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125 Reviews

Austin Hamner Jr.

I got the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro at the beginning of October on a trip to the Far East, because not much can go wrong with it, at 180 Euro.
As owner of the iPhone X, I wanted the XS Max in gold originally, because I wanted a bigger phone on my travels. Could have got the XS Max in Spacegrey, but I didn’t like it, at that price, the look should be special.

Well then, there was the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro on the market, a pretty good copy of the 7 times more expensive iPhone. I especially liked the metal back and the plastic frame, which doesn’t need a case and a disfigurement like the overpriced Iphone X, where a broken glass back costs 4 times more than the Redmi…brrrr

So I accepted the offer and was surprised daily by the possibilities, the quality, the speed and of course the battery performance among other things.

For the first time the MIUI version is available, although the Global Phone only has 9.6.6 on it, which is totally stable and runs flawlessly, this can be adjusted in a fantastically versatile and useful way, among other things I can now use the Redmi Note 6 pro like the iPhone X, i.e. with the wiping gestures, which was already important to me because of my habituation to the iPhone X.
If you are tuned to the country India, you can also use the Face Unlock, although the back finger scanner works fast and excellent. Of course this is not the Face-ID of the iPhone, but I don’t care for everyday use, if it should be safe, I simply switch off the face recognition.

Regarding speed and display I can only say, efficient and good, fast memory is built in, which is enough in everyday life, speed brings speed even without A12 Bionic. Normally you don’t need more. Even the LCD display is nothing compared to the Oled of my iPhone X, the brightness and contrast is completely sufficient.
Also the 4 cameras work well for me and inspire me daily with new ones, especially because of AI. Even with an iPhone X there are sometimes good and bad pictures in certain light situations.
I don’t miss a 4K mode, a good 1080P mode with perfect ICE is preferable.
That even selfies are fun again with perfect bokeh effect, goes without saying with the 2nd lens for that and AI.

The built-in speaker is loud enough and has a good sound, I don’t miss the good sound of the iPhone X, even though the note 6 pro doesn’t offer stereo.

The 64 GB can be easily expanded by Micro-SD, which works very well together with the fast internal memory and RAM and is still used by Apple as an exorbitant source of income with the omission of the memory expansion, that was perhaps useful in the past, when there were no fast cards available.

The dealer didn’t have a display protection for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 pro and when trying other brands, the glass only (without black borders) of the iPhone XS Max fitted perfectly on the display of my Max.
The display glass of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 pro is of unknown quality, so I didn’t want to protect it at least, which I don’t have to do with the case this time and can use such a slim, caseless smartphone without fear of major damage, like with the iPhone X, which then has to be repaired with cases, unfortunately. With 180,- Euro there is not much to lose even in case of a total loss.

A star deduction is there because the primitive Micro-USB port is still built in and of course it is not waterproof, which can be hurt with the device in terms of price and fun.

Well, anyway, with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 pro I have now my additional big Max as desired, without having to pay the exaggerated price for it to my small iPhone X….I am thrilled.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 04:17
Megan Portie

Update: The audio quality when recording is really bad.
The mobile phone is really the last garbage.
Only for people with little knowledge and hardly any demands well suited.
I will send it back. Barely paid 150€, but it’s still too much.

Let’s cut it short:

MIU thing OS is terrible. Intuitively, it definitely works differently.
Incredibly annoying to set up. You also have to go into hidden menus to turn off this and that.

My old 5.7 display showed EVERYTHING much bigger, thanks to the different format.
The new formats like 19:9 are terrible. Almost tiny, you hardly want to believe it if you think of the diagonal. As always, all eyewash and bullshit. But this is not the only feature of this phone, but should be mentioned.

You can’t organize apps the way you want to. Remove from desktop? Nope, everything has to go in a folder. Terrible.
Whoever likes this XIAOMI own interface simply has little idea and enjoys a sad existence 😉 Seriously. This is junk! Point

Business quality maximum mediocre, actually actually bad!!
Significantly worse than my cheap Infinix grade 4. Unbelievable actually.
Wlan also mediocre. I wonder what the testers received in payment. It’s all just a joke now.

Display brightness LOW. Really a disappointment.
Display also with bad white value.

I wonder how one can rate such a mobile phone so good?

Battery ok
Camera very good for the price but with few functions. br>br>Lately nothing special.br>A typical dazzler of a company that has put a lot into marketing and people fall for it. br> br> The search for a really everyday mobile phone continues. br>XIAOMI is a data-collecting fake with partly bad hardware in nice packaging. br>I would not buy a mobile phone from this company anymore.br>br>br>Of course: NO recommendation


Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 12:50
Laura Sepulveda

I have the phone now for almost 2 months and am very satisfied with it. Before that I had a Motorola X Style, which unfortunately had massive battery problems. With the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro you get for 200 € a super performance!

I find the mutual upgrading of the whole manufacturers completely exaggerated! I think, hardly anybody makes full use of this performance. (Maybe only if you play certain mobile games?) My Motorola from 2016 was already enough for me in terms of performance (3 GB RAM, 6-core processor). Why there always has to be more, I can’t understand. Especially since more power also exhausts the battery more and this is exactly where the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro is ahead of the ‘premium’ devices. But a super fast high-end device is of no use to me if the battery is empty at the moment.

My use cases:
– Writing e-mails
– Organizing (Google Calendar, wonder list)
– Listening to music
– Watching videos
– Taking photos
– Google Maps
– Runtastic
– Opening and editing Excel spreadsheets and other documents

– Battery (I only charge the device every two days. )
– Memory capacity
– Speed/power
– Discreet but visible notification light (think it’s good that it’s not so overly bright, even though this has been criticized in many reviews)
– Design
– Workmanship
– Price
– AUX input (apparently it’s no longer standard)

– USB-A (I don’t care about the faster transfer from USB-C and fast charging is supposed to damage the battery anyway, advantage is: all my existing cables are compatible)
– No NFC (I don’t care, because I didn’t use it anyway)
– Silicone cover included (was optically but not quite to my taste)

– The camera is certainly not one of the best, even if it’s not bad. The blur effect is cool for portraits, but you have to be careful with other subjects. However, I have other cameras and therefore this one is sufficient for me as a mobile phone camera.

Would recommend the device anytime! You can see what the long-term test says.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 01:57
Michele Blockson

I’ve had the Xioami Note 6 Pro for 5 days now and I’m very satisfied
It not only looks very valuable visually, but also has many useful (and also less useful) features to offer.
I’m very happy that I decided to buy this smartphone.
However, there are some things I only found out after buying it, as there is not much detailed information about it on the net. But what doesn’t bother me on the whole, because the positive points outweigh the negative.
There is for example:
– There is no App-Drawer ( installed apps appear directly on the homescreen. But you can move them into a folder)

– The percentage of the battery is not visible on the start screen, you have to pull down the info bar for that)

– The info LED light is so small and weak that I almost didn’t notice it.

– The settings and sub items are a real labyrinth. If you get lost somewhere or want to change something, you have to go on a long search.

– The background of the portrait mode (camera) is too blurred. It looks as if the person has been put into the picture afterwards.

– It shows movies not in HD but only in SD on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon. But you can’t really see the difference on your mobile phone.

Otherwise the smartphone is top. It runs smoothly, has everything I need.
I would buy it again anytime.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 04:16
Sebastian Reid

For less than 200€ you get a top smartphone from Xiaomi.
Smartphones from China brands can very well compete in 2019 with the well-known brands like Samsung, Motorola or Nokia in the 200 Euro price range.

Main arguments why I decided to buy the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro:
– 4000 mAh battery, which allows me to easily last a day with regular use. If used sparingly, the battery also lasts 2 days >br>- 3.5mm audio connection. Unfortunately, more and more mobile phones are rationalizing this away for design or other reasons.
– Support of LTE frequencies for Asia and Europe
– Despite the low price, excellent cameras
– 6.2 inch display. So it is still suitable for trouser pockets

– Main competitors of this smartphone are :
– Moto G7 Series : G7 Play has a smaller battery, G7 Power has worse cameras and performance, G7 and G7 Plus are noticeably expensive. However, pure Android without manufacturer software
– Xiaomi mi 8 lite: Technically and design wise superior, but no 3.5mm audio connection
– Huawei 10 lite and 8x : Expensive, but also better features.
– Nokia 7.1. Pure Android, but still many software problems. Smaller battery. By far more expensive.

The Redmi Note 6 Pro offers the best compromise between price and features for my usage (social media browsing, spontaneous snapshots, listening to music over headphones). Stores and accounts of my old Moto G5 were taken over without any problems.


Why do I still give only 4 stars?
Notifications from Whatsapp and co. are unfortunately not displayed on the notification bar. So you have to drag the notification bar down manually when the phone is completely muted to notice incoming messages. Fortunately, these messages appear on the lock screen when the display is turned off. If this is improved by a software update, there are 5 stars!


Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 16:55
Samridh Dhawan

In itself the phone is good.
Leider is missing a Usb-C connection, apart from that you can’t complain about the equipment.
After the last phone already had a defect, now this one also shows to have problems.
Only one of the two speakers works.
Support is unfortunately not really helpful to minimize the failure.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 00:11
Pedro Santistevan

If you can make friends with MIUI as a user interface, you won’t find much to complain about here.
The quality of workmanship is good and the haptic is very pleasant. Despite the large dimensions the device can be operated for me well with one hand. However, if you have smaller hands, you will probably need two hands.
For the material, Xiaomi uses a metal back, but for the frame, plastic. But this does not look and feel cheap. In addition, the lack of a metal frame is noticeable in terms of weight.
The battery lasts for about 1.5 days without any problems, even with a bright display and intensive use (browser, WhatsApp, remote control for TV).
A small minus is given for the included protective silicone cover. It fits perfectly, but is very smooth. Therefore there is a risk that the device slips out of your hand. Here you should buy a different cover, there are very good ones available from about 8€.
The performance is good, the system runs smoothly and apps start very fast.
As a former Samsung user MIUI takes getting used to, but it works quite well after only 2 days.

Conclusion: A very good device with minimal loss of B-note. But at this price it’s absolutely recommendable, because the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro doesn’t have to hide in any way from devices of the 400-500 Euro class.

Note on Jannik Schubert’s review:
The fact that only one speaker works is no defect, the phone only has a speaker on the right side.
The microphone is located under the openings on the left side.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 02:18
daniel castillo

In itself a very nice Smartphone, unfortunately the Notch casts a shadow. This is not noticeable but you can see it. The system runs smoothly and fast, I think it’s great for its price range. The display does not have the sharp resolution I thought it would have, but it is sufficient for everyday use. What bothers me is that there is no NFC. Because even cheap entry-level models support NFC, only Xiaomi doesn’t like to have it installed. br>UPDATE:br>The Notch is a big thorn in my side because the Notch is not 100% tuned to the system. br>This means that many functions are simply not displayed because the Notch covers everything.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 20:44
A&J Foster

I’ll be brief here and only mention the things that bother me extremely compared to other smartphones in a similar price range.
Mobile phone was bought in February 2019.

1 The phone is extremely sensitive to the automatic turning to landscape format. I hold the phone in my hand. It is vllt tilted by a few degrees and already view turns the picture. I have turned off the function now and only turn it on when I really want to see something in landscape format. I suspect cheap sensors here. Br>> Br>>2. Amazon Music. Alexas speech recognition turns on automatically, just by the music playing in the background. I suspect that this is also a defect of the mobile phone, because I never had this with my last Huawei.

3. I have now discovered the first performance errors. My mobile phone was jerking a bit, Facebook videos were not running smoothly at all. Now everything is normal again. But still the first signs are that the mobile phone will be down in the long run. That was also the decisive point why I decided to do a rating. The mobile phone is only a few months old.

4. screen very susceptible to scratches. Put some foil on it.br>>>br>>Finally something positive>br>>br>+battery life>br>+GPS, Google Maps voice recognition (work as a supplier on the side. GPS is top and the speech recognition is also super)

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 16:25
Michael O. Smith

I can only advise everyone to…part with their beloved &lt,&lt, SPIONAGE I PHONE &gt,&gt, and to dare to buy a HIGHLY MADE MANUFACTURER named &lt,&lt, XIAOMI &gt,&gt…!!…I now have 4 Smartphones from Xiaomi – was an ABSOLUT HUAWEI FAN before – but I don’t regret it. .the step to the smartphone manufacturer XIAOMI…!!
Z.B my XIAOMI MiMax 3 – when I take pictures with this smartphone…sorry dear IPonler and Huawei fans — then I can only laugh about these 40 MG pixels and who knows the devil…! XIAOMI is with its TOP DEVICES around 650 and more EURO better than any other Smartphone I hold in my hands every day…!!..I think that I can estimate and evaluate this very well – because I have a company ( IT Technik7reperatur &amp, 24 hrs. mobile phone rental service – and therefore I have more than 60 different Smartphone models at home…!!! >br>Give yourself a break – giving back is always possible,…but I am convinced that nobody will regret buying a XIAOMI Smartphone…!!… Fa. IT &amp, Mobile phone rental

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 10:40

In Germany XIAOMI apparently has no official representation yet, it seems. But in China XIAOMI is already far ahead. My colleague was on vacation in Hong Kong and bought one there, ‘because everyone there has a XIAOMI’.

The smartphone was bought for my teenage daughter (and it’s certainly not her third or fourth). She is totally enthusiastic about speed and quality. The fingerprint sensor alone reacts in a fraction of a second. No fiddling about holding the device properly, it just works.
>br>I honestly thought that this sensor would probably let anyone through and just simulate the fingerprint check, but I was wrong. My fingerprint or my wife’s fingerprint doesn’t help at all.

shortly: photo, battery, screen… whatever you are looking for, for almost 200 Euro no other brand offers so much performance. I will buy my next Smartphone in March and it will also be XIAOMI. Maybe in Pocophone, but in any case this is a very good investment!

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 01:33
Richard S

Today I miss my reviews of this great smartphone,
let’s start with the typical design because these smartphones still have this notch so this notch at the front camera is a matter of taste, size of the smartphone is also a matter of taste but what I can praise is the battery because it’s great! You can easily get through the day even up to two days if you are not too much on it, the device looks great in design and runs very smoothly due to the octa-core processor, from my side you can’t do anything wrong with this device and it is for this price a great recommendation from my side, Xiaomi (Redmi) because Jaaa Redmi has distanced himself from Xiaomi minimal same principle Huawei and honor, but still Xiaomi Redmi has outdone herself, I am very satisfied and can recommend this phone to anyone who wants to buy a cheap but very good running smartphone
If my recession has helped you further, I would be happy about a helpful voice so I know that my recessions have helped you: -)

Update ! 25.06.2019
the display just doesn’t work anymore there were green red stripes on the right side of the display, this showed me that a very cheap display was used and so I can’t recommend xiaomi or this device!

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 21:28

The smartphone is good again. My old expensive LG V10 Smartphone was damaged after 1 year of USB recording, after 1.5 years the expensive product was gone completely. The new Redmi Note 6 Pro can do everything as good or even better than my branded LG Phone.

Good screen, very fast working, fast power off, half-fast start. All necessary apps are available and installable. Battery seems to last at least twice as long as Markenphone. Thinner and lighter it is also.

And all for under 200€. Workmanship makes a good impression. Pictures are impressive.

As written in the headline, I am positively impressed with this product for under 200€. If it now lasts for at least 3 years, the brand has gained a new long-term customer for me. Highly recommended.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 17:49

Honestly for the price the phone is the best phone ever.

I bought two phones, one for me and one for my mom and we are both mega happy.
Display has a good resolution and the battery lasts so mega long, so I can get through one day, my mom 2-3 days.

To describe the battery: I have the phone for almost 10 months and recently I went to a city to have a short vacation. 3 hours long the Navi of the mobile phone used + music on had over Bluetooth, there arrived we are still into the city with the Navi and there again further navigated to different restaurants and roads, at the end of the day I had still around the 20%.

For the price as said unbeatable.

Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 23:05
Gene Holland

I like the price-performance ratio.
If I compare the note 6 Pro with the mobile phone of my wife (S9), I have to smile again and again,
obviously the technology that is delivered for the money.
With moderate use (occasionally videos, music, messenger services and phone calls) the battery lasts almost 6 days.
With suitable peripherals, the device can be integrated into the hands-free system and delivers the best voice quality even at higher speeds (highway).

Have been using the device for 6 months now and am still enthusiastic.
I deliberately leave the detailed technical data unmentioned, since everyone can inform and compare themselves.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 07:32

Hello, the phone runs very smoothly, but I know that, because I already had many Xiaomi’s in my possession. Actually I sent the phone back and the reason is the microphone. The phone’s microphone is noisy even if you turn off Google speech base stent. It’s even worse when you turn on the external microphone (Comica and Lavalier Mic). So the 5 stars refer to the functionality of the phone and to the seller who transferred the money. Unfortunately, we need the mobile phone, for business purposes, for video and audio recordings. In the past I probably wouldn’t have noticed that.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 00:15
Akiva B.

i love to Watch, Play games, and Interact in media social, so i download lots of apps and films.
This phone prefect for me.
The style is nice, not too heavy and thin enough for me,
The battery? Awesome!
The screen definition and resolution are excellent enough,
with the price like this, i can said that I am Satisfied!
The camera… okay, i dont take a lot of pics anyway, so good enough for me (just wondering if i can erase that writing Redmi… on left bottom on every of my pictures? LoL) during the day is very good but never try night time yet.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 02:35

A really great smartphone for its price (4 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM). Programs react fast, scrolling works without hakeln.
The permanently installed Bloatware is limited (nevertheless: less would be more).
The included protective cover was too soft and containing chemicals (plasticizer). I bought a protective cover from an external supplier, as well as a bulletproof glass. With this the Smartphone lies very well in the hand, is protected from scratches on the display and looks very noble.
Have the device currently 3 months daily in use.

Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 12:27
Jean E Winkler Nerroth

Delivery went great, faster than expected, the phone from touching also good, fingerprint sensor works very fast, display is easy to read and the condition OK.
That was the positive have the 4 / 64 GB and I expected more.
The speed of opening, for example, in Facebook or WhatsApp is a horror when WLAN and mobile data are activated, then the loading even slower than then my Wiko Lenny with 1GB Ram, still have the Huawei P8 3/16 GB that is against it racy fast. Apparently, the data interfere with each other.
The camera, was actually not a selling point for me, because I take pictures with DSLR and DSLM, this one is good average.
Conclusion, I have now unfortunately missed the return date and thus the money to the window thrown out because it is simply annoying that you can not work with WLAN. Would not buy it any more.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 14:18
Jody D

As an upgrade for my S6 I was very sceptical at first. But when I held the Redmi Note in my hand for the first time and got a first impression, I was positively surprised.
The Redmi Note is high quality, the display is razor sharp and the applications are fluid and fast.
After several weeks I am more and more excited about it. The battery life is about two days despite frequent use. The photos are razor sharp and almost all of them are perfect. br> A great phone which I can recommend without hesitation.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 19:03
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Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro
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