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87 Reviews

Liz Donahue

Because of the high price of the new iPhones I was looking for a suitable, cheaper alternative. After a short flirtation with another smartphone with Android operating system in the same price range, whose handling drove me crazy among other not optimal conditions of the smartphone itself, I’m using my Xiaomi Mi9 SE now for 9 months and am very, very satisfied. a simple iPhone 6/7) you can still hold it in one hand and use it
– The screen is great (in my perception crystal clear)
– The fingerprint sensor works perfectly (I haven’t tried face recognition)
– The reaction to the touch always works, the processor is fast
– the tear-drop notch is quite inconspicuous, the phone as a whole is very aesthetic
– I’m very satisfied with the photos and videos (Xiaomi watermark in the corner of the photos can be removed under settings in the camera)
– also the audio quality is good when phoning/skyping/. . great, listening to music is also possible, but I use headphones, so I can’t say much about the mono speaker sound quality
– I charge my Xiaomi every 1-2 days, I’m not a regular user, but not a rare user either. I make a lot of phone calls, don’t play games, sporadic use of social media.
– And the handling: Yay, almost like an iPhone, the home screen is not as confusing as other Android smartphones were for me in the past. Some wiping gestures are opposite to those of iOS and of course there are other differences, but overall I find the whole handling very intuitive and actually quite close to the handling of Apple products.


– The back of the smartphone is very smooth and therefore slippery. If I put it somewhere without a protective cover and the ground isn’t perfectly straight, it likes to slide slowly and fall to the floor.
– In-App advertising: There are in-app ads in Xiaomi’s own apps, such as the Xiaomi music app, the security app, etc., which is annoying, but theoretically you can turn it off, just google how to do it.
– Missing jack connector: What I would wish for differently, but which I was aware of before I bought it: I would like to have an extra 3.5mm jack plug connection for my headphones. Because despite the possibility to use Bluetooth headphones, I prefer to use the ones with cable – and for this there is an adapter cable for the USB-C connection, but then you can of course not simultaneously charge the smartphone while you are talking on the phone. Despite the existing minus points, I’m very enthusiastic about the price-performance ratio and can recommend this Smartphone to every user who values similar points as described above and has a similar user profile as I do.


Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 11:56

After one month of use, I would like to leave a review for this smartphone.

Actually, I have always been a convinced iPhone user. With Android phones I could never really make friends. There was always too much stuff in the system for me.
I tried it for a while, but then I changed it for an iPhone again.
Since I really needed a new device and my iPhone 6 was quite outdated, I decided to buy this one. Why? Simple – I never spend 1000€ for a mobile phone.

And now I have to say: I am absolutely surprised how great this thing is!
The size is great. Very handy and still big display. It is not as clunky as many other devices at the moment. The price-performance ratio is simply unbeatable here!

After the endless introduction here are my pros and cons:


– The camera takes very, very nice pictures. Especially outdoors the pictures are very sharp and contrasty. I think the wide angle camera is a very nice extra. In some situations it is really helpful. The front camera is (especially after the iPhone 6) simply hammer! And the portrait mode also works perfectly.

For me as a woman it is not really important to have the fastest and best processor. Since I don’t play games and I only use my mobile phone for everyday things, the built-in processor is absolutely sufficient for me. The smartphone reacts very, very fast. It runs smoothly and doesn’t hang itself up all the time. The display: The resolution is unique! The Amoled-display is absolutely high resolution. It’s a lot of fun to work with.

Battery performance:
At the beginning the battery had to settle down a bit. Meanwhile the battery life is 1 – 1 1/2 days at normal performance, which is completely sufficient for me.

Actually I have nothing to complain about on the Smartphone. I’m completely satisfied.
One small contra is (I don’t mind, but it could be relevant for some people) that the fingerprint sensor is not quite as fast as standard sensors that are not installed under the display. Basically, it also works very fluid and fast. But sometimes it doesn’t recognize the print immediately, or takes a moment longer.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 21:51
siuri lugo

This is my first review of a product I bought at Amazon, because it’s worth the effort.
I switched from an Iphone 5c to Iphone SE to the Xiaomi Mi9SE.
The main reason for a new phone was my age, my eyesight and therefore the display size. The 4 of the Iphones just didn’t work anymore.
At the beginning I have to say that my experience with Apple was very positive, always everything very simple, foolproof typical user phones simply, top quality nothing to criticize.
Since my brother swears by Xiaomi for a long time I have tried the Mi9SE, which is not too big to store it, but it has a huge size gain for the 4th br>The handling of the MIUI 10 is very similar to the IOS, so there is not much change. But you have 100th more things to adjust. With emphasis on could. All apps I used on the Iphone worked on the Xiaomi right away. Unfortunately it’s a lot of work to reload and install everything from the Playstore, because a move from IOS to Android with everything except contacts and calendar entries is not possible.
I would like to emphasize the camera, it’s really top, especially the night mode is a dream.
3 things I noticed, and therefore only 4 stars which are a bit annoying:
1) The fingerprint sensor under the display often reacts sluggishly or doesn’t recognize the fingerprint at all. Tiresome. Face recognition would also exist, but I don’t use it.
2) The automatic brightness control of the display is very nervous, often adjusts the brightness for no apparent reason.
3) The battery is not necessarily the yellow of the egg. For many users, a day without recharging will be short, so you can sometimes watch how the % goes down. For few users like me, it doesn’t matter, I charge my Iphone SE every 2-3 days, and the Xiaomi lasts about the same amount of time. Thanks to Fast-Charge, the battery is also full again immediately.

To these 3 points, there’s nothing to complain about and at 1/4 of the price of a new Iphone Xs, I’m happy to accept the 3 things because they are hardly noticeable with little use. If you still miss the iphone style you can install the IOS13 Launcher, then you even have the familiar IOS Homescreen. – See photo.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 03:41

I have already checked the phone in China, but it was more expensive there and no EU version in stock, so I ordered it here and got it promptly! br>If you have a Motorola phone before, this one beats the Motorola by far! br>Included is a soft plastic cover for the back and sides of the phone, a quick charger (very fast!), a battery charger (very fast!), a battery charger for the back and sides of the phone, a battery charger for the back and the sides of the phone, a battery charger for the back and the sides of the phone, a battery charger for the back and the sides of the phone, and a battery charger for the sides of the phone. ) As well as an adapter for the missing jack plug (not necessary with Bluetooth headphones anyway, but still nice!)
The fingerprint sensor still works despite the additional protection glass, the face unlocking also works great (but not so reliable in the dark, as there is no IR-camera, you would have to invest in the MI 9 ,) )
I have been asked many times before ib I now have an Iphone, because it looks similar from the front. The gesture control (must be activated) on the screen for Back, Home, etc. replaces the buttons perfectly! The UI is easy to get used to, but there is no app overview as usual on Android, but this can be installed with an AppDrawer. br>Ansonst complete Google package on it, no unnecessary apps which you have to uninstall again. br>There is also the possibility to create hidden areas for data photos, as well as apps, furthermore you can also create dual apps.
The camera with the three lenses has already convinced me and my friends, with the OpenCamera app you can even save .dng or RAW pictures!

For the money, you can’t get a better phone with 128GB memory!

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 19:44

I have been using the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE 128 GB for a good month now and am very satisfied. Before I had a Samsung Galaxy S5 mini, which has served me well for over five years. I had a hard time switching to Xiaomi in the beginning. And now I have to say: I am surprised how great this phone is! The size was the decisive argument for me. It lies very well in the hand, is not so huge and can be operated with one hand. The display is very colour intensive, razor sharp and even with minimal display brightness it is very easy to see. The resolution of the Amoled display is unique and high resolution.
You should note, however, that you cannot use a micro SD card. But the 128 GB memory is in my opinion completely sufficient, especially since you always store your photos on your PC. I do not use the fingerprint sensor. It is not so important to me to have the fastest and best processor, because I use my mobile phone only for everyday things. But the built-in processor is absolutely sufficient. The smartphone reacts very fast. It runs smoothly and doesn’t hang up all the time. The battery is super compared to the S5 mini. I had to charge the S5 mini every day and if I had something to do in the evening, I had to recharge it again. The battery of the Xiaomi lasts almost 2 days when I use it (e-mails/WhatsApp, googling, a few games), which is completely sufficient for me. Furthermore, it is recharged within a short time. br>The camera takes sharp photos with a very good quality and especially in lifelike colors. I haven’t tried everything yet, but there is nothing wrong with the smartphone so far. I am completely satisfied and can only recommend the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE!

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 09:51
Will Edward Patrick

The decision for this device was made primarily because of its size (smaller than 6 inches). As with other Xiaomi devices, the features are excellent and should be unbeatable in the price/performance ratio at the moment. First-class pictures in normal lighting conditions
Display is very sharp and can be read very well under all circumstances.
The GPS is very fast and accurate. Also works inside buildings (&lt, 2 sec fix)
The reaction time of the system leaves nothing to be desired. Fast at any time.
The built-in memory (128 GB) is completely sufficient for me.
Bluetooth and Wlan/Hotspot work well as expected.
Lies nicely in the hand and can be operated with one hand. Processing is top class.
Always good network, if the provider has extended it 🙂

The night mode or simply recording in the dark is bad. Maybe there will be a FW update here.
The fingerprint reader reacts too slow, so I don’t use it anymore.

Others have problems with the capacity of the battery. Because of my usage, the device only needs to be connected to the charger once a week. The enclosed silicone cover is completely sufficient, but the camera still sticks out a bit despite this cover. Do not regret the purchase and find it good that this manufacturer has finally found its way to Europe.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 13:25
James E. Weaver,Sr.

The device is very good as far as performance is concerned.
More often than not, when listening to music via Bluetooth, the music transmission is so faulty and disturbed that you have to disconnect and reconnect the Bluetooth connection.
This occurs with Bluetooth headphones as well as with a Bluetooth headphone amplifier and my JBL Bluetooth box. So the error is not due to the paired devices but to the Xiaomi.

Even if it is negative, I find that you cannot create sound profiles individually. You can have the non-interference mode and the silent mode on and off timer controlled, but it is a cramp to go so deep into the menu again and again. After pressing the volume button, there is a slider with which you can easily activate one of the two modes for 1, 2 or 8 hours. In my opinion, these 3 adjustment possibilities are not sufficient, either the device is set too fast to normal volume again or one is still in the silent menu after work.

It is not possible to create a profile for work, where only a short sound for a call or a message is heard at a time. This annoys me the most.

The display is bright and very good, but unfortunately it is already scratched although I handled it very carefully.

Due to the bluetooth problem I wouldn’t buy the device again, because I have done all the updates and no improvement.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 08:57
john h everitt

In the past, I used to have smartphones for about 200€ on a regular basis, which then broke down after 2 years. Recently, it was time for a new device. The Xiaomi model was above my usual budget, but clearly impressed in the price range because of its pleasant size and data in the areas of memory capacity, camera quality and processor performance. The mobile phone works wonderfully in everyday life, after almost four months of use I don’t notice any deterioration, no jerking, fingerprints are recognized well on average, there are no sudden crashes or the like. I am very satisfied with my choice and am often asked what kind of mobile phone it is. I was also very pleased with the included silicone case, which may not look as dewy now, but it does serve faithfully. Less pleasing, however, is the fact that despite the case, the camera sticks out a bit at the back, so that the first external scratches can be seen. The picture quality has not been affected by this yet, so that it is still an optical shortcoming for me, but it’s certainly not an optimal solution.
100% recommendation!

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 02:40

Had the MI9 SE with 128GB. I was satisfied (was). Camera(s) make very good pictures, even in bad light conditions. Can complain about nothing except 2 points. Everything else was good – very good. I knew that the battery is relatively small but I didn’t think it would go down so fast. Recharging is obligatory almost every evening. And to start the day from under 100% is risky :))

2. The reason why it decreased: I got a ghost touchscreen after a few weeks. Speak the display registered inputs without touching and implemented them. It was partly not to be operated anymore and pressed buttons I didn’t want to. Sometimes it called people even though I only wanted to send a message, PIN input became a patience act because it did not react all the time. At first I thought of dirt but it became more and more frequent and at some point it did not go away. Therefore it went back. Support from Amazon was top.

Researched and this problem probably exists with some others too, although the number is manageable. So this time I had to go to the toilet. Apart from that I was actually satisfied. But now it will be a different one.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 04:48

I’ve had the Xiaomi Mi 9 Se for two months now and I’m very happy with it. Price-performance is absolutely right.
The Smartpgone is very fast, the system runs stable and the display is really sharp.
The only thing that doesn’t always work 100% is the fingerprint sensor. Maybe it’s because I use an additional bulletproof glass foil, but sometimes it’s a bit annoying that it only reacts after the 3rd or 4th try.
The camera is ok, very nice landachft pictures, pin sharp and nice lifelike colours.
The size was the decisive argument for me and of course the price. It lies well in the hand and can be easily operated with a hnad.
Miui was new for me and I had a little bit to do with the equipment. But after 2 days of getting used to it I was very familiar with the interface and I wouldn’t want to miss the gesture control anymore.
Surprising for me is the really good sound of the speakers! I’m not used to that from Smartphones.
All in all a super Smartphone for this price and also a real eye-catcher!

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 20:32
Nutritionist Michael

Despite a worse processor I can’t complain so far.

For everyday use more than sufficient. Super fluid. No jerking. Apps are installed immediately.

Picture quality is much better than with the old Xiaomi. Better sensor. Telephoto lens and ultra wide angle.
Snapshots are really fun.

Battery is absolutely sufficient. Under normal use, it can easily last more than a day. Instagram addicts will probably have to recharge more often ,-)

display compared to the MiMix2 also a big improvement. Rich black.
fingerprint slightly slower than on the back. But this is rather a subjective opinion. Face recognition is felt as fast as an IPhoneX.

Shortly for about 300 Euro you get a compact(!) 6 inch Smartphone. (5 years ago 4.5 inches were compact)
With absolutely convincing features and for everyday use fluent handling.

Why pay more. 5 years ago I was laughed at when I arrived with a Xiaomi. And today I meet a lot of people who use Xiaomis.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 16:50
Rachel Horvath

I was looking for a replacement for my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. I read many reviews and compared different smartphones. Of course there are better mobile phones than the Mi 9 SE, but they are all outrageously expensive (e.g. Samsung, Apple) or are huge blocks that can’t be operated with one hand (Huawei, Honor). The data transfer from the old Samsung to the Xiaomi was relatively easy with the help of the app ShareMe. Contacts, pictures and WhatsApp history could be transferred without any problems.
I am not an excessive smartphone user, so I can’t say much about speed, display brightness, photo quality, etc. You should just read the reviews here. For the normal everyday life it is enough for me. The battery lasts for 2 days. With intensive use (games, videos, etc.) you have to go to a power outlet in the evening.
The workmanship is great and doesn’t have to hide from the expensive brands.
The finger sensor works well, even with protective foil on the display.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 17:26
Susy C.

What Xiaomi has put on the market here is really a scoop! For this price you get the fastest mobile phone on the market according to Antutu benchmarking!

My main reason for buying it was the camera, the Huawei devices with Leica cameras were just too expensive for me and so I took a closer look at Xiaomi. And I was not disappointed. I am especially enthusiastic about the wide angle camera, it allows to capture images that are unthinkable with normal cameras. The 48 megapixels are an unnecessary gimmick, the sensor, aperture and light sensitivity set the tone in photography – and that’s also for a mobile phone camera on top level! Sufficient for one day of intensive use but you notice that the whole power has to be fed. And that the memory is not expandable is a bit of a pity. I wouldn’t have expected that from Xiaomi, but all in all solid 4.8/5 stars, also because of the MiUi surface, which Samsung and colleagues can take a leaf out of their book!

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 22:02
Ladu Birla

I was very sceptical about my first Chinese mobile phone, but I was surprised only in a positive way!
The camera is absolutely amazing – even friends with Apple devices are jealous of the camera. Also otherwise the smartphone runs perfectly.
The only drawback is that there is only one connection – i.e. loading&amp, listening to music is not possible at the same time. In everyday life this is absolutely no problem, but on trips, especially on long bus trips, it did bother me from time to time. To be able to listen to music with normal headphones, Xiaomi comes with an adapter. After a short time, this adapter ended up in the trash, because it was simply scrap and did not work regularly. I bought a new plug for 10€ and it worked out fine. After almost 5 months of use I would buy this smartphone again and again and probably won’t spend a lot of money on Samsung in the future. Xiaomi definitely keeps up and delivers top value for money.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 16:33

After about 3 months of use I don’t regret the purchase without having had the phone in my hand once, no way. It looks great and there is a lot in it for the price. Really the only shortcomings are the not yet fully developed technology (maybe also by me (, ) of the portrait mode. The camera takes a relatively long time to get into focus. But in normal mode this is no problem. It’s just a pity that you can’t switch to the inner camera when filming with the outer camera, but my God, this is not the end of the world. With a little luck, you can get your own face on the screen by simply turning the device around! (, With the battery I can easily get through the day, but I don’t use the device every minute. The fast charging of the battery, however, has already impressed some of my friends. What I still have to get used to is that, as with many newer smartphones, there is no headphone jack anymore and you always have to think about the (but fortunately included) dongle before leaving the house. – but that will come, I firmly believe in it 😀

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 14:33

I treated myself to the Mi 9SE. I don’t play with the device, only the phone, WhatsApp and News.
I put the Nova-Launcher on top of it, now everything is perfect. Everything I used to do with the IPhone7 works with the Xiaomis too. I would also say that the performance on the Mi is better. The camera is the highlight, simply great, even at low light. I am not interested in video. The system camera can stay at home for smaller trips. The camera is now on IPhone7 level, well done Xiaomi.
The size of 6′ is perfect for me. Full score, absolute recommendation. The price is hot!

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 00:36

The Mi 9 SE fits really well in the hand and the display is very colourful and even with minimal display brightness it is very easy to see.
The fingerprint sensor works for me without any problems – even with a display protection glass. But for better recognition, I have set up a finger several times in the settings, so it almost always works.
The camera always takes sharp and colour-true photos with a very good quality, but the brightness in ultra wide angle mode decreases strongly as does the sharpness. All in all, I would always recommend this device!

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 23:55

Feels like more than the price. The materials are far superior to the previous models, it just feels different.
I am very satisfied for value for money, I would say even impressed. This company just keeps surprising me more and more. The AMOLED screen is a thing of beauty and the camera performs exceptionally well. Phone responds very fast and the fingerprint reader is great !
Overall a very good decision to buy it.
Only had one issue with the playstore but in the end solved with a fast googleing of the issue which advised cleaning the cache.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 06:14
Michelle Burman Roberts

As an iPhone user, this is of course a step! Android and all. So far, the closed OS from Apple, which is geared towards effective use, seemed to suit me better. But not more at these prices! A smartphone is a companion for me, nothing more. This is where this smartphone comes into play. I wanted a slightly larger keyboard. I got it. Plus a camera with optical zoom and manual settings and high resolution. Plus 128GB of memory, a great full-screen display… Oh, yeah, it’s also a phone… I like this thing!

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 04:26

Because of the more handy format and the nice color I had considered to take the Mi 9SE, but now I decided to take the Mi 9T Pro. The reasons:
1) The glossy back and the transparent cover show fingerprints immediately.
2) Unfortunately you can’t shoot videos with the tele camera.
Besides that I didn’t notice any big differences. The 9T Pro is maybe slightly faster and has the larger display and the larger battery.

EDIT: Unfortunately, you can’t record videos with the MI 9T Pro with the tele-camera either. There it can be selected, but nevertheless the standard camera is used!

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 18:52
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