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32 Reviews

Mrs. P

The thing is not bad and doesn’t need to hide in the top phones ☝!

I don’t repeat data, just write the things I noticed. br>>br>+ not as slow as reading it often.
That a 108 megapixel picture needs time to save is completely normal. Some SLRs and PCs take more time for this! I’m an experienced photographer and know this only too well…?
It’s only the case in a few photo modes anyway.
Besides that the box is absolutely fast.

+ The pictures, which come from the cam, are flawless, especially with the pro version, which has 8 instead of 7 lenses in the main camera against distortions in the border area.

+ RAW photo mode!!!

+ slow motion with 920 frames/sec, that’s really good, even if only for a short time, but nobody can do better, it’s because of the available memory.

+ display is coated, you can see it immediately on touching. The fingers glide smoothly over it and leave much less fingerprints than on phones without.

+ almost zero bloatware*, most of it is uninstallable. The tools are all really richly equipped. This saves a lot of apps that I had to install in the past.
(*actually only Facebook and Netflix)

+ a lot of settings. You can configure almost everything.

+ The fingerprint scanner is the fastest and most error-free one I have ever seen. Wow, is the fix…?
The learning process takes a little bit longer.

+ Infrared transmitter (meanwhile rare)

+ full 3.5mm headphone jack and not this USB-C adapter crap.

+ Sound profiles for different types of music. Headphone types pre-installed.

+ the battery is really tough. With my HTC11 plus, it was easily empty in a third of the time.

+ Setup and configuration is very clear, very fast and with (in perfect German) well-designed explanations where they are needed.

+ W-Lan recognition is super fast.

+ Relatively much memory is free.

+ Charging is not only super fast on Xiaomi’s own charger, with our anchor with a lot of power, it is almost as fast. 25% to 100% just over an hour, the own charger is even faster. Mind you, we are talking about a battery with 5.2Ah !

– After so much praising now the things I don’t like so much:

– surface has to be cleaned up by yourself after setup, because all apps are directly on the desktop. This takes some time.

– sticker on the (really nice) backside of the glass, which shouldn’t be removed as long as you want warranty.
It’s not relevant by law in Germany, but it’s stupid anyway.

– no memory card slot, but dual sim capable. For me personally the SD slot would be more important, even if 256Gb system memory is a lot. Unfortunately, many manufacturers don’t have it anymore.

– no exchangeable battery. Hardly any mobile phone has a battery anymore, but since batteries are potential weak points that limit the lifetime of the device, if not replaceable, this is important to me. I don’t go swimming with my mobile phone and most of them don’t really work. They are only protected against the toilet or puddle splashes. But my Nokia 3310 survived 20 years ago with a replaceable battery… ?.

Anyway, underwater photos are almost always only worthwhile in the sea (salt water) and that rules out ALL mobile phone manufacturers completely.

– no wireless charging. Again and again the bad USB-C socket of many mobile phones turns out to be absolutely error-prone, so that the devices can no longer be charged properly. Wireless charging is an ingenious fallback here, even if slower.

– White balance in standard photo mode Indoor in low light not quite ideal, colors compared to reality a little matt. Here you should use the Pro Mode to adjust the white balance.

+ ADDITIONAL: even in normal photo mode the image color can be adjusted by filters, I found degrees.
So it fits there too.
About all the camera app offers a lot of possibilities, that’s really crazy. Just give it a try…

That you talk about white balance and RAW – mode on a mobile phone shows on which photographic level we are already…

However, it has to be said that we have reached a level with the camera, that similar to a reflex camera, it has to be handled skillfully.
Who has no plan of taking pictures, won’t get anywhere near the potential of the camera in the Mi 10 and won’t have the wow effect, but just have a mobile phone with a cam and that’s it.
Then it’s mostly those who say that the camera is bad. In test, almost always only a standard test image is photographed and the end. Many of the mobile phone testers are not trained photographers, you can see that quite fast when reading the test ?.

Would I buy it again?

Damn yes, the part has an outstanding price/performance ratio and NONE of the mobile phones out there is perfect.
(but more expensive) Br> Br> Br> Here the advantages outweigh absolutely, as far as I can say after the short time. Br> Br> Br> Apart from that I like to move a bit outside of what everybody uses anyway. I don’t like the standard mash and these eternal test winners with their bought test judgments. I think the same with the car.br>>br>>Honestly evaluated, because otherwise totally senseless!br>>br>>Hope to have contributed to the decision making ?

Answer report comment December 23, 2020, 06:59
J. McLaughlin

I’ve been using the device since the beginning of the year and have already received several updates that have improved performance in general and the camera in particular. So the long waiting times until saving are actually only to be found in night mode, otherwise the device works fast.
The expectations for such a hyped camera are certainly extremely high, but it is forgotten that you have to get to know it a little bit to get the best performance. If you just want to press it and get good pictures, you might be better off with the iPhone, which is three times as expensive, or the Huawei or Galaxy, which are twice as expensive. They sharpen and miss more intense colors, unfortunately often away from reality. If you want to do something like that, you can also do this with the Note 10 Pro in the post-processing via the gallery.
The Mi Note 10 Pro has one more lens to offer, which has an effect on the edge sharpness, otherwise I can’t really make out any differences between the two devices. The more memory is noticeable in the storage of the 108 MPix images. And of course, the Pro.Model has 256 GB instead of 128 GB memory, which gives you even more room not to have to transfer photos and videos immediately to the PC to make room.
I find the 5x zoom impressive, which takes really good pictures (e.g. photographing a menu sharp and readable from a distance. Also the 10x zoom is still usable, beyond that it gets blurred, but is sufficient to recognize e.g. far away people, which you can’t see with the naked eye anymore. Experimenting with it is fun and the shots were all usable so far.
In the beginning I had crashes of the camera in 108 MPix mode. Tried to take a second picture too fast… it was over and the device had to be restarted. After the updates this problem did not occur anymore.

Videos are ok, not outstanding, but still very good. Especially the sound is better suited for post-production than the competition, because most of the background noise (traffic, wind, voice confusion) is filtered out almost perfectly. Speech is a little less loud, but clearly understandable. Samsung and Apple are more spatial, but unfortunately with strong background noise in the recordings only so peppered.

The battery does a good job. The expectations on it were also very high, so the press tore it down in the beginning. With normal use I can get there for two days or more, with heavy use it’s still more than a day. With my HTC’s I always had to go to the power outlet in between, even worse my S8, which was usually already 20% in the afternoon. Compared to the predecessor, the Mi Mix3, the runtimes are not as strong as expected, this one also lasted more than 1 day with a much smaller battery. Nevertheless I am very satisfied with the capacity and endurance. Charging is fast, on average from empty to full about 1 hour, from 30% to full in 30 – 40 min.

The workmanship is high_end level. No rattling buttons, no sharp edges (except the camera hump), torsion resistant (see Jerry Rig Everything), scratch resistant (no screen protector in the bag and as new). Weight of 208g is high (due to the battery), but lower than the Mix3, whose ceramic housing and slider add another few grams to the balance. Since it is well balanced, the weight only underlines the high quality. Also the display is bright, sharp and shows pleasant, not too bright colors, which you can adjust in the menus if you like.

With one of the last updates the App Drawer finally came and you don’t have to search all apps on the screen anymore. Before I helped myself with the Poco Launcher, now it is not necessary anymore. In general the phone offers everything I need ex works. In the past I used to flash Xiamois and HTC’s Custom Roms immediately to get certain features. Here everything is actually complete and flashing is not absolutely necessary.

Drops of bitterness for some users can be the processor, which is comparable to the SD845 in terms of readings, but doesn’t come close to the possible performance of the new processors. If you play a lot and persistently graphically complex games, you might reach your limits here. Tests give the grade 10 a good gaming performance, I don’t play games myself, so I can’t say anything here. The mobile phone is fully equipped for my everyday use and I haven’t experienced any stuttering or sagging. Whether navigating, surfing or other tasks, the Note 10 masters everything as well as the Mix 3, much even better.

It’s worth mentioning that the Note 10 hasn’t received an Android 10 yet, but it does have most of the features. Security updates come fairly regularly, system apps are often updated via an extra updater.

Features: quick charger, transparent cover, otherwise standard. I judged the grade 10 in white and the grade 10 Pro in green, which I both own. The black version has a transparent, but dark case with it.

Conclusion from me: To recommend at the current already decreased prices in any case. The Pro model now costs less than the normal model at release. For the offered equipment and quality it is a bargain for which you pay double or triple elsewhere.

Answer report comment December 23, 2020, 23:43
K. Adams

First of all: I’m coming from the LG G3 and then from the HTC u12+.
From the grade 10 pro I have the Global Version – so everything in English.

Let’s start with the cam, which I find disappointing in the end.

Yeah, you can take very good pictures with the 108MP cam and unfortunately also many bad ones.
About all the other cams we don’t need to talk – they are just for the garbage can.
About the selfiecam I don’t say anything, I don’t do selfies.

Well then my broadly based assessment of the 108MP-Cam and only this one:
I find the graphical interface well solved – after the HTC, where everything was written in miniature on a huge screen, this interface is a relaxation for the well-groomed presbyopia: It doesn’t have multi-field AF, even in pro mode.
The cam from my horn old LG G3 had that.
According to optical laws, anything far away will be quite sharp at f1.69 – and it is. But with objects in the vicinity there is a serious problem with the depth of field and for that you need multi-field AF.
Bookeh may be fine occasionally, but when my dog is lying in front of me on the sofa, I would like him to be sharp from nose to tail. And not either or.
It shouldn’t be a technical problem that the cam takes two or three shots with multi-field AF and they count together…
Although it doesn’t have HDR – probably because the processor would go down to its knees otherwise.
But there would be another cam and it doesn’t have multi-field AF either.
So you have to use the 108 MP as a reserve – where possible take pictures from a greater distance and then cut out parts.
For those who like to photograph trees at a distance of 10m it’s ok – but for those who like to photograph dog, cat and child at close range, it’s only possible to take this detour.
By the way, I have only imperceptible storage times, only in the pro mode it takes about 1s.
The cam tends to overexposure – you can adjust exposure correction frame by frame – but not generally, not even in Pro mode.
Why not?
The cam is very bright, indoor photos never have to be flashed – the flash wouldn’t do any good either, because at short distances it overflashes completely. Of course the guide number is not adjustable.
But there is the soft continuous light and that works well, very well.
That’s great.
Night shots will be better with the 108 Cam than in night mode!
And I also think it’s good – who needs it. In combination with the light intensity – a dreaming.
The pixel craze is nonsense.

Besides that I use my phone to make phone calls, for WhatsApp, Youtube or some streaming. And for reading.
Of course the processor has no problems with that.
Despite that there are some criticisms from me:
The in-house phone app is cheap and really primitive – other apps work, but always forget after a while that all call forwarding is set to off (for whatever reason) – and then there are no notifications about missed calls on the lock screen, no badge, no message in the status bar. …
And: Since my LG G3, I’ve been able to take calls without wiping – just lift it to my ear.
Has worked reliably. I’m extremely annoyed by the lack of this feature.br>>br>Not to be left out I’m going to go over bent edges – nobody needs it – but you know when you buy it and the thickness of the phone.br>br>For that you get an outstanding runtime, that’s really awesome.

Edit: Recently there must have been an update somehow – and now you get notifications not only on the lock screen, but also on the AoD (in form of a small app symbol, e.g. phone app or Packstation…).
This is – without a notification LED – a huge gain. Obviously Xiaomi has reacted to criticism of the AoD…
I would now rate it half a star higher…


Answer report comment December 23, 2020, 14:58

About 6 months ago I got the Xiaomi Note 10 Pro with 265GB by extending my contract. Which replaced my Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s. The battery life is very good. Under normal use the battery lasts for 2 days. The display is very bright and the colors are crisp. The rounded edges don’t bring any added value and are rather annoying when reading.
Memory is ample with 256 GB. A MicroSD card can’t be used, but a 2nd SIM card.
So, that’s it with the positive.

What’s negative:
– Still Android 9 (The old Xiaomi Mi Mix2s has been on Android 10 for 4 months)
– The support for this one from Xiaomi (Christmas all advertising spaces were full and advertised as a high-end device) is very, very bad. Even a several years old Xiaomi A1 gets regular updates
– The official Xiaomi forums are full of bugs, nothing is done.
– 2 updates in 6 months, current security patch from March 2020! (The old Xiaomi Mi Mix2 is on May 2020)
– The 108MP camera is a joke and pure marketing. The pictures are mushy in detail and the colors are muddy, even in absolute sunshine.
– The short film option of the camera is useless. If I want to record short video snippets and have them processed into a video, I want to do this in different places. But this is not possible because taking pictures or other photo/video functions do not work between the recording of the required video snippets or then no short film can be created anymore.
– The Snapdragon 720G is temporarily overwhelmed with simple applications (photo), Office and takes forever.
– Data throughput (WiFi and LTE) is bad, also here a 2 years old Xiaomi gives better results

My conclusion: Over 4 years I was very satisfied with several devices from Xiaomi, but since the Mi Note 10 (Pro) you go the same way as Samsung. Flooding the market with an infinite number of similar devices, where the installed Android version is no longer updated.
Price wise you have high altitude and your support is now a disaster. In this case I feel ver***** of you and you missed your chance for the future.

Answer report comment December 22, 2020, 06:37
Tom Scott

For example, I have been using the Note 10 Pro for just under two months, but all in all I’m satisfied!

When starting the camera app from the lock screen, the mobile phone unfortunately reacts somewhat inaccurately due to the curvature of the waterfall display. I also slipped a few times while sending a voice message.

It happens quite often that the camera app doesn’t react &amp, it has to be restarted. The photos are without question very good. I took a picture of the moon from my hand (picture is unprocessed). The sharpness of detail in daylight is really remarkable! The battery life is also very good – you really get through the day easily.

buyers should be aware that Xiaomi is advertising. This is part of her business concept. Meaning, you get app suggestions in some home folders (see picture) &amp, advertising in some applications. But it’s manageable – I don’t mind.

The fingerprint sensor really works perfectly, as long as your finger isn’t wet or smudged (see video). Pro-Tip: Save your finger several times ,)

The memory is unfortunately not expandable, but you can live with 256GB internal memory. Sound quality for voice and video recordings is worse than with my old device, but basically ok. I’m not a gamer, but I have tested the performance of common mobile games like PUBG out of interest: Runs extremely smoothly due to the internal gaming boost even at high resolution.

Answer report comment December 23, 2020, 06:07

Admittedly, I last had a Oneplus 2 bought in 2015, but this phone really has almost everything I dared to wish for. The only thing I would have liked is an SD slot, but at 256GB it’s not really missing, so no star deduction. But there is still a headphone jack, as well as excellent cameras with up to 50x zoom, macro, 108MP camera (same sensor as in the new Samsung). Camera-wise the best device I ever had.
The battery life is also excellent. Despite regular video streaming the battery lasts for 2 days. With the old phone I was a bit nervous at 30% charge, with this one it still easily lasts a few hours at full use.
I’m not a gamer and therefore probably use the hardware less, but so far everything has worked out well, including video editing and, as already mentioned, Netflix &amp, co.
Conclusion: At this price easily one of the best phones on the market.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 00:56
Jose G

I’ve been thinking for a long time about whether to buy an Asus Zenfone again or the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro. In the end, the Xiaomi convinced me and I am happy with my decision. The only 2 points where there’s a point deduction is >br>
1. the fingerprint scanner takes a bit too long, but it’s still within an acceptable range

2. That you can’t set a slide show on the lock screen, but maybe it will come with a FWU

I’m positively surprised by the camera and the rest of the controls.

Answer report comment December 22, 2020, 13:09
Ravi Kiran Devarasetty

My first model of xiaomi was the MI6, I was more than happy with it. The Mi 10 pro 256GB has fulfilled all my expectations 100%. I can only confirm the test results of the integrated penta camera. I already have several smartphones in my possession. Measured by the price-performance ratio, this device is the absolute front-runner for me. The operating time is phenomenal, almost two days under normal use. The charging time just one hour to reach almost 100%. All in all, extremely recommendable!!!

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 02:24
Jessica Mazo

I was waiting for the Mi 10 global release, but with the corona virus delays &amp, needing a new phone urgently, I went for the Mi note 10 pro. I’m really happy with it so far. The big battery a smaller processor make the battery life superb. The camera results so far are very good, especially video. The screen looks great, though I’m not a big fan of the curve. All in all very good value for money.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 00:37
Natasha Godines

the device is mega cool, I have been informed for 2 weeks, and must say almost always I have heard negative words, I ordered it anyway and I say everyone you will not regret it camera super, speed super, screen super. here still a photo with night mode, this photo was made in stick dark, and with stick dark my me even with bare eyes can’t recognize anything.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 04:24
Dickie Greenleaf

This mobile phone offers a good alternative for more expensive middle class mobile phones. Unfortunately, only Android 9 has been installed so far (as of March 2020), you will have to wait for Android 10 to roll out. The camera is great and takes really great pictures… even in darker rooms. With its more than 200g it is about 40g heavier than comparable models in the same size. This does not bother me, on the contrary. I find it lies really good in the hand. The workmanship is quite good, only in one place you can feel a slight edge. As with almost all newer mobile phones, you can’t really change the battery yourself, but it’s not necessary here either, because the part has a very strong battery. I am happy about the purchase and since the price seems to keep falling, the phone is worth a second look when looking for something new!

Answer report comment May 1, 2020, 00:31
Ted in Ft. Worth

Very happy, best choices of the phone and no need to pay extremely high price. Please note 10 Pro is all you need, don’t save and buy a bit more expensive version – you will enjoy having more storage and faster service. Battery stays alive 2 days as minimum. Recommend for all.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 22:48

I switched from a 20X.material and am very disappointed. With the same battery size, I have trouble getting through the day with the Mi Note 10, where I still had 30-50% on the Mate in the evening. The advertised camera is also clearly worse and also in total it is a bit behind here and there. Switching between two WLAN networks doesn’t work smoothly either. I will probably part with it again soon ?

Answer report comment December 24, 2020, 05:50
Charles P. Martin

The device is powerful. The display TOP. The battery lasts at least 2 days with average use.
The camera is OK, but not as ultimate as it is claimed. The battery makes the device a little heavy.

Answer report comment December 23, 2020, 11:45

It is slow, think slowly, the photos are high quality. Batteries last 1 day only. Must be careful when buying glassfoil or they will not be able to write and fingerprinting will not work.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 00:10
John Boyer

A super mobile phone! It’s in a class of its own, better than any other mobile phone I’ve ever owned and with a great price-performance ratio :-).

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 20:53
James Timms

I have had the Xiaomi for 3 months now and wish for my old one back. The fingerscanner only works sporadically, the camera takes great pictures if it works, the battery lasts for 2 days. All apps are closed in the background despite the appropriate system settings, so apps like Runtastic or Komoot cannot be used. Oh yes, very important: no support like e.g. Huawei

Answer report comment December 22, 2020, 09:08
Deborah Raber

Nice phone. Delivery was very quick. Very easy to set up.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 04:26
Cordell M. Reese

There is nothing negative to say. I am very satisfied

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 23:58

The phone is absolutely fine for this price.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 21:40
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