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132 Reviews

Amy Elise de Jong

I have been buying only chinese mobile phones for years and I am super satisfied.
In the beginning it was a slight change, but you get used to it very quickly and learn to love it!
I have already tried a few, after various damages (water, display and Co) I have then always looked for the relative newer models and notice big no difference to the known big brands.
But there is a huge difference and that is the price! Considering what I always paid for contract phones, you can save a lot of money! br> In the meantime I’ve landed with Xiaomi and will stay with this manufacturer.br> Had the Mi A1 before, was already very satisfied and due to a crash I had to buy a new one.
I searched for a long time, looked at many other manufacturers, compared all kinds of things, but always ended up with Xiaomi, because the phones are top and especially the price is much cheaper than with others.
This time I wanted a very good camera, therefore the Mi A3, because it has the same key data as the well-known big brands, where you have to pay a few hundred Euro more. ..
Because of the size I also excluded some other manufacturers, because the smartphone should still fit in a pocket, was a bit sceptical here at the beginning, but you get used to it, the size is just fine.
Super I think here that the whole display is really used and there are no unnecessary and unattractive wide bars on top and bottom.
The Mi A 3 is compared to my previous one worlds better, but unfortunately it makes partly quite dark pictures, the exposure isn’t right somehow, but only when bright light shines on the mobile phone, here I’m still trying it out, sometimes it works, sometimes not, but there are worse things to do.
Besides that I’m totally enthusiastic!
There’s even a notification LED and the vibration is also super, makes you hear / notice it better with this model.
Super design, I like that very much, the battery lasts 2 days despite quite high use (emails, various apps, games, photos and Co.), what no mobile phone has managed with me so far.
Often the display is criticized, here I was also a bit disappointed at the beginning, because I had another (brand) mobile phone with a top display, in such a comparison you can already notice a deficit.
But after a short time you don’t notice it anymore, you get used to it very fast.
It runs without problems, no hanging around, everything starts fast and reliable.
The fingerprint sensor is on the front, I think it’s much better, makes it much easier to use, it reacts very fast and flawless.
I am really satisfied with the mobile phone, price-performance ratio top!
1 star print for the display and the partly dark pictures, but otherwise really top!
Another (smaller) point of criticism is the camera in the back, it sticks out a bit, but I got a protection to stick it on the back, so nothing can scratch. In the meantime I have a leather cover, which protects the phone all around (to open with card slots), so the camera doesn’t come in contact with the table anymore, but I still have a protection on it, just in case.
But for the price you won’t get anything better, if you want a perfect mobile phone you have to pay more for it!

Super mobile phone for a small price!
Proud of my decision, it took me long enough…. – was exactly the right one!!!
Display could be better (but for sure not for the price) and the pictures are partly a bit dark, but the rest is just top! Accept smaller deficiencies (less grumbling) or just pay a lot more, the decision is up to everybody!
Use it for about 4 weeks and never regretted it on a single day!
Clear buying recommendation, would buy it again!


Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 16:59
Crystal Henry

First of all I have to say I changed from Mi A2 to A3.
And so I compare the two.

I bought the Mi A3 for 199,90€ in the 128 GB version.

I will divide the rating into several categories.

It looks modern. In contrast to the Mi A2 you have a drop notch here. The camera in the back stands out a little bit. But not as extreme as on the Mi A2. From the design I can’t complain.
First of all the size is much more compact than the predecessor.

The glass in front and in the back are made of Gorilla glass 5. The frame in the middle should be plastic. So the mobile phone makes a very good impression.

I don’t take many pictures.
But the ones I took looked very good.
I would say a good bit better than the Mi A2.

The big issue with the Mi A3.
Yes you can see the low resolution.
But that’s not even because of the HD display.
but because of Amoled. This makes everything look a bit more grainy.
But the HD Amoled display has 1 advantage. And that’s the battery life. And that’s very important to me. I just didn’t like the Mi A2 except the battery. The Mi A2 had just one day in it. And here the Mi A3 shows its advantage with the only HD Amoled Display.
I can use the Mi A3 for 1,5 to 2 days. Super! br>br>br>Software:br>Stock Android 9 with current patch from September. And guaranteed updates.
What to say if you want to use Stock Android you should have a look here.

Notification LED:
I would like to emphasize this.
It’s a pity that other manufacturers don’t manage to use a notification LED anymore.
Xiaomi does. At the top left of the display there is one.
It even shines better than the Mi A2. Very nice.

Vibration motor:
More powerful than the previous model.
Super. You notice notifications better than before when the phone is in your pocket.

Xiaomi has this time a UFS 2.1 memory instead of eMMc memory.
The good thing about UFS 2.1 is faster reading and writing.
The lower resolution of the display means less power is needed.
The new Snapdragon 665 does a good job.
Smooth scrolling. No hangs.
The chip has no problems with games.

Who is looking for a device with stock android, update guarantee, good performance, good battery life. And no Full HD display needs. Is currently with the Mi A3 in the price range super served.
I for my part recommend the mobile phone.

Must now go down to 3 stars.
The problem is meanwhile the automatic brightness. In dark rooms the device goes to 0% brightness. And partly when it is a little brighter to 90% to 100% which is really annoying because you have to regulate it manually again and again. If the problem should bother me too much I will send the device back. What a pity because otherwise it is a great device.

Addendum 2:
Leider the problem is still there. Despite trying several solutions, e.g. deactivate intelligent battery.
As Amazon can’t send me a replacement device (because there is no more in stock) I have to send it back.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 04:35

I bought the device because I wanted to go back to Android. IOS is not really something for me, I found out after 3 months.
Basically I don’t have big demands on a Smartphone. What is important is the battery and that I can take halfway decent pictures with it.
I summarize the positive and negative sides of the smartphone in short sentences.

+ Battery life is great. I get through the day easily and in the end I even have almost 50% more.
+ Memory is sufficiently large and can be expanded via memory card.
+ Performance is sufficient for me
+ Impeccable workmanship
+ Stock Android with guaranteed updates for 2 years
+ Good camera. In my opinion better than my iPhone X
+ jack for a headphone (rare enough these days)

o The display is flawless and delivers great colors. Many people complain about the resolution, I personally don’t see it that way. In the end it’s a matter of taste.
Whoever had 4K resolution before, won’t be happy here, despite the great colors.

o the automatic brightness is lagging behind from time to time, then it happens that you have to readjust (I turned it off).

All in all I’m very satisfied. For about 200€ you get a good device with a good camera, a lot of battery capacity and an Amoled Display (even if only HD).

Update 13.10.19
After two weeks there are problems.
The connection to both Amazfit Watches (Verge and GTR) is permanently broken (at least 2x per day).
This starts with the fact that the battery display is not synchronized anymore until finally no message is transmitted.
At first I assumed that both watches have an error, but with a Redmi Note 8 Pro the error does not occur.
Obviously the whole Bluetooth connection is faulty (at least for me), because also Smartlock works mostly only sporadically, so that a connection breaks down in the meantime.

Pity this is a KO criterion for me, so I will send the mobile back now.
Pity, because otherwise I was very satisfied.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 20:05

The Xiaomi a3 with 128GB was a sensible decision. Main criteria for me: battery, camera and AndroidOne. The display resolution is probably the most criticized. But in my opinion it fits. The camera takes good pictures from my point of view (the wide angle eats up my photos, though). I practically don’t use video and selfies.
The battery lasts much longer than in my previous devices (Lumia 950 and Samsung A8).
A simple silicone case is included. But if I would exchange it for a thicker one (+ possibly bulletproof glass foil).
I have a huge problem: the adaptive brightness is grotty, because it constantly fluctuates despite basically the same external brightness – it makes you crazy. Switching it off doesn’t help much either, because the device reduces the brightness again and again and you have to adjust it manually. In sunlight you can practically see nothing. That’s not really possible and I’m thinking about returning the device because of this defect. But if necessary an update could help. I read in forums that this is supposed to be due to AndroidOne (the predecessor A2 probably had this problem, too). Who knows a solution?
I also find the internet tips interesting, where you can install the Google camera app on the A3 and get some more out of the camera.
Otherwise the A3 is for the current price around 200 DAS Smartphone.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 20:53
I am

Well, what can I say. Actually the phone is too big for me, but I wanted a current Android One device and all alternatives were even bigger. The Notch bothers me. I think it’s just unfortunate in terms of design. But apart from that there’s nothing to complain about.
The device is nice and fast and of course, although I don’t play games on phones, I tried it right away to see if it works with current titles. Yes, they look good and run perfectly. The display, despite the low resolution, is better than on my iPhone. The runtime is great. I get by with the battery for 4 to 6 days, then I’m at 40% and charge it!
128 GB internally are also enough for me.
The touch display works well and the updates come regularly.
To the photos: They are really great. Neither Nokia nor iPhone can keep up with them. Both videos and photos in darkness are perfect. Only the delay is sometimes a bit long until the subject is sharp and the photo is really taken. But I can live with that because of the quality!

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 04:24

after my second Sony mobile phone became defective again shortly after one year, and I need a mobile phone with a good camera, so I tried Mi.
What I find most amazing is the battery life. I had to charge my Sony phone every day. Since I got it, the battery has lasted.
To the display: if you look with the magnifying glass, you can see small pixels. However, at a normal distance you can hardly see that this display is different (not HD etc.). However, this display is now one of the main reasons why the phone uses so little power, and for me the battery performance is clearly more important. I don’t watch movies or do photo editing on such a tiny display anyway. br>Then it’s very nice that there is really hardly any garbage installed, or the 2Mi software things can be uninstalled without problems. br>For the money an absolutely top mobile phone.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 02:58

I have been looking forward to my new mobile phone for a long time. Yesterday it finally arrived. And lo and behold, when I took it out of the shrink-wrapped package, I had to find out that the simcard tray is missing! Something like this has never really happened to me before and I wonder what kind of bad luck you must have. I was able (since I didn’t want to send the phone back) to find a replacement tray for the Xiaomi A3. The customer service was kind enough to pay me for it. Because of the unnecessary trouble I deduct a star from the phone. So without tray it brings nothing to you. Now that I can use it I must say that I like it very much. At the few pixels I have nothing to complain about, it is also not noticeable to me. That you don’t have a normal music player I think it’s a pity, because I used it often and now I have to use an extra app. Otherwise I could not test it yet bigger. For the price it is not wrong in any case.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 02:48
R. M. Galloway

I’ve had the device for a month now and I’m still excited about it. By setting all apps to DARK mode, the battery lasts for three days. I am 0815 users, like probably 80% of all users, and the device meets all my needs. The apps open very fast and the WLAN is always available when I need it. I would make a small deduction at the speaker, it sounds a bit scratchy when watching videos, (but not worse than my iPhone 6). I’ve often read that the display is so pixelated, that’s only true if you look very closely, if you hold the device in front of your head you won’t notice it (that’s the way it is with OLEDs, but it saves electricity…)
So if you have a self-esteem that allows you not to spend 500€ or more on a phone, you will be happy with this device for sure.
I would buy it again immediately

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 17:58
Jasmine Mhrez

After I was already very satisfied with the Mi A1, I ordered the A3 with 64GB. Mainly I use the smartphone as a navigation system, to listen to music, for social networks and for snapshots. I am not interested in spending a lot of money for a smartphone. The delivery was very fast, as usual, the setup was easy. After now a few weeks in use I am satisfied.
The design is great and looks very modern.
The battery life is very good, 2-3 days with normal use. I like the camera, the results are good, but not in twilight and darkness.
One point of criticism is the display.
It looks pixelated and could be a bit brighter. Another point of criticism is the fingerprint sensor, which is a bit sluggish and doesn’t recognize the finger directly.
In general I’m very satisfied with the price-performance ratio. I am satisfied with the purchase and for the price I can live with a few shortcomings.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 08:37
Brandon W.

Since I already had the Mi A1 and was very satisfied with it, I decided to buy another mobile phone from this series.

Positive is:
– a lot of storage space for little money
– a strong camera (front and back), even in bad light conditions
– a good battery life
– easy handling
– runs smoothly and fast
– many possibilities to adjust it individually to the user

negative points (grumble on a high level):
– no HD display, with a magnifying glass you can see the pixel
finger sensor often doesn’t see the print, because it sits in the display and is sensitive to contamination (on the display, as on the finger, i.e. grease, sweat, wetness)

So if you are looking for a cheap model, which brings a lot of performance, you’re right.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 07:31
Gary L. Kervin

I’m very satisfied with this smartphone, which has replaced my Samsung S5.
For about 200 € you get a high-performance device, with long battery life, security updates, a good camera (especially if you install the Google Camera) and at least with the update to Android 10.
In the display I have nothing to complain about, on the contrary, the colors are rich and for me the resolution is sufficient.
Since the operating system is an Android One, I assume that there will be CustomROMs later and I can use the device, like my S5, for a few years without having to buy a new one.

In summary, if you are looking for a cheap smartphone with good battery life, security and operating system updates, a good camera, you can access it without hesitation.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 14:44
george bourquin

I have a MI 9 myself and because I am convinced of Xiaomi since then I bought the A3 for my mother.

She had a Samsung device before and got along with the new Xiaomi very quickly…. >>br>The device looks very valuable and makes a visual impression of a 500euro device.br>>br>>I myself don’t see any problems with the resolution…pixel counting? Don’t understand all the excitement… Except for the preset background image which looks very modest the device has a good resolution….

Battery power is also great.

Maybe nothing for techies but if you see the price and the features there is really nothing to complain about.

That’s why 5 stars


Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 15:41

I am totally enthusiastic about the phone. The workmanship is so good that I think it’s a pity to put it in a case.
The software is solid GoogleOne, so it’s great anyway.
The camera is much more than I would have expected for 200€ and the battery lasts one or two days depending on use but definitely the day!
The display is always a point of criticism because it’s only 720p. I noticed this after I went from Mi A2 to A3 and two days later I didn’t notice it anymore! It is sharp and neither reading nor watching pictures or movies is blurred. But what is great is that it is AMOLED and I notice that again and again! Great black and great colors! Great! br>> br> I can only recommend the phone again and again!

Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 12:57

I informed myself about this mobile phone in advance because I wanted to know whether it was worth buying. After only positive reviews and videos, I have now bought the phone and what can I say… I am positively surprised! The mobile phone makes a lot for the money. Display is surprisingly bright, the HD resolution 1280x720p) is definitely sufficient, the camera is easily enough for everyday use, enough and fast memory, the processing is great and the performance is just as good. USB Type-C is also included as well as a transparent silicone cover, which you can definitely use.

If you are looking for a mobile phone up to 200€, the Xiaomi Mi A3 is a good choice! You definitely won’t go wrong with it.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 13:57
jim harrington Nor-Cal Riders

The Xiaomi Mi A3 has a great design and a good manufacturing. The processor is strong enough for social media apps and games of all kinds. From racing games like first person shooters… Battery lasts about 1.5 days in normal use. Display is despite only HD resolution very good…Thanks Amoled…Great contrast and beautiful colors… Fingerprint in the display is fast and reliable enough for the price range. I also like the triple camera very much. Especially the 48 megapixel main camera makes great pictures. The ultra wide angle is useful in good light. The battery can be charged quickly with 18 watts which is not included…All in all, a great smartphone for the price… I recommend ?% further!!!

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 12:14
Rose S

After I had lost my old Smartphone, I had to buy a new one at short notice. I need a smartphone mainly to be reachable, for social networks, as a navigation system, occasional listening to music and taking snapshots on the road, so I don’t need a high-end device. The features offered by the device are more than sufficient for me and the price was more than fair for the offered hardware. Especially since the device is also future-proof with Android One for the next 2 – 3 years. Only the fingerprint reader could be a bit more accurate. Sometimes it recognizes the finger directly, but too often there are several failed attempts and then the activation via PIN. The camera is good during the day with sufficient brightness, but hardly usable in low light conditions.

Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 14:25
Jack Q.

The only negative point you can find in the internet about this mobile phone is the display and I don’t attach much importance to it. I can see everything on it and if I’m not 10cm close to the display and pay attention to it, you won’t notice the low resolution. (I mean…we’re talking 720p at 5inch…others have a 30inch Full HD monitor. No one complains about the fact that you can see the pixels, which are much greener in that case)
The smartphone is fast, the battery lasts long…what more could you want.
Oh and the camera takes great pictures! With my old Galaxy S5 I was not able to take such nice, sharp pictures. I am very enthusiastic!

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 01:42
Lisa Brannan

At the beginning I was very satisfied with the phone. It looks well made, lies well in the hand and was easy to use. It has enough memory, nevertheless I used the 2 sim slot as described to expand the memory. And exactly here was the problem with my mobile phone: After a short time I could not take any more pictures, download pictures to whattsapp or send them. After I reformatted the memory card, everything was ok again. Unfortunately the problem occurred again after nearly 2 weeks. So I ordered a new memory card (128 GB) and… it worked. The mobile phone said the card was 256 GB and 128 GB of it are used, but no matter how it worked, it took a little more than 2 weeks. Then the same as before, photos not possible, whattsapp was only text. So I called Amazon. A nice service employee could only offer me a refund. It would have been a pity to try an exchange device to give the brand another chance. Now I ordered a Huawei P30 lite.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 00:55
S Wenner

After my A2 Lite had problems with the WLAN right from the start and then always switched itself off after a few months, I gave it back and switched to this successor model. I am completely satisfied: The battery lasts for a long time, the display is always easy to read, apps and games run smoothly, WLAN is stable, no bloatware, updates come monthly, …

Only the fingerprint sensor in the display is a significant step backwards compared to the one on the back of the A2 Lite. You usually need several tries, Face Unlock is usually faster in the light.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 02:20

Pro: The product itself is very good. Camera is ok, the performance is top. The interface is the same as that of the Pixel Smartphones, except for the camera app, which comes from Xiaomi.

Contra: However, all Mi A3 have one major flaw. Android 10 has been officially released since 3.9.2019. This smartphone is advertised to get fast updates. Now, almost eight months later, there is still no update. Since this advertised feature was an important reason for the purchase (for me and surely many others), I am disappointed. Xiaomi does not keep its promises.

Update 5.5.2020
Android 10 is available in Europe as of today. I have installed it and so far everything is working fine. Unfortunately much too late.

Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 19:36
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