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199 Reviews

James F. Lundy

Since it has become quite long, summary for the fast reader at the bottom!

For some years now, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus has been taking up the fight against Apple and Samsung with premium mobile phones at affordable prices. I have tested almost every OnePlus Smarphone so far and was always enthusiastic!

OnePlus mobile phones have always been of high quality construction, but were always one step behind Apple or Samsung in terms of design. For example, the OnePlus 5 lacked an edge-to-edge display. By the time the 5T had a completely metal casing, other premium smartphones had already switched to an all-glass design. The OnePlus 6 did much better and had a competitive design with a ‘notch’ effect. The Oneplus 6T, however, incorporates the latest technologies such as a fingerprint sensor under the display and one of the smallest and for me most satisfying ‘notches’ on the market.


The front and back of the device are made of glass and are available in Midnight Black and Mirror Black. The device has the following dimensions: 157.5 x 74.8 x 8.2mm – it is not ‘too’ big and fits perfectly in the hand, because there is nothing else than the cameras on the back. The fingerprint sensor has now moved from the back (Oneplus 6) under the display (Oneplus 6T).
Popular features that only OnePlus offers, such as the physical switch for switching between ringing, vibrating and completely silent modes, are still present and useful.
The dual SIM card slot is handy for regular travelers, but is also very beneficial when using 2 data tariffs.
On the bottom of the device is the USB-C port and a single speaker, I would have preferred stereo speakers. What is noticeable here is that the headphone connection is missing! Alternatively, a USB-C to 3.5mm cable is included in the package, so you can still use your wired headphones.


Most changes have been made to the display. The most noticeable features are that the edges have become thinner and the notch is much smaller. I haven’t been a big fan of the Notch – but the 6T’s is so subtle and elegant that I now like it. For me, it’s the most satisfying Notch ever built into a smartphone.
The display is a 6.41-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels (402 pixels per inch). The display is sharp, the colors are rich and vibrant and the brightness is sufficient in bright sunlight – I’m more than satisfied with the display.

The biggest innovation is that the fingerprint sensor is now built under the display. This is made possible by a technology that is hardly represented in smartphones yet. The advantage is that the fingerprint sensor can now be placed on the front without taking up space that could actually be used for the display. The sensor works quickly and reliably
In addition, there is the option of face unlocking (unlocking by face recognition).


The camera is an area where OnePlus has generally always lagged behind its more expensive competitors. Most cameras take good to very good pictures in broad daylight. But what distinguishes good from excellent cameras is the performance when there is little light available (low-light performance). The Oneplus 6T has the same camera specifications as its predecessor, only the software has been improved. It consists of a 20MP dual main camera and a 16MP front camera. I really liked the Oneplus 6 camera and I could always rely on it. Pictures in situations with bad light were always ‘good’, videos excellent. It may not be able to compete with the incredible low-light performance of the Samsung Galaxy S9+, the breathtaking portrait features of Pixel 3 or the consistency of the iPhone XS, but the quality comes so close to that of its competitors that the camera no longer feels like a compromise. The video quality is excellent, especially at 4K. There is a slow-motion video mode that can record up to 480 frames per second. If video recording should be the most important thing on your phone, you should consider the Galaxy S9+, the Sony Xperia XZ2 or the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. These smartphones all feature the super slow motion function of 960 fps and their excellent cameras, but are also a lot more expensive.


>A 400mAh larger battery was used, instead of 3300mAh there are now 3700mAh. The battery of the predecessor was completely sufficient for me.
With normal use (1-2h Youtube a day – 1-2h Audible – 1 hour Spotify / Browser use) the battery lasts a whole day. Usually I still have 20-30% in the tank at the end of the day.
Since I have only been using the Oneplus 6T for a few days, I will add a long-term report here after a month.

The OnePlus 6 meets all expectations of a premium smartphone that is almost twice as expensive. It has an edge-to-edge display, an all-glass design, strong specifications, a competitive camera, software optimized for speed, face unlock, a fingerprint sensor under the display and one of the most satisfying notches ever built into a smartphone. All this for 579€ is a real blast! br>>br>short:br>>br>- display enlarged from 6.28 to 6.4 inches br>- notch super small – for me one of the most satisfying notches on the market br>- battery capacity of 3. 300mAh increased to 3700mAh // Keeps all day long
– Camera slightly improved – Same specifications as Oneplus 6
– Fingerprint sensor under the display
– Face-Unlock available
– OxygenOS – for me the best Android version besides Google’s Pixel Stock System
– High End Design
– Super Rear Camera
– No headphone jack
– No QHD display
– No wireless charging
– Not waterproof (official) //

I spent a lot of time writing this report and hope it was helpful to you in your search for a new smartphone.
If there are any questions about the device, just ask them as a comment – I will be happy to answer them!

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 04:22
joseph weinshenker

Dear Ben,first of all thank you for your complete analysis. I have a LG G4, which is soon going to give up the ghost in RAM and I am looking for something new. Someone in my circle of acquaintances has a One plus cell phone is totally enthusiastic. I have one more question that has been on my mind for a long time about smartphones: is it possible to make calls with the One Plus without the unspeakable swiping? Is it possible to change the user assistance so that you can only accept calls with a green button/press and end with a red button/press? It is not possible with the G4, but I would be very grateful for any kind of answer.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 04:50
Paul H

Enough has been written about the positive features of this phone. It really is high end on the level of a pixel phone from Google.
But: For months there has been a problem with Android Auto, which in combination with different car brands (e.g. Smart and Renault) leads to a complete uselessness. The screen in the car is completely pixelated and does not or hardly react to input. Since the problem became known (in many forums and also in the Google forums) there have been some updates for the Android Auto App and the Google Play Services suspected to be responsible for the problem, but all of them have done little or nothing to improve it.

Not only the OnePlus 6T, but also the Google Pixel 3 is affected. So it is not a problem of OnePlus, but an error at Google. As far as I can see, it is not possible to estimate when this will be fixed. On the part of Google there is no meaningful feedback and OnePlus is also rather silent.

Although it is a Google problem, I only award one star for a phone that actually deserves five stars, since there are no useful statements about the problem from any side.

Whoever does not use Android Auto, this phone is 100% recommended! If you use Android Auto or even, as I do, I would strongly advise against buying this phone.

As soon as the problem is solved, I will gladly raise it to five stars and hopefully soon.

Update from December 11, 2018: It’s probably a problem with the architecture of the 845 Snapdragon processor. This would explain why pixel 3 also has the same problems with Android Auto.
It should also be mentioned that this problem only occurs in connection with the Renault Media System. But some other car models are also affected which have this system installed, e.g. Smart, Nissan and Mitsubishi.

After a week of being annoyed by the OnePlus support who kept telling me to delete my Bluetooth connections or use a different cable. Google and Renault have left my requests unanswered until today (one week).

Conclusion: With a heavy heart I have now decided to return the phone to Amazon (Sorry Amazon) and continue to use my Nokia 7 Plus. Android Auto works wonderfully.
I have learned from this that it is better not to buy the latest generation of processors or devices in general, but to be better off with a model that is at least half a year old.
I am sure that Google or OnePlus will also make Android Auto work in a Smart/Renault. But to wait for months for that is not acceptable for me. Or maybe it would have been, if OnePlus had said: OK, we have a problem with the processor architecture. We will certainly solve the problem. But it will probably take until spring. Sorry.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 22:20
Unknown customer

I’d like to share my review with you.
In advance: I recently owned the following smartphones: iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 4, …
After several iPhone’s (and the Samsung ‘exception’) I thought I’d treat myself to an Android smartphone again, since the price policy of the new iPhones is really bothering me. If you don’t want to read so much, you can scroll down a bit and read the pros and cons and the conclusion.

1) Packaging &amp, shipping:
Shipping was 1A as always. No problems at all, goods arrived the next day.
You don’t need to write much for the packaging… white, simple, elegant packaging.
Contents of packaging:
– Smartphone, adapter USB-C to 3,5mm jack, case protection (backside), Fast Charge charger cable, SIM-needle, manual… the device is already provided with an adhesive display foil.
Attention! The foil only serves to protect the display from scratches. It cannot be compared with an armored foil, which may also protect the display from cracks / damage under certain circumstances…

2) Design
I deliberately chose the Midnight Black version, because this color is much less sensitive to fingerprints. Moreover, the more matte black generally appeals to me more.
The case’s workmanship is top notch. No ‘sharp edges’, no noticeable transitions. The device fits perfectly in the hand (I know the case dimensions because my iPhone 7 Plus had almost identical dimensions).
The following hardware buttons are available: On/Off switch, Volume up/down switch and a slider to quickly adjust the device to the following things: completely silent, vibrate, ring.

3) Hardware / Performance
The OnePlus 6T is equipped with a Snapdragon 845 CPU. In addition, my version has 8GB of RAM (I can’t tell if the 8GB make a noticeable difference to the 6GB RAM version).
The smartphone works incredibly fast, I haven’t been able to find a smartphone that runs so smoothly and quickly! My iPhone 7 Plus was a bit slower! Apps are opened super fast, even the many opened background apps lead to no / hardly any performance loss. I will come to the camera separately.

4) Display
The display with its 6,41′ is an absolute power (in the positive sense) !
A border is hardly left. The device looks very noble with such a narrow edge. The resolution of the display with its 2340 x 1080 pixels doesn’t come close to absolute top values, but it’s enough for me.
The Notch (upper screen bar) can be displayed in two different views. The Notch can’t be completely removed because of the front camera. I love the possibility to reduce the notch to a minimum. There’s also nothing negative to say about the display brightness.
One real advantage is that the device can be unlocked directly on the display by fingerprint. I’ve been looking for such a solution for a while, because I didn’t like the sensors on the back of the device at all.
Face recognition also unlocks the device very quickly (even a bit faster than fingerprinting).
Both versions work absolutely reliable!
>5) Camera
Let’s get to one of my few criticisms – the camera.
Photos: The camera shoots naturally sharp pictures in good lighting conditions. Also in bad light conditions the device shoots absolutely satisfying photos now. But what bothers me is the colour saturation. The photos look a bit too artificial, the colours seem too strong… one notices that the software improves in the background. Furthermore, the release time to shoot a photo is clearly too slow! My iPhone 7 PLUS was worlds faster here!
These are points of criticism that only minimally influence the overall impression, as I don’t take many photos. For this I have a DSLR camera.
Videos can be taken up to a 4k with 60 fps (but I think that the recording time is very limited here).
Videos can be seen, also because of the image stabilizer, very very very good!

6) Battery(runtime)
The battery runtime is completely sufficient in ‘normal working life’! The device is only used intensively from 18 – 22 o’clock… In the evening I usually have 30% remaining battery. The usage is spread over Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Amazon, games, phone calls…
The fast charging is also a great thing. In 80-90 minutes the device is fully charged. I have never experienced that before…
What is missing is the wireless charging.


– super fast Smartphone with latest Android OS and 2 years updates
– design absolutely top-notch
– different unlock modes (sensor in display as well as face recognition)
– video quality in 4k
– battery life as well as Fast Charging
– sharp and bright display
– RAM as well as CPU performance
– price

– no 3,5mm jack connector
– mono speaker
– no corresponding IP certification (the device is officially not waterproof)

– response times of the camera when taking pictures
– no wireless charging

I am super satisfied with the OnePlus 6T (128GB, 8GB RAM)!
The purchase price was 579,-€ – the latest iPhone is not available for less than 1000,-€.
The performance is world class, no jerking, no dropouts.
The design surpasses all my previous smartphones.
The device is not packed with 100 pre-installed, meaningless apps.
The camera is good, but nothing more.

I give the device full 5 stars!

If my review has been useful, feel free to leave a Like da.
Thanks a lot.


Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 22:43

Actually, I was quite happy with the LG G6, but the low internal memory (32GB) and the fact that I wanted to use Dual-SIM made me look for a new smartphone.
After some research on the internet, it finally became the OnePlus 6T in Mirror Black in the 6GB/128GB version.

=== 1. first impression / processing ===
In contrast to the LG G6, the Oneplus with its 6.41 inch display is already noticeably larger.
My fears that it would be bad in handling have turned out to be unfounded.
It is wonderfully balanced and it never threatened to slip out of my hand, even with one-handed operation.
>br>It is perfectly manufactured and it looks generally high-quality, there is nothing to complain>The color Mirror Black I can’t recommend for people who want to use the phone without a case:br>br>The back of the phone is in high gloss black, which is covered with glass. Within a short(!) time everything is covered with fingerprints.
If you don’t like it, you should go for the color Midnight Black. This is not available in the 6GB/128GB version.

=== 2nd display ===
The display is very sharp despite the FHD+ resolution, and the colors are really great.
I have to admit that I have never owned a phone with an OLED display before,
but the OnePlus 6T is by far the most beautiful one I’ve ever had.
It’s simply fun, whether browsing the Internet or watching YouTube. br> slider.
There is a night mode that can be programmed by time of day so that it turns on and off automatically.
There is also an eye-friendly reading mode for people who like to read e-books. This can be assigned to apps, so that the reading mode is automatically activated as soon as you start the app. Super !

==== 3rd technology ===
Thanks to the Snapdragon 845 everything is super smooth and it’s really fun to work with the phone.
Waiting times or jerking around are extremely rare. The performance is also absolutely perfect with the 6GB RAM.

The new fingerprint sensor, which is located under the display on the 6T, is for me so far a small shortcoming.
Sometimes it works perfectly, and sometimes it takes 2-3 seconds to unlock the phone. This should really work better, and I >br> hope that the OnePlus will be able to get a lot more out of it with firmware updates.
Unlocking with face recognition, on the other hand, works incredibly fast!

To the right on the side is a small 3-step slider, on which you can quickly and easily switch between sound/vibration/sound.
This works great and is extremely practical.
The jack socket for headphones is unfortunately no longer available. But there is a USB-C –&gt, jack adapter included.

The speaker is often criticized in reviews, but I find it more than sufficient.
Compared to the LG G6 I would even say that the OnePlus sounds a bit louder and clearer.

Dual-SIM can be used without any problems.
It is noticeable here that I never had better mobile reception than with the Oneplus.
I live very rural, and while all my previous phones(HTC M7, LG G4, LG G6) had to be placed near the window, with the 6T I have reception in the whole apartment. I have never read this in a recession before, but for me it’s a huge plus!

The battery lasts extremely long. With moderate use, it is possible to charge the battery only every 2 days.
Thanks to the 20Watt charger, the battery is full again in about 1 1/2 hours.
The only noticeable thing about me is a relatively high standby consumption overnight. But it could also be because of one of my apps, I have to investigate further.

==== 4th camera ===
The camera is good, in good light conditions even very good.
But as soon as the conditions are not quite as optimal, the camera can unfortunately not keep up with the flagships of Huawei,Google or Samsung.
But with enough light the pictures are really great.
Compared to the LG G6, the OnePlus camera is a bit better. Especially in bad light, the OnePlus shows more details. The noise level of both phones is on a similar level.
The only thing I miss a bit is the wide angle lens of the G6, which was really handy.
All in all, a good camera, which will be enough for most people.

==== 5th software ===
OnePlus uses OxygenOS here which I personally absolutely like.
Except for the OnePlus Community App and a OnePlus App that helps you to move from an old phone there are no unnecessary apps that you >br>eh never use. Unfortunately, this is often the case with other manufacturers, who have a system littered with useless apps.
OxygenOS is close to the Android stock with minor adjustments and useful improvements.

The software support from OnePlus is outstanding. Again and again there are smaller system updates, within a month already 3 pieces.
I have never experienced that with another manufacturer to this extent. Top !

=== 6th conclusion ===

+ very good reception
+ great display
+ long-lasting battery
+ great software / very many updates
+ very good performance
+ good camera, which will be more than sufficient for most people. ..

– … who expects a camera on top level will be disappointed
– fingerprint sensor is not yet mature

I have never regretted the purchase so far and would recommend the phone anytime. The total package is just right here.
I find the price reasonable for the performance.


Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 02:38
Gabriel Ferris

After testing several smartphones lately, such as the Mate 10 Pro, P20 Pro, Mi Mix 2S, Mi 8, S9+, iPhone X, Note 9, LG V30 and more, I dared to buy the OnePlus 6T, not with the intention of sending it back, … No, the presentation totally convinced me
So I received my OnePlus 6T at the release date. I had already tested the OnePlus 6 for over a week.
The OnePlus 6T really blew me away!

The design hasn’t changed much except for the non-existent jack socket and the fingerprint sensor in the back … Oh, yes, it has! The Notch has changed and that makes a lot of difference for me! The new Notch looks a lot better, is once again a unique selling point of OnePlus.
Besides that a TOP processed and beautiful Smartphone, no sharp edges and no gap between display and glass, exactly the way I wished for a super processed Smartphone!

Performance &amp, Display:
Everyone already knows that OnePlus still uses the old Snapdragon 845. But unfortunately there is nothing new on the market yet. The processor was overclocked at the factory, which is not necessary in my opinion – the very well optimized OxygenOS doesn’t need this performance boost, even without overclocking the thing runs smoothly.
The display is made by Samsungs. It is a 6.41 inch Optic AMOLED display. With the display I have absolutely nothing to complain about. Quite the opposite – it is even better than the one from grade 9! The Note 9 has the well known Black Crush problem, where dark content is hardly visible and is rather displayed as black. I also couldn’t see any screen banding on the 6T’s display – a uniformly illuminated display. Many people think that this is an AMOLED display and that there are no problems with the illumination. For those I recommend to look for Screen Banding or Uniformity Issue.

Battery life:
This fascinates me! A battery life I have never experienced before. Which flagship makes it through today with 2 days standby and 7-10 hours SOT? Yes, very hard to find a smartphone that lasts that long – or not! Exactly, the OnePlus 6T lasts over 1.5 days and offers you a SOT of at least 7 hours with moderate use.

fingerprint reader:
This one is always being bad-mouthed because it seems to react too slowly or inaccurately.
I can’t confirm that. Yes, the sensor needs some time to get used to the light conditions and the finger. Once the system is optimized for it, the scanner works just as fast as the one on the back.

In the beginning I wasn’t so enthusiastic about the camera. But after the installation of GCam (just google it) I managed to get some nice pictures, some of them even more beautiful than the ones of grade 9.
Some pictures you can find in the appendix!

The price hasn’t changed much. It’s 20€, which you pay more than the OnePlus 6 is worth – but for that you also get 128GB.

– Very nice AMOLED display from Samsung
– fascinating battery life with a SOT of min. 7h
– nice design with raindrop notch
– in-display fingerprint reader reacts fast
– price/performance TOP
– very tidy OxygenOS with min. 2-3 years software support
– TOP camera, which can keep up with a grade 9 by all means

– no wireless charging (I personally don’t need it!)
– otherwise no negative points noticed!

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 17:01

First of all: I’ve been a big fan of the brand since the OnePlus One, and I wasn’t disappointed this time either, despite some doubts.


Has been fast and prompt, just like you’re used to from Amazon.
No problems, smartphone was also packed in original packaging. br>The Notch was minimized to a drop of water and after a few days I got used to it and it is not noticeable anymore. In return you have a huge display, which can be used even better than before.
Important: The Smartphone doesn’t have a notification LED anymore! This was one of my biggest problems I had before. But thanks to my Smartwatch, I don’t need an LED anymore. Alternatively, there are apps that would simulate an LED on the screen, but these are very battery intensive. In addition, the OnePlus 6t has a USB-C port to recharge it.

The smartphone is super fast and so far it hasn’t hung up on me.
Apps are installed quickly and can be opened quickly.

Fingerprint sensor:

My second big fear was that the fingerprint sensor integrated in the display doesn’t work properly or is too slow for me. However, this fear was not confirmed. Every now and then it happens that the sensor takes longer or doesn’t recognize the fingerprint at all, but this is often due to the fact that the finger was not placed correctly. This was no different with other fingerprint sensors, so it was no problem for me. Alternatively you have the possibility to unlock your smartphone by face, which also works fast and reliable. For my part, I often choose the fingerprint, just because of the unique feature.

operating system:

OxygenOs based on Android 9 runs without problems. Very fast, very slim and you have many possibilities to customize your smartphone.


Many people are not so enthusiastic about the camera.
For me, however, the quality of the photos and videos is enough. Beautiful strong colors and the focus is set correctly. Additionally there is a night and portrait mode. The latter I also find well done.
For the average consumer the camera should be enough.

Battery life:

Thanks to the enlarged battery I get through a whole work/universal life without problems.
If I leave the house at 7 am with a battery level of 90%, I often come home around 5 pm and still have a battery level of 40%, although I used it more intensively during the 10 hours. Be it social media, be it navigation via Google Maps, be it research. No problems!


Togehter with the Smartphone you get a transparent silicone case and the power supply and cable for charging.
The charger charges the Smartphone amazingly fast, so you should have no problems even if you forget to charge your Smartphone the evening before. Just plug it in in the morning and after 30 minutes you’re already about 70% charged, if you start with 20%.
Besides that there are a lot of other original accessories like cases, car charger etc.
The accessories are also quite expensive.


OnePlus didn’t disappoint me with the 6t!
You get a great Smartphone that can easily keep up with the top models of other companies like Samsung and Apple. Although the smartphone is expensive at 629 Euros in the largest version, the flagships of the other companies are clearly expensive.
I am very satisfied with the OnePlus 6t and can recommend it to anyone looking for a fast, simple and uncomplicated smartphone. In my opinion, OnePlus does a lot of things right in the areas of design, performance, battery life and camera and combines them here in the OnePlus 6t.

Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 00:30
Mary Kopf

So I thought for a long time whether I should write this, but the frustration is so big that I decided to do so. To write a review for the device.

Contrary to all 5 star comments I certainly can not rave about this device. Let’s start with the positive aspects :

– The battery is extremely strong. You simply have to leave that to the 6t. It lasts without problems over 1 day. Even if you don’t stick to your mobile phone all the time, you can get by with 60 percent for 2 days.

– Speed : The Oneplus 6t is extremely fast, which is another and for me very important aspect. I used to have a Huawai and it was – due to the full memory (16gb) – extremely slow, which made me very angry. And this brings us to the next point:

– memory: I deliberately chose the 128 GB version because I simply don’t have the nerve anymore to constantly have to delete i.which things or wait for seconds until something happens.

– loading:

– loading:

– loading function is really very good. Within 20 minutes I have so much battery to be able to use it all day long. To be fair, one simply has to admit that. I did not have a mobile phone that was charged faster than the 6t. But ATTENTION: This is only possible with the original adapter of 6t. I doubt if the fast charging function is also possible with other adapters. At least it didn’t work for me, when I charged the 6t with another charger cable.

Now some normal aspects:

– camera : I am no photo expert. For me the camera is ok but I find the camera of a Huawai personally better. But it may be that I’m wrong. br>>>br>- Size: the mobile phone is quite big. You get used to it relatively fast but I would have no problem with it if it was a small one. If you like to watch series or movies on your mobile phone, you might be well served with this, but I personally don’t need such a size.

disadvantages :

– What really annoys me is the aspect with the adapter, because I like to listen to music. Now the adapter for the headphone jack is defective and I have to order a new one. In the online shop of one plus it is sold out, which I also find very annoying. At Amazon it costs 15 Euro. 15 Euro only for a small adapter, which only lasts for a few months, I personally find a little too much of a good thing. You can also order it on ebay but you can wait a whole month before you buy it.

In Huawai there was a separate booking for normal headphones and for charger. The 6t is both in one. Curse and blessing at the same time, depending on how you take it. Because I have normal headphones with normal (no USB-c connection) it is rather unfavorable for me. The fingerprint is not as fast as the sensor of the Huawai p2 lite. There it went lightning fast. With the One plus 6t it takes a little bit longer.

– WhatsApp: my voice memos are terrible. You hardly understand anything! That simply cannot be. The voice recording feature itself works when I open and use the internal voice recording app, but in WhatsApp it’s just disastrous. And apparently I’m not the only one here. Almost everyone uses WhatsApp. I am in daily contact with people via WhatsApp. For the price you can expect that voice recordings are clear and understandable.
>br>All in all I don’t know if I would really buy this device again. Battery-wise it is really very, very good. You can’t say anything against it. Also the quick charge function is another important plus-point.

But since music and communication are very important to me and I don’t get my money’s worth here, I can only give this device 3 stars.

Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 16:20
Soraya Steglich

For the change from the Oneplus3 to the Oneplus 6T I had to think about it for a very long time, too much the new features put me off.

The missing headphone jack was the least of my problems. Also with the Oneplus 3 I hardly used the connector at all. The constant disentangling of the cable tangle and the cable break that came with time drove me to the wireless version early on.

The missing notification LED is another matter. The fact that this is now missing on the 6T (and there is no always on feature for the display) was the first real deterrent for me. In some reviews, users have noted that they miss the notification led less as the owner of a Smartwatch and I can confirm this after a few days: I do not miss the Notification Led. Only when charging the battery I would still like to have it.

The bigger battery is very welcome and gets over the day easily.

The camera is such a topic I am not satisfied with. I have installed the Pixel 3 GCam port and currently use both camera applications with very different results. The first Nightscape pictures of the Oneplus application were still very sobering. The question will remain in general if Oneplus can improve this situation with the software (currently installed OxygenOS version 9.0.5).

The fingerprint sensor works better than I thought, but it is felt to be slower than my Oneplus 3.
But I am not dissatisfied, it works as expected in my eyes (the necessary brightening of the display can be a bit irritating in dark environments).

I would like to give the 6T 4 stars, but the camera does not convince me yet. I would have given 5 stars, if the 6T would have been a clear improvement to the 6T, but I wonder if this version was really necessary.

The remaining features have reviewed others better and I spare myself.

Update – 19.11. 2018
>The voice quality during phone calls has changed very positively from the Oneplus 3.
The included case probably protects the smartphone really well, unfortunately the case feels rough/sharp in some places.

I was satisfied with my Oneplus3 for a very long time and I hope the Oneplus 6T will accompany me for a long time.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 21:18

Shortly before the presentation of this smartphone my old one (Galaxy S6) gave up the ghost after three and a half years. I’ve only ever had Samsung smartphones before, and I only came across OnePlus since the launch of the 6T. I was so impressed by what OnePlus offers its customers for such a sporty price that I pre-ordered it the day after the launch.
Uninteresting until then.
I also pay attention to the small details and have to say that Samsung can’t keep up when it comes to packaging. This packaging of the 6T with this special material just feels as much more valuable than just cardboard.
In addition, I had to buy a foil and a cover, that’s not necessary here, because the foil is already applied on the 6T and a cover is included. Which gives me a big plus point.
Since I wanted Midnight Black (doesn’t mirror like that and hides fingerprints better) and I would have had 6GB RAM, I found it questionable why this version only has Mirror Black.
But now to the essential:

Face-ID Scan – I was very positively surprised, works fast and mostly without problems, but in the dark it doesn’t work. (I don’t think it’s anything new, I just didn’t know it yet)

Screen Unlock – The sensor integrated in the screen for the first time also works well, but I only use it if Face-ID Scan times don’t work (e.g. in the dark)

Battery / Fast charge – I used to charge my mobile phone overnight, now I don’t need it anymore, thanks to the fast charging technology (Fast charge) you get 60% full battery after only 30 minutes, I tested this one and it lasted for 2 days, with about 5 hours of use (with the energy saving mode even 3 days), which I find impressive with such a big display and fast processor. But the popular headphone connection is omitted, which is not a negative point for me, because I switched to Bluetooth headphones a long time ago (you don’t always have to take care of the cable).

camera – I expected a lot and of course this camera has its problems in bad light (in my house), but then I took some pictures and videos outside and I am very satisfied. With the night shots you can’t expect too much, if you take a picture in the dark, you won’t see anything on the photo, a little light is needed.
I also think it’s great that you can make 60fps videos in 4k.
>br>Notch – For someone who has never had anything like this before, it’s a great thing to get more off the screen. br>>br>>Conclusion br>OnePlus manages to offer a smartphone that can do an amazing amount of things and at such an attractive price that no other manufacturer in this industry does. I can only recommend this smartphone to everyone after a week of use, it has fast software, screen unlock, fast charge, a large battery, takes great pictures and uses more of the screen than almost any other. (even if it is with 6.41 inches almost a bit too big for me).
I am very satisfied!
Continue so OnePlus!

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 09:39
Gil Malina

In short:
unbelievably fast!

Slightly longer:
Set-up is relatively easy thanks to the Oneplus Switch. Many settings are taken over, so that only about half of it has to be done manually.
I have a lot of accounts to set up and was completely finished after 2 hours.

In terms of hardware, you can say that it just runs incredibly smoothly and even my old mobile phone was quite well equipped.
Pretty much there is no SD card slot and no LED notification. Headphone jack was also saved, but a bigger battery.
May everyone decide for himself what is important to him.
The big battery is in my opinion super and lasts for 2 days with normal use. I would have liked to have the SD card slot, so I just chose the 256 GB version. br>The headphone port can be omitted, I also do almost everything via Bluetooth, but I would still like to have it for train rides. Oneplus did include an adapter, but I consider this to be a compromise solution. Listening to music and surfing the net can bring the battery into critical areas and mostly when you don’t need it.
In return, the battery charges extremely fast.

The LED notification is a pity, because I find it simply useful.

The overall workmanship is very good, but should be expected in this price range.
From the factory, a protective foil is applied, which is especially annoying when you use the wiping gestures. Here I will buy another protective foil/glass with rounded edges.
The included cover is okay – nothing more.

Software-side I have helped myself with the Lawnchair Launcher, because here the space on the screen can be better used (more rows etc., what is the use of so much screen space for?)

clean pre-selection of software, no bloatware, super fast system, regular updates (for me the killer criterion) and a device that is just about manageable.

Usage scenario for me:
Headunit in the car via Android car: here the big screen helps, Bluetooth is stable. Network reception excellent (and VoLTE can be activated in the Telekom network), GPS for Google Maps very good

Communication by phone, WhatsApp, mail etc., mobile office. Everything runs cleanly and does what it should.

The fingerprint sensor works very well, by the way, but face recognition is faster.

an all-round successful device for a respectably high price. For what’s offered it’s still okay, but certainly not cheap. There are other models that you can buy for as little as 300 €.
As a complete package, it’s a good deal, I bought it because I use my devices for a longer period of time. And exactly here Oneplus is a good choice for me because of the update policy.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 14:58

If you are looking for a current smartphone, you are spoilt for choice at the moment. After some hesitation I decided to buy the Oneplus 6t, because I think it offers the best package on the smartphone market at the moment. Important for me were a long battery life, a good operating system and up-to-date hardware. After 5 days I can now give a rating for the mentioned points.

battery life: The 6t has a 3700 mAh battery, which is permanently installed. With this battery I have managed a screen-on-time from 6:30 to 8:00 hours. So with moderate use I can manage about 2 days before I have to recharge it with Fast Charge. So I give the battery a 1 from me. You should check again in a few months if the values are holding or if the battery loses power over time.

operating system: The device has a slightly modified version of Stock Android Pie called OxygenOS in version 9.0.4 (there was already an update to 9.0.5) installed. In my opinion there is currently no better pre-installed Android version than OxygenOS, because it gives the user the best Android experience available on the market. Besides the advantage that there is no Bloat software (except two Oneplus Apps which can be uninstalled) Android has been enhanced with nice features like navigation gestures. Another big plus is the fact that, as usual with Oneplus, no warranty is lost if, for example, the bootloader is unlocked and other operating systems are installed. As a disadvantage I see at the moment that I have problems with the settings from time to time, so unfortunately I cannot unlock the bootloader at the moment. I hope that future patches will fix this problem. Otherwise the software is a dream for every modder, but there is a 1.

hardware: The mobile phone offers with the Snapdragon 845 the currently strongest processor from Qualcomm and with the Adreno 630 a superb GPU, which together with either 6 or 8GB RAM (8GB for me) is ready for all current requirements. The 6t is also well equipped for the (near) future. Neither when playing complex 3D games nor when surfing the internet or watching YouTube videos, the device runs without jerking or delays. Despite a display size of 6.41 inches, the device has hardly grown at all compared to its almost 4 years older predecessor, the Oneplus One (display: 5.5 inches). The AMOLED display only resolves in Full HD, but at least I don’t notice this negatively. I see shortcomings regarding the hardware especially in the dual camera with 20 megapixels resolution and the speaker, which unfortunately only plays mono sound (despite two speaker cutouts). All in all I would give the 6T a 2 for the hardware.

Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 02:38
Jacqueline Brumann Neftci

Bought the smartphone at the end of 2018 at Amazon.

8 GB RAM and 256 GB internal memory.
Midnight black.

To Amazon :
Everything as always at Amazon.
Perfect performance from A-Z. Since I’m a rather visual buyer, the optics but also the haptics was a main buying argument for me.
Both are simply great and complement each other perfectly with the outstanding technical features that make this device incredibly fast.
In addition, it’s a device that not everyone has.
I personally also find it very beautiful…

Great, large, bright and high-contrast display.
The case is still not too bulky. Mini Notch and very narrow edges are the reason for the successful interplay between the large display and a very good handiness of the device.

The Slider button, which I originally thought was useless, has proven to be very useful in practice.

The camera takes more than enough good pictures for my demands on a smartphone camera.
I can’t understand some of the criticism regarding the quality of the camera.
But that is, in the truest sense of the word, of course always in the eye of the beholder…

Two more hints :
Sound quality not outstanding, but for me absolutely sufficient.
jack connector is not available. But I personally don’t need one either.
I listen, almost exclusively, via Bluetooth connections.
But if these attributes, such as jack plug, sound quality, but are especially important, I should include these notes.

To protect the OnePlus 6T, I personally use a leather case from Fitbag.
When taking out the device, I not only always have a very clean case, but the appearance of my smartphone is not disturbed by one of the often used plastic cases. I use the device for a disproportionately long time per day, but I always get there with one battery filling.
The charging time to get from 15% battery to 80% is about 25 minutes.
As a matter of fact… ?

To put it in a nutshell for this >br>OnePlus 6T review >br>Absolute purchase recommendation on my part.


Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 21:22
Andrew Z

I’ve had the smartphone since one day.
Had a Huawei Mate 10 Pro before, and I didn’t get on it because of the user interface Emui (the smartphone jerked constantly, the widgets didn’t update anymore, no push notifications for various apps, you have to wait a long time until updates finally arrive…)

First impression of the Oneplus 6t: Wow!!!
The device is in Midnight Black in my opinion the most beautiful thing the market offers at the moment. It feels very high quality and can easily keep up with 1.000 Euro mobile phones.

Butter soft animations, no jerking, very very very fast, no bloatware… It’s hard to find something better in the Android area.

Fingerprint sensor in the display works better than expected. It’s reliable and fast enough (even if not as fast as a fingerprint sensor that’s not under the glass).

Display is super and the resolution is excellent. In my opinion, you don’t need a QHD (but that’s up to everyone to decide for themselves. QHD hardly brings any added value in everyday life, but it does suck more battery.

On the subject of battery: Here, you can only give a conclusion after a few days. However, the first impression is more than just positive. 7 to 8 hours on screen time seems to be no problem here.

Kamara: Better than expected. I took a few snapshots, the quality of the photos is very good in daylight and can compete with expensive equipment. Photos at night are also better than expected. Can it keep up with a Google Pixel or Mate 20 Pro in the dark? Not quite… but does it have to for 400 Euros less? You don’t have to worry about the quality of the photos (was my biggest concern)

Here are the negative points:
No inductive charging (I personally don’t need it)
No IP certification (but waterproof, so for me o. k.)
-no headphones included in the package

I for my part can give a very clear purchase recommendation, and I’m almost sure that hardly anyone will be disappointed by this device.

UPDATE: I have to edit my review. Oneplus is not quite reliable when it comes to updates. It’s April, and still on the January security patch… considering that the phone is only 6 months on the market, I don’t think that’s good at all… that’s what others do better…

Update 2: After not even 6 months the LTE module is broken. Mobile internet is very slow. I sent it to the repair shop, let’s see if it works again later. The security update which I have criticized has arrived at the end of April… With a 7 weeks old security patch from March, without any further major changes or improvements… (Especially April patch is very important). This is a real cheek and other vendors do it better. And this should be the current flagship? No recommendation

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 15:50
Dan & Robin

I have bought the 6t as an upgrade to my old 3t.
Leider there was initially a problem with the delivery. Large memory version ordered (8gb RAM), small memory version (6gb RAM) received. I was able to come to an agreement with the very helpful Amazon customer service the same day.
But now for the 6t.
As always with OnePlus, a very nice packaging. The 6t comes directly with a perfectly installed protective foil and case, top! The display is simply gigantic due to the omitted Hard-Keys and impresses thanks to the Amoled Display with very nice, deep colours. In addition, unlike LCD technology, black is really black!
Frame and workmanship as always without any flaws and simply top quality, m.M.n on a par with Apple. The mirrorblack version is the purest fingerprint magnet, but you should be aware of that when it comes to glass.
Thanks to the massive memory and the current Snapdragon 845, no lags or jerking are noticeable, RAM management is also perfectly solved (and no, you shouldn’t permanently close all recently used apps. Empty RAM is unnecessary RAM, Android handles this very well on its own since 8.0 and 9.0 respectively). The Dash-Charge technology, already built in by the predecessors, still works perfectly with the 6t, about one hour loading for 35-100%. On average I have a runtime of 36h with 6-7 hours onscreen time.
The user interface is minimalistic as usual and instead of pure AOSP, without confusing menus or settings as with other market leaders!
The display fingerprint sensor works surprisingly well and learns the more often you use it with different environment variables. However, it doesn’t have such a high response time as the conventional sensors…is still a new technology, which will surely improve in the future. The missing of the LED is a matter of getting used to it. I don’t find the omission of the audio jack annoying, since everything is now done via Bluetooth anyway. A USB-C to 3,5mm adapter for the emergency is included.

Finally I can say :
As an upgrade to a 3t/5t the 6t is the top choice in terms of price/performance/quality.
But who already owns a normal 6t should rather wait for the successor of the 6t. The technical leap is simply too small.

Answer report comment December 18, 2020, 23:23

The OnePlus 6T is well made and looks great. The amoled display shines strongly and rich in contrast, but could be a bit brighter overall, especially in sunlight (430 candelas). The acoustics when phoning are great and the speakers sound strong, although mono.
Positively I must mention the camera, which takes very good photos, even with bokeh and in dark lighting conditions.

The best thing about the 6T is the software. For me – with a lot of experience with different smartphones – Oxygen OS is the best smartphone software. Slim, fast, no bloatware, incredibly efficient and easily beats Samsung’s OneUI or Huawe’s EMUI, which are filled with all kinds of bloatware and in-house apps. Fast Stock Android and yet in some points excellently complemented. And especially with the Snapdragon 845 everything runs smoothly. The adjustable gesture control is also excellent.
The fingerprint in the display also works surprisingly well, reliably and is also placed exactly where you expect it to be (in contrast to the Galaxy S10). And the Faceunlock is the fastest on the market. Simply top !!

1 star I still take off with an otherwise fantastic Oneplus 6T:
For one thing, the device is now on the edge of tolerable with 6.4 inches. It is too big and heavy (about 185g) in my hand. No matter if you hold it to your ear for phone calls or in your hand for research, it is no fun to hold the 6T longer in your hand. It always follows the force of gravity. Ok, an iPhone XR is even heavier at 6 inches 195g, but my LG V30 has only 156g. And you can really feel that. Again and again I prefer to put the 6T on the table rather than hold it in my hand. I’d like to mention that here. On the other hand, I’m annoyed by the castrated Always-ON (inactivity) display, which only comes on when you tap or lift the phone. This is exactly not an INACTIVITY DISPLAY, because the screen stays black, no ALWAYSon, but alwaysOFF. Too bad !

A great smartphone (camera, display, OxygenOS, workmanship), which is too big (6.4 inch) and too heavy (&gt,185g) in the hand and where the AlwaysON display function has been neutered despite the Amoled display.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 11:06
Michael Lester

I can only recommend to everyone to buy this smartphone instead of the, or more than 1000€ for the latest flagship devices from Samsung and Apple or newer ones from OnePlus if they already exist if you read this. That’s why:
+ operating system and performance (does Apple have a point)
+ design, to my liking
+ price, compared to other smartphones
+ battery, charges incredibly fast and lasts incredibly long
+ accessories, included case and a protective film already on the display

Besides that the camera satisfies me, but to be fair I have to say that there are better ones out there. But the camera can definitely keep up and is everything but bad.

>The only minus point in my eyes is the missing 3,5mm jack, but an adapter is included. Other things like the lack of a stereo speaker or the missing headphones don’t bother me, because if you are honest you never need the speaker and if it is good enough. The headphones that aren’t included in the package aren’t a problem either, as they were never a big deal, no matter which supplier they came from. You have to keep in mind that OnePlus focuses on what you really need (e.g. good camera, large battery, fast charging) and leaves out everything that isn’t so important (speakers, headphones).


Answer report comment December 18, 2020, 20:25
Maria Wade

After using a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for 2 years I switched to the Oneplus 6T for release, because the old one unfortunately caused problems. After two weeks of daily use I would like to draw my conclusion and maybe help some of you with your decision to buy a smartphone. I won’t go into technical data in the review, there are enough sources on the internet that can do this better.

On the performance of the 6T: The current fastest Snapdragon in combination with the Oxygen OS is in a class of its own. No really noticeable loading times, no micro-scratching, no crashes. Impeccable design and workmanship: Beautiful smartphone, high quality materials, the back of the 6T in Mirror Black is as expected very susceptible to fingerprints

Display: the display is huge for my perception (not negative), has rich/beautiful colors (more natural than the Amoled of the S7! ), the notch is not disturbing

camera: for the one or the other snapshot very good to use, even as a user of a full format system camera I find the pictures really appealing, especially in good light the sensor delivers a lot of details and a good dynamic range

fingerprint sensor: it’s not the fastest, but just the technical possibility to integrate it under the display amazes me. And let’s be honest: The animation is just beautiful and you quickly forget that it takes longer to unlock.

Battery: Here Oneplus has made a statement. The battery lasts very long for such a smartphone, you get through the day easily, sometimes with 50-60% remaining charge. And if you plug in the 6T, it’s completely full in 50 minutes at most.

And now to the end, because there are always complaints about it in the net: The 3.5mm jack plug is missing. Yes, what can I say, I have rarely been so indifferent about using a smartphone as the lack of jack.

Clear buying recommendation on my part, the Oneplus 6T can easily keep up with the flagships of other manufacturers and when you consider the price of 549€ in the basic version (with 128GB!!), it is hard to beat.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 21:16
Oscar Zelaya

First of all I have to mention that the delivery was on time. What was promised was kept.

To the device:
I thought about it for a long time, compared felt hundred smartphones etc. etc. but got stuck with the 6t. Have it now already some days &amp, am inspired like on the first day. Runs smoothly, runs fast without problems &amp, recharged the thing within an hour – TOP
I am not so enthusiastic about the camera (you should always switch on the portrait mode otherwise it is a bit wobbly), but that is howling on a high level – video recordings on 4K are awesome. So if you only use the camera for snapshots you are in good hands here. For those who think the camera is essential for their survival, it should tend to a different brand – but then the price is a different one!!
The processing is really good. Fingerprint sensor in the display: TOP…..Tip: flip cover protects the display additionally. Display foil applied at the factory, silicone cover in the lierferunfang, adapter for headphones also included, charger. Please keep away from various bullet-proof glass foils – since the fingerprint sensor is in the display, you might have problems. Leave the factory glued foil on it.

But I don’t want to give too much away, because everybody has to decide for himself what he wants or what he needs. As mentioned above, I have looked at many mobile phones myself &amp, compared. For me it was important that the thing doesn’t jerk, is fast &amp, I don’t have to worry about the battery anymore, I have rested a few years now &amp, I have accepted that the camera is not the best. But for a great camera € 1.000 and more to spend, no thanks. There we are already with price/performance: At this price there is nothing comparable on the market. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money like me, but want to be up-to-date, you are in good hands here. br>>br>Notch, I don’t want to talk about headphone jacks – everybody has to decide for himself. Just so much, meanwhile there are Bluetooth headphones 🙂

>I hope I could help!

Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 12:53
John Hedrick

I was enthusiastic about the 6T from the beginning and when I finally held it in my hand I was even more enthusiastic!

I am not a camera pro, but I like the pictures very much…especially the portrait mode conjures nice pictures and the pro mode is a great feature.
Br> Display: Br>Great display, almost borderless, with a tiny nocth, realistic colors and quite bright. Br> Br> Performance: Br> OxygenOS gets updates all the time and is therefore a great tool. Simple, but fast and efficient with hidden gestures. Typical for Android you can adjust a lot of settings and that’s exactly what I can’t let go of Android. The hardware is impressive, with a strong processor and 8GB RAM no application forces the 6T to its knees. Games run wonderfully on the 6T thanks to the game mode.

I find the design modern and very appealing, with the matt glass back and the special effect (the shimmering S) it hit my nerve very well.

Cool stuff:
The fingerprint sensor in the display is always an eye-catcher…not yet fully developed, yet functional. Face recognition works flawlessly and very fast. Gesture control is extremely practical and simple. Speakers sound neat and loud. Quick charging function is good. Pre-installed is Google’s keyboard, which works well, but for me it was a bit of an adjustment.

Not so good:
The missing jack plug is actually sometimes very annoying. The glass back looks good, but it doesn’t really have a use, so an aluminium back would have been better in my opinion.

Conclusion: I privately recommend it to anyone looking for a new smartphone, I do here too!

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 00:12
Steve Bisesi

I bought the 6T at the end of 2018, because I was very convinced by the reviews on all platforms. Before I had a Galaxy S7… the next step should have been the S10 but that was or is completely overpriced. So I looked around and found the 6T for about 600€. I was very impressed at first. When I held the device in my hand for the first time, I was immediately thrilled. It feels noble thanks to the metal back and is easy to grip. The rough Mute Slider on the side gives it a pragmatic touch. I made the included sleeve directly around the device and I have not taken it off until today. The charger charges the 6T completely in a good hour, which is absolutely amazing considering that you can get through the day without any restrictions and even through the next half. The 6T has enough storage space – so I get along with the 128GB. The fingerprint sensor is very futuristic and relatively fast. Every now and then it takes a bit longer but you can watch the cool animation for a longer time. The face scanner is also very confident and in my opinion one of the fastest. The camera delivers nice and colorful pictures and can also record videos in 4K.

But a few things bothered me… the mute slider on the side has lost the function to switch from vibration to mute after a few weeks. Now you have to find exactly the right point to mute the 6T.

But all in all the 6T is the best smartphone I ever bought for under 600€. It has everything you need and some more features like a good camera, an extremely good battery and a big screen with extremely thin side edges. A good inexpensive all-rounder for everyone.

Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 12:32
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