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643 Reviews

David Dover

The Redmi Note 8 Pro is currently in many people’s minds, especially as a mega smartphone of the middle class.
I couldn’t completely convince it, as there are some points that bother me.

But first I would like to address the positive points.

1. I find the display very well done. It doesn’t come close to an Amoled Display, but it’s not much worse. It has a very good sharpness and also the contrast is more than ok.
I personally find the size perfect, even if a Galaxy Note 8 with 6.3 inches is just as big.

2. The battery is with 4500 mah almost on the sweet spot. br>For me, I usually have 55% battery power left in the evening before I go to bed.br>But I also use it quite often, I talk on the phone for about 1 hour a day and look around in the internet a lot.br>br>The battery is very good and durable for me.br>>br>3. The processor, or CPU, is a point where many people start crying.
Because instead of a Snapdragon processor, a Mediatek processor works in the device.
That this has no noticeable disadvantages for the normal user is not mentioned.
The Redmi Note 8 Pro wipes the floor with some high-end devices in terms of performance.
The only disadvantage is a slightly increased energy consumption.

4. The voice quality is on a good level, you are clearly understood and you understand very well. The volume of the earcup is quite loud.

5. The loudspeaker, which is mentioned as a positive as well as a negative example…
Positive, it doesn’t sound bad, it even has a little bass.

Well, but to the negative points, or rather negative points which are negative for me personally.

1. The camera module is placed frighteningly far out. As far as it looks like an attached Lego brick. It’s just absurd to have a camera module that sticks out as if it doesn’t belong there. br>>br>>2. The speaker… It’s only mono, which looks a lot like Budgetphone these days.
3. No IP certification. This is not a real flaw, it just bothers me. 4. Shadows around the notch and around the edges of the display… This is just annoying. It looks weird and should be fixed by firmware already, but it’s not. There are still some visible shadows around the notch.
Also the notch is still sticking out of the picture with the lower end, which looks like a total breakdown.

5. MIUI… I have owned Xiaomi Smartphones for a long time, no matter if Mi Max 2, 3 or the Redmi 5. But I can’t get warm with the MIUI. It’s not a flaw that applies to everyone, but I can’t really cope with it. br>My first step is always: Install Apex Launcher immediately. br>>br>>6. Problems… During the past use I also experienced some problems, for example, that there are coupling problems with my car. I have a Ford Mondeo, but when I want to make calls after pairing, the device does not dial the number. It shows connection establishment in the Ford display and then hangs up immediately. This error can be reproduced at will. Since about 5 other smartphones work without problems on the Ford it can only be a problem of the mobile phone or the software.
I can only avoid this error by starting the calls via the mobile phone display and not via the on-board computer.

7. The price.
We are talking about a price between 230 and 250 Euro.
This is an ok price, but not an ultra good price for the device.
The best thing about the mobile phone is the working speed, the rest is just lower middle class or budget class.
Mono speaker? Does a Wiko View XL have… No IP certification, plastic frame, no Qi charging, no amoled… Here everything screams middle class and budget class.
And there other manufacturers have already partly better or equivalent mobile phones on the market, e.g. the Samsung M30s, which even has a 6000mah battery, Amoled display and a 48mp camera.
Clearly the one from the Redmi Note 8 Pro has a 64mp camera, which however does not necessarily make better pictures like the 48mp cam from the M30s.

What remains at the end?

Is the Smartphone good? Yes definitely, but for 230 or 250 Euro absolutely nothing special.
Were it not for the fast processor, 230 Euro would even be too expensive for what is offered.
Don’t get me wrong, I like the mobile phone… But it has advantages and disadvantages or is not superior to other smartphones in the price range of other brand manufacturers.

Because in the end, you do the math and think about what this phone can do, what others in this price range can’t do, you come to the conclusion that the Redmi Note 8 Pro is only one of many, partly insignificant mid-range phones, which doesn’t really shine with anything.
It has no amoled, no IP certification, only mono speakers, a huge camera module which is not even really good, a plastic frame… Nothing that is exceptionally good.

From there you decide if it is a top or a flopp. I will keep it, but not because it was a super
bargain, but because it works and it’s there now.


Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 19:28

Update to 4 stars on 12.05.2020

I would like to raise my rating again, because all the below mentioned apps are working perfectly after a long time. It certainly wasn’t fair to blame the mobile phone manufacturer for this, as he is only partly responsible for it. It is and will remain a specialty mobile phone. Most app manufacturers concentrate on smartphones with a high impact – in this respect, some apps may not work at all or only to a limited extent. You should be aware of this when you buy one.

It took quite a while, whoever read my old review, until my much used apps worked again. So you have to be patient, which I obviously didn’t have anymore at the time of the first review, but a little more than a month later most of it is working perfectly again.

The problem with the proximity sensor hasn’t happened to me since the last update.

The smartphone still doesn’t work in Bluetooth connection with the JBL Flip5 Box, but that’s something to get over.

My 1 star rating from April 9th, 2020:

First of all I have to say that I think it is a pity to have to rate the mobile phone like this, as it gave me a lot of pleasure at first and was not much to complain about for the price of 200 Euro.

First of all the positive:

The battery performance is phenomenal. I use the phone a lot and I only have to charge it every two days. Even after a few months in use nothing has changed.

The camera is a lot of fun, takes very good pictures. The colours could be a bit more crisp, but that’s whining on a high level. Never had such a high quality mobile phone camera before… for the price of the phone it’s really great.

The call quality is ok, it would be worse with much more expensive phones.

The native operating system is ok, has here and there a few things that are a bit hidden, but that’s completely normal. All in all, everything is very stable.

But now to the negative (all listed deficiencies still exist, despite factory reset of the phone):

What pisses me off, however, is a general problem to connect to some Bluetooth devices either from the beginning or, if the pairing works, to keep the connection. This is what happened with my JBL Flip5, which can be connected, but when playing it gives off a very regular, incredibly loud and unpleasant cracking sound, which continues to occur even after a factory reset of the JBL Flip. In the first few months, my Denon receiver could not be paired with the phone at all. It only started working after a recent update from Xiaomi. However, I have devices that work perfectly with my mobile phone. It is not the devices themselves, however, was tested with other phones against.

Another point of criticism is the proximity sensor. When I make a phone call, it occasionally stops and I can use my cheek to operate the phone. Unlucky and annoying.

The Doubletap to wake up the mobile phone is also not to be recommended, it releases itself also gladly times of alone in the trouser pocket, other mobile phones can do that better.

The loudspeaker does not deserve its name at the equipment, but is still to be got over. Exactly the maximum volume with headphones is borderline. Depending on the app, it might be possible to increase the volume by two levels.

What gets on my nerves is the compatibility of some apps in connection with the mobile phone. I am aware that there are always two sides to this – the phone manufacturer, who is responsible for the operating system and the programmers of the apps. In addition, this is a specialty mobile phone. At the time of purchase it was only distributed in India and a few European countries, so I was afraid that some apps would not be available.

In the beginning, all my regularly used apps worked fine.

After a few weeks of use, however, a phone update came along that changed everything. Since then my banking apps didn’t work anymore (Commerzbank &amp, DKB) and Spotify. Furthermore, my MP3 player (Poweramp) started to work on its own. Since then it hardly plays a song to the end, breaks off in between or just plays the next song.

Normally I would have put it on the apps, but since this happened after a system update of the phone, this was impossible for me. Despite several updates of the phone and the apps, only the banking apps are working again. My music apps are still not working – despite the factory reset of the phone.

Because I listen to a lot of music, I am getting very frustrated about the purchase of this device.

For a comparable price you can also get the Huawei P20 Lite. I think you can drive it much better with it, because it was sold more often and therefore the interaction between operating system and app programming works better.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 09:37

First of all I want to tell you why I finally decided to buy the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro.

(I also uploaded photos of the device)

Nowadays you can spend more than 1000€ for a Smartphone. I think only a few people buy a new TV every 2 years… But with a mobile phone this is part of the good tone… Well, you use it several times a day. I am not willing to spend more than 300€ for a Smartphone. Especially as you can get really good devices for the money.

By a lucky coincidence the mobile phone of my godchild has passed the time…

The perfect time to give it to him, and at the same time to give me a pleasure.
I used one of the many predecessors until now.
The Redmi Note 5 has served me well until the end. Now my nephew is happy about it and I bought the RedmiNote8Pro.

Since Xiaomi now officially offers the Note8Pro in Germany, there is now of course German support for us Xiaomi customers.

After the RedmiNote8Pro has been my daily companion for about a week now, I would like to talk a little bit about the device here.

As usual today, you need a MicroSIM card.

The device has 6GB RAM and 64GB internal memory. But the system itself uses about 5GB.
So there are still 59GB left for lots of WhatsApp pictures and co.
If you need more memory you can always add a MicoSD to the slot of the SIM card. It is performance-wise on the level of the Samsung Galaxy S9.
The top model of the previous year, which currently still costs 530€…
Play, even on high settings, is no problem on the RedmiNote8Pro… I’ve only tested Fortnite and MarioKartTour, but it works very smooth and is graphically equal to the Nintendo Switch…

The (IPS) display is sharp and reacts precisely to input…
As with note 5, I was sceptical as a Samsung veteran whether I could like a simple IPS display at all. Let’s be honest, an (AM)OLED display is the best thing you can put in a smartphone at the moment.

As with the Redmi Note 5, I can’t see any real disadvantages with the Note 8 either.
The display is crisp and sharp, nice and bright
and reacts precisely to input.

The battery is relatively generously equipped with 4500mAh for a mid-range smartphone like this one. In normal use, I always managed to go 2 days without recharging.
The scope of delivery includes a quick charger with USB-C cable.

The camera is also more than outstanding for mid-range conditions as I think. There are 5 cameras (Front: Selfie, Back: Main camera, Bokeh lens, Macro and Panomara lens) installed here.
In daylight you can take really, really, I mean really good pictures.
You can take marco shots, panorama pictures, egl everything your heart desires.

Also videos can be taken in up to 4K quality.
You can also change that like with most devices. For example, just to record in FullHD to save storage space.

While we’re already at the camera, under all the cameras on the back is a fingerprint sensor, which incidentally responds very quickly 🙂

However, I must note that photos and videos in low light conditions are not as good as with a 800 € device.

But because of this I can the RedmiNote8Pro from Xiaomi simply can not put a star. After all, you get here for just under 250 € a device which is comparable in performance with a S9 (Currently ~529 €) from Samsung is … And that for half the price…

Xiaomi shows with the RedmiNote8Pro impressively what is possible for 250€. Here other manufacturers should take an example.

(If you want to save another 50€, you should take a look at the RedmiNote8T.)

But under the hood
The RedmiNote8Pro is more than enough for everyday stuff like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and co. Soagar gambling on a high setting is no problem. A protective cover is also included in the package.

Put your money to better use. Just pay less for a good smartphone.

From me, the >br>Redmi (by Xiaomi) gets a grade of 8 Pro
full 5 out of 5 price/performance hammers.

If you liked my review, I would be very happy about a helpful click.
This motivates me to continue to help other customers with product experiences.

Answer report comment December 21, 2020, 04:21
Yvonne Yokes

After my iPhone crashed, I had to replace it.

For a long time I thought about which phone it should be. After all the years of destroying expensive mobile phones I didn’t feel like paying more than 600 Euro or even 1000 Euro for one device.

So I looked around in the price range up to 300 Euro. The choice is really big here.
The grade 8 Pro caught my eye from the beginning and almost 200 Euro are also an announcement.
But do you think the mobile phone does what it promises?
The photos of my iphone were already top and that was in itself also my aspired minimum. But this is definitely the case, that the photos are really good. And I say this as someone who has been taking pictures with big cameras for many years. I also have to say that photos from such small cameras, with such mini lenses, cannot reach the level of a big camera. Besides, where the photos usually end up, either on the memory card in the device or sometime in the internet, an even simpler camera would suffice for that.

The wide angle consumes the subject at close range, which is normal, but it makes fancy photos in the field of landscape photography. Also photos in bad light conditions are quite usable and showable. So what more could you want than that? I don’t really use the macro lens much, it’s enough for a snapshot or two.

I have a huge point of criticism regarding the use of an external microphone. Ancient mobile phones do this much better. The Note 8 Pro really has its problems here.
Either the sound is chopped off, which shows itself in the way that individual areas are simply omitted and the still registered sound is lined up. This is not acceptable, however, that every second and third word in a sentence is not recorded at will. Another sound recording error is that the sound track is recorded with an offset of up to 30 seconds and is cut off at the end accordingly. So the device is absolutely unsuitable for such tasks.

With the DJI Osmo 3 it also has its problems, but works here to 90% well.
Panoramas are not photographed cleanly, which is possibly due to the Osmo software.

The battery life of the Note 8 Pro is absolutely brilliant, no more empty battery in the evening, when other mobile phones before this device had already switched off.

The display is absolutely satisfying and everything works very smoothly.
The speaker does a good job and is completely sufficient.
One-handed condition of the device is possible, but due to the size it is not comfortable even with big hands.

The mobile phone has very good key data which is fun and future-proof.
The funger imprint sensor is fast to file and works super well.

A very good smartphone at an absolutely brilliant price.
Update to Android 10 already possible, Android 11 will come. Simply ingenious.

Answer report comment December 18, 2020, 15:47
Lorraine Murphy

Never…never Xiaomi!!!!

1) Never..never again Xiaomi…Bootloader Unlock lasts 175 hours…an absolute joke!.
2) This device model Redmi Note 8 Pro was officially excluded from support by the European Mi Community (phone brickt. ..Bootloopt…at the slightest attempt to boot the device etc)….bad Xiaomi does everything possible to save the phone by using simple tools after a bootloop. …you need an authorized account to run the tools….(only a Xiaomi shop has that, which charges a lot of money to recover the phone after a failed update attempt (boot loop)…That’s money-making in perfection!…Almost every other smartphone can be recovered with the same tools without any account permissions what ever. ..
Naturally a right of return is set up in a way that a return after the bootloader unlock is not possible anymore!….cleverly done Xiaomi….I threw my brand new Redmi Note 8 into the trash can after a failed update attempt of my own Xiaomi software (Miui 10…11…12)…because the device got stuck in a bootloop and bricked. …normally no problem, but with Xiaomi a very big one and so WANTED that you should put down a lot of money in the shops to get the device working again…
Everyone can read that this model is officially NOT MORE supported by the European community, because it bricks at 99% at the slightest software adjustment or update of the Miui software…
I will NOT buy any more Xiaomi devices,even if the price is very attractive (but what good is it if there are additional costs for authorized restores after failed update attempts whatever……5 weeks of trouble and nerves and believe me,it does NOT work any rescue attempt by any internet tools as often described. …all cheese!!!……
The RN8Pro is probably the shelf life of Xiaomi, as you can read in the Eu Mi Community….the technical data are great but the usage is intended for a 0815 user, who should unpack and start….until the updates are tried to be installed and zack bootloop (permanent boot loop) until the doctor comes or the battery is drained….too bad for Xiaomi…. lost another user and there will surely be many more due to this misproduction (software-wise with repair offers in the package)….ps.this does not concern the 0815 user,no,rather those who simply need various adjustments such as root or customrecovery for external data backup (must have)….Xiaomi invests a lot of time to prevent this model from being usable (recoverable) by any user after a bootloop. …what ever….probably to promote its cheap repair shops, which ridiculously use the same tools as private users but without being locked out of the device by the integrated locks….if you need to modify your phone or need root,recovery or are even instructed to do so, I absolutely advise against buying this model RN8PRO… it becomes 99% inoperable or unrecoverable (except for expensive money in the Xiaomi shop of course)…

Answer report comment December 17, 2020, 16:53

The Xiaomi replaces my wife’s OnePlus 6, which is now getting on in years. This means it doesn’t have to meet high-end requirements, but it is easy to use in normal operation and has a good battery life. If it does, you can read here in a short review (of course I’m happy about a rating):

After unpacking, the first thing you notice is the disillusionment that there are no accessories available. Except for a charger and a mobile phone there is nothing in the box. No cover, no cover and above all no headphones. That is weak. Above all, if you buy a mobile phone for the first time, you have to catch up. In our case this is less of a problem, as the OnePlus’ headphones can also be used here. The Xiaomi still has a normal socket for headphones.

The note 8 currently still runs with Android 9, but according to research there should be an update to 10. Let’s see when that will happen. Security patches and Miui interface are up to date. So far, everything is in the green zone.
The interface is of course different from the previous phone, but that’s the case with most phones when they change to another manufacturer. It takes some getting used to, but even my wife manages this after 2-3 days without any problems.
The data move was successful well to very well. This depends on the software and the manufacturer. Xiaomi offers a good app, which is already available on the mobile phone. Plus point.
The built-in 64 GB memory and the 6 GB RAM ensure a smooth flow and start of all apps. Of course, the purpose of the phone is not gaming. However, the built-in processor handles all everyday tasks smoothly and without problems. Nevertheless, a 128 GB memory card was still inserted, because my wife takes a lot of pictures and so the internal memory is spared.

The built-in cameras are ok. Here the difference to the upper class is most obvious. Nevertheless the photos are very good, especially during the day. In weak light they begin to rustle. But it is acceptable. Note the price-performance ratio.

Reception is in the green range, but we noticed that in the network of O2 the reception is weaker than before. In some places, the reception power is lower than with the OnePlus. By switching to the D1 network, this is solved and there are no limitations. While my wife actually had to go to the power outlet every day with the OnePlus, the Xiaomi easily lasts two days of normal use.

My conclusion: Absolutely usable mid-range mobile phone with very good battery performance. Photos are good and usable. For the price a clear recommendation to buy!

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 08:20
Cristy B

After a long struggle and pressure from my grandchildren, I had decided to retire my almost ten year old, internationally proven, handy NOKIA 6310i with a heavy heart and to throw myself into the old days (I was built in 1942) and buy a smartphone. Since I didn’t want to take out a mortgage for this purpose, I spent days on the Internet searching the lower to medium price range. Thanks to my positive experiences with our Chinese suction robot, I became relatively unprejudiced and, thanks to countless good reviews, I ended up with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro. My adult sons were horrified by the exotic and advised me against it, but I stuck to my decision. Unfortunately the delivery by Amzon before Easter was perfect. The first impression of the product as well.
A great packaging. A great impression of the product from the optical point of view. The new SIM card from Telekom was also in time. The long business conditions which I had to agree to before I could use the device were a bit sobering. I had to hand myself over to the company Xiaomi, based in Beijing, with all my future contents obviously unconditionally. In a guidebook in YOUTUBE I learned that this is common practice and that you just have to agree if you think you can’t get along without a smartphone. Which seems to apply to millions of users. So far so good! Until I got to the point where you log in to the WLAN. No problem, I thought. With my SAMSUNG Galaxy Tablet (a gift for the 75th anniversary) there hadn’t been any problems, with the (adult) children’s i-phones there hadn’t been any problems either. Neither in the 2.4 nor 5 GHz range. My Fritz!-boxes in the apartment are state-of-the-art technology, but my Redmi did not want to see it that way. The active networks (also those of the neighbourhood) were recognized, but my password entries were refused persistently. I spent Good Friday and Easter days trying to follow dozens of pieces of advice on the Internet. I reset to factory defaults. Changed the passwords to make them free of special characters, tried the encryption codes, found three pages of advice on Chinese characters, which I only got rid of by restarting the computer. And now I was finally fed up with it.
The more so as I came across more and more desperate users in the forums with similar problems but without successful solutions.
Yesterday I carefully put the beautiful smartphone back into its no less noble packaging (not without having removed my SIM card and the new memory extension) and sent it back to Amazon as the first return of my life.
Following the advice of my sons, I will now look for a smartphone that is supposed to be successfully used by thousands of users and then maybe even be able to log into my WLAN without any problems.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 03:43

Got this on the fast one (thanks to Prime) because my until then beloved Samsung gave up the ghost the day before yesterday, and I am really amazed here!
I wanted a Xiaomi mobile phone for a long time anyway, I have so many other things here, kettles, BT headphones, Mi tapes, etc etc, now I have one of those too xD

Was a bit sceptical because it’s such a cheap one (always had expensive phones), has no amoled, and a mediatek soc, but all this is apparently no disadvantage here!

Also amoled has a slightly better contrast, yes, but I wouldn’t say that this is the first reasonable one, it’s definitely fast and without end, gets only slightly warm despite long usage (setup and so on), I didn’t lie or jerk around much, and the battery sinks normally, price performance is Xiaomi always best anyway, so first conclusion: never again overpriced Samsung sch. …!

p/l everything is fine here, camera is good, display (most expensive component) for the price, CPU/Gpu is also good enough (at yt people play with it fortnite etc), RAM is also very fast and sufficient, the internal memory is even UFS 2. 1, haptics is nice, finger sensor flash fast, speaker and mic are normal, even an IR sensor (remote control) is on board, Android is up to date, updates are coming, e.g. Android 10 is already in the works, etc.

Conclusion: Price performance in the middle class is probably unbeatable at this time, you can buy it easily, and has no contract on the cheek, in combination with my Telekom Sim perfect for me.

PS: Only costum Rome should be forgotten, mediatek is not suitable for it, but since I’m getting too old, and also Google pay use, I don’t care 🙂

tip on the side: if you are looking for a cheap high end mobile phone, take a look at Xiaomi, depending on the phone, all the relevant components are from Samsung Fabs (soc, display, memory, etc), but the devices are easily 40% cheaper than Samsung devices with the same specs, only that’s still too much for a Google Pocket Spy xD

I can’t think of anything else, otherwise I’ll post here again. ..

Edit: I could now also call even tiny details that can be improved, because my wife is also surprised that I have nothing to complain, so I leave that too, details judged anyway everyone else ,)

Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 19:01
Jon R

After my Samsung Galaxy S7 was getting old, I needed a new one. I have been using this smartphone for 4 days now and will share my experiences.

+ Performance: Everything charges fast, even in multitasking
+ display, although it is IPS and not AMOLED, it makes a good impression
+ Fingerprint sensor: It responds immediately and reliably
+ processing: The device is just as well manufactured as the now 4 year old flagship smartphone from Samsung, if not better
+ MIUI is a heavily modified interface, which differs greatly from Android, I personally like it because of features like full screen operation, double profiles, statistics etc.
+ The internal memory (64 or 128 GB) can be expanded with a Micro-SD card
+ The phone has 4 cameras (standard, wide angle, ultra wide angle, macro) which are good
+ Good reception, both WLAN and Mobile Internet (e.g. LTE) (GPS is also very accurate)
+ Fast charging and NFC: The smartphone has NFC and can be fully recharged in less than 2 hours
+ Battery life: The battery lasts for one or two days depending on use without any problems
+ Supplied silicone case: Nothing special, but it is supplied and has no strong smell

0 Xiaomi’s MIUI is difficult to see through at first. You don’t really get a tutorial and have to find your way around by yourself. But if you succeed, I can recommend it, as mentioned before.
0 Camera and fingerprint sensor are sticking out of the case, which is fixed by the included silicone case

– There is some bloatware on the mobile phone at the beginning, which is disturbing. In addition, not everything can be uninstalled

I can warmly recommend this smartphone and will probably include Xiaomi devices in my decisions more often in the future. The price/performance ratio is quite strong, especially in terms of workmanship, performance and fingerprint sensor. The camera is not the best smartphone camera I have seen so far, but it is rock solid and definitely an upgrade to my Samsung Galaxy S7. Apart from the bloatware and the ability to learn the Xiaomi interface MIUI, there’s nothing to stop you buying it, especially since you can easily install another launcher app from the Googleplaystore to change some options.

Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 13:51
P Caron

The technical specifications of the Redmi Note 8 pro can be read by anyone.
The Redmi Note 8 pro has everything a top-of-the-line smartphone needs at the current level. I ordered it at the local Redmi dealer in Germany, after one day it was there. It comes with a protective cover and a jack for headphones.
Sufficient memory, which can be expanded (but you don’t have to, because with 6GB and 128 GB it is quite available). Strong reception and all necessary tapes available. It is very fast, has the latest Android version on it, feels and looks very high quality (a bit like the One Plus 7 in design). It is quite big and a bit heavier, but it fits the hand well. The settings are easy to adjust. The display is good, but of course not as brilliant as e.g. the One Plus Seven Pro or not as rich in color as the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus. On the other hand, it only costs a third of the high-end devices. The battery is really strong, is quickly charged and lasts for a long time (around three days). It was quickly set up and works perfectly without any jerking or dropouts. Four cameras in the back, which are ok and give good pictures (even in the dark) (there are better ones on the market, e.g. from Huawei or Samsung, but not at this price). The picture colour seems a bit too cold in the standard setting / delivery condition, but this can be adjusted or reworked.
The fingerprint sensor is in the back directly under the camera, which is not so clever, because you can easily get on the camera lenses and it could smudge them, nevertheless it works. The idea of putting it there is fine and basically practical. Nevertheless, it would probably have been better further down the line.

Conclusion: Strong and valuable smartphone for daily use, which in my opinion is unbeatable in the price/performance ratio compared to the high-end devices. If you need a really fast Smartphone with plenty of memory, you can’t go wrong. If you want to have a super-strong camera with you, you have to go for the high-end devices from Huawei or Samsung. Nevertheless, the camera functions of the Redmi are sufficient for normal use.
I can only recommend the Redmi Note 8 Pro.

Answer report comment December 18, 2020, 07:46
Stl Medic

Since a few months I used this smartphone. It is the first time that I bought a Xiaomi myself. I’ve read only good things and heard from friends before.
Well, my old smartphone let me down and it was just that I didn’t have much money left to buy a super new mainstraim part ,-)

Since I own shares of Xiaomi, I thought that I should get such a smartphone. Because I am convinced of the company itself. Now the choice fell on the Redmi Note 8 pro. And yes, it is definitely a great smartphone for relatively little money. The workmanship is very good. The cameras are extremely good and you can take very good photos and videos with them. Here it is in no way inferior to its expensive competitors.

The display is very good and huge. Despite the huge display and processor in this smartphone, it is really suitable for gamers… amazing speed, the battery lasts very long! I’m really a heavy user, I do everything with this smartphone, videos, pictures, games, apps, reading, reading and writing online articles… And I charge the mobile phone about every 1.5 days, you can’t say it all in one sentence. If you use the phone less, the battery can last two or three days. Absolutely within the realm of what is possible, the water drop notch takes some getting used to for me as a former Samsung user and sometimes the notch is really unpractical, especially with pictures. But you can definitely get used to it.

The only thing I don’t like that much is the protruding camera lens on the back of the smartphone. But this can be caught by a suitable protective cover. If you put the smartphone on the table, it will not lie directly on the camera lens. So to regulate everything, with little effort ,-)

It happened to me more often that the mobile phone did not recognize the SIM card. But after a restart of the system it worked again.

All in all you can say, a top device of the middle class. Absolutely to recommend, good quality, super battery and price! I can only recommend this smartphone and the manufacturer in general, whatever I do. Now many of my friends, acquaintances and family members have already bought a Smartphone from Xiaomi.

Answer report comment December 18, 2020, 10:52

I didn’t want to spend more than 200€ for a smartphone and only because of the broken battery of my old phone I was forced to start looking for a new one.
Here was an absolute bargain for BlackFriday for 199€.

What (so far) excites me:
1.) The battery really lasts for several days. (I only charged it for a week, but only 2x!)
2.) the apps start FAST
3.) the camera takes GENIAL pictures (even in the dark at the christmas market)
4.) the MIU interface is much more sophisticated than on Samsung or WileyFox (I won’t install an alternative launcher for once)
5. ) the loudspeaker is much louder than on my old WileyFox phone (which is quite good when navigating in the car)
6.) the display is very bright even in bright sunlight and can be easily viewed from the side
7.) the fingerprint is EXCELLENT and is located in the back of the phone. Didn’t have any problems like with my old phone (you had to use it twice from time to time)
8.) the GPS fix also works fast. Even in the house he found the position (without internet addition 😉
9.) QuickCharge is really very fast 😉 current Android 9 with current security status (Android10 probably already announced)

What’s annoying up to now:
A.) the pre-installed app for selecting sounds is not very intuitive to use (you always have to cancel to listen to the next one if you want to select something)
B.) the case is quite smooth. So you have to grab it well so it won’t slip out of your hands 😉 The notification LED is apparently only monochrome ;-)! At least I can’t set different colors correctly or you can hardly recognize differences in the MINI (!!!) LED. In my opinion it could have been a few more MircoMeter bigger LED.
D.) the rest of the China stuff from MIU is not uninstallable (if you just move away and don’t confirm the privacy policy etc. then they don’t run in the background)

Well… so whoever gets it for the price again… SLAMS TO!

Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 12:18
Lawrence Arnold


I was looking for a new mobile phone, because my Huawei slowly but surely gave up the ghost. After several researches I decided for this one, because I had the feeling that it fits.
At first I was very enthusiastic, but after now three weeks I decided to send it back after long thinking about it. In the following my positive and negative impressions:

+ nice big clear display without a big border
+ unbelievably powerful battery (lasted for two to three days without games when I used it a lot)
+ optically very nice, especially the color ‘Forrest Green’

Negative (after three weeks of use)
– the display doesn’t recognize calls, so the call is suddenly put on hold (unpleasant, when you are talking to the boss) or other numbers are pressed, which is audible to the other person
– the voice quality is a bit blurred and a lot of background noise of the other person is sent along loudly (unpleasant for longer conversations)
– it takes longer after starting the display to load the bar at the bottom. After about two seconds it appears, so that the contents of the display shift and you can’t hang up the phone anymore for example
– randomly the error message appears for one second after starting the display that the headphone area is covered. It doesn’t matter if I put my fingers in front of it or not, this doesn’t correlate with the message
– after three weeks it has become slower than it should be at that time
– the ‘normal’ lenses of the camera are okay, but not protruding. The 64 MP camera takes slightly better pictures, but the size of the camera fills up the memory permanently. Also the other functions of the camera are nice to play with, but I personally find them unnecessary 😉 Overall, even for the price, there are too many negative points that spoil the fun of the phone, so I’m already annoyed, especially when I want to make a call or every other time I get an error message. For this reason I will now send it back. If you don’t use the phone much and you are lucky that the error message does not appear on your own device, it is a good phone, especially because of the strong battery!

Answer report comment December 15, 2020, 16:20
Laura Judge

When I ordered the smartphone, I was super happy with it. Easy handling, good camera, strong battery and for my purposes great performance. And above all, super price-performance ratio
After three months of use, my enthusiasm flattens off a bit.
– What bothers me most are the problems with the WLAN, which, according to my research, occur more often with this model. Although I am connected to the WLAN, it is partly very bad. Pictures load extremely slowly and video or voice calls stall constantly, have a very bad quality or the person I am talking to cannot hear me at all. First I thought that this is due to our WLAN at home, but other people from my household do not have any problems with it. Very annoying.
– Since a few days the fingerprint sensor does not work anymore. I have now adjusted my fingerprint a few times, but after half an hour at the latest it is no longer recognized. Of course I can still unlock my phone via the lock pattern, which doesn’t bother me that much. But for some apps, e.g. for online banking, I need my fingerprint. The camera I was so enthusiastic about in the beginning is getting a bit weaker. Under certain lighting conditions, some colors are displayed a bit unrealistic. When the sun shines in the forest, for example, the lush green of the leaves turns into a really bright and saturated color tone, which makes the photos look extremely unnatural and unattractive.
– In addition, the pre-installed apps are annoying, which I unfortunately haven’t been able to remove by myself until now. I’m still looking for a possibility.

All in all, the mobile phone is okay for the price. The price was also the decisive reason for my purchase, because I didn’t have much money left for a new phone at that time. But in retrospect I would rather take some more money in my hand and buy a higher quality model. I mainly use it to keep in touch with friends and family and to take pictures. That’s why I’m very disappointed that the mobile phone doesn’t run optimally in terms of WLAN and camera. What a pity …

Answer report comment December 16, 2020, 15:11

The Redmi Note 8 Pro is a really good smartphone with an outstanding price-performance ratio. Both WLAN and LTE connections are very fast. Especially the Nightmode I like very much. The photos are a little bit more crispy than in HDR mode.

Videos, however, the camera is not as good. The electronic image stabilization does its job, but the result can seem a bit choppy, there is definitely something to be done – but since it is a software problem, I hope that this will be fixed in a future operating system update.

The performance of the Note 8 Pro is generally convincing, the Mediatek processor does a good job, I didn’t notice any lags, all games run very fast even in high resolution.

The display is sharp and convinces with crisp colors, but for my taste it is a bit too warm balanced.

A big plus is the UFS memory. The loading times are very short, which improves the performance impression even more.

The voice quality during calls is convincing, also the loudspeaker is very loud, handsfree talking is really fun.

You have to get used to the MIUI interface – I personally miss the App-Drawer, but it should be added in one of the next updates.

At the beginning I was a bit annoyed by the advertisements in the in-house apps, but luckily it can be turned off. Unfortunately you often have to do this in the settings of the app, but I think it would be much more elegant to have a possibility to turn off the ads system-wide in the settings of MIUI.

A word about the battery – Mega.

With normal usage – calls, Whatsapp, Google News, Mails, Facebook and Insta I get 1,5 – 2 days of usage without having to plug in. And that without activating the energy saving mode.

For me the Note 8 Pro is the price-performance winner in the upper middle class at the moment.

Answer report comment December 16, 2020, 22:12

I have been using the device for 1 week now and am very satisfied.
The Mediatec processor does a good job and is really fast. All applications start in no time.
The display is very sharp. It’s not an OLED, but that doesn’t matter to me, because the colors are natural and not oversaturated, like most OLED panels.
The exterior makes a very high-quality impression. Display and backside are made of Gorilla Glass 5, although I have to say that the backside doesn’t matter, because most of them will protect it with a cover anyway.
The camera does a convincing job as well, the photos are pin sharp. Even shots at advanced twilight look great.
Next word on the battery: it really lasts forever, even with extensive use I can’t get below 40%. Attention! br>Are there also disadvantages: Yes, but this is high level whining. The device is not exactly a lightweight and with its 6.5 inches also quite big. Therefore, you should think about whether you can handle these proportions before you buy it.
At last, there is one more sentence about the equipment: Yes, it still exists, the jack plug, which has been so often neglected lately. Headphones can be plugged in like in the good old days. Even an NFC module has been thought of.
All in all, Xiaomi has put together a great package that leaves nothing to be desired at this price. Hats off.
Update 28.10.19
The problem that Spotify hangs up can be solved quickly. Just switch off the MUI battery protector in the app settings. (Settings-&gt,Manage Apps-&gt,Spotify-&gt,Power Saving Mode-&gt,no restrictions).
I also recommend this setting for WhatsApp or all streaming services that work with the display turned off.
The MUI battery saver is extremely aggressive and turns off pretty much everything that is running in the background.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 20:34
Robert Charles

My favorite was and is always a native Android. I have been using Android smartphones since the first hour of this OS and have worked my way through almost all brands. Here a good price-performance ratio plays an important role for me, because I am generally not keen on brands and status symbols in IT. My last smartphone was the OnePlus 3, which has served me well for four years. But OnePlus is also out of the bargain phase and has raised the prices strongly to the level of the competition.
I actually planned to buy a mid-range phone, around 400 EUR. Then my attention fell on the Redmi Note 8 Pro. I was sceptical whether I would find a mobile phone for the price of around 250 EUR that would meet my not insignificant technical demands. But everything read quite well on the data sheet, especially camera, battery power, processor, memory, resolution of the display – everything top. I don’t need OLED, inductive charging is not necessary, 5G not yet – so go ahead. I would have spent a lot more money for the device, but for this price I consider the Redmi Note 8 Pro almost unbeatable.
I am especially enthusiastic about the battery performance. I can actually make ends meet for 2 days without recharging.
As a friend of a preferably native Android, I had to delete a few apps and install a Nova Launcher, since I find the interface provided by Xiaomi rather backward (no App Drawer, all apps are spread over several pages). But with the Nova Launcher there’s nothing more for me to complain about.
I would recommend the smartphone (in combination with a Nova Launcher or another suitable launcher). (Let’s see how long Xiaomi calls these low prices – I think these are currently fighting prices to gain market share in Europe).

Answer report comment December 19, 2020, 17:08
Amanda Riley

First of all I have to say that the phone looks good, looks good and lies well in the hand. The quadruple camera takes really good pictures for my purposes. The battery life is outstanding. I love the fact that I can lock individual apps additionally by face recognition, fingerprint and code entry. You can get a really good mid-range smartphone for little money, which rightly leads the current price/performance lists.

You have to cut back a bit though.

There is no possibility to charge the phone wirelessly. Also it has no certified water protection.

Unfortunately the GPS does not work very reliable, while jogging distances are sometimes measured really roughly wrong. (According to the forums this seems to be a general problem with Xiaomi phones) I have already changed several settings and installed apps for GPS correction but I could not solve the problem until now. With fitness wristbands from other manufacturers the tracking works even worse. (I have now ordered a new bracelet from Xiaomi, maybe I can get an accurate tracking with it)

Positively to be seen is that the phone has a 3.5mm headphone jack. Meanwhile, many manufacturers do without it in new models.
Leider doesn’t really pack it well. Two of my headphones regularly slip out when I go jogging.

When you plug in the smartphone for charging it vibrates briefly. The option to deactivate this is unfortunately not part of the settings.
In my case, however, it sometimes vibrates every few seconds after connecting it. It seems that the power supply always breaks off briefly, even though I use the original power supply with the original cable. So the nightly charging on the dessert is cancelled in favour of the wish for undisturbed sleep. The problems with the smartphone are small things in themselves, but annoying in the end. I tend to complain about the Smartphone and try the successor.

Answer report comment December 18, 2020, 16:16
Tim L Edgar

The mobile phone has replaced my old Samsung Galaxy S8. I didn’t want to spend hundreds of Euros on a Smartphone, after all they all can do the same thing. The back is made of plastic, the color is a highlight! The green is mega beautiful, shimmering in the light and steals the show from the front. Despite the size it lies pleasantly in the hand.

The fingerprint sensor works quite fast and in 9 out of 100 cases at first go. When you unlock the phone, you’ll see a high-resolution display with a small notch at the top. The colors are rich and look very natural, even if they can’t keep up with an OLED display. But you can’t expect that in this price range.
>br>The camera is more illusory than it looks. On the outside the four lenses look like a lot, the resulting photos are disappointing. For snapshots it’s certainly perfectly ok, but nothing more. In the dark almost no pictures are possible, the noise overlays every motif.

What is a huge plus for the Xiaomi is the huge battery. It charges quite quickly and lasts for three days with average use. No smartphone has ever done that with me. Charging works via USB C of course, but inductive charging is unfortunately not possible.

What I like about the connection is that the Xiaomi has a jack, which is almost a rarity these days.

Besides that, the phone is stable, apps open quickly and even more demanding games perform well.
All in all, a good phone, but not a top class smartphone. Price-performance but definitely top and a super mobile phone for everyone who doesn’t always need high-end.

-good display resolution and rich colors even without OLED
-powerful processor
-beautiful design
-good overall performance

-medium camera
-no inductive charging

Answer report comment December 18, 2020, 23:11
Namuna Gaire

The battery of my old phone has made it clear to me that it is time to look for a new phone. Now I have to say that the sales arguments of all the manufacturers are useless for me because of my lack of technical knowledge. I knew that my mobile phone should have a certain size, a long-lasting battery and of course be user-friendly. So – certainly influenced by the media – I searched Amazon in search of a mobile phone. I read through all the reports of ComputerBild and Co and my confusion grew more and more. Then I used my secret weapon: my son. I introduced him to my short-listed cell phones. After a short examination, I got the tip: ‘Buy yourself a Xiaomi. I didn’t want to let on, but I had never heard of this mobile phone manufacturer before. So back to the Internet and read. And then I came across the RedMi grade 8 pro. The price alone was a mega argument. Meanwhile I could also do something with some technical details (thanks to Chip and whatever they are called). It all sounded super good. The only drop of bitterness was the fact that this mobile phone was not yet available and thus nowhere a customer review could be read. Anyway: Who does not dare, does not win.
The mobile phone was delivered to me as usual fast and on time. And I was not disappointed. The battery is mega durable and the applications run bomb. It is absolutely user-friendly (the initial setup was mega easy!) Above all, I could choose which apps I wanted to install. That’s what drove me crazy so far, that there are so many useless apps preinstalled on the phones. The phone is well made and looks very valuable. At the moment I definitely have the feeling that I did everything right.

Answer report comment December 20, 2020, 04:10
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