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271 Reviews

Wendy Medina

With my little recession I would like to give you an insight into the usage of the Oneplus 7 Pro’s.

Let’s start with the highlight, the display:

The display is, and there’s no denying it, the best I’ve seen on a mobile device so far. It is razor sharp, offers beautiful natural and at the same time strong colors and has a white level I’ve never seen on an Android device before. The 90 Hertz is clearly a step in the right direction.
I have to admit that I expected more from the 90 Hertz (When I switched from 60 Hertz to a 144 Hertz monitor back then, it was worlds away). Sure you can see it when you look at it, but honestly, in daily use it didn’t really matter that much.

So I have 5 out of 5 fingerprint scanners

(By the way, the fingerprint sensor of the OP 7 Pro hidden in the display is first class. I haven’t found a faster one in any of the devices I’ve tested yet)

Come to the speaker:

The speaker is really nice and loud and offers, probably also because of its size, a very nice stereo effect. The sound is clear and powerful, but I would have expected a bit more depth. The Galaxy S10+ definitely offers the rounder sound. But the speaker plays quite high up and I don’t really understand the criticism, which I partly read.
What bothered me a bit is that the volume is adjustable in 50 steps. This can be an advantage, but for me it was quite complicated to get the mobile phone quiet again after it was at full volume. But you can hold the rocker pressed and adjust the volume quickly. Unfortunately this is not as precise as clicking on it.

For the speaker there are 4 out of 5 jack plugs available from me

(By the way, the Oneplus 7 Pro doesn’t have this one and there is no adapter included -&gt, too bad!)

The power / performance:

No question, the Oneplus 7 Pro is currently the spearhead in terms of performance. It runs as fast as an arrow and actually does not allow any delays. It’s really fun to use and the 90 Hertz display makes the phone feel even faster than a comparable S10+ or Iphone XS Max.
I haven’t managed to push the phone to its limits.

For the performance I’ve got 5 out of 5 QI chargers available.

(Funfact: Oneplus still hasn’t managed to install a QI receiver for wireless charging. Many other flagships offer this feature. I personally do not use it. – But it’s a pity!)


Let’s keep it short, the camera is on a good level and usable in everyday life. But the sensors feel more like upper middle class. I’ve had a lot of mobile devices and the Oneplus is just a bit behind the competition in terms of camera. Especially with the wide angle sensor, which I actually like to use, you have to make concessions. For example, the LG G6 from 2017 had the better wide-angle camera. If you care about your camera, you shouldn’t buy the OP 7 Pro. I simply lack the sharpness a bit and the white balance is not really hit right often.

Unfortunately, I only have a good 3.5 of 5 IP certifications for the camera

(Unfortunately, the Oneplus doesn’t have this either. It is supposed to be waterproof, but OP decided to have the mobile certified. The next point which is very important for me is the battery life of the OP 7 Pro’s.
br>What can I say, I was really sceptical in the beginning if the OP7 with its 4000 MaH battery in WQHD and 90 Hertz can provide enough power for one day.
I am really surprised about the battery. I always got about 6 hours of screen time when used extensively. In my opinion this is a really good value that you should be able to get through the day without any problems. For two days it’s not enough for heavy users, though.
Clearly you could also set the screen to 60 Hertz with Full HD resolution. But seriously, I’m not going to buy a flagship and then lower the price.

The battery gets 4.5 of 5 protective foils from me

(The OP 7 Pro is already equipped with a protective foil in the factory – very laudable!)


– Oxygen OS is a really pleasant operating system. It offers very useful options and is nevertheless very close to the Android stock. From me, there is a real plus!

– The notification slider on the device is really absolutely brilliant! It’s a pity that other manufacturers have not jumped on the bandwagon yet. It would be much more useful than for example the bixby key on the S10.

– The device comes with a transparent protective cover. The quality is really good and it is very impressive.
Unfortunately the protective case collides a bit with the display foil.

– The size is unfortunately a negative point for me. (This can be an advantage for others, too)(
Attached with a protective case, the device unfortunately becomes much clunkier.

– The vibration motor has really been reworked and is convincing all along the line. Normally I always turn off the keyboard feedback. But here it is really pleasant and convincing.

Let’s come to the conclusion:

The Oneplus 7 Pro is really a beautiful device with some innovations (notchless 90 Hertz display and popup camera). It has a few flaws, but it also performs well in other disciplines.
I sent my device back because of its enormous size (testing before is unfortunately not possible due to a lack of test specimens in the local electronics market) and a few small things.
Furthermore you have to consider that the RRP of 759 € for the device with 8 GB Ram is much lower than for example the RRP of Samsung or Huawei, but for example a S10 is available for just under 600 €.
In my eyes the OP 7 Pro is not a flagship killer! Unfortunately, in my opinion, they make too many concessions (keyword IP certification, Qi Charging, headphone jack or not even an included adapter or even the camera which is not up there for me). But there are also things in it that you can’t get in any other handset (90 Hertz &amp, Warpcharging)

All in all the OP 7 Pro gets 4 of 5 possible Amazon stars from me.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 01:36
L. Chan

The 7 Pro is currently experiencing a hype, as otherwise only iPhones experience it. A lot of things are already well known, namely:
– Specifications from the data sheet
– Look + Feel from x thousand Youtubers
– Marketing speeches from OP itself.

Everyone has already looked at it and I don’t know exactly why it is prayed down again in every review. Here it should be about something else, namely about the things that disturb in everyday life.

1. size

I found the size of OP6 already borderline. It’s a really huge part and fits just about in your pocket. With the 7 Pro, OP has, in my opinion, overstretched the bow a bit. From the size it goes in the direction of uncomfortable to carry it in your pocket, especially because of its height.

2. Unlocking

Since the InDisplay FP sensor in the 6t was so grotty compared to normal ones (long unlock time, unreliable), I switched to Face-Unlock, which was much more comfortable.
The new InDisplay-FP from OP7 is a bit faster and more tolerant concerning the direction of the display, but still far away from the normal ones.
An additional complicating factor is that the camera has to be extended for face unlocking, which is really annoying.
One central point of use, unlocking, has thus deteriorated compared to already established methods

4. Custom ROMs

Even if many people don’t use it (which is completely incomprehensible to me): The possibilities of modifying your mobile phone are unrivalled in OR devices and for me the decisive purchase criterion. However, the OP 7 Pro has a bug (bootloader unlocking command does not work without problems), which makes the whole thing more difficult. This is also a worsening of the previous one. Whether it’s intentional or not, it remains to be seen.

5th operating system

The OS is unfortunately not, as many claim near Stock-Android. Just because the launcher is similar to the Pixel-Launcher doesn’t mean that there are zigzag different programs working in the background, which is also the case with surgical devices. You just can’t see them.
Furthermore it is not possible to delete the OP-own programs (e.g. Gallery, FileManager etc.), which is demanded by the community since ages! Furthermore, the OnePlus telemetry cannot be removed. All this would not be a problem if it weren’t for point 4.

6. marketing
The omnipresent, exaggerated, bigoted marketing really gets on my nerves. e.g. keyword certification for waterproofness: This is supposedly too expensive. On the other hand, title picture-sized advertisements are placed in the NYTimes and Robert Downey Junior is hired as mascot (that’s not too expensive then?). It’s pretty obvious that the phone simply wouldn’t pass the certification, otherwise OP would have done it long ago and wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on image cultivation forever.
The OP listens to the community is unfortunately also big crap. See point 5.

7. battery

Very good I think that OP has decided to make the battery exchangeable in a more or less user-friendly way. That lets the used prices remain stable.

These are all points which are taken up only by few, unfortunately. Nevertheless, the conclusion is that the OP7Pro is a class device with a lot of potential. In my opinion, there is currently no better one on the market. An appeal to all owners: Please take a look at the topic of Custom ROM, and use this potential part a little bit! br>
With the update 9.5.7 some problems were solved.

1. Rooting: This is now as easy as with the previous OnePlus devices. Was done in 2 minutes. After the Rooting I had to debloat a high double digit amount of apps that had no use for me at all (various telemetry apps etc). So much for Stock Android. So the mobile phone software is again the best on the market for me (because it offers the possibility to delete everything very easily).

2 I am actually a 90 Hz opponent, but after using the device for a longer time I can’t get away from it. It’s a great feeling.

3. the fingerscanner is excellent, hardly inferior to the classic ones.

4. the photos have been moved to a level with the update that definitely justifies the dxo score of 111 now.

That’s why I upgrade my review from 4 to 5 stars.


… …I’m still excited about the device. Yes, I know that this is not an age for a mobile phone, but there are still some models that have some weaknesses after this time. Not so here.
The photos are still an eye-catcher, the software Up to Date (Android 10 is already in an Open Beta and will be final this month vrsl.) Of course everything already rooted. As far as the software is concerned, I would like to see OnePlus throw out the modifications that Android 10 has made twice (Zen mode, which was nonsense anyway, Dark Mode, Gesture Control etc.) and move a bit closer to GSI.
I especially like the battery life and the screen. Furthermore it should be a little bit smaller.
In fact, if I needed a mobile phone today, I would simply buy it again.
Attached is a picture with the apps that are left after cleaning.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 03:35
Tayler F.

Hey, you readers out there!

Let me say in advance that this review is a premature assessment.
I won’t go into detail about the technical data, they are freely available everywhere on the internet, and everyone can compare them on various sites. 😉

It’s about my impression and how the mobile phone, in the first days, works.
The Oneplus 7 Pro runs, subjectively seen very well, fast and effectively. It feels, for me, high-quality and noble. Even though it fits fairly well in the hand WITHOUT a cover, I strongly recommend buying a cover. Of course this gives the mobile phone additional weight, but it is much safer in the hand and the rounded corners get a protection that should not be underestimated.


Weight: 206 grams
Size: 162.6 MM high, 76 MM wide, 8.8 MM thick

Yes, it is heavier than other mobile phones from various well-known brands. And yes, it lies accordingly differently in the hand. Yes, it is larger than average. One-handed operation is limited, in the end it depends on what you want to do on the phone, but it works. Only the upper part of the display is difficult to reach if you want to use the mobile phone with one hand, so you have to let it slide back and forth in your hand. (It can be easier with a cover). In the end, however, it must be said that a large display also has its advantages IF the hardware can keep up. And that’s what it does here with the Oneplus 7 pro

A resolution of 1440 x 3120 px, a pixel density of 516 ppi, 90 Hertz (!) and Amoled technology Behind the display promises (and keeps it) a top quality where watching movies, YouTube clips and videos is pleasant. A mobile phone can be great, but if the camera sucks, the phone won’t survive…
And yes, does the camera suck or can it keep up? When the Oneplus 7 pro came on the market, the mobile phone actually weakened in terms of camera. The hardware is actually good, but the software had its flaws. In the course of the past months, however, there were repeated updates that also raised the quality of the camera. So in the meantime, one can say… Yes, the camera is great and the quality is fine!

On the backside there are three cameras (48MP &amp, 16MP &amp, 8MP). Main camera, wide angle and a zoom lens, which should guarantee up to 3x zoom. It has to be said that this is rather a 2.5x zoom. The rest is cut together by the software.
The front camera drives with 16MP.

The pixel sensors of the cameras on the back have a pixel size of 1.6µm &amp, 1µm &amp, 0.8µm. The bigger, the more light can be absorbed, which can lead to better photos.

An automatic laser focus is built in between the three cameras on the back.

You can take photos with the Oneplus 7 pro, you can take good photos, and it can also be fun to take photos! The quality is convincing, the pictures look great. Of course, if you want to, you can still look for quirks and edges, it may not come close to the software of other big brands, but for this you don’t charge a four-digit amount for the phone.
For the quality, one thing is for sure: The more light (natural light) is available, the better the photo will be. For me personally it is enough, because it looks good too. After all we are on a high level here!

About the front camera I have to say little, except that this camera gives what it promises. Great, rich photos! And if you are afraid that this pop-up function is a danger spot, or that water could penetrate there or something similar …. Oneplus has built a rubber seal into the Pop-Up camera, which is supposed to be able(!) to keep out water and the like.

I could go further, and write and write, but then it would be too much.
So you can buy the mobile phone? Absolutely, yes! What’s the price and performance ratio? It’s good, but it depends on what price it is offered at, so there is my recommendation to watch the price and not to buy blind. I wouldn’t spend 700 Euro and more on it, so think carefully, watch and pay attention! ,-)

My personal highlight on this phone is the operating system OxygenOS. A tidy, manageable system WITHOUT pre-installed apps from third parties that can NOT be uninstalled. It’s just fun to work with the system because it feels free and untouched (Sounds weird but you just have to test it yourself to understand what I mean! ,-) )

I hope my impressions helped a little. In the end I can only recommend to research on various internet sites, how the technical details should feel in the core, if the mobile phone promises what it says and how the comparisons with other flagships of big brand companies are.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 02:48

I have owned the OnePlus 7 Pro for a good week now and would like to share my overall impression of this device with you:

Optics and haptics:

It is clear that the OP7 Pro is a pleasure to hold. Due to the shape and the now slightly increased thickness, the phone fits perfectly in the hand. Only the smooth backside makes it difficult to use this mobile phone without a case, so please always use it with a case otherwise you will have had your fun when the 750€ expensive device falls to the ground. Visually I can only say hats off OnePlus because you have produced a phone that absolutely meets the spirit of the times and the Mirror Black backside makes quite a difference!


Driven by the SD855 this phone destroys everything that is app technically on the market. Even hardcore PUBG gamers can’t even begin to make this phone sweat. What is also positive to mention, is the new UFS 3.0 standard which ensures that apps and data are loaded even faster than before! The USB C 3.0 connection is also very good if you load data from your computer to your smartphone, because most flagships have USB type C but still the slow USB2.1 standard… The RAM memory is also extremely fast. The Antutu benchmark spits out a phenomenal 376000 points and is the fastest phone I’ve ever tested so far.


br>I would like to include the Xiaomi Mi9 as a direct competitor because the results can be measured very well because both have similar sensors. But to make a long story short, the OnePlus is slightly superior to the Mi9 in terms of zoom quality and dynamic range but these are just nuances. Overall, the OnePlus 7 Pro produces excellent pictures and the Sony IMX 586 really delivers what it promises. This makes Instagram and social media hearts beat faster.


With a 4000mAh battery you can easily last a day as a power user. If you’re economical and set the screen resolution and refresh rate to FHD+ and 60Hz, you can even get 2 days out of it. The included powercharger with its warpcharge pumps the battery at 30W within 70 min from 0 – 100% which is incredibly fast considering the size of the battery.


I have never seen such a nice display on a smartphone except maybe the QHD+ display of the new Samsung Galaxy. The 90Hz technology is shocking because it makes the speed of the phone even better. A point of criticism for me personally is the curved screen because it causes disturbing reflections in the light and distorts the picture when watching movies…


The Smartphone has everything a Smartphone user needs (LTE Band 20 etc.) except wireless charging and a jack plug. At least wireless charging would have been nice in this price range …
GPS works great and the GSM module also works as it should, everything works fine!


I can recommend the OnePlus 7 Pro without reservation but not at this price so that a star is deducted (more realistic would be a price around 550€). I especially liked the 90Hz display and the great performance of the hardware. The in display fingerprint is also amazing and unlocks the phone really fast, I have never seen such a fast sensor. Also the camera is beyond any doubt and produces excellent pictures.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 03:19
Nick Penders

Meanwhile the market for Android smartphones is pretty saturated so the choice is not that easy anymore. But OnePlus stands out positively here. What finally made me choose the 7 Pro was on the one hand the 90 Hz display, but also the RAM (8GB) as well as the 256 GB fixed memory and the update policy of OnePlus.

While Samsung and Co. announce Android 10 (which is also easier than providing it) OnePlus shows how fast it can go. Android 10 arrived via update the last few days and everything is working smoothly.

The case is very well made, lies well in the hand and the speed of the Snapdragon 855 leaves nothing to be desired. The built-in speakers are in stereo, but unfortunately only average in sound. Here a Goggle Pixel 3 XL sounds much better.

The display looks like printed, great colors, no flickering, very fast response time. Everything runs very smoothly. The brightness of the display is very bright, also nice to look at. The fingerprint in the display works reliably and fast, not like the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, which already made me glow. Still a small thing, if you use an iPhone, you will surely know it. Here the iOS just runs smoother and more fluent (just a little info).

The built-in main camera takes very nice pictures with nice colors but when taking landscape pictures it shows that the background looks like painted and elements like trees or houses don’t show any details and are only hinted at. Here, for example, a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro (249 Euro) shows much more details. The front camera, which can be extended if needed, provides nice and accurate details.

The built-in battery lasts almost three days with normal use. I don’t know any smartphone that has so positively managed to get a battery life. Here OnePlus shows that it has really done a good job in terms of power management. Charging is very fast thanks to the Warp Charge power supply, but you don’t have to worry because the charging process is intelligent, which simply means that the higher the battery level, the less energy is released into the battery.

What is also very positive is that OnePlus 7 Pro makes phone connections very quickly. Until now, only Apple had managed to do this. The voice quality is clear and also loud. VoLTE is fully supported.

All in all, the package that OnePlus delivers here is very convincing in terms of price. Only with the loudspeaker one could add something. Unfortunately it has no wireless charging. IP 68 is also not available, but honestly, who wants to use his smartphone under water? It seems to be protected against splashing water, because there is a seal on the Sim card slot, among other things. Performance, equipment, updates, clearly yes. If someone is looking for wireless charging or IP68 certification, then honestly no.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 21:01

I have changed from a Pixel 3 XL. For me undisputed, the Android King. So far. With an outstanding camera, -software. The performance, sensational and a smooth, logical, Android as operating system, ingenious. I am a big fan. For me I have decided, only OnePlus can be the successor this year. If certain criteria are met.

1st camera
To take it right before away. Pictures are perceived differently by everyone, so here I give my purely subjective opinion. At the beginning, I have the device now for 8 days, the camera was grotty. Really scary. Especially compared to a pixel 3. 2 updates later, the camera performance is so good, that I have to say, I think it is very good! The pictures are really great.

2. performance
Never a problem from OnePlus.

3. display
The, absolute, MADDING! No other display has ever had such an effect as this one. It’s unbelievably big (you have to like it), it’s sharp, the colours are brilliant and then the hammer, it has 90Hz.
And yes, you can clearly see the difference to conventional displays!

4. stereo speakers
Has it! 🙂

5. processing
Beyond any doubt, absolutely no problems with it.

6. battery
My battery lasts more than long enough. I use the device frequently throughout the day and I can easily get into the second day. I was astonished by the messages that the battery should last shorter than the previous one.
And the hammer is, the charging technology of OnePlus. 20 minutes – 50%. That’s an announcement!

Painfully missing I will charge QI. I just got used to it and think it’s great. Even if it takes longer.

7th Software
OnePlus keeps on working on their system and listens to the community. A big plus for me. So the system is always improved and I get the security updates close to the release. Also because OnePlus works together with Google (keyword beta program). Greetings to Huawei! 🙂

And now the hammer! It has no Notch! 🙂
I come from a bathtub to no bathtub, it’s a dream!

You can tell, I’m totally excited about it and would really recommend it to everybody to try it.
The size is still okay for me, it’s hardly bigger than my pixel 3 XL.

If there are any questions, please let me know. I’ll try to check it regularly! 🙂

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 04:19
Bill Liang

I chose the Oneplus 7 Pro because I already had a Oneplus before, and was really happy with the device and the software.
Had Samsung and Apple several generations before, but the Oneplus won. It’s super easy to use with one hand, if you have a little helper mounted on the back. I have a Vonmählen backbone (you can find it on Amazon) on the backside.

The rounded corners of the display don’t bother me – I had some concerns about this before. So far I haven’t had any problems with it.

The fingerprint scanner is amazing – it’s super fast!
The hidden front camera was a main reason for me to buy it, I never need the Selfiecam and I always taped it on the previous smartphone.
>br>All in all, Toooop Smartphone – the price is also a matter for discussion, here everybody has to know what he wants to pay and where his limits are. br>br>The device has a very good quality finish and haptics.

To the waterproofness I can only say – my old Oneplus (Model 5T), was also not officially waterproof and was also often used in the rain!
Then wipe off the worst wetness and finished, still worked tip top.
I wouldn’t throw it into the water, but I’m sure it will last in the rain to make a phone call or something else.

I thought about it for a long time, if I should change or not, as a power user I don’t regret my change to the Pro model 🙂
I’m on the road with it day and night for a week now, and I would buy it again!
Tip Top!


Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 00:30
J. Clark

I have switched from a Pixel 3 XL. Undisputed for me, the Android king. So far. With a superior camera, software. The performance, sensational and a smooth, logical, Android as operating system, brilliant. I am a big fan. For me I have decided, only OnePlus can be the successor this year. If certain criteria are met. 1. camera To take it right away. Pictures are perceived differently by everyone, therefore I give my purely subjective opinion here. At the beginning, I have the device now for 8 days, the camera was grotty. Really scary. Especially compared to a pixel 3. 2 updates later, the camera performance is so good, that I have to say, I think it is very good! The pictures are really great. 2. performance Never a problem from OnePlus. 3. display The, absolute, insanity! No other display has ever had such an effect like this one. It is unbelievably big (you have to like it), it is sharp, the colours are brilliant and then the hammer, it has 90Hz. And yes, you can clearly see the difference to conventional displays! 4th stereo speaker Has it! 🙂 5. workmanship Above any doubt, absolutely no problems with it. 6. battery My battery lasts more than long enough. I use the device frequently throughout the day and I can easily get into the second day. I was astonished by the messages that the battery should last for a shorter period of time than with the predecessor. And the hammer is the charging technology of OnePlus. 20 minutes – 50%. That is an announcement! Painfully missed I will charge QI. I have simply got used to it and I think it is great. Even if it takes longer. 7th Software OnePlus keeps on working on their system and listens to the community. A big plus point for me. So the system is always being improved and I get the security updates close to release. Also because OnePlus works together with Google (keyword beta program). Greetings to Huawei! 🙂 And now the hammer! It has no Notch! 🙂 I come from a bathtub, to none, it’s a dream! You can tell that I’m totally enthusiastic about it at the moment and would really recommend to try it out. The size is still okay for me, it is hardly bigger than my pixel 3 XL.

Answer report comment April 30, 2020, 23:18
Ann Alexander

… faster? Hmm, I don’t think so. Absolutely brutal performance, everything is instantaneous.
fingerprint sensor doesn’t like wet fingers but the faceunlock helps out, otherwise unspectacular because it works just like everything else on this thing.

camera is very good for me! If you want more point/shoot/social-ready photos you should look at Huawei, the photos of the 7pro are not for me. For social-ready there is a lack of contrast and sharpness.
But that’s exactly what I didn’t want, because here you can get photos that look good out of cam and still have a post-processing without having to minecraften immediately. JPG processing is good, decent basic sharpness without exaggerating, white balance is good, autofocus fast and HDR is not too much exaggeration.

Wide angle is OK, I turned off the lens correction, that’s fine for a UWW picture and the quality is better without correction and additional charge.
Portrait mode uses only the pseudo 3x zoom camera. Pseudo da 2.2x magnified with sweet-spot crop to ~3x magnification. This has been wrongly packaged in advertising terms and should have been communicated immediately and could have been presented as a positive feature. (hybrid zoom …blah) But it works, here and there a little bit edgy with the artificial bokeh but quite neatly exposed. Beauty mode is off, I can’t say anything about it. From the picture effect completely differently like from a Huawei Phone of current Gen.

Qi shop I had. But I didn’t use it, so I don’t miss it with the 7pro either.
Warp charge is brutally fast.
Phone calls are also possible. Everything good so far.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 01:26

I switched from a working OnePlus 3T with unfortunately splintered display to a OnePlus 7 Pro in the medium version (8GB RAM + 256 GB memory). And I must say: the mobile phone is definitely worth the price. The display is huge and so far the best I have ever had. All animations on the display seem to be much smoother, whether this is due to the better hardware (which also has an influence on the performance) or to the 90 Hz display. Apps start lightning fast, because the phone has a setting for intelligent RAM. The smartphone tries to recognize the usage behaviour and preloads certain apps already in the RAM to speed up opening.

The camera(s) are also very good, the extendable front camera is still a highlight, even for friends. For those who are afraid that the motor of the camera will give up the ghost quickly, I recommend the video on the YoutTube channel of OnePlus, where OnePlus retracts and extends the camera for 12 hours non-stop. Also when the mobile phone is dropped, the camera is retracted in a flash, I have tested this myself a few times (over a mattress of course).

The mobile phone has no jack plug, so you have to use either a Bluetooth headset/headphones, or a USB-C to jack adapter. The stereo speakers have a good, voluminous sound. All in all a really very good mobile phone, which is not very cheap, but compared to direct competitors of MI (also compared to the hardware) it offers a more than good price/performance ratio.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 01:48

I’ve had this phone for a week and I am impressed. The lack of inductive charging doesn’t bother me. Sure, the phone is big, but for my big hands it’s really still operable. The most important features for me are:

Fast UFS 3.0 memory
Dual Sim + Dual VoLTE + Dual VoWifi
256 GB internal memory
Fast Stock Android
GPS for recreational sports

To VoWifi and VoLTE: works OoB – Out of Box. Nothing needs to be done on the Oneplus7 Pro except activate the functions in the Dual Sim Manager. I never had that before and for me that was the main reason for the purchase.

Software updates: Since one week two updates 9.5.9 and 5.9.10. It’s crazy how One Plus is responding to the community here and fixing bugs – like reactivating the lock screen with double taps, finger sensor has been improved.

The One Plus 7 Pro even participates in the Android Q beta program. As of July, it has the Android patch level June 2019. My predecessor phone HTC U11 had Android Oreo and patch level June 2018!!!!!!.

Slight losses are to be expected with the camera – it still takes blurred pictures and has some small quirks – but One Plus is working on that.

I give the phone 4.95 stars out of 5 because the camera is not yet running at 100%. However, two patches have already helped a lot.

For me there is a clear recommendation to buy.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 09:43
kristen johnson

The oneplus 7Pro is really a very good phone, the workmanship is 1A, the display is 90hz plus Qhd+ resolution without an ugly notch is a dream. The internal UsF 3.0 memory plus the Snapdragon 855 make this phone so fast.) Samsung uses the new memory type usf 3.0 only on its 2000€ smartphone
The Selfie camera that drives out discreetly is also solidly built. People who are afraid that someone might see them over the Selfie camera are a thing of the past with Oneplus.
The battery is top class with 4000mah, you can easily get through the day, if you reduce the 90hz plus the resolution down to 1080p then you can use the Oneplus even longer. The fast charging system from Oneplus is really cool. It charges the smartphone completely within an hour. The wireless charging is missing, which I personally do not find bad. The 3 cameras are solid and Samsung and Huawei feel that they take better photos and videos, which doesn’t bother me personally. br>The Smartphone is really big, it has almost the same dimensions as the Note 8. So please check first if this tells you that. The operating system is almost android stock, I like it. What is still cool, you get a plastic protection cage and a pre-glued protective foil 🙂
Sry for the spelling and grammar mistakes:)

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 03:19
T. McFarlin

Ordered on Friday evening, delivered on Saturday afternoon and already packed and ready for the return shipment on Sunday afternoon. This is truly the fastest Smartphone in the world. ?
Why sent back? Display is really good and the stereo speakers sound great. The fingerprint sensor is nice and fast and the vibration motor is great. But I didn’t want to keep it because the cameras are one of the worst things I have seen in 2 years. The photos are blurred, the colors pale, the videos appear pixelated. I own 3 other smartphones (S10+, Mi9 T Pro and Mate 20 Lite) and all of them take better pictures than the Oneplus 7 Pro. How can that be, did I get a Monday device? I guess Oneplus saves on lenses here. A good sensor does not make a good camera. Yeah, and what about speed? The Oneplus is fast, but the Mi9 T Pro is faster. Anyone who has the chance to test both devices side by side and off benchmarks will notice that. Especially in the YouTube app the Xiaomi declassifies the Oneplus and races away. The Xiaomi costs 400 Euro, the Oneplus 800… I don’t notice any UFS3.0 memory or 12GB Ram… sorry but I think the Oneplus 7 Pro is OVERHYPED. For my part I don’t recommend buying it, because the Swiftkey keyboard didn’t scale on the screen as usual. Oneplus obviously doesn’t like Swiftkey?!
More than 3 stars are not in it, because price/performance is not right.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 23:50
Zoey-s Mom

Always wanted to have a Smartphone with a display in a borderless design without any holes in the display. The Oneplus 7 Pro, with a display diagonal of almost 6.7 inches, just over 160 mm long and almost 80 mm wide, isn’t a pipsqueak, but fits the hand very well. I always use the transparent silicone cover, thus the smartphone lies flat on the surface. The fingeprint sensor behind the display is extremely fast. An infinite number of settings for finger operation are a bit of a gimmick, but once you get used to them, they make the operation very comfortable. The German Edition saves us all Chinese characters (apps), which are difficult to uninstall in other editions. You have to put up with Google and Android.
I don’t use games, no music, no earsticks and no antisocial media. Dates, weather, fitness, e-mail, banking, transportation (car, train and plane) and G-Maps are my main areas of application. The display is brilliant. There are endless wallpapers and skins online. The acoustics are excellent, also the price, although we are still almost € 300 under € 1000. And almond has not had a manufacturer yet.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 15:29

I was forced by my grade 4 to switch and coincidentally the One Plus 7Pro was offered for 540€ – that’s when I bought it. I haven’t regretted my decision so far.

I was and still am not a fan of the rounded display design and still don’t understand why anyone would like that.
The edges are rounded, so you see less display (corners and around the display)
Even so I sometimes felt that the display in the curved part doesn’t react perfectly to touch.

Home Button:
Even so I’m a fan of the mechanical Home Button and not of the Touch-Home-Button.
In typing I very often get the Home Button, which is absolutely annoying. – 8Gb RAM
– Amoled Display with Gorilla glass (absolute must)
– 90Hz Display
– Operation
– and so much more!

>The price performance I find simply super, I like to do without the overpriced Samsung junk. One Plus is for me exactly what Samsung was at the beginning – namely the price performance winner. And Samsung now offers the Smartphones with Apple prices.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 13:07
Lamont Winchester

I am very happy that I have chosen the oneplus 7 pro. It is actually more than worth its money. The handling is smooth, apps open extremely fast and the quality of the display is excellent. Also the built-in stereo sound is good. The camera is ok and reacts fast and clean. The battery lasts about 24 hours with frequent use and above all it is sufficiently charged again after 30 minutes. I’m not a continuous gamer, but with this phone you can play very good and smooth and fast even very complex games. it hardly gets hot, the display is mega bright and has a beautiful quality. The NFC also works well, but sometimes you have to be very careful with the payment, even a small wobble generates an error message, this should be corrected. What bothers me a bit is that the on/off switch reacts quite fast and if you have the mobile phone in your pants, you like to enter random data. (Always thought it had some kind of automatic detection when it’s in your pocket and doesn’t respond to touch input?) What also bothers me a bit is that the automatic display brightness is sometimes set too often and too low for my taste. This is a bit confusing. Sometimes the brightness adjusts itself again and again for no reason. What is also noticeable is that I have to restart the device relatively often, that everything works fine (google speech recognition often crashes / automatic display brightness goes haywire / general bugs). But all in all 5 stars and a clear recommendation to buy from me.

Answer report comment April 30, 2020, 05:43
Travlin Man

Enough has been written about the great display, warp charge, performance etc. That’s where OnePlus really delivered. For my opinion the device has too many weaknesses, which leave a bland aftertaste in everyday life:

– The Curved Display. Apart from the great look, only disadvantages (writing is broken, mirrored, color falsifications, you can’t find a reasonable bulletproof glass etc.)
– No wireless charging
– No IP certification (ok, I can get over that)
– I found the heavy top-heaviness of the device very disturbing. The fingerprint sensor works fast and reliable, but if the device was in standby for a while, it gets stuck and even fails completely. In the long run, this is annoying.
– The sound of the stereo speakers is poor.
– The cameras are very good in good light, at dusk or at night they weaken considerably.

Now the question arises if you are willing to accept all these weaknesses or if they bother you at all. In the price range of 700 – 800€ (and even less) there is a lot of competition, which can do many of the points mentioned much better.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 19:56

My first OnePlus. I was an IPhone user since the beginning of the mobile phone era and wanted to switch to the Android world 7 times after the IPhone. I did this some time ago with a Sony XZ2 and was completely satisfied. Now a few months ago I switched to the OnePlus 7 Pro and I have been enthusiastic ever since. Top hardware, top software, top update supply. The last time I was so overwhelmed by a smartphone was when the Retina display was introduced on the IPhone, I think it was on the then 4 Series. The OnePlus has a great performance, a great display and a slim, Stock Android-like interface. Had other launchers in use before. Favourite was the Microsoft Launcher. Tried it once on the OnePlus and quickly uninstalled again. OnePlus does too good a job to be changed here.
Recommendation to everyone who wants a great Android smartphone with a wow-factor.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 01:21
Norman Fuehner

I didn’t buy this phone here at Amazon, I got it through a contract. Nevertheless I write a voluntary review for the mobile phone…that should mean something 😀

The last years I was always a fan of Apple and iOS. But currently there is nothing relevant for me on the market. In comparison I can only recommend the device. The fingerprint sensor is super fast, the display is amazing and the performance doesn’t let me miss iOS. With the battery I can go 2 days without any problems. For the normal user the camera is also absolutely suitable. The front camera makes a stable impression and is a real eye-catcher. To unlock it with the face recognition would annoy me. The only disadvantage is probably the size of the device but I got used to it after 2 days. I am glad that I dared the step and tried a new manufacturer.

Answer report comment December 18, 2020, 10:21
Matthew Arnold Rowley

The mobile phone was delivered to me by 24h express delivery, unpacked and everything very well organized as you know it from OnePlus. In the scope of delivery is a quick charger, a Usb-C cable and a silicone case including Sim Pin! 5/5 The phone is brutally fast and reliable, convinces with its high quality AMOLED display as well as the 90HZ, you may hardly believe it but it makes a huge difference to a standard 60HZ display. The camera takes excellent pictures and the sound is definitely Netflix mature thanks to Dolby-Atmos stereo sound. The workmanship is excellent and with large men’s hands it can definitely be operated with one hand, while petite women should rather use two hands. The operating system is very close to the standard Android with small improvements, very manageable, so it is also suitable for beginners. If you don’t store many files on your phone and have many apps open at the same time, you should definitely go for the 6GB version. For 709 euro you definitely get a gem of technology that is trend-setting and definitely superior to the competition like Samsung or Huawei! Minus points, if you want to put it that way, are the missing notification LED and wireless charging. If you can do without them and need a new phone, don’t hesitate.

Answer report comment May 1, 2020, 00:54
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OnePlus 7 Pro
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