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165 Reviews

Tiffany wells

First I have to mention that you can hardly find better hardware for this price. The quality is excellent, the phone feels good and is incredibly fast.

You get around 350 Euro the currently fastest SoC (Snapdragon 855), 6 GB RAM, 64 GB memory, wireless charging (20W – also here top shelf), a huge (almost) fullscreen AMOLED display, fingerprint in the display and a good camera setup. Other manufacturers charge around 600 Euro plus for such a setup, if they offer everything at all. Therefore the price-performance ratio is really top.

As there are many positive recessions I will rather talk about the negative features of the phone.

My personal negative points on the Mi9:

One wonders how Xiaomi can offer such a device for so little. There are certainly several factors like marketing etc. but one of the reasons is that here and there advertising is built in. This is very discreet but still present. To be fair, you have to mention that with a little patience you can minimize the advertising.

The fingerprint under the display works quite well and is one of the better ones on the market. On average it unlocks 10 times, it works about 7-8 times and is relatively slow – unlike the traditional fingerprint sensors.

I changed the region to Switzerland and was able to set up Faceunlock additionally, so I can combine unlocking. But it’s still somehow a compromise that I wasn’t so happy with.

3 cameras on the back + a selfiecam. The camera is rock solid, with light it takes really good pictures. But in my opinion it can’t keep up with e.g. one pixel 2 / 3. Positive is that you have nice features like wide angle and live filter. When changing to another mobile phone I would only miss the wide angle camera – if it is not available!

I know that the camera was really well rated on DxOMARK, I could not get such good results with it. With the GCAM the pictures are much better but here and there there are mistakes and you can see that it is an assembled APP. Was not an option for me.

Don’t get it wrong. For the price you get a TOP camera, but in my opinion it’s weaker than Apple, Google, Samsung and Co. – which also cost more than the Mi9! Here and there you also notice the missing image stabilisation (the Mi9 has only a software supported stabilisation).

housing (Slippery and hot 🙂 ):
Super processed, but much too slippery for me. You should not put the phone on the sloping window sill. A cover is included, this solves the problem. But since I use my mobile phones without a cover, this was a small consolation. What I find much worse is the extreme heat development. Xiaomi doesn’t seem to be able to control the cooling. I’ve had several top models of Xiaomi and each of them got very hot under stress. The Mi9 gets so hot that it becomes uncomfortable for me (when playing games, e.g. Heartstone). However, I also had the phenomenon that the mobile phone became unpleasantly hot in standby.

In many test reports the (relatively small) battery was praised, respectively the battery life. Unfortunately I cannot confirm this. It is very different, sometimes I manage 4 hours display on time, then it is again only 2 hours display on time. You can get through the day but you should not count on it. At least with my user profile.

My user behaviour:
approx. 1 hour Bluetooth connection to the car
approx. 2 hours news (Google Feed) / Whatsapp / Socialmedia (Facebook)
here and there is 1 – 2 times a week an hour Heartstone and here and there a few photos.

Bluetooth is always on, at work and at home always connected via WLAN. I’m used to better runtimes.

Google Pay:
I honestly don’t know if I didn’t set it right or if it was the device in the store but it didn’t work with the Mi9 in two different stores. With my previous Android it worked without any problems.

There were some negative points I noticed in my daily use. Nevertheless, you always have to calculate this against the price. For the price the phone is TOP, but for me personally the price is not soooo important, so I am not willing to make these compromises. There is no such thing as a perfect phone, but among the negative points of the Mi9 there were too many that really bothered me. I hope I could show you the negative or not so great sides of the phone and help you with your choice. As mentioned, for the money you get a strong piece of hardware, you get a great phone if the points I mentioned don’t bother you.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 21:20
Da Bunkster

Design &amp, workmanship
I like the design very much – the Teardrop Notch is in my opinion the best Notch option. A FullView display with a retractable camera or a slider smartphone would be nothing for me just because of the wear and tear.
In general, the Xiaomi Mi 9 is, as expected, very well made. No sharp edges, no gaps between the display and the frame – everything is very neat!

Here we come to one of the points of criticism The display is generally very nice: High resolution, very bright and of course a very good contrast – due to the AMOLED display from Samsung.
But one thing bothered me terribly, so I decided against buying it: The display also has an ‘uneven’ image with grey backgrounds. If you open a very dark grey picture, you’ll see that one side of the screen shows the grey, while the other side is completely black. So Xiaomi’s Mi 9 has the same weakness as Mi8.

I don’t need to tell you much about performance: With the current Snapdragon 855 and 6GB RAM the performance of the Mi 9 is excellent! No faltering, everything usually runs smoothly.
No wonder, because the processor of the Mi 9 makes it to 372,000 points with AnTuTu. In comparison: The Mi8 makes it with the Snapdragon 845 to 271.000 points.

I also tested the camera and am not quite satisfied with the result. DxOMark gives the Mi 9 107 points, just under the P20 Pro and the Mate 20 Pro. I took some photos against the light and in a partly darker environment with the night mode – the Pocophone with the GCAM app delivered almost the same quality. So in my eyes rather on the Mi8 level, but never on place 3.
Furthermore the camera looks so far out of the case, that despite the included case it still looks out and if you put it down several times it could already scratch the camera glass.

I could not test the battery life of the Mi 9 completely, but during the setup. I had the feeling that the battery went empty very fast. During setup I had nearly 50% remaining charge, after configuring and installing some apps (max. 15 minutes) I had already less than 40% battery power. That doesn’t mean anything yet, because the intelligent Android system needs a few days to get the battery used to the usage.

In general a great system with some additional features. But what keeps bothering me is the aggressive energy saving mode in MIUI. For each app you have to adjust/deactivate it. Even then a notification is not guaranteed.

A very nice device! I would like the Mi 9 very much, if the display would not have the screen uniformity problem and the camera would not look out 5cm.
Otherwise equipped with many additional features, such as wireless charging or in-display fingerprint sensor. If you can live with the problems, you can get the part for a cheap 449€.
– I now have the 128GB model in black. No more problems with the display at all.
– Furthermore I was able to test the speakers of the Mi 9 extensively – one of the best speakers I have ever seen/heard in a smartphone!
– About MIUI: So far I have received all notifications reliably.
– The camera makes a better impression after several photos.
– The battery is amazing! I get by with it more than 2 days with a screen-on-time of 7-8 hours!

New rating: ★★★★★

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 03:31
Nora K. Diggs

I have the device for one week now, the 64 version, EU version Global Rome

setup takes quite long, in my case 30 minutes with the software update to MIUI 10. In this time the battery has discharged quite fast.
Otherwise the phone is fast and has everything important on board. Everything else you have to install yourself (Email Client e.g. only Google’s own was on it), so little to no Bloatware.
However, the software doesn’t seem mature to me, for example Android Auto works for me, but you can’t see anything on the radio. Both other tested phones ( Mate 10 and S9 ) work fine with the same cables. Overnight this falls asleep extremely. It is still connected, but the speed has become so slow that you can hardly surf anymore. I first have to set it to flight mode, then turn it off again and everything is as it should be. You have to switch to Spain for this. Then also the Face Unlock will appear. Also other apps will be installed ( Amazon and Netflix ). Why this doesn’t work in the German region, you don’t know. The Themes App is not available in all EU countries, you have to switch to Switzerland ( Region ), after that you can download and activate various themes. This is probably because of the EU data protection and Xiaomi doesn’t see any reason to comply with it in order to offer the app here as well.

Furthermore negative is the 360 hours waiting time if you want to play the weekly beta for example. First create an MI account, connect your phone to it, load software, tap Unlock … and then you have to wait 360 hours before you can unlock the bootloader. With the Global Eu version V10.2.12.0.PFAEUXM (MIUI10) you are not able to use the beta offered by Xiaomi because they think you don’t have an official Global version. All MI 9 sold in the EU now have the version: V10.2.12.0.PFAEUXM (MIUI10). From there there is no way to get to the beta without unlock, as it was said today.

And now comes the biggest problem for me. I have reported this problem one week ago by mail, in the Xiaomi Bug Forum, on Facebook, and you just don’t get an answer. So, if you have a problem you have to solve it yourself or hope that some day a solution will be provided in some forum or live with it. You can also report bugs in the official forum, but the manufacturer does not answer. Xiaomi puts the support of the forum in the hands of other users who might be able to help. Nothing comes from Xiaomi herself ! For me a banana phone that ripens at the customer’s place. So you should think about it before you buy it.

Another point of criticism, the camera sticks out even with the included case. So it always rests on the camera. This makes the operation on the desk quite wobbly and by placing it on the camera it could come to scratches. br>>br>>All in all, a great mobile phone … unfortunately without customer support and with, stood now, immature software.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 04:28
marsha ann basco

I bought the smartphone (Xiaomi mi 9 128GB) online and in one week I got it. Here is my review after one month:

Xiaomi mi 9 has a nice design and looks cool. The smartphone fits my hand very well. The body is thin and the Smartphone is light. There is only one point what bothers me: design from the back camera. The trippy camera is a bit high and the smartphone is not fixed on the table. So the camera could break down very quickly.

the display is AMOLED displays from Samsung. The resolution is 1080×2340 (FHD+). Everything looks good but I think something is wrong with the display. Sometimes it looks a bit weird (like red) and sometimes a shift doesn’t work properly. I try to edit a text and press on a word but often something else is selected. In general the display is good but I’m not so happy with the display.

The smartphone has only one speaker, at the bottom next to the Type-C port. This is a disappointment for me, because all new smartphones have stereo speakers. Nevertheless the sound is good and strong. But I adjusted the equalizer on the Spotify and the sound was very strange. br>>br>Battery:
Mi 9 has a 3300mAh battery. The battery life is too low. With me it goes until 24 hours but not always. Charging is fast. in 30 min it charges almost %100 with the charger cable.

I really liked the camera functions. The color of the photos are nice. In the night you can even take nice photos. Videos of the mi 9 are especially nice. The camera has no optic-stabilizer but still they make nice and stable videos.

It is relatively fast. But I have not tested with the games. Sometimes I feel that it works a bit slower. I empty the cache and then everything is ok again.
Here are the GeekBench 4.1 (single core) points from some smartphones:
Apple iPhone XS Max: 4777
Samsung Galaxy Note 9: 3642
Xiaomi mi 9: 3503
Huawei Mate 20 X:3404

the smartphone is good. There are positive and negative points. What bothers me most are the display and battery life. Performance could also be better. Applications are OK. When I bought it it didn’t have a Face-ID function for Germany but that came with an update. The smartphone is not waterproof.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 01:47

I bought this Smartphone some time ago. Therefore I can report here from the point of view of a long time user.

I have been a loyal HTC customer since smartphones were invented. But this proved to be very difficult as HTC no longer produces flagship phones.

In my search for a new manufacturer away from the big apple, Samsung and Huawei, I quickly came across Xiaomi.

They beat all the competitors in terms of price/performance. At first I thought that this was a new China manufacturer? If that is such a good idea..
But I was not disappointed!

The mobile phone itself is very fast because of the latest processor. I haven’t noticed any loss of performance since. All apps load very fast.
I haven’t found an app I couldn’t use yet, which was mostly the case with chinese devices.

The camera is really top. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from friends who thought I owned the Huawei P30 Pro. Ultra wide angle/48mp option make really great photos. The macro function also works perfectly. For me as a smartphone photographer I can’t imagine anything better. Slowmotion function with 960 pictures works also without annoying flickering with enough light.

Software-wise the mobile phone is also super for subsequent image editing!

Video function I have often used at concerts. Unfortunately only sound without depth is recorded here. Wish me with pleasure recordings with bass. But maybe this is the case with the Mi10 ?.

Battery life and fast charging function are a dream. When the mobile phone is switched off, it charges up in no time at all.

All in all a really great phone and a clear recommendation to buy

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 11:25
S. Evans

I spent a long time looking at this smartphone before I was sure I was going to buy it.
Many reviews are far too sceptical for the price.
It is a smartphone for around 440€.
It offers a triple camera (which is really very good), an in-display fingerprint sensor, wireless charging with 20 watts (the fastest of its kind, mind you), a Snapdragon 855 (the fastest Smartphone CPU available at the moment), many useful sensors and a really good display (From Samsung, very high contrast and more than bright enough).
MIUI as user interface seemed to take some getting used to at first, but after a short period of getting used to it, that was gone. The system runs very stable and more than fluid. I haven’t noticed any criticism yet considering the hardware and software. There is enough memory built in, which also clocks very fast and the read/write speed of the integrated memory is also very fast.
The smartphone is in terms of speed at least, if not even above, the level of the top smartphones from Apple, Huawei and Samsung. MIUI offers a lot of settings and anyone who gets used to it will have fun with it.

I am happy and more than satisfied with this smartphone.
Got it in Ocean Blue and the color makes me want to go back and forth every time. It looks so beautiful! br>br>br> Clear purchase recommendation of my seits.
For me a Smartphone that was worth its money all times!

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 23:59

Currently I only have problems with the software, e.g. after quitting an app the start screen reboots or it happens that my home screen was fixed like a background image (with an older time stamp) and the new home screen just moved over it, which only disappeared by visiting the task manager. In addition, every app has already crashed, in games this happens several times per hour. I also have the problem that after a while after setting a new background object, I switch it back to the default without doing anything or even wanting to do anything. And it’s not waterproof either, I fell into the bathtub and the inside camera was totally fogged up and the display didn’t react to touch at the edge anymore. Rice is your friend and helper 🙂 The camera itself is mega cool, but the saturation is very high and the software is automatically transferred to other apps like Snapchat where you can’t turn them off, so my dog with rough fur looks like a painted bread with liverwurst. The battery could have been made a bit bigger. The volume gradations are very strangely chosen so that at about 35% is a huge volume jump, but otherwise you often don’t notice any difference. Especially stupid with headphones, where one is too quiet and the other too loud. The slider does not solve the situation. But otherwise I am really satisfied, especially for the price. The workmanship and the complete hardware are very good. Darkmode works not bad in the system and the camera and the display are extremely good.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 05:54

So I am 100% satisfied with the phone and have tested it thoroughly.

My opinion is that the camera is top. Crack sharply many Modis and also in the dark to use.

Many fright before the size back. But there is the integrated one-hand mode – and you get used to a big, easy to read display where watching videos is much more fun than on a mini mobile phone. So two days is feasible. And it also recharges extremely fast with the included charger.

Since the update I don’t have the problem anymore to access the phone book directly from the car (Scirocco 2012).
Even so the location accuracy was added by the update. Those were the only two things I noticed when I bought the update and now they are fixed.

Connect with Bluetooth Soundbar/Car/Headphones without any problems.

Phone calls – very easy to understand.
Tested the Dual Sim – also very cool settings possible. E.g. use only one card with mobile network etc.

It is a top Smartphone for the price. It is very fast, doesn’t jerk and is constantly being developed further. Only yesterday I got a patch.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 16:34
Michael D. Barry

Very fast mobile phone, Super MIUI (very developed system – many possibilities), Android is updated anytime (now Android 10 available). Camera works fine, takes great photos (unfortunately at night SGS 10 or Huawie P30 takes better photos, but for this price there is nothing better) especially after uprgade to GCAM (better exposition, HDR or night photos, colors). There is also AMOLED display, great class. Also fast recharging, pay via proximity system (NFC), why not! DUalsim (perfect) and IRDA function (as e.g. remote control, wow)
disadvantages: Unfortunately, I find the battery too weak, mobile phone is a bit too big, outstanding camera lens,
GPS and Glonass (and what else it has) works slower and has problems in the mountain area – SGS S8 was better here. There is also no Jack 3,5 mm here. Catastrophe (I know, Iphone has also no more).
The flagship for only 380 eur? I’m already convinced, but please don’t forget, somewhere there is weakness 🙂
I’m very satisfied after 2 months, I wouldn’t buy more Samsung or Iphone (maybe for a little better photos, but it’s really not worth it).

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 05:17

I ordered the Xiamo Mi 9 because I was looking for a smartphone that is extremely fast and has all the modern gadgets on board. When I unpacked it, I was more than excited. Very high quality packaging, very high quality workmanship, nothing creaks everything super. The device is extremely fast thanks to the high end processor, but still very battery efficient. I get through the day easily, despite the relatively small battery. Cameras are top, but I don’t attach much importance to them. All in all, I am extremely enthusiastic about it. br>>br>Update:
Even after a week of use, I can’t complain. The device also works without microruckler ! My small notebook is even comparatively slow against the Wednesday. I think the cameras are really great, but a picture with the triple camera 48 mp is just 28 MB. The display is very bright, I compared it with a S8+ and was really impressed.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 00:39

finally found the right device. I’ve had almost every model since the first iPhone and swore by IOS but the cameras and the almost boring models moved me to Android. The last time I had a Samsung Galaxy S7 was a few years ago and Android disappointed me again but now I thought I’d give Android another chance. br>>br>The device has an incredible display – for me it’s comparable to an XS Max and takes great pictures. It takes about an hour to load the phone and I could easily delete unwanted stock apps with XiaomiADBFastbootTools-6.3.2, if someone wants to use something else instead of the MIUI apps (no liability).

The connections and connectivity is excellent and the system is really fast. For all those who are not willing to spend so much money for a mobile phone any more an absolute recommendation to buy one.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 03:02
Tim W.

Had a MI Mix 2S and had honestly hoped for a little more from a new model. The old one my wife got, because hers broke, so I had to buy something, but I was very satisfied with my mix.
What both have in common are several software flaws MIUI10, partly some very nested functions, bluetooth there are also problems with the automatic unlock, doesn’t work for me etc..
But these are all small things, which can be ironed out by updates.
MI 9 is a touch faster than my Mi2s.
I should have bought a Mix 3, just because of the notch, but that’s a matter of opinion.
The fact is, so much power etc. you’ll search in vain elsewhere for this price.
And what’s a crucial point – SW Updates (OTA) – at least for the flagships it will hopefully be like this, that we’ll get long updates including a new OS.- as far as Mr. Trump…. lol
In contrast to probably almost all others, where after max. 2 years is the end.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 17:49
Edward M. Arrieta

My first mobile phone after 5 years (before Galaxy S6) and I am totally satisfied! I love the Mi9, everything works perfectly fast, with animation speed at 0.5 it’s really fun to use. As a gamer it is important to me that everything loads fast and nothing jerks. Fingerprint sensor works very well despite the armor protection foil on the screen. You can also play very well with the Snapdragon 855 PUBG runs perfectly. Camera is top, take 4K 60fps pictures with my gimbal. Cinema quality. So I can praise the mobile phone even more, it is really cool! I chose the Mi9 because it is one of the only phones with SD855 processor available in the EU. I turned my back on Samsung because they have a worse processor in this country, which eats more battery, is slower and gets hotter. Hail to Xiaomi. Clear recommendation to buy.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 10:43
Donald Brown

I love this phone. I have been using it for a year or so and I love it!

I have been a devote of Apple, and still am, but I wanted to have a try with an android and this was the one I chose. Great quality-price ratio, great minimalistic design, a marvellous camera-well, cameras, in plural- It runs fast and smooth, has a great Operating System -the Xiaomi layer which I adore-…

I think it was a great buy and I guess it would be for those who don’t want to spend almost a thousand dollars to have the latest in technology. When I bought it, it was the latest, but for a fraction of the cost of many other phones. The ocean blue is beautiful in itself… And, well, it does it’s job: calls, messages, email and many apps contained in its 128 Gbs. I can’t ask for more for less than 500 euros.

Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 08:49
C. Simmons

The Smartphone is really the eye-catcher, the workmanship is on the highest level.
As you can see from the data sheet, the battery is absolutely no running wonder, but the Smartphone can be charged very fast by induction and quickcharge.
The highlight is of course the Snapdragon 855 Processor that runs ……… no matter if high-end games or performance in other computing power, this is pure high end. Also the graphics on the Amoled Display, which is absolutely neutral in viewing angle with beautiful colors and very good readability in sunlight, can score points.
The cameras are very good for me, although in the stronger lowlight range a certain weakness is not to be denied.
But all in all, this is THE best package in price / performance.
Clear purchase recommendation!

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 14:46
Charlene F.

I have ordered the 128GB version in blue at Media Markt. After one month in use I am absolutely thrilled with this smartphone. The camera is absolutely top class, the battery lasts much longer than my old Galaxy S7 Edge and the charging speed is really amazing. Rich, strong colors and good sharpness, as you would expect from a flagship.
I don’t think I have to say much about the performance. The Snapdragon 855 is the best on the market at the moment 🙂
I do have one criticism, though. The camera on the back is sticking out quite far. Even with the included cover it is not completely covered. Only when I ordered another cover the camera was protected as well 😉
Otherwise top smartphone for a sensational price. Samsung and co have to be very careful with their prices.

Answer report comment December 18, 2020, 02:00
Dana Filippino

Probably already with the MI 8 strike however I remained faithful to Samsung, now I dared the change and am more than content… everything which the Ottonormal consumer used is present and can keep up with Samsung and co. Battery I come with a little more use about 1 day in the evening still about 25%. With intensive games use 1/2 – 3/4 day, but should still consider that it is not only for playing games.

Bin more than satisfied to have dared the step, and can fully recommend it, of course there is no headphone jack, but an adapter is included.
Br> Br> Protective cover is transparent even in black. Br> Br> Br> Br> So everything you need 🙂 Br> Br> Br> Br> Let’s hope that in future devices the price screw will not be tightened to match Samsung and co.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 19:17
Ashley S.

The performance of the phone is great. You can tell that it has the fastest processor available in the market. The screen is also great, in terms of colour, resolution and brightness.

There are two drawbacks from my point of view:
– The fingerprint reader under the screen: it works fine if you don’t have a screen cover, but if you do it needs some time to recognise your finger. They tell you not to use a cover, but I find it absolutely necessary if you want the phone to last for some time
– The camera glass: a glass is covering all the three cameras. They promote it as sapphire crystal with a super strength. The real is that after one month, without even dropping the phone, mine got broken (thanks to the amazing Amazon’s customer service I got a phone replacement). In my new phone I’m using a cover as well for it

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 16:31

I have always been an iPhone fan, had the 3GS,4S, 5S and the 7 Plus. I was looking for a budget cellphone and did not want to pay what the iPhone Pro costs today (around 1250 euros).
Honestly I am very impressed with what this budget phone has to offer.
Battery life is very good, phone is very fast, all apps works with no delay, fingerprint works just fine, camera set up is very good as well but honestly camera is not the most important thing to me since I own a DSRL Camera and I do not like taking pics with cellphones. The only thing I do not like on the camera is that it automatically applies filters and sometimes I think it is too saturated.
There is nothing that I miss from iPhone when I am using this Mi 9.

Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 20:47

Amazing product for this low price, How is it even possible to cram so much impressive hardware and features into a phone for €400, I will recommend this to anyone. Xioami products are the real deal, even bought a Mi A3 now and that s an even more compelling value proposition. Definitely 5 stars. Bought it for my girlfriend and she has used it for just over 3 months, holding up tremendously and there is so much to love, great camera, especially when using a Google Camera mod it gets to pixels like quality. Love the wide angle cam, 20w Wireless charging is insane and the quick charge in here is also good. So much to love about this phone, gorgeous OLED screen and just a great package all around.

Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 10:50
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