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148 Reviews

Larry E Taylor

I have been using the device for about 6 weeks. The first impression was great, the display was big and really nice to look at, but the more you get involved with the device and especially MiUi, the more you realize how bad this MiUi is.

Haptics, display, CPU, GPU, buttons, finger touch, everything is wonderful. Processing super, SD 660 with Adreno 512, 6GB RAM, 128 GB ROM, battery life 2 days despite increased use. The device itself for this price a force, if not… more about it below…

Mir almost too wide in the hand. Feels a bit clumsy. Cover necessary, otherwise rather slippery in the hand. No jack connection. Memory expansion possible, but hybrid. So either 2xSIM or SIM+SD. Tested with 128GB SD, works (maybe more). But with 128GB internal memory – for me absolutely sufficient. Launcher without AppDrawer, but replaceable.
Faceunlock can be activated, if you change region to Italy. But it can be tricked with photo, so no real protection.

Contra … !! MIUI 10 !!!!
And with that basically everything would be already written. MiUi (at least the 10) is pretty much the worst thing I have seen in years and I can’t understand the hype about MiUi. If you look at the numerous videos on Youtube and are confronted with the reality, you ask yourself: Do people really test the software or do they just scurry over to see if the camera works? br>In detail:
– MiUi loaded with numerous, superfluous apps that can’t be deactivated or deleted? br>>br>- Some of them demand outrageous rights (MiVideo app that ‘wants to make calls on its own’. Why does a video player need such rights? Calling the time announcement in China or what?)

– Mi Apps full of advertising.

– Change of the standard app is partly ignored (e.g. change from Mi-Video to VLC player to avoid the rights demand). But Launcher can switch over, great…..

– Rights management works sometimes and sometimes not. What criteria can’t be used to find out.
own alarm clock app grants permissions that lock screen may display. This is ignored by MiUi and the app is simply not shown in the lock screen. Annoying if you have to unlock first, then start app only to stop the alarm clock.

– VLC-Player rights withdrawn, so that VLC-Player is NOT allowed to change system settings (brightness or volume). Ignored by MiUi. A warning will be displayed but the setting will be done anyway and the revoked rights will be ignored.

– Android Auto does not recognize the onboard music player. Basically it’s not usable anyway, because it’s bombarded with advertisements and outrageous rights.

– MiCloud will call -penetrant- again and again, even if you don’t want to use it. ‘No, I do not want an account in MiCloud’. ‘No, Mi-Video app, you’re not allowed to use the phone’. It’s just annoying…

– ARM Level only L3 = streaming from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Maxdome etc. not possible in FullHD but HD or even less.

– Display in the status bar much too small. Battery percentage hardly readable and also not changeable in size. Since last update also with opening the notification bar not bigger or different display possible. Remedy only via external App/Widget.

– Messages are not displayed in the status bar or icons disappear after two seconds. So no notification or similar. You have to scroll the status bar to see that you have received messages. -What a joke-

– LTE, WLAN connection is sporadically interrupted, although in both cases full signal. SIM card exchanged, provider exchanged, WLAN exchanged, everything brought no improvement. Annoying… Note: with MotoG5Plus no problems…

– Despite free memory (at least 4GB free) MiUi throws the apps out and they are restarted, although they are displayed in the memory. Some remedy if you switch off the ‘aggressive memory management’ also called MiUi optimization. Yes, read correctly. Turning off MiUi optimization will make it a bit better. You find hidden in the developer… 6GB RAM of which only 1 or 2 are used. So it’s worth the extra price for the 6GB. -What a joke-

Update with conclusion: The device itself is beautiful, MiUi is a complete mess, not to write garbage. With pure Android it would be a great device, but it’s just not usable like that. Be careful at this point for all those who use the device for business. DSGVO and the non-functioning rights management, I would be careful and would check exactly what data is passed on to whom. As MiUi deals with the rights management, I don’t want to know what happens in the background.

There is only 1 star left, because what is offered doesn’t work properly and sometimes causes real problems. However MiUi is still, whereas 10.3 is already in the starting blocks (at least BETA). What has changed:
The connection problems have become less, but unfortunately still exist. At least in the forums you can see that it’s not only the case with my device.
The advertisement is no longer there (complete reset after update). However, my region is now only available in Germany = no choice of topics, no Faceunlock.
2 stars, because Xiaomi has made some improvements. The direction is right, let’s see how it goes on.
Reception problems in LTE are – as far as I can see – only in the O2/EPlus network. With Vodafone there were less problems. My friend doesn’t even notice anything. But he also doesn’t pay attention to it and is in the Vodafone network. Problems in O2 are also discussed in other forums.
Wlan is also a problem with him, but does not bother him. The interruptions usually last only 5 to 10 seconds, then it runs again. If you don’t spend much time with it, you probably won’t notice it in your daily life.
Advertising: As long as you don’t change the region, there is no advertising -more-. Changing the region seems to bring along software installation and advertising…
The rights management has improved a lot with Pie Update. Mi-Video still wants to make phone calls, but everything else seems to work as it should.
Conclusion: MiUi 10.2 with Pie = 3 stars…

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 20:03
Madeline Abel

I am still weighing up whether the Mi 8 Lite deserves 3 or 4 stars. 3,5 would be probably appropriate.

It is a good Smartphone in the price range up to 250 Euro. However, it has some quirks.

The design is very chic, but I use a cover, so I decided to go for the black version. The finish is flawless. Nothing creaks or wobbles. Unfortunately it’s not enough for 5 stars, because in my eyes there are too many negative features.

The device currently still runs with Android 8.1 Oreo. The Xiaomi interface (EMUI 10.2) is very modern. The menus are tidy and clearly arranged. The system runs very smoothly. Nothing jerks. Even if more than 20 apps are running in the background, it doesn’t get tough.
Despite the large display, the phone lies well in the hand. The brightness is really extremely bright (at maximum setting) and should ensure good readability even in strong sunshine.

The Notch does something in that the time, battery, WLAN, mobile phone reception and sound profile are displayed without losing space. You can also hide the notch, whereby the above mentioned symbols slide further down and the space above is darkened unused.

A cover and a USB-C to jack adapter is included. A screen protector is missing.

Negative points that I noticed in the first week:
– Widgets created with the Nova Launcher do not work correctly after some time or after reloading the widgets/restarting the device. Only black boxes are displayed, without content.
– Notifications are only displayed briefly in the notification bar next to the notch when they arrive. After that there is no indication that there are any messages. You have to drag down the notification bar first to see that there are news. Often notifications arrive after several minutes (after the actual message has been received). Sometimes they are shown again delayed by a few hours.
– The notification LED is tiny and hardly visible from more than 1.5m distance (except in darkness). Unfortunately, it shines only white. It cannot be configured in any way. It pulsates with new messages, but (not reproducible) not always. When recharging it glows white all the time.
– It is well known that Netflix, Amazon Video etc. don’t run on 720p (Widevine Level 3), that’s not really bad and you only notice it when comparing them directly. However, Netflix zooms into the picture, which makes it noticeably blurred. In addition, the image reproduction on the underside of the phone reaches into the round corners, whereas on the top side it is cut straight below the notch. This seems to take some getting used to. In addition, parts of the image are cut off at the sides and at the top and bottom.
– Tesla Unread stickers, which show on the home screen how many unread messages are available in Whatsapp, for example, only work sporadically.
– Alarm clock apps can sometimes (e.g. my favorite alarm clock app Wecker Xtream) not wake up the screen. To enable this, you have to explicitly grant the appropriate rights, because this is not done by default. Edit: If the alarm clock app is deleted from the open apps (with alarm set), the alarm clock will not ring. But this can be caused by Oreo as well as EMUI.
-&nbsp,&nbsp,Edit: I have to revise this point. I have a replacement device for a week now. The first device seems to have a hardware defect on the touchscreen.

Positive points:
+ The battery lasts very long. You can easily survive one day. Two are no big problem. I’m not afraid to leave the house in the morning (9am) with 40 percent remaining battery. Despite normal use during the day (Whatsapp, Messenger, Youtube, e-mail, surfing, about 1h Netflix, no games) I still have about 10 percent remaining battery in the evening around 0 o’clock. This is really impressive.
+ Charging is also very fast. In 30 minutes, for example, the device charges from 22% to 62%. (with an HTC fast charger output: DC 5 V/2.5 A, 9V/1.7 A, 12 V/1.25 A)
+ The Face-Unlock function’s face recognition works excellently in brightness and twilight. In darkness, it does not recognise the face at all or only unreliably. To use Face-Unlock, the region must be set to e.g. Singapore or Italy (the language and time etc. remains in German, but some additional bloatware apps are installed, but most of them can be uninstalled again), then the option appears under screen lock and password. The detection is so fast that you don’t even notice that the phone was locked at all.
+ The camera works very fast (start and shutter release) and takes very good pictures in good light conditions. With low light there is relatively strong image noise. Maybe the AI function can compensate a little bit, but I haven’t tested it yet.
+ Many helpful (and contrary to the apps of some other mobile phone manufacturers) apps are pre-installed and make additional apps of third party providers mostly superfluous thanks to very good functionality and usability. Among them apps for: Notes, alarm clock, QR code scan, call recording, screen recording, sound recorder, file manager, compass, file transfer (to other phone/PC), app locking via fingerprint. Edit: unfortunately (in the meantime) more and more advertisements are appearing in some apps (e.g. app installation overview, file manager). Edit 2: The advertising (so called recommendations) can be completely deactivated in the app’s options.
+ The speaker is quite loud and has a clear sound.
+ The (optionally activatable) gesture control works very well and with some practice/acclimatization time you can get through the menus just as fast and very intuitively and don’t miss the software buttons at all anymore.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 04:22
Tim little

Yes, the Mi 8 lite is beautiful. Unpack and enjoy – wow the back looks great. I already had the Redmi Note 5 from Xiaomi (great!) and I still have the Mi Max 3 lying around here (top class!!!). That’s why I was actually good DInge when I ordered the Mi 8 lite.

After the first start the device updates to MIUI 10.2.2. I have the device in continuous operation for four days. Yes, the thing is nice and fast. Gives a lot of things that are fun, but the many negative points are heavy :

1.) The notifications are really missing. I had read it several times before, but just couldn’t believe it. If you expect incoming mails or Whatsapp messages or whatever to be displayed as an icon in the upper left corner (which is the most normal thing on all Android phones), you will notice: There is nothing! Okay, when you wake up from standby, the familiar message icons appear for three seconds – then they disappear again and then there’s only the clock. WHAT IS THIS??? If you googleogle for the problem (MIUI Notch notifications), you’ll quickly realize: It affects almost all Xiamois smartphones with Notch. What does this mean? If you’re used to checking the status bar with a quick glance to see if there are any notifications, you can forget that with the Mi 8 lite. In the future, it will ALWAYS mean to drag the status bar down and see if there are any messages. At least there’s a little provisional help (not from Xiaomi): With the app Nbubble you can display the number of notifications somewhere on the home screen. But this is really not more than a provisional help 😉 The Notch: is and remains per se a rather senseless invention (not only for this phone). I thought you could set somewhere that you can show or hide the notch automatically for different apps (with the Honor 8x this should work). But no chance. If you use e.g. the Kindle app on your phone, you will hate the notch pretty fast when reading (see photo). To turn the notch on and off, you have to walk through the settings again and again. Why you can’t set this for different apps from the beginning remains the secret of Xiaomi.

3). Blaotware. Phew, I was already used to the Redmi Note 5 and the Mi Max 3. But the Mi-Apps on the Mi 8 lite are especially nasty. Some of them even shoot you with advertising. Systemapps with advertising!!! For example, you can’t use the Downloads app before you give permission to collect personal data. Uninstalling and deactivating the many Mi-Apps doesn’t work anyway. By the way, not even with the MIUI hidden settings app, which works wonders with other Xiaomi phones (because you can reach hidden switches in the system settings and suddenly uninstall one or the other system map – not so with MI 8 lite).

4). Disconnects. What I noticed in the first hours with the device were intensive dropouts in the mobile phone connection (provider 02). Sometimes the surfing speed sank into the cellar and pages built up agonizingly slowly, then often nothing worked anymore. Tested with different browsers. If you are not connected to the Internet, it says so in the browser. Hello? I have full LTE and I am so connected. Flight mode on, flight mode off, then I’m fine. Until the next freeze.
After two or three hours I had the (weird) idea to change the simcard slot (the simcard from slot 1 to slot 2). See there: The freezes became much rarer: Instead of every ten minutes only about once per hour. By the way, I don’t have the freezes in the WLAN, everything runs quite fluffy there 😉 Photos: Yes, the Selfie camera is great. Even in low light. Really great. BUT: The main camera is pretty average. I took many, many photos yesterday in moderate light: They almost all turned out nothing. My other two Xiaomis were really better. But, like I said: The Selfie camera is great 😉 The enclosed cover: Well, you shouldn’t complain, after all it comes free of charge. But it’s soooo thin that it flutters at the sides and, what’s much worse, doesn’t really protect the protruding camera at the back. If you keep the phone you’ll need a new cover quickly 😉 The battery is mediocre at best. You should definitely leave the house in the morning with a full battery, otherwise it can get crowded in the late afternoon. By the way: The back of the phone gets quite hot when charging. I’m not sure if this is really the way it should be.
>br>But I don’t want to just grumble: The phone fits really well in the hand, the look is awesome. When surfing etc. there are no jerking at all (beyond the freezes), it’s fun. But the many negative points mentioned above? More than three points I can’t award at the moment. Actually there are only two, the third one is for the optics.

Can be good that the phone goes back. The buggy software (no notifications, freezes, system maps with advertising, etc.) is really an imposition. But it’s just soooo beautiful 🙂

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 01:47
cipriano heredia jr

Exactly what I was looking for:

*) very noble optics: slim and flat design with an aspect ratio of about 19:9, rounded display, glass back, black metal frame, a narrow notch and a relatively large display to case ratio of 82.5%… Due to these proportions the 8 lite looks sporty muscular!

*) very fast mid-range mobile phone – in none of my applications there are visible delays or jerking. Faster processors are not at all necessary for my applications at the moment – I even think that the speed for my applications could last the next 2-3 years, maybe even 4 years.
In the Antutu test, the Mi 8 lite reaches about 144000 points, which is a bit better than the Samsung Galaxy A9 2018, which currently costs almost 450€ at Amazon!

*) very good resolution, bright and high contrast display. Even though this is an LCD and not an OLED, I don’t find the (compared to the OLED) somewhat brighter black level disturbing at all – to be honest, I haven’t even noticed it so far! The display may be a bit less contrasty than an OLED, but pictures and especially photos are displayed very neutrally (with an OLED it happened to me the odd time that a photo looked very impressive, but when displayed on a good TV, monitor or printout…)

*) very good camera: compared to the Samsung Galaxy A3 it is worlds better! The autofocus of the main camera works very fast and precise. The shutter speed is extremely fast. Surprisingly there is no image noise in low light. Maybe this is due to the – compared to almost all other mobile phones in this price range – relatively large pixel size of 1.4µm of the Sony IMX363 sensor, which can be found not only here, but also in other high-end smartphones from Xiaomi (Mi 8 , Mi Mix 3, Poco F1), or even in Google Pixel 3, all of which have received best camera ratings under DxOMark. The update to Android Pie, which is planned for Q1/2019, is also interesting, which gives hope for a further improved camera app. Especially for low light shots and at night, a similar algorithm to Google Camera (night sight mode) will be used, which should generate unique images! To be honest I’m very excited about it…

The white balance of the camera works very fast and without problems, the colors are recorded neutral and there is no blooming. Dark details are also still clearly visible and don’t disappear in the noise, the picture looks sharp, contrasty and very dynamic.

by using the second 5MP Samsung sensor you can generate nice bokeh effect shots.

the Selfie camera is not so interesting for me ,-)
… but takes very good pictures with bokeh effect and that even though there is only one sensor.

*) User Interface Miui 10: I personally like it very much – after a few days I got used to the gesture control and I love it – working is much easier and above all faster! The visual customization possibilities with MIUI are almost unlimited, concerning symbols, background, lock screen. On MI 8 Lite is also the Google Assistant installed, which meanwhile acts app-overlapping, can call people from the phonebook, write Whats App and start Google Mapps… I am thrilled 😉 The battery: in the meantime I have adapted the phone well to my needs, so I tried less yesterday and managed for the first time to get through 2 days without charging – and this with time on screen of over 6 hours (in energy saving mode). The question I am now asking myself: Does the battery last 4 years instead of the usual 2 years?

what else can I say: good reception, status LED (only in white), good call quality, loud and good mono speakers, Dual Sim – one slot of it optional for micro SD card, according to the manual. Internet exemplary update policy of the company Xiaomi, very fast and precise fingerprint sensor on the back, USB type C connection, mobile phone does not get warm even during intensive use.

mobile phone, silicone cover, charging cable incl. charger (unfortunately not Quickcharge 3, which would support the mobile phone), USB C to jack plug adapter

*) no jack plug available (but an adapter is included)
*) no Quickcharge 3 charger included
*) no NFC (absolutely not relevant for me! )
*) unfortunately also no always on display – unfortunately only works with OLED displays
*) no inductive charging possible!
*) camera lens protrudes 1mm out of the smartphone housing – when using the included silicone cover, but closes it flush

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 01:53
JE Epps

Since I finally decided to buy a Smartphone – until now I had a mobile phone for 19€ – I dealt with the problem of which Smartphone to buy at what price. To be able to judge the technical data halfway I borrowed a Samsung Galaxy S5 neo. This had an Antutu 6 value of about 56000 and was sufficiently suitable for my needs. br>The following functions were important for me br>- Secure telephone connection br>- Mobile phone parking br>- Secure GPS function for hiking br>- Use of hiking maps br>- Halfway reasonable pictures. I only use the camera when I don’t happen to have my Nikon with me
– Using HERE offline maps when I’m in foreign cities
– At least 6 inch screen
– After asking my friends about their smartphones, I found out that 90% of all friends have Samsung smartphones. So I looked into Samsung and found out that the prices were out of question for me. The reviews of the testers weren’t what excited me either. I don’t need an OLED display and NFC on my smartphone is not used by me. While searching for alternatives, I then came across Xiaomi. The reviews of the testers were consistently positive to enthusiastic. And so were the buyers. The mentioned shortcomings were not relevant for me, because they were all related to the following points
– No headphone jack
– No OLED display
– No NFC
– Netflix not possible in HD quality
– The evaluation of the camera was very subjective from bad to excellent
These points were not relevant for me, because I don’t use these functions or only use them very limited (camera). So I decided to buy the Mi 8 Lite.
The setup of the smartphone was unproblematic. After I connected the device to the charger and inserted the SIM card I chose the setup mode New Device and followed the instructions. Once connected, the device synchronized with Google Drive and all contact information was on the device. Great. Then I took my wife’s mobile phone and dialed my number. See there, the call did not come through, it was immediately switched to voice mail. Thereupon I deleted the call diversion to the voicebox and extended the time for forwarding to the voicebox. This solved this problem. Afterwards the mobile internet protection from Bitdefender and the password manager from Steganos were installed. Since I have activated the fingerprint sensor, I don’t need to enter a password for the password manager anymore, since it is also unlocked by the fingerprint sensor.
The connection establishment is permanently stable and much better than with the Samsung Galaxy S5. The memory space is more than sufficient. I have installed my 64GB SD card, because I don’t need the second sim card space. I didn’t write anything about the technology and handling on purpose, because in my opinion the many reviews say it all and I can only agree with the many positive statements.
Update 01.05.2019
In the meantime I’m familiar with the device and so I set up a second profile for payment apps and e-banking. These are not visible after switching on the device. Only after switching to the secondary profile – a pin and the fingerprint is required for this – you can use these apps. These apps again are secured with passwords that are generated by a random generator and have 32 characters including special characters. To manage the passwords I use the Steganos keychain and for internet security I use Bitdefender-Mobile. I hope that I have the best possible security in this area. I have not found the possibility to set up a second profile with other smartphone manufacturers. I hope that I have been able to give one or the other a suggestion for more security in money transactions via smartphone.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 16:23

First of all the smartphone itself is really good, nice big display, fluent OS and also games the built-in Snapdragon 660 handles much better than my old Honor 5c. The lack of a jack plug was no problem with the included adapter and the included protective cover fits almost perfectly and gives the otherwise very slippery device the necessary grip. However, in the course of the 5 days I had the smartphone I noticed some unfortunate defects that forced me to send it back. Especially with games I noticed that the left/right edges of the touchscreen itself doesn’t always react the way you want it to and leads to frustration if the action is suddenly not executed. The lighting around the notch is noticeably brighter than the rest of the display, especially in the dark. With very moderate use, you can only just get through an 8-10 hour workday even if nothing is constantly running in the background. Moderate here means Whatsapp, a few not exactly performance demanding games and email traffic. The big loss of energy is probably due to the large display and the SD 660, because the 3.300mAh battery is too little for 6,26 inches. 4.000mAh would have been appropriate here. (Note that Xoiaomi was updated to Android 8.1 and MIUI ) I noticed relatively early on that data connections often break, start very sluggishly or pause for no reason and especially in games I often had disconnects. That was because the device disconnects from the network again and again and then reconnects 3-4 sec later, no matter if WLAN or LTE. For a heavy user and someone who needs a stable connection it is absolutely useless and even if it works the connection is agonizingly slow. In the internet you can find some (partly very absurd) solutions but nobody helped. Updating the ROM again, factory reset and switching off the 2.4 Ghz or 5Ghz network of the router did not bring any improvement. Theoretically it could be a hopefully rare hardware defect, but the existence of all the Wifi drops issue threads in the network leads me to the conclusion that it must be a software problem, the problem also occurs with other WLAN networks or with other SIM cards.

After the very friendly Amazon technical support couldn’t help me either and the seller suggested the official Xiaomi support as a possibility or send it back, I decided to do the latter, because the Xiaomi support is only in English and theoretically I already did everything that could help. Waiting for an update that might fix the problem can also take an uncertain amount of time.

Conclusion: The device itself is super equipped for the price and I would have liked to continue using it, but the poor connection quality makes it, at least for me, almost useless for internet-heavy applications (YouTube, games etc.).

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 21:34
Reta Myers

Amazon was once again top class in support.
The phone itself on the other hand a flop in my eyes.

– Thanks to Snapdragon 660 an absolutely fast device
– GPS super accurate and fast
– Great battery – long runtimes

-Need a hybrid slot – no real Dual Sim mobile phone ( 1 Sim + MicroSD OR 2 Sim cards)
-No jack connector
-Notch prevents the display of elements in the status bar
-Glass back (fragile and slippery)

– Warning –

MIUI is full of advertising
Read correctly. The system is the absolute horror when it comes to advertising.
Music App? Advertising.br>File Manager? Advertising.br>Br>At that point it was unfortunately over for me and I had to pack it up again.br>Apart from the data collection, I had to put up with advertising? No thanks. Not Xiaomi!

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 00:17
David Fleming

I have tested this phone extensively and am very satisfied. The workmanship and also the appearance is in no way inferior to a 500€ expensive device. I would even go so far as to say that it is currently one of the most beautiful mobile phones. It lies well in the hand. But I strongly recommend a protective cover, because in case of a fall the back of the glass, without protection, might be ruined.
Here are my positive impressions:

– bright and brilliant display
– user interface, MIUI 10, is very well thought out (but not perfect, more about that below)
– fast as an arrow
– Dual Sim or SD card possible
– very good workmanship
– noble no frills design
– the system is extremely well maintained by the manufacturer, many other manufacturers should take an example from this.
– battery life is very top!
– brilliant AI camera
– faceunlock possible (even if only via detours)
– fingerprint sensor unlocks very fast
– USB C connection
– adapter for USB C on jack is included
– very good loudspeakers

– I don’t think that’s so great:

– Notch prevents the display of messages (here Xiaomi should improve)
– No jack connector for headphones
– No NFC (not relevant for me, but you should know)
– Glass back side magically attracts fingerprints

All in all a great phone with a very good price-performance ratio. I am very satisfied.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 03:03

Hello everyone,

foreword: this is not a bought or cheated review, because somebody gave me the mobile phone or something. No, I took the trouble to write a review out of conviction.

The reason is simple: The Mi 8 Lite is the hit! It is already my second Xiaomi. (For those of you who still don’t know Xiaomi, it’s the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, growth is increasing!)
And it’s even better than my previous grade 5 pro.

Here in a nutshell what you can expect:
– a grandiosely beautiful mobile phone. In my opinion because of the small Notch even more beautiful than the normal Mi 8
– a bear-strong battery power! (Not where as extreme as the Note Pro models, but still much better than the local elite) Enough for me (3 hours hotspot, 2 hours Audible/Spotify, a lot of internet and sometimes a game for at least(!) one day.
– Enough power for everything!
– A good, clear menu. It is (still) based on Android 8.1, but MIUI is the in-house interface. And it’s super. Br>- A reasonable camera. The front camera can be compared to any other camera! The Selfie camera is not on iPhone or S9 level, but more than sufficient for the average consumer. By this I mean that with good light conditions top pictures come out and with less good light conditions still sufficient!

I didn’t buy it here at Amazon, but there you usually look for reviews. For 200-250€ you get a smartphone here, for which you have to pay at least 500-600€ under the big names. And that does not do justice to the Mi 8 Lite yet. It is not only ahead in terms of price-performance. I think it is really (for me) the first choice because of MIUI, the look and the battery life!

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 21:22
Tim L.

The phone came from a warehouse in Spain. The packaging was ok and showed no damage. During unboxing I noticed that there is already a silicone case in the package. Anyway, I ordered a bulletproof glass and another case in advance.

The fingerprint sensor works great and there’s nothing to complain about.
The display is clear and the colours are very contrasty, the reaction time and haptics are absolutely satisfying.

The nodge or as this pulled down recess is called is not that important anymore. I think there was an update recently, even notifications are displayed reliably after release, depending on the settings. Overall the phone is very locked and you have to approve almost everything or configure it accordingly in advance. If you are familiar with Android, no problem. If not, there is already the danger that one is quickly overwhelmed due to the complexity.

The camera takes very clear pictures, if one pays attention to the small photography 1×1. Good lighting is always a guarantee for better quality of photos.

I have trimmed the launcher to Samsung, which makes the changeover easier. Otherwise, if you know the structure of the menus, it’s like Windows, if you know one, you know them all.

The phone delivers top features for the price and doesn’t have to hide behind big, well-known manufacturers.
Ah yes, I forgot…
The battery holds up well with a brisk initial setting, after charging I didn’t even have the feeling that it couldn’t last the day.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 08:57
joseph jackson

Apart from the fact that my package was simply left on the doorstep, a super mobile phone

Answer report comment December 18, 2020, 00:44

I didn’t even hear the doorbell ring at amazon logistics, should I deduct 4 stars from the device? ,-)

Answer report comment December 18, 2020, 01:15
Cami McDaniel

I didn’t even hear the doorbell ring at amazon logistics, should I deduct 4 stars from the device? ,-)

Answer report comment December 18, 2020, 01:15
Brian K. Tilden

With me the letter carrier did not greet me. Therefore I deducted 2 stars from the device.

Answer report comment December 18, 2020, 01:36
Donna L. Ferrara

With me the letter carrier did not greet me. Therefore I deducted 2 stars from the device.

Answer report comment December 18, 2020, 01:36
Steve Chandler

But the cell phone can do something for it and therefore it works much worse…..

Answer report comment December 18, 2020, 01:00
D. Bourdon

But the cell phone can do something for it and therefore it works much worse…..

Answer report comment December 18, 2020, 01:00
Michele R. Sapper

I was really enthusiastic about the technical data, look and the price.
The first setup went quickly and the update to Miui 10 was completed quickly.
From the appearance this smartphone looks very noble and there is enough power for the one or other more complex game.

But that was it.

I have no idea if it is a defect, but after phone calls the screen stays black
and the phone doesn’t respond to any commands until the caller hangs up.
Even a recalibration of the proximity sensor didn’t help. Not to imagine if both conversation partners are using the same device and have the same error.
To this end, in another review, the connection breaks down in the WLAN.
If the reception strength is completely full, the connection breaks down, only to reconnect after a few seconds.
I think the low prices are also achieved because you pay the rest with your data.
I haven’t had a device yet that calls home (XIAOMI) so often.
One connection a lot especially on (data.mistat.intl.xiaomi.com), with more than 1200 connections within 24 hours. Unfortunately, the manufacturer apps cannot be removed or deactivated without rooting the phone.
These are the reasons why I send the phone back after only two days.
I was thrilled with all the positive reviews regarding phones from XIAOMI and was even more disappointed. Unfortunately my first and also last device from XIAOMI.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 23:10
Davies temitope

Great mobile phone at a fair price, the workmanship is impeccable, the operating system I found ideal for me as a former Apple disciple. You get a beautiful mobile phone as fast as an arrow. The face recognition works very fast and extremely reliable, but you have to set the region to Italy to use this feature, otherwise the face recognition for Germany and Austria is simply not activated. The memory capacity of 64GB is sufficient and can be easily expanded at any time with a Micro SD card by a maximum of 256GB. The touchscreen reacts pleasantly and without problems, the display exceeds all my expectations. The only shortcoming I find is the positioning of the volume buttons on the right side right next to the power button, I extremely often get the power button instead of the volume control, which is quite annoying in the long run, but this is grumbling on a very high level. All in all, I would buy the MI 8 Lite again at any time and I can warmly recommend it to any iPhone user who is changing over to the MI 8.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 18:33
J Rodriguez

The device is actually quite good. Hardware and performance is great.
However MIUI is just not for me. A lot of additional apps that I will never use. You can’t uninstall them without any trouble. MIUI wants to be iOS. If I would have wanted that, I would have bought an iPhone.
Finally I returned the phone and ordered a Mi A2. Nearly pure Android and still great performance. Well, no notch, but I can live with that.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 05:01
P. Spike

I compared it 1:1 with my old s4 and depending on the shooting scenario, sometimes the s4 and sometimes the mi8 performs better. Overall, the close-ups are better with the s4 and photos of large areas with the Mi8 but would consider the two as quite equivalent and would rather use the Mi8.

but the Mi9 will be on the market soon and it’s better to wait for the mi9 than to buy the mi8 now.

the mi9 is as good as all other smartphones on the market in performance and price. so i don’t recommend to buy the mi8 and i don’t recommend to wait a few more weeks for the mi9 or to buy it at amazin.it

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 11:07
Rob D.

I bought the phone since March and the following points would like to express my opinion.

Morning the camera works with an indirect performance compared to the price. In the evening the camera is really bad, you can’t see the face in the pictures, this happens with pictures and with videos you can’t do anything in the evening. if I use the mobile phone too much, it sometimes doesn’t react and I have to close all apps then

you can’t open the mobile data and make a call at the same time, I don’t find that practical
sometimes you don’t hear the other one and you have to restart

finger pressure
This works 80% good and very fast but sometimes he doesn’t react.
Battery type c is very good and gas cell phone charges fast. Br> Battery takes about 5 hours or so when using the cell phone. b if one deletes the messages or so you don’t get any notifications and that’s not the case with other phones. br>>br> The mobile phone is not the best choice but it is good in this range of prices


Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 03:20

Xiaomi was not known to me. I was a Samsung owner for 15 years before, until my Galaxy returned to the ghost task. I wanted a light, inexpensive mobile phone. With which I could use social media, shop online and listen to music without my phone constantly hanging. My husband had bought the Mi Mix 3 shortly before and was super satisfied with the performance of the phone. The price is simply top for the performance of the phone! The camera pictures are sharp, it reacts fast and does what it should. In my opinion it is better than big brands. Anyone who gives a bad rating here, but is just looking for points to make it bad!
The service of Amazon must be praised here. After initial problems with the delivery, Amazon has put a perfect customer service here!

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 16:43
moy ignacio

Hello together,
Have already had some phones my last ones were from xiaomi. That’s why I had decided to go for the Mi8 lite. Price/performance was on paper very good only after several weeks in use. Can I not quite recommend it with a clear conscience. The battery lasts about 2 to 2.5 days with normal use.
performance it runs smoothly. The camera will be perfectly adequate for most people. I make many pictures and Co and is only sufficient. The biggest minus point is the network and WLAN reception. Again and again, normal use is not really possible.
Must restart the mi 8 lite sometimes several times a day and that’s sad.
Was always satisfied with xiaomi so far Price performance was awesome. Well but for the Otto normal consumption ok.
Clear purchase recommendation from my side Not. If the network reception is processed then full points.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 09:17
Courtney Young

I bought the phone about four weeks ago as a replacement for my 4.5 year old HTC M8.
– valuable packaging with power plug and headphone adapter, quick start guide
– included silicone case for the back, does its job, even if fingerprints are unfortunately magically attracted to it
– otherwise it runs smoothly, my apps run
– like the user interface, for me there are enough backgrounds, sounds etc. to choose from
– camera is ok, I haven’t used it much so far
– some updates have been released, but it still runs with Android 8.1 and the MIUI Global 10

I can’t report any real negatives so far. Think for the price you get an absolutely good mobile phone, which looks nice from the outside and runs smoothly.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 14:46
Brianna Lucas

Fingerprint reader and face recognition do not need, therefore, not even tried and no stars. The battery lasts very long and it is extremely fast. With my old Samsung S5 I had hardly any reception in the house, now 4-5 lines.
Also 300Mbps with wLan were never possible with the S5. For less money there is nowhere more mobile phone. In addition, super processed and from the haptics very convincing. It is frightening that the Chinese can produce this mobile phone for so little money. But there is something to complain about: the quick charger (only the simple one) is not included. Because of all the wiping and pressing you can see the fingerprints on the
switched off display – if it’s annoying, you have to clean.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 00:10
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