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Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 01:52
Christina O

I bought this smartphone a few days ago (mainly because of the camera) and previously owned a Oneplus 3. Since I don’t do more with a Samsung S20 Ultra than with this phone anyway, I accessed here because of the price. I also don’t understand the people who throw out so much money for a smartphone, but that’s a different matter.

It took me about 1½ days to set up the phone, until every app with registration was in place.
The pre-installed apps can unfortunately not be deactivated or uninstalled. Personally I don’t find it annoying, because I put all these apps in one folder.
It is also important to know that there is no App-Drawer and the menu navigation is more like Apple’s. I hope there will be an update soon!

Many people think that this speaker is not that good. But what should you do with it? I listen to music/movies via Bluetooth speakers/headphones and otherwise it sounds very clear and you can understand everything very well. Bass is not available, but in my eyes it doesn’t have to be. Compared to my Oneplus 3 this speaker is better.

fingerprint sensor:
Because I use bullet-proof glass (from MARR) and there is a hole at the sensor, but there is adhesive residue underneath, my finger can’t be read. Nevertheless I think it does what it should do.

Face recognition:
Don’t use it if it works! I set up facial recognition because of the bulletproof glass. My twin brother put on my glasses and the phone unlocked. This just can’t happen.

The display is not pleasant to handle, but with a little getting used to it I think it will be better. However, it just doesn’t come close to a nice flat display.
The bulletproof glass doesn’t fit perfectly either, which is due to the rounding.

The phone is faster than the Oneplus 3. When I take a picture in 108 mp it takes about 5 seconds to process it. But I don’t mind it at all. Otherwise everything will be slippery.

Smart Watch (Samsung Galaxy 2):
The phone has serious problems with the connection of SmartWatch. So the coupling works perfectly. The problem here is that if you go to the overview of open apps and then press the cross to close them, the phone will perform a deep cleanup. This breaks the Bluetooth connection to the clock. This is exactly the same as with the Oneplus 3, except you wait in vain for the connection to be restored. You have to activate Autostart in Samsungapps’ settings, then it works again or close the wearable app in the overview so that the app isn’t closed by the cleanup. Then it works.

I have to mention this, because with my Oneplus 3 the transfer was interrupted again and again and I had to restart Google Maps.
With this phone it hasn’t happened to me (yet).
I am a bit disappointed with the camera. Overall the photos are very good. But the 108 mp option is not so great. After the release the phone needs something, but that’s not bad. When zooming in the picture is blurred. I thought that the sharpness is comparable to the 5x telephoto camera. It’s not! Further the colors are a bit pale, but there are filters and you can adjust the colors. I’ll try the Google Photo App, see if it works.
I also noticed that the 108 mp photos in the Google Photo Gallery (app has to be downloaded) are reduced to 0.7 mp. In Xiaomi’s own gallery, however, the images are preserved in 108 mp.
The macro mode is okay, but nothing more.

Google Pay:
I haven’t tried it yet. But you have to know that in the settings -&gt, use and share -&gt, NFC (on) -&gt, secure element position -&gt, activate HCE Wallet.

At first the function to listen to the voice message quietly through the earpiece didn’t work for me. With an update to MIUI 11 version this was fixed.

Rest: In the following I have partly taken up the important points (see above) again. The points which were not treated before are not so important and do not affect the overall result much.

+ processing
+ phone call quality
+ camera
+ no jerk/delay (except for the 108mp pictures)
+ battery (lasts for more than a day, which is enough for me)
+ processor (speed)

– menu navigation
– vibration
– speaker quality

– Setting order (setting options are not where you think they are, you have to google or search)
– Edge display
– Face recognition
– Time consuming setup
– SmartWatch

Compared to the Oneplus 3 the phone works faster. However, some things don’t work so well here, but other things work better.
After you’ve finished setting up the phone and fixing the bugs, it’s really fast and the phone is really fun! I am really enthusiastic and such a successful package for so little money is more than ok!

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 15:00

First of all, the Mi Note 10 is great, but the Amazon delivery was very poor (pre-ordered on day 1 and despite that, it arrived later than if you hadn’t pre-ordered it). But since this is about the Smartphone, I still give 5 stars.

+ Camera quality and quantity is great. I didn’t think I would use the macro camera much, but it gives you the possibility to take pictures from a completely different perspective. Also the big main sensor takes great pictures and convinces with natural bokeh. The 108 megapixel mode makes really great photos in good light.
+ battery! Lasts 2-3 days with mixed use (couple games, camera, social media etc.). The screen has a good quality and gets bright enough, the notch is less annoying than expected. Also the touchscreen sensitivity is good.
+ Fast Charging: 30W and 100% in just over an hour

~ The speaker is ok, it’s just a mono speaker but gets loud enough. But I think that a stereo mod will be available soon. br>>~ MIUI. Either you like it or you hate it. I have to say that MIUI 11 is much better than earlier versions (I had MIUI installed on my Galaxy S2 before Xiaomi sold mobile phones)
~ Weight: The phone is quite heavy, but the big battery makes this inevitable.
~ CPU: Unfortunately no Snapdragon 855, but the performance is sufficient. Games like Call of Duty mobile run smoothly on maximum graphic settings. A Snapdragon 855 would have been practical for processing 108megapixel photos. Had a Galaxy S9 before, which according to Geekbench achieves much better scores, but you don’t notice that in everyday life.
~ Haptic feedback is ok, but it doesn’t come close to real flagships.

– The camera software is still a bit laggy. But I think this can be improved with software updates. Alternatively you can also use gCam.
– No Wireless Charging
– No IP- Rating
– No SD-Slot
– No UFS 3.0

In general the Mi Note 10 is a super Smartphone. Of course it’s quite expensive for a smartphone with a 730g processor, but you shouldn’t forget that the mobile phones of the competition with similar cameras are about twice as expensive and cheaper flagship killers with a Snapdragon 855(+), almost always have a compromise in the photo quality.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 02:56
Daryl E.

I tested the Mi Note 10 for two days and now I’m sending it back. Actually a really great device, which is still, at least compared to the bigger brands, quite cheap. I’m not surprised that Xiaomi would become more expensive some day. The Snapdragon 730G does its job reasonably well – everything runs smoothly – if you could have installed a more current SoC right here and at this price, which is higher for Xiaomi. The slightly thicker housing didn’t bother me, as the grade 10 is good in the hand and I gladly accept it because of the larger battery. However, the battery is only really good on the sheet. 5260 mAh sounds insanely efficient, but the battery life only comes close to the peak values of other top smartphones, which only offer 4000 – 4500 mAh. The battery is therefore not more durable. This is due to Xiaomi’s poor task management, which I also noticed in the Mi 9T. I can’t imagine, to which values Huawei would come to, if they had installed such a battery. This is actually one of the two reasons why I don’t want to have this smartphone as a daily driver. What good is such a battery, which makes the phone thicker and heavier, if it doesn’t have peak runtimes.

What I noticed very negatively are the greyish green edges on the curved sides. In fact I have seen curved smartphones where this was hardly ever the case (Mate 20 Pro), which is very rare. Of course there is a shadow left by the curved glass, but on my model it was just extreme. Angle of view and refraction or not. Usually you don’t get reasonable display glasses for curved displays either. Sure, you know that beforehand, but I wanted to give a smartphone with a curved display another chance.

Conclusion: A great smartphone at a reasonable price with a great camera and good overall performance. The large battery, which definitely makes the phone thicker and heavier, gives good battery life, but is anything but outstanding. The look, the workmanship and also the display are good, but you just have to like the curved incl. the grey shades at the edges caused by light refraction.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 04:31
Just Richard

The bad task management is a thousand times better than the task management of Huawei. I mean, if you want long battery life, you can also buy a Nokia with a black and white display, which is cheaper then, because Huawei phones are useless because of their ruthless and non-standard app shooting. I buy a device with a big battery to use it and not to have a dumbphone …

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 04:48
Label Free

Update after one week of intensive use and software version MIUI Global stable and Android 9 PKQ1.190302.001:
The mobile phone runs perfectly, is fun and has no bugs! As launcher my proven Smart Launcher 5 is installed, even if the MIUI runs very intuitive and well. If you are looking for a mobile phone that mainly needs a good camera and long battery life, this is the place to be! GPS, Bluetooth, WLAN and all common mobile networks or bands in Germany have best reception.

Have been looking for a successor for my very good Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite, which probably meets all criteria for most users.
Due to a contract extension / change I had to choose a mobile phone, because it was not yet possible without an additional phone.
I wanted a mobile phone with a very good camera and sufficient battery life (the only point where my Mi 8 is a bit weak).
I ordered the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, which was much too big and unwieldy (about 5mm wider than the Mi 10 Note). But the camera took really great pictures!!!!!!.
So I switched to the Xiaomi Mi 10 Note.
The battery life is clearly better, and otherwise just as handy as the Mi 8 lite, the fingerprint sensor or face recognition work as usual and clearly better than with the Samsung, despite other technology.
WhatsApp voice messages could no longer be listened to quietly (i.e. via the earcup). It didn’t make any difference whether the mobile phone was lying on the table or on the ear. Anyone could listen to the voice messages. – since today’s system update the function finally works without any problems.
I had calibrated the proximity sensor to -4DB before, I’m still testing if that’s the reason.
The battery finally lasts from 6am to midnight – this has never happened before.
The display is clearly less sensitive than the Samsung’s (there is a scratch-sensitive foil glued on at the factory).
For my demands, the Xiaomi is clearly better than the Samsung according to the latest update (07.02.20), I can’t say if the camera is worse than the Huawei 30 Pro, because of the lack of comparison.
Many criticize the long storage time of the pictures. Even 108 MP take me at most 1 second, but I can hardly see any difference to the normal photos.
I am especially enthusiastic about the pictures in low light and at night. Even without a tripod, I can take good pictures.
Considering that the Xiaomi is exactly half as expensive as the Samsung, I don’t see why you should spend more money on a mobile phone.
Conclusion: The Xiaomi Mi 10 Note 6GB/256GB is worth every cent and wouldn’t want to miss it anymore. The camera takes great pictures, the battery lasts forever, and the mobile phone can be used as a reliable navigation system.
Reception is excellent with all modules installed. No problems with WLAN, mobile phone, GPS, Bluetooth.
USB-C plus headphones – connection are unique!

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 17:14

I’ve only had Samsung phones for the last 8 years, but since my current one is broken and the new S10+ is simply too expensive for me, I asked what other options are available. A friend of mine has a Xiaomi and was raving about it. The reviews on Amazon were good, and the reviews in the tech magazines were all good, so give it to me. I’m sorry, despite all my efforts, and the efforts of Amazon tech staff, it was not possible to log in to my WiFi for more than 4-5 seconds. As it was clear that the problem could not be solved by us, the technical staff recommended that I contact Xiaomi directly, but immediately said that the support in Germany was a bit poor.

In good spirits I followed this recommendation, the hotline is in Hong Kong. Yes: Hong Kong, the company seriously expects me to call Hong Kong and with some gibberish speaking technician, (my guess) to do exactly the same things for 1 hour that I did myself, and then again with the Amazon employee. That all at international phone rates and even at Hong Kong times, say from 02:00! So I tried to start a chat, the connection given to me by Amazon no longer existed! 3 other links I found on Google went into nothing.

So the defect in the mobile phone is annoying and happens all the time. But that there is NO useful support from the manufacturer is just unbelievable. The phone goes back to Amazon now, I reach deep into my pocket and buy, grudgingly, a new Samsung S10+.

One thing is clear, I will never have a Xiaomi in my house again, the one star rating is because of the (missing) support from the manufacturer.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 18:03

— What do you get for about 500€ —
For the first time you have to say that the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is not the pro. Because the Pro has 8GB Ram and the Mi Note 10 6GB. The Mi Note 10 has also only one camera with 27MB quad bayer sensor= 108MP main camera with 7P-lenses whereas the Pro should have 8P-lenses and here it comes to the photos. Unfortunately the two smartphones are not yet tested, because the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 does not have the premium features as DXOMark says and it can’t be because of the -1 P lens 🙂

108MP main camera (27MB quad bayer sensor, is added up by the photo app)
12MP 2x telephoto, 5MP 5x telephoto, 20MP ultra wide angle and a 2MP macro lens.
You have in the Fotoapp the following to the selection: 108MP, night, Macro, Potrait, HDR, PRO etc.

-It is my personal opinion, which I draw almost the same, as (Online Google) a test of Stefan Möllenhoff

-The pictures are just outdoors, in good lighting conditions very cool, but only if the focus hits and that is unfortunately not every time. I have from 5 photos 2 to 3 photos where the focus just jumps away, why ever… AI is already deactivated. Sometimes also very light artifacts. In the dark, Solala photos are more likely to come out with post-processing and there you prefer to shoot in Pro mode 🙂

– RAW mode, you should deactivate completely, this offers no improvement at all, even in post-processing with Snapseed are more artifacts to see than in JPEG mode.
– The video mode is something very fine, but only again 😀 4K in 30FPS or 1080P in 60FPS or the 120FPS /240FPS &amp, 960FPS mode but even in the dark under 1080P with 60FPS usable videos come out and even then, you can edit them like a PHOTO (brightness, contrast, trimming etc.). And even then, you can edit them like a PHOTO (brightness, contrast, cropping etc.) without having to use another app on it and there are filters and a lot of other things to add.

–The user interface–>br>Here I have to say that this is all a matter of taste. It runs smoothly, I didn’t have any hangups or crashes. But I prefer to use the POCO-Launcher, which is a bit more refined and tidier 😛

The display is very bright and thanks to the Amoledpanel it is also very colourful. But a one-handed operation is hardly possible thanks to the size 🙂 It’s just that I don’t always get along with the Cuved Display. Since there are apps or in some games even on YouTube certain icons, which are located in the respective corner and I have to apply more pressure than usual and sometimes I have to press several times until it works .

Updates come out almost weekly with improvements and fixed.

–Battery–>br>Almost 2 days with games, Netflix, photos and co, just mega 🙂

So in total a 3,5 of 5, because again there is too much promised and you buy something nice but you only want half of it 🙂

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 21:29
Raymond Yocum

I decided not to spend 800 EUR for a mobile phone after the S9+, but I still didn’t want to do without a good camera. By chance I came across the Mi Note 10, which won the 1st place for the best camera at DXOMARK, and according to my subjective opinion, rightly so. The pictures look very detailed and low-noise in both light and dark surroundings. The workmanship of the device is apparently on the same level as on Samsung and Co., the display is similar to the Edge displays of Samsung or the P30 of Huawei. The slightly higher weight as well as the 2mm more depth don’t stand out negatively. A large battery is also built in for this. However, the processor reached its limits when saving images, whereby, contrary to various test reports, you don’t wait 10 seconds until a 108 MP image is saved. In auto mode it takes about 2 seconds, in 108 MP mode or night mode 3-4 seconds. This is only noticeable, however, if you switch to the photo gallery immediately after releasing the camera to view the picture in full size. Otherwise you won’t notice the overclocked midrange processor at all. The system and all games played so far run fast and smoothly. What made me a little bit thoughtful was the missing IP certification. I have used the S9+ without hesitation in heavy rain. I’m more careful with the Mi Note 10, even if a little rain won’t harm the phone for sure. If you insert the SIM card you will see the rubber seal in the shaft. The mobile phone will have certain water-repellent qualities for sure. The user interface can be described as very minimalistic. The missing App-Drawer as well as the setup of the homescreens were rather negative, but there will probably be an App-Drawer soon via update. Alternatively, there are numerous launchers in the Playstore.

+outstanding camera

processor only middle class
no IP certification

conclusion: If you are looking for a comparatively cheap mobile phone with a strong display, a long-lasting battery and an outstanding camera, you will find it here.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 21:01

So now a few words from the smartphone specialist. A big praise to Xiaomi and that at a price where I pay for an iPhone 11Pro plus the triple. The main camera is the burner and I beat my colleague who praises his iPhone in almost every situation. The variability with the different zoom levels is just great. The processor is completely sufficient, of course, but more honestly, except for the hardcore gamers, no one needs it. With the Nightshot mode you have to wait sometimes 5 sec. but how often do I really use it. The battery lasts for two days and even in the super hard everyday life of a consultant with 5 AM in the plane and around 22 back….I usually still have 20 to 30% battery in the evening. But then the line is glowing all day long and the hotspot is also on for 2 hours. All in all…great device and that for 530 Euro…Apple you should be ashamed to rip off so much money from your loyal customers…

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 02:23
Desiree kelley

The money is worth it. Problems that came up were usually software-based and were fixed by updates. With these cameras I don’t think about taking my professional studio camera with me for a walk anymore. The smartphone satisfies me completely here. Of course, it never comes close to the quality, but to capture the moment! With the 108 MP sensor you can get a lot of detail. But what is the best sensor with bad glass? The edges of the images are often blurred and I sometimes see chromatic aberration. In the center of the image, everything is super sharp and acceptable. But with my smartphone, I don’t usually want to take photos that are sharp to the edges. So it doesn’t matter to me, the Selfi camera takes great pictures. Unfortunately they also get a slight beauty filter over it, but it’s not too intrusive for my taste and people always want to take selfies with my smartphone now because they look so good in it. Only when taking photos in apps like Whatsapp, Telegram or similar, it reduces the image quality discreetly so that they are not as sharp and high-resolution as in the camera app. But it’s fast enough so it won’t slow you down when you use it.

Big fan from screen to edge I’ve never been big, and I won’t be big on this smartphone. But with the included case you can’t accidentally get it and tap on it like on Youtube on a new video.

If you don’t like the advertising of the MIUI interface you can disable it with little tricks. Just google for it. It’s worth it :).

What disappointed me a little bit:
– For me personally the micro quality was not so good, but completely sufficient.
– It’s just a mono speaker
– the edges of the cameras on the back of the smartphone are unpleasantly sharp, which you can only defuse a little bit with the included case.
– My fat fingers always made the cameras on the back a little glowy. before you take pictures with them, it’s best to clean them with your shirt.

– What impressed me:
– F*cking 5 cameras in one smartphone, where all of them don’t seem superfluous or Too-Much, but all of them are just right.
– The fast charging
– Jack plug

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 06:08
Kirsten Work

Disappointing photo quality, triggering and also saving, slow ,jerking.

screen top, very well processed.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 00:24

The back camera is not to be beaten for a mobile phone at the moment also the front camera is top and is completely sufficient for selfies. The display is not quite my case but Curved is numal unfortunately modern at the moment otherwise I can’t complain about the quality. The fingerprint sensor as well as the face recognition are really great if you have clean / dry fingers and if the light conditions are sufficient. The microphone transmits a clean voice and the handset as well as the speaker a pure sound quality during phone calls (music, videos). The Snapdragon 730G processor is completely sufficient for me as a non-gamer who wants to gamble and I do it on a game console. The battery has to prove its longevity first but at this time I can’t complain about it because I use my Smartphone around the clock as a hotspot. With the big battery it is somehow logical that the weight is bigger so I can live with it because it lies in my hand.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 23:16
Nelida Rosado

A great Smartphone, in many ways.

It has many functions of radio, remote control and much more.
Works very smoothly and so far without any problems.
Wlan excellent.
Battery super, my old one hardly lasts one day, the Mi easily manages three days without charging.
Processing excellent.

But I am still a bit dissatisfied. The photos have an exaggerated bokeh effect, which I can’t adjust. I actually bought it for the camera. What’s the point of having a sharp object if the background gets very blurry… too blurry. I already had a Chinamobile a few years ago, even then the exaggerated improvements in beauty bothered me. Maybe in some shallows there are some settings, in pro-mode, to get in there… until you’re done, the motive is not the same anymore and you can’t save it for the next time.

It’s a matter of taste, mine isn’t.

Remote details are visible when zooming in, on my old smartphone (S7) they are not visible at a distance, but I still think that the old photos look better. Then the fingerprint scanner in the display, it works mostly very well. As soon as the fingers are a little wet, but not, I do not want to know how it behaves in summer. And also otherwise I must try it abundantly several times, bearable, but unattractive, then rather a real scanner. br>>br>->br>->br>Glass on the back, I didn’t really want more, but the camera, which is most important to me, animated me to a spontaneous purchase. I prefer plastic/carbon, it just feels better and makes more sense, then I don’t need a cover. But even that is a matter of taste.

I still waver, because otherwise it is a first-class device.


Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 09:36
Stephen Ghostley

Had a Samsung A-model before, I didn’t like the camera at all.

That’s why now the change to this five-eyed camera monster.

For a fair budget you get a great camera solution for snapshots and videos on the go. >> I was so excited when I heard that Xiaomi is launching a cell phone with test winner allure.br>>br>>And I have to say, it does them full justice. The cameras take super nice pictures in all situations.

The 108 megapixel photos are still pin sharp even after several times enlarging image sections.

And also the pictures with normal resolution are sharp and color-fast.

With regard to the Mi software I was a bit afraid at first that I couldn’t get along with it. >The transfer of my phone, contact, calendar, picture and app data from the Samsung to the Xiaomi was easily done without any losses thanks to Android and Google Drive.br>>br>The only disadvantage in my opinion are the many pre-installed Xiaomi applications, 99% of which I don’t use. You can’t uninstall them, so I would put them into a collection folder. br>>br>Bottom line: a clear recommendation to buy and 5 stars.


Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 00:38
Rafael Alsina

Many things have been written correctly in the previous reviews, I will limit myself to what I noticed. The camera in 1x mode (main camera) is probably the best one that is currently installed in a smartphone. There is no other Smartphone with such sharpness and neutral colors. But with the ultra wide angle camera there is a very large distortion towards the edge, this is not so extreme with other top smartphones. The extra macro lens is not very useful for me, because it has only 2MP resolution and then also very wide angle. The 2x camera gives me a better image scale and because of the much higher resolution I have the possibility to crop the photo. The 5x tele lens does not have a very high resolution, but it is still useful, especially for video recordings. Samsung urgently needs to offer this magnification (but probably only in the upcoming S20 Ultra for a lot of money). What’s missing, of course, is an IP 68 certification and the possibility of inductive charging. Another thing I noticed is that Samsung has managed to make the edges of the Edge Display not darken as much as the Xiaomi on the brighter sides. But that doesn’t bother me any further, rather the somewhat imprecisely reacting display, where I often didn’t hit the right gap when I had to click into a text afterwards. All in all, a good, recommendable smartphone. Unfortunately with a few flaws, which don’t occur with the top dog in the Android universe, these simply run a bit smoother. But Xiaomi is close to it and offers useful features like an infrared remote control and an FM radio, which are unfortunately missing from other manufacturers.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 15:52
Suzie Caldwell

I am thrilled.

Great design, optimal conditions, fast and awesome photos.
Exactly the macro photos I was looking for are what I was looking for.

Exchanged it for a Huawei P30 Pro and was not disappointed.

Paid 525 Euro. Not exactly cheap, but I wanted it.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 22:27

I’ll keep it short.br>

– What I liked:br>
– The colors br>>- The Android Xiaomi System ( For people who had an iPhone before. Otherwise everything is clearly arranged and not too overloaded. )
– Display ( Sharpness and colors very good )
– Reception was very good, not worse than on other top phones.
– Choice of different cameras and editing options.
– Setup was quick.
– Speed is absolutely sufficient!

– Neutral opinion:

– The curved display is a matter of taste. – Arrangement of the cameras.
– Notch
– 108mp mode best only in very good lighting conditions.

– What I didn’t like so much:
– Mono speaker unfavorably placed ( Often this is covered by the hand and blocks the sound )
– Only Android 9 ( Stand: 7. January 20 )
– Camera produces high blur towards the edge ( photographing documents is not possible )
– 5x lens produces a green stripe on the left edge.
– Through the Curved Display I touch the display in videos, depending on how I hold the phone, and so I interact unintentionally.
– Keyboard input towards the edge not always perfect.

Conclusion: All in all it is a super mobile phone, but it has its weaknesses, which you can forgive, even if the price is too low. If you want a mobile phone that shoots good pictures and runs reasonably, then you are well served with this one. Otherwise you have to wait for the new Mi Mix or Mi 10.


Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 02:30
Christine Kelly-Smith

We bought the device twice, once in black and once in white.
The black mobile phone arrived first and made a strange impression when we opened it. There was neither a peel-off foil on the display and the back, nor was there a cover for it as we thought. I sent the device back immediately, because it didn’t make a new impression for me. Especially since there was also a small cat at the edge of the picture.
This was all too suspicious for me and went straight back.

When the white mobile phone arrived everything was as you thought before. There was a peel-off foil, which by the way is the best feeling, and on the other hand there was also a cover especially for the mobile phone. So everything as expected.
The cell phone itself is ok. The camera is great and it’s fun to take pictures with it. However, the mobile phone is very unwieldy and the camera protrudes a lot, which takes getting used to.
The display looks nice and the workmanship itself is also very well done. The speed sometimes leaves something to be desired and a faster processor would have been good for the mobile phone. But when my second black mobile phone arrived, there was again no cover and also again no foil to take off on the mobile phone. There was no answer to questions about this and the phone was also full of dust with dust on the edge of the display. I often order some technology and there it just feels different, just like the white one of my girlfriend. It just felt new.

Therefore the second black phone goes back again, because it’s not possible that an identical phone is sent differently.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 04:07
Matias P.

I have long considered spending so much money on a smartphone. I haven’t regretted it and won’t want to miss it again.
Positive: The mobile phone looks really great and valuable.
The display is pleasantly bright and sharp
Fingerprint sensor works perfectly
Photos are amazingly good for a mobile phone.
Reception and voice quality are top
Processor is sufficiently fast enough. Everything runs very smoothly
Battery lasts for 2 days. Is then in 45min from 20 to 100% charged
Negative: I can not find anything negative.

128 GB of memory are completely sufficient for me. But I am also not a garbage collector that 120 GB would not be enough.
For some people, when buying a mobile phone, the camera is now more important than the rest.
This is not so with me. I still take pictures with my SLR, because a mobile phone can never reach the camera due to the smaller sensor and lens. Here it has been shown that more pixels do not necessarily lead to better photos. But as I already said, the photos are surprisingly good for a mobile phone. Therefore I do not believe that there are mobile phones that make it better. br>For me a clear recommendation to buy

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 07:43
Jody E. Canfield

First of all:
I understand the criticism that not the latest SoC is built into a 500€ mobile phone and would have wished me QI charging, but…!
Here you get a top smartphone, whose camera is an absolute eye-catcher and a battery that (with my use: About 6 hours SoT, 8 hours music via Spotify and bluetooth, a lot of Whatsapp and Instagram) lasts for 2 days. The color Aurora Green is not really green, but still an eye-catcher.
The processor is not at all overstrained for multitasking with spotify, whatsapp, instagram etc. and in gaming it performs very well. (No comparison to top processors, but seriously, who needs that?)
Picture editing sometimes works 2 to 3 seconds after taking a photo, but I can cope with that. The Curved Screen does what it should, is not too curved and does not disturb. (No mistakes to report). The fingerprint scanner is fast and precise. MIUI 11 is pre-installed and does a very good job (as always)

All in all I am very satisfied and would recommend it to anyone who likes to take pictures and experiment.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 19:34
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Contrast ratio: Infinite (nominal)
Xiaomi Mi Note 10
Octa-core (2x2.2 GHz Kryo 470 Gold & 6x1.8 GHz Kryo 470 Silver)
Xiaomi Mi Note 10
Xiaomi Mi Note 10
6.47 inches, 102.8 cm2 (~87.8% screen-to-body ratio)
Xiaomi Mi Note 10
Android 9.0 (Pie), MIUI 11