Test OnePlus 7: The real top killer 2019 ?


OnePlus may have changed its strategy by unveiling not one, but two "high-end killers" this year, but the brand has not forgotten the segment that has made its success, that of phones with the characteristics of ultra-high-end models at a sacrificed price. And this year, OnePlus 7 embodies that effort.


An 6.41 inch screen with encoche

Vendu €559 in its basic version, the price of OnePlus 7 is aligned with that of its predecessor and therefore competes with devices such as theMi 9 from Xiaomi or thePixel 3a XL from Google. Is the OnePlus 6T 2019 edition holding up? That's what we're going to see...

Ergonomics and design

For anyone who has seen or had a OnePlus 6T,7 should not be in for a big surprise. The OnePlus cell phone is largely based on the design and ergonomics of its predecessor. A slightly curved (shiny) glass back and a 6.4" screen with a slight notch to accommodate the front PDA. In short, a design that is not very original, but effective.


An shiny glass back that catches the traces of doigts

Les finishes of the device are admirably well done, the mobile breathes seriousness and has little to envy the quality of construction of aGalaxy S10 or aHuawei P20 Pro. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of OnePlus, it is not really usable with one hand (the screen occupies 85% of the front of the mobile). The screen is not curved like on the OnePlus 7 Pro, which is sure to divide it.

fingerprint sensor that fits under the screen is relatively efficient and fast, even if this technology is still a little less mature than "traditional" biometric sensors.


Point port mini-jack unfortunately.

Malheureusement, the lack of a microSD slot and waterproof certification does not allow OnePlus 7 to earn its fifth star in this ergonomics section. Even though the company explains that the cell phone passes the leakage tests internally, it is too expensive to obtain certification.


Sans too many surprises, the Oled screen of the OnePlus 7 just taps in just about every measure. The company has a certain mastery of technology and proves it again with this OnePlus 7.

La colorimetry of the screen is impeccable (Delta E at 1.2) and no color exceeds the threshold above which the human eye can see a color drift. Nothing to report on this side, except that the optimal results are obtained by choosing the "Nature" profile. Fans of brighter colors can opt for the "vivid" profile. The color temperature is also close to perfection (6700 Kelvin).

Point no more problems to be noted on the readability side. The contrast is "infinite" - thank you Oled -, the maximum brightness is close to 700 cd/m² and the minimum is 1.7 cd/m². Something to read comfortably in all situations, in full sunlight or at the bottom of the bed. Not to spoil anything, the reflectance is rather contained (45%).


An bright and well-calibrated screen.

Et no worries to declare at use. The touch delay is in the average (107 ms), the remanence is almost nil - thanks again to Oled -, and the resolution of 402 pixels per inch allows to navigate within the OS and on the web in the best comfort. In short, nothing to reproach on the screen of this OnePlus 7.


S 'there is one area where OnePlus cannot afford to fail, and that is performance. The public of technophiles courted by the brand is fond of power and fortunately OnePlus 7 does not disappoint. The Snapdragon 855 and its 6 or 8 GB of RAM offers an abundance of power that will allow you to easily juggle all apps, even the most greedy.


Ansevere, but very localized heating.

In on the other hand, during long gaming sessions, OnePlus heats up markedly. After 10 minutes of CPU/GPU use, the temperature approaches 44°C. Fortunately, the area is relatively small and the mobile manages to bring the temperature down quickly.

Autrement, the videogame experience is a real eye-catcher, with fluidity and graphics at their best. No problem there.


Comme on the 7 Pro, this OnePlus mobile does not have a mini jack port either, and the manufacturer has not yet seen fit to provide a USB-C/mini-jack adapter in the box. USB-C earphones are provided. But those who already have a premium wired headset will be forced to buy a third-party adapter - beware, not all of them work, the world of USB-C adapters remains chaotic even today.

Devant This situation is why we have given the cell phone a two-star rating in this section. All other mobiles that make this choice are in the same category.

OnePlus 7, on the other hand, is equipped with two speakers that reproduce a stereo signal. The volume is generous, but the sound is unfortunately a little pinched. Still, you can comfortably listen to podcasts or watch YouTube videos.


Si the OnePlus 7 Pro has three modules with three different focal lengths. The standard OnePlus 7 does not benefit from this advance and simply replicates the OnePus 6T photo arrangement, i.e. a main sensor (48 Mpx here) with a second one (5 Mpx) dedicated solely to depth calculation for the "portrait" mode. Zoom point or ultra-wide-angle to be declared here then. One focal length and that's it.

Module main : 48 Mpx, f/1.7, 27 mm

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Et as for the 7 Pro, the result from the 48 Mpx sensor (a Sony IMX 586) is rather satisfactory, but not quite at the level of the competition. The details are there, the stitching too, but a bad exposure management crushes the contrast and produces a photo that lacks relief. Facing aPixel 3a, the rendering is less flattering, even if it remains quite acceptable and in the top of the current basket.

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Quand the light is running out, OnePlus 7 manages to preserve a beautiful quality. Details are beautifully preserved, white balance is fairly well respected and digital noise remains light, and this despite the increase in sensitivity to ISO 5,000. The only downside is that a fairly pronounced smoothing makes the photo lose some sharpness and some elements "drool" very slightly, this can be seen here in the letters of the book in particular.

Capteur frontal, portrait mode and vidéo

16 MP front photo module captures photos that are rich in detail, well contrasted and that elegantly showcase the subject.... as long as the light is generous. When night falls, the mobile is a little more difficult to use and produces an image that again lacks sharpness. The "portrait" mode is rather successful, with a harmonious bokeh, but there is a nasty tendency to smooth out the flesh tones which gives a little unrealistic side to the picture.


An frontend module discret

Enfin, no problem on the video, the phone can capture files in 4K/60 fps without flinching.


Sans being an absolute reference on the autonomy front, the OnePlus 7 is doing well in its price range. In our in-house test that mixes web, streaming, music listening, old fashioned, etc., the phone fails after almost 17 hours of running. A result that puts it about on par with anXiaomi Mi 9 or Google Pixel 3 XL. In practice, the OnePlus 7 will last comfortably for a day and a half if you use it moderately.


In on the other hand, an ultra-fast load point to declare. It will take a little less than 2 hours to fully charge it with the supplied adapter.