

All in all, I can recommend the device for purchase so far and join previous speakers and other techblogs.

Answer report comment December 11, 2020, 06:20
Karen Kitchen

I’ll be brief, the device is performant, with little bloatware, halfway close to Stock Android and the workmanship is also okay.
A great device, if it weren’t for the AMOLED panel lottery.

The first device has very narrow viewing angles, so that the white value changes even with the slightest tilting movements.
The use thus creates a nervous feeling.
The second device has good viewing angles, it returns visual calm. But wait – what is this? It’s greyish on the top and white on the bottom. Once you’ve seen the effect (it didn’t take me 2 minutes), you can’t unsee it anymore and it jumps into your face when browsing the web.
Well, I’ll try a third time. Viewing angle also quite good, no wobbling of the white-value with small movements. But here again an uneven brightness distribution.
After my eyes have trained themselves for this effect, I see now also with the first device (what I still have) a slightly uneven balance.

The effect is the same on all three devices, the display gets gradually darker from bottom to top, which was also mentioned in the test from (looks for illumination in the test).

May be that there are really good specimens (other tests suggest that), but they are rather rare. If you’re sensitive and prefer to read websites with white background rather than watching videos or playing games, you’d better get another device (preferably without AMOLED).

Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 15:34
Lorraine M.

In March 2019, I ordered the OnePlus 6 smartphone here at Amazon.

I was very satisfied with the product itself. Great performance, super easy handling and mega good image quality! Everything a Smartphone needs in my opinion is fulfilled.
But you read correctly I WAS satisfied.
Because after less than a year the battery said goodbye. Before that it lasted up to two days with full use. But then the OnePlus unfortunately didn’t even last one day. It wasn’t supposed to be like that.

So I sent the smartphone to the Amazon Service Center for repair under warranty (unfortunately there was no warranty directly through OnePlus because the smartphone was purchased through a third party).
And now the mess began.
The repair time for warranty repairs is usually 12 business days – that’s the promise of Amazon.
I guess someone has promised to do that.
The 10th day after sending the OnePlus, I received an email that the OnePlus arrived at the service center. No problem for me, because I am really very patient. So now the 12 days started for me.
On the 13th day I sent a message to Amazon and just wanted to check the repair status. The answer took my socks off.
A very nice employee tried to find out something for me, but the service center couldn’t tell her anything about the status of the repair.
I got my money back the next day and I never see my smartphone again. To my disappointment the easiest way was chosen.
Thank you Amazon! Now I know where I will not buy a Smartphone anymore.

Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 20:41
Kathleen W.

I have been using the Oneplus 6 for half a year now and I am convinced. I already had the OnePlus One, the OnePlus 3 and now just the OnePlus 6.
It is clearly the best smartphone that OnePlus has built so far. Processing, update policy and working speed are absolutely top and can only be compared to other top smartphones.
I can’t make any statement about the OnePlus 6t.
– Top SoC (Qualcomm Snapdragon 845)
– Good OLED panel (very bright, top colors)
– Nearly stock Android (OxygenOS brings many good features like hiding notch without flooding the operating system with bloatware)
– Super fast updates (Currently Android 9. 0)
– Good camera main camera(s), dual camera that doesn’t have to hide from the Samsung Galaxy S9 (portrait mode, night mode, fast motion, slow motion, pro mode, etc. )
-3,5mm jack connector
– Super fast face recognition
– Super fast fingerprint sensor
– Average:
– Battery
– Front camera
– Microphone (recording quality)

– Speaker
– No IP68

Insg. for the money a hammer smartphone, which is even a lot faster than the Samsung Galaxy S9, which I used for a short time

Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 02:56

I bought the OnePlus 6 because I have always been walking around with 2 phones (1 private, 1 professional) and since that was very annoying and cumbersome, I was looking for a smartphone that has dual sim function and enough memory at the same time. The choice is not so huge, but the size of the phones is the more. I’m not a fan of the huge screens, but I looked at the OnePlus 6 and was thrilled. I’ve always been a fan of Vanilla Android and don’t think much of bloatware and locked bootloaders.
In my eyes the OnePlus 6 is a complete success. Great little tricks of the trade, which make everyday use easier in a quick and complete package without a lot of frills.
The battery lasts just under 1 1/2 days (telephoning, reading/writing emails, surfing and researching).
I haven’t found any real negative points for a long time. The display is great (could be a tick smaller for my taste), the handling and feeling in the hand are fantastic and in terms of speed it is unrivaled. Only the speaker could be a bit better, but in return it has the jack plug I love, which is rationalised away by all manufacturers.

All in all I can only recommend the OnePlus 6!

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 20:51

Not one complaint about this phone.

Since the Oneplus 3, I have been hooked on this brand. Unfortunately my phone was stolen so I decided to buy the Oneplus 6. 8 Months later, I couldn’t be happier.
Best features:
– The camera: Omg the camera is insane, especially if you love to make movies! I always film on the 4k mode, the quality of the image is impeccable. I have also been playing with the promode on pictures, which turns out to be amazing.
– the available memory: outstanding.
– Screen: really nice screen quality – also come with screen protector so no need to worry about breaking screen.
– Super charge: in 20 minutes your phone is charged to 100%.
– Game play: no problemo
– Multi-tasking/multi-apps. The phone does not slow down! i.e: Nike running + spotify sync well together)
– fingerprint reader: read in a milli-second.
– The price: you cannot find another phone on the market with ALL these features for the same price. Amazing.

Cons: if I really had to find one, it’s a tiny bit heavier than oneplus 3, but not noticeable.

Overall, amazing phone, so so happy with my purchase. I recommend it to everyone.

Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 12:08
Walter R. Weber

I am a huge smartphone fan. I change my devices every 6-12 months on average.
When I think about how many expensive iPhones and Android devices I already own..
Samsung, Sony,Huawei, … iPhone 3GS up to iPhone 8…

I am blown away, what a price-performance ratio. The device is tip top quality and there is nothing to complain about.
The performance is just amazing.
And the best Oxygen OS… My favorite UI so far.
Just became a huge OnePlus fan.
And my demands on a device are quite high. Optically as well as technically.

The loudspeaker could be a bit better in the future and best would be 2, but it’s not as bad as some people review this one.
From 70 % on it tugs slowly and doesn’t sound nice anymore. But there it is already quite loud.
The camera is enough for me.
And the whole performance and the battery life is just good, really good.
The OnePlus update promise also lets us hope for good things.
I can’t say more after the short time, but I’ll continue to report after a few weeks of experience.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 11:48
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